Tsitsipas vs Hurkacz; Goffin, Bublik, Paul & Coric in Action | Rotterdam 2021 Highlights Day 4

4 mar 2021
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No.2 seed Stefanos Tsitsipas headlined day 4, which also included David Goffin v Jeremy Chardy and Alexander Bublik v Tommy Paul. SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights: itworlds.info
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  • 🇭🇷 Coric v Nishikori 🇯🇵 🇺🇸 Paul v Fucsovics 🇭🇺 🇫🇷 Chardy v Rublev 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 Khachanov v Tsitsipas 🇬🇷 Who takes the title from here?

    Tennis TVTennis TVMese fa
    • Marci

    • Bugatti Veyron kwk

      getkumaran15getkumaran15Mese fa
    • Rublev all the way.

      Aviation CornerAviation CornerMese fa
    • Nishikori 💪

      Nikola SekulicNikola SekulicMese fa
    • Rublev. IDK why. I guess I just have a hunch.

      Kiwi _Kiwi _Mese fa
  • Loved the shout from Tsipas

    Mustang SallyMustang SallyMese fa
  • that handshake between Bublik and Paul tho 😂

    Mira GowaikarMira GowaikarMese fa
  • Impressive from Chardy. He played so smart. Did he change his service motion?

    F MoF MoMese fa
  • Very impressive points by Chardy, special technique.

    Gab BGab BMese fa
  • Chardy always could play on an extremely highl level. Shame that he can't do it consistently.

    thorium222thorium222Mese fa
  • Hurkacz played like a top 10 player..

    Venkatesh NaiduVenkatesh NaiduMese fa
  • Watching these guys sliding on hard courts makes my hips, knees and ankles nervous.

    Josh AJosh AMese fa
  • For some reason I find acidic annoying. At one point he said he was the best player of his generation. Lol that forehand😂😂😂😂

    Edward SandersEdward SandersMese fa
  • Well that's Coric's one good performance of the year.

    Jim OsbornJim OsbornMese fa
  • you always ignore fucsovics from the highlights.....:(

    gábor kollárgábor kollárMese fa
  • Tsitsipas from Germnay/ Munich

    TheMustermann487TheMustermann487Mese fa
  • 4:31 "Still fighting" I remember the commentator say that in Rafa vs Daniil match in the 2019 Nitto ATP finals when Rafa saved a matchpoint...

    Hell oHell oMese fa
  • On the low..Tommy Paul got some pop..Good match!!

    MG_ StreetKandiMG_ StreetKandiMese fa
  • Congrats that you dont spoil! 👏👏👏

    Maximilian MaasMaximilian MaasMese fa
  • That pinky shake was lit 👌🏻

    v xiv xiMese fa
  • 7:24 is he saying an electric forehand or does he mean eclectic ?

    sixpoint3sixpoint3Mese fa
  • Chardy looking like a maestro out here

    JJMese fa
  • The subtitle Covered the score.. its better no subtitle or put to other side. Just suggesting. Thank you

    Nestor VerzosaNestor VerzosaMese fa
  • Bublik bitch is disgrace to tennis .. either he is with match fixers or he is a drug addict .. he just throw away the match just like that .. he was completely different person in 3 set .. definitely he forced himself to lose the match

    Prakash BaskarPrakash BaskarMese fa
  • Tsitsipas showing his grit.

    Probably LyingProbably LyingMese fa
  • Rafa can win

    Mahesh waranMahesh waranMese fa
  • not liking Stef's game at all ... so weak with the BH and not much power in FH either. just that he's a phenomenal mover and a quality server is giving him wins. this kind of game wont give him any big titles.

    Hoop HoopHoop HoopMese fa
    • @Ally Lowe well my observation is not based on who he beats. i felt stef is exceptionally talented when he broke through the scene. but these days i'm not seeing the killer winners from him anymore. there's not much pace on the ball. as for beating rafa, i got trashed in a youtube comment section for calling rafa not even in top 5 hardcourt players currently BEFORE he lost to stef. i didnt even consider rafa one of the contenders for this ao 21 and not because of his barely there injury. anyway if stef can hit flatter and faster groundstrokes then he will be able to take on the best.

      Hoop HoopHoop HoopMese fa
    • @Hoop Hoop lmao he literally just beat nadal

      Ally LoweAlly LoweMese fa
    • his consistency is very off. He was unplayable in his first round at ao, third round, and last three sets of quarterfinals, made too many errors during the kokkinakis match, and his return and backhand isn't very good in this tournament.

      Angela ShiAngela ShiMese fa
    • @Ally Lowe he used to play much better. his level has lowered.

      Hoop HoopHoop HoopMese fa
    • lmao the nitto atp finals isn’t a big title??

      Ally LoweAlly LoweMese fa
  • I love the attitude of the men at the net.

    Proud2bjcanProud2bjcanMese fa
  • 7:39 😱👏👏👏

    Lautaro DeroncchiLautaro DeroncchiMese fa
  • Chardy holy s***,where the f*** this guy was,another planet maybe,where's Gasquet in Mars?,these french tennis players man,if you don't have enough ranking to play Atp events only challenger just stop playing,you gotta do something else in life for christ sake 😂

    Yan OkimuraYan OkimuraMese fa
  • Chardy didn't play like a pusher for once! And it paid off

    Dario RamosDario RamosMese fa
  • Incoming squeaky shoes. How does Coric always do it?

    Aaron JimenezAaron JimenezMese fa
  • Really loving T Paul's arc this year so far. Starting out strong and looks fit af. He came out last year 15 lbs overweight now he's down 20 lbs from that and looks ready to make some serious runs. This is the guy who was touted to be better than Sock, better than Fo and better than Fritz. Good to see him healthy and injuries behind him.

    JC3JC3Mese fa
  • Where is Fucsovics 🇭🇺???

    うきょさきょうきょさきょMese fa
  • Tommy Paul is now into the Top 50! Check out the interview we did with the American last year - itworlds.info/round/ZnSen9qHirOab2c/video&ab_channel=TweenerHead

    Tweener HeadTweener HeadMese fa
  • Tsitsipas, the king of sulking and pouting. ATP's man child.

    Da KingDa KingMese fa
    • Bugger off hater.

      Nio GkNio GkMese fa
    • Oh hello Ryo Shusuke

      Hosoya SeiHosoya SeiMese fa
    • what did he even do

      Ally LoweAlly LoweMese fa
  • Did Paul and Bublik just pinky promise at the end

    OC_G223OC_G223Mese fa
  • Bulbik for sure tanked the last set, he just out the blue decides to become Pete Sampras?

    Smartkid2387Smartkid2387Mese fa
  • Let's go Coric!

    Venti Cold BrewserVenti Cold BrewserMese fa
  • 7:40 Tommy Paul already has the shot to beat this year! Best shot of the year so far is what I mean

    Scott EckartScott EckartMese fa
    • Once a Paul, always good to see some magic on court- my Nofap must have channeled his 'inner Paul!'

      Paul JohnsonPaul JohnsonMese fa
  • Lajovic had been playing so well recently, until this match. What a pity...

    Steve Just SayingSteve Just SayingMese fa
    • @NAT , yes, human psychology is really something. It does make you appreciate the Big 3 who keeps on winning match after match. That's really something special.

      Steve Just SayingSteve Just SayingMese fa
    • Tough to back up a great win

      NATNATMese fa
  • Chardy ROCKIN' with the salt and pepper beard- damn he was playing great!

    Super G!Super G!Mese fa
    • He looks very confident at the moment. Nothing to lose, just going for his shots...

      YesSirPhilYesSirPhilMese fa
  • I am not a big fan of Tsi but if he can level up his backhand and return then we will have a new king. Still work to do.

    k4mik4tz3k4mik4tz3Mese fa
    • @X Hypno lol @ basement armchair warriors who toss out meaningless shite on youtube about people they don't even know at all. cool projection, kid

      DanielBoonelightDanielBoonelightMese fa
    • @DanielBoonelight It makes sense you don't like him ,as you are a pretentious beta male at best.

      X HypnoX HypnoMese fa
    • I hate Tsitsipas and his ridiculous hair cut

      クリームイカクリームイカMese fa
    • Also could never be king with such a pricky attitude on court

      skylaxxskylaxxMese fa
    • not very likeable. unless you're a 20 yr old girl who reads cosmo. not ever gonna be my king sorry

      DanielBoonelightDanielBoonelightMese fa
  • I feel that Tsitsipas' return has become the threshold which limits him so much. I don't mean to criticize a pro's return, but he's not even the ordinary level like other players. Every return of Hurkacz's 1st serve, Stef gave his opponent the best chance to attack, these players know the weakness of his backhand side return and things happened.

    Suvantola SSuvantola SMese fa
    • You’re right his returns need more work but I feel like he improved a little and he was using his slice more consistently which seemed to help him. He’s been working on both I believe. Now if the 1st serve can get even more consistent then he will be lethal.

      Cerises 8Cerises 8Mese fa
  • seeing that Lajovic and Bublik won agaist top 10 playing good and then they lost against worse players makes me a bit angry, bc now the better players are out and the tournament loss quality. Tsitsipas or Rublev are going to win this tournament.

    Silkie ShagSilkie ShagMese fa
    • Well if they are the better players they should have won! Anyone in top 50 can beat anyone else on their day..

      NATNATMese fa
  • Chardy was amazing !

    M DelrobaM DelrobaMese fa
  • Tough crowds , not even clapping or cheering

    greggregMese fa
    • humor hahahha........ haha..........

      RafaelRafaelMese fa
    • @Tyler Torro oh what’s this “corona virus” haven’t heard of that before , is it serious? 🥺

      greggregMese fa
    • @vultur311 ok but u don't have to be rude about it

      Tyler TorroTyler TorroMese fa
    • @Tyler Torro its obvious its a bait post, you fall for it. You are still growing its ok. BTW its "they are not" no "there not letting"

      vultur311vultur311Mese fa
    • @vultur311 listen asshole, you don't have to be rude

      Tyler TorroTyler TorroMese fa
  • @8:09 was that a "pinky shake"? Interesting hahaha

    이승현이승현Mese fa
    • Pinky promise 😉

      OakSplitters — Gaming, Vlogs & Original VideosOakSplitters — Gaming, Vlogs & Original VideosMese fa
  • Nice to see Chardy up there again. Guess that Tideman the Swedish trainer has left. Terrible development when he was C:s coach.

    johan nyströmjohan nyströmMese fa
  • Tommy Paul so good to see him playing

    Antoine DuezAntoine DuezMese fa
  • The big upsetters loses the next game, how typical

    wmfwarxwmfwarxMese fa
  • Really want to see Tsitsipas vs Rublev!

    Jack MercyJack MercyMese fa
  • LIKE if ^ Alexis Alexeev ^ has absolutely no idea about tennis lol, stupid F*** lol

    MrPao4lifeMrPao4lifeMese fa
  • weird.. Goffin just won a tournament, now looses from Chardi.. who was actually very lucky imo.. levels of all the players now are very similar I must say

    iG WiG WMese fa
    • Goffin hit 20 winners and only 11 UE, so he brought a good level-Chardy was too good Also fatigue has got to hit in for Goffin at this point, don't read much into it

      NATNATMese fa
  • This commentator is being way to hyperbolic with Coric. The dude is one of the most overrated prospects I've ever seen! Literally nothing special about him whatsoever.

    RafaelRafaelMese fa
  • Weird that the 'next gen' don't applaud the opponent when they're hitting a great ball.

    R HR HMese fa
    • lmao the funny thing is tsitsipas literally did. watch the match

      Ally LoweAlly LoweMese fa
    • Tsitsipas applauded a nice lob from Hurkacz today. How can you say smth like that when you don't watch the matches? lol

      Sakellaropoulos FotiosSakellaropoulos FotiosMese fa
  • Can't stop looking at Lajovic's butt 🤩

    EdEdMese fa
  • 7:39 holy cow that is some quick thinking and magnificent athleticism

    Ryan ChanRyan ChanMese fa

    FLOASNL 54FLOASNL 54Mese fa
  • Chardy is showing some talent, wow.

    IvanAndreevichIvanAndreevichMese fa
    • i thought humbert loss was a fraught

      Afif AnuarAfif AnuarMese fa
  • Chardy ! how you do that ? fantastic tennis and strong mental since the begining of the season

    Walid BennourWalid BennourMese fa
  • 1:50 wow....

    Louis WhitehouseLouis WhitehouseMese fa
  • Can someone explain the difference between the ATP tournament 100,500,1000? 250 also? I don't know really

    KeyzerKeyzerMese fa
    • @Silkie Shag I was waiting this one thank you

      KeyzerKeyzerMese fa
    • use google man, you should be ashamed of yourself.

      Silkie ShagSilkie ShagMese fa
    • Keyzer Yes the winner gets 500 points.I think all players get some points depending on how far they go in the tournament; e.g. the runner-up at GS receives 1200 points.

      Nio GkNio GkMese fa
    • So it’s a class system basically On the top is masters 1000’s( if you qualify you are required to go unless injury or coronavirusj Second top is 500 Then bottom is atp 250, I don’t think their are atp 100’s Then to qualify for those tournament you have to play in the atp challenger series

      PossesedCakePossesedCakeMese fa
    • @Nio Gk like the winner gets 500 ATP points? Or there is 500 points to share?

      KeyzerKeyzerMese fa
  • Behind the back.. WITH INTEREST

    Ali HussainAli HussainMese fa
  • Chardy vs Tasarov, gonna be a hell of battle for forehands.

    twks123twks123Mese fa
    • Who’s Tasarov?

      고영욱고영욱Mese fa
  • Shit-Shi-Pas tries to focus so much, he either looks utterly constipated or about to burst out with stress. The guy needs to take a chill pill.

    Gigity Gigity GigityGigity Gigity GigityMese fa
    • You must be a Medvedev fan? ;)

      MrPao4lifeMrPao4lifeMese fa
    • adipolida Understood but apparently it works of him. Yes maybe.

      Nio GkNio GkMese fa
    • @Nio Gk I agree, everyone can't be as relaxed on court as a Federer, Sampras, Borg or even Djokovic (when he's winning). But the original comment does have point-- Tsitsipas i've found, tends to be caught up in a ultra focused bubble. It won't hurt to loosen up a bit, maybe his game might even improve.

      adipolidaadipolidaMese fa
    • Well, looking constipated brings him the win so he can look as much constipated as he likes. Similarly, his opponents can keep taking the chill pill lol. You have nothing else to say and made an idiotic comment instead.

      Nio GkNio GkMese fa
  • holly chardy

    Mikel Loperena TriasMikel Loperena TriasMese fa
  • Where's Medvedev? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Namispond JamispondNamispond JamispondMese fa
  • Hubi gets super pushy on his forehand when the ball gets deep to him there. He really needs to practice to take that shot w/ mire confidence off the bounce and swing through it. Otherwise he ll keep losing tight matches because he backs up

    tvtotalforevertvtotalforeverMese fa
  • Hurkacz bardzo ładnie, bardzo ładnie

    wymyslmiloginwymyslmiloginMese fa
  • Lmfao chardy trolled coffin big time 😁😁

    Ðj JohnÐj JohnMese fa
  • Guys i just put that there but you have to know that 90% of the time a player ( not top players ) beats a top seed and makes the biggest win of his carreer...this player looses the round after ! You will see that a lot if you didnt notice it in previous tournements previous years ! Its very funny and its like that almost all the time !! So lajovic and bublik are greay exemple...

    Romain MjRomain MjMese fa
    • .... and just think Federer has won 103 singles matches and 20 GS- most players on tour might just might get a handful (if they are lucky) and very rarely a slam- just talking about the men side....

      Super G!Super G!Mese fa
    • Its incredibly hard to maintain "PEAK" level after big matches- that's what makes the BIG 3 so amazing- they can get there and stay there!

      Super G!Super G!Mese fa
  • love the sound of the courts this year

    Gil HoffmanGil HoffmanMese fa
    • Reminds me of old Red Basel courts

      PhurngirathaanaPhurngirathaanaMese fa
    • I hate it ...

      Señor zeDSeñor zeDMese fa
    • Very asmr

      Sir Benjamin The BoldSir Benjamin The BoldMese fa
  • So many hot shots from this tournament, Tommy Paul adding to the list!

    K BeatBotK BeatBotMese fa
    • Once a Paul does hot shots, and keeps winning, I'm happy!

      Paul JohnsonPaul JohnsonMese fa
  • Nice to see Pirates "Tsitsipas " The Greece(bean) always play full of energy, go Pirates. ..eh. . go Tsitsipas. ..😂😁😃

    Delta keeseiDelta keeseiMese fa
  • As the commentator said about Tsitsipas 'He's a born winner'. What determination and fighting spirit!

    Nio GkNio GkMese fa
    • I think he is a great player but not very sportsmanlike. Check out Rublev vs Tsitsipas in 2019 US open where Stefanos supposedly had an injury in the fourth set. Needs a bit of work in the injury faking department. 😏😄

      Aviation CornerAviation CornerMese fa
    • @Alex Fratelli you are so funny, go cry and hate while he is winning his matches and enjoys life while you are behind a computer judging him lol

      Maria KkMaria KkMese fa
    • DanielBoonelight I hear the dad survived the serious injuries.

      Nio GkNio GkMese fa
    • Jamie Ling I am not denying anything. I said what he's done pales in comparison to behaviours of other players. Awful and biased is judging someone by what he said in his early 20´s, ie what you're doing. Stef has matured a lot. Reflect on that with the tiny brain you seem to possess.

      Nio GkNio GkMese fa
    • Alex Fratelli He called the umpire ´fatty' and the audience laughed. Then he went on his rant and said to two people of colour they're friends, implying the umpire is favouring Young'. At that point the audience froze.Also, not everything he said was AUDIBLE. You're thick as hell if you can't understand why that's racist. Expressions such as 'everybody knows' ´accept it' , ´you know' etc. show how poor your arguments are... They collapse like a cheap suit on closer inspection. Also, you lie as you breathe. The H2H for Sinner and Tsitsipas is 1-1. You can't even grasp why what Medvedev said was racist so I won't bother with you. I have wasted enough time. Btw, liking your own comments is rather pathetic.

      Nio GkNio GkMese fa
  • Chardy looking like 45 years old

    NikoNikoMese fa
    • I was surprised he was still even playing singles to be honest lol. It seems like he's been around forever but hes "only" 34. I would have guessed 37-38. Good for him though! Always been a good player!

      Dan PDan PMese fa
    • Nah bro he doesn't look a day over 44

      PapigringoPapigringoMese fa
  • Tsitsipas is the best next gen player ! Great on every surface ! He has a very solid mental and a game style similra to Federer with great serve and forehand a Nice net play

    Romain MjRomain MjMese fa
    • @Wonderlandian so let’s clarify a couple of things. Tsitsipas is an incredible player who is basically in line right behind the big 3 and that’s saying something. He has only beaten Nadal once on clay in Madrid, which was a 2.5 hour match and 2/3 sets. His other 2 biggest wins are against Nadal and Federer in the AO, and those matches are almost 8 hours combined of match play. Also 5 out of 6 of the sets won by Tsi between those 2 matches were 7 game wins. These are not dominating wins they are nail-biters and by the skin of his teeth. When a pro tennis player “goes after your backhand” that should tell you it’s their weakest shot, and to be fair, it is most player’s weaker shot. I am saying that he is a special player, but if you are going to insist that his backhand isn’t what’s holding him back, then all I can say is keep watching and we will see. That’s what what’s standing out like a sore thumb for me when I just watched the Nadal match, his serve was the only thing keeping him in the match.

      Sean HillerySean HilleryMese fa
    • @Alexis Alexeev hey bro did you watch the khachanov game ? I’m just curious 🧐

      MrPao4lifeMrPao4lifeMese fa
    • @Sean Hillery He wouldn't have been able to beat Nadal TWICE on Clay and a Grand Slam if his OHBH was a liability. Nadal targets one handed backhands, if you are not up toppar you will lose. Simple as that. His backhand return (and specifically the return) i agree, it's his biggest flaw and he needs to improve it. But the backhand as a shot itself isn't a liability.

      WonderlandianWonderlandianMese fa
    • @Jakob Pollestad you are not watching his matches then hahah go see this match and you will see that he actually applauded one great shot. You are just hating lol

      Maria KkMaria KkMese fa
    • @Alexis Alexeev his backhand has improved a lot actually. You just biased because you don’t like him... he has an all around game if you can’t see it then idk hahah

      Maria KkMaria KkMese fa
  • Hate tattooed moron Bublik. Common Paul 🇺🇸

    kevin smithkevin smithMese fa
  • Lajovic ass 👌

    Ich IronieIch IronieMese fa
  • These were some highlights

    EstelEstelMese fa
  • Bublik looks so careless again...Thats so sad, once he has a lot of potential

    trancebelievertrancebelieverMese fa
    • Don't worry Paul looked like he played out of his mind. Sasha will bounce back. He's on his way up!

      Mike RichardsMike RichardsMese fa
    • Yes, once he falls a bit behind he seems to just trying to toy his opponent and don't really play anymore

      KeyzerKeyzerMese fa
  • Never showed the champion on sunday

    Dominic SpillerDominic SpillerMese fa
    • Which tournament?

      Ankit SAnkit SMese fa
  • Where is the highlights for Márton Fucsovics??? They never give him any love

    Sel OsSel OsMese fa
    • @RedennaH 14 He will definitely give some hard work to the top 10 this year^^ He have absolutely all in his game. A true soldier.

      MVP MottMVP MottMese fa
    • Fucsovics is a talented player for sure he seems to go under the radar quite often, I remember him winning Wimbledon Juniors just seemed to take him ages to breakthrough to the main draws he was grinding in challengers for years but I like his game a lot.

      NathanNathanMese fa
    • RedennaH 14 agreed, great player

      Sports All DaySports All DayMese fa
    • Actually he might be a top 20 player, 🤷‍♂️

      RedennaH 14RedennaH 14Mese fa
    • @Alekoshred yeah he is probably a top 30 or 25 player but he doesn’t play a lot of tournaments so doesn’t get a lot of points. But when he plays he wins matches

      RedennaH 14RedennaH 14Mese fa
  • Bravo Borna! Idemo do kraja! 🇭🇷💪

    • Idemooo

      Vinko PetrovićVinko PetrovićMese fa
  • Goffin is a very good player, he won the montpellier tournament

    Deadrox_Deadrox_Mese fa
    • Goffin didn't lose by much, and he definitely made it difficult for Chardy to take the victory.

      Shourya MukherjeeShourya MukherjeeMese fa
    • Devid Gofan is week

      PhurngirathaanaPhurngirathaanaMese fa
    • @Estel chardy's precision and power was unbelievable.

      Pam PamPam PamMese fa
    • Also that and the fact that chardy was playing out of his mind

      EstelEstelMese fa
    • He’s probably tired lol

      Nikhil JoshiNikhil JoshiMese fa
  • 5th comment

    MusicBeatzMusicBeatzMese fa
  • Why does every Hurkacz game have such spectacular shots

    AstraXAstraXMese fa
    • Hahaha u guys are serious... 😂 Astrax means metaphory...

      CzarodziejjuCzarodziejjuMese fa
    • Because Hurkacz is worth watching!

      Tweener HeadTweener HeadMese fa
    • Because he's a spectacular player, I'm sure his time will come soon

      Avatar zangAvatar zangMese fa
    • Don't know but baby berdych is easily top ten talent

      Rhythmic functionRhythmic functionMese fa
    • Hurkacz has spectacular shots, and Tstsipad has the win.

      Alex Fortuny i LlopAlex Fortuny i LlopMese fa
  • Rotterdam Is one of the best ATP tournament with lot of incredible players

    Hundt GuillaumeHundt GuillaumeMese fa
    • @Scotty's ATP Analysis , true; that's a good point.

      Steve Just SayingSteve Just SayingMese fa
    • @Steve Just Saying yeah lol. This isn’t a nasty comment but I always enjoy when Federer, nasal or Djokovic are losing. Either the opponent is playing out of their minds, or you get to watch a champion show their mental toughness under pressure. But yeah I’d just rather watch them play each other in semis and finals. If these are the players if the future I want them to make the later stages of these ATP 500s

      Scotty's ATP AnalysisScotty's ATP AnalysisMese fa
    • @Scotty's ATP Analysis , but we did enjoy watching them getting dropped. Or, maybe not, it would be better if we see them face off one another.

      Steve Just SayingSteve Just SayingMese fa
    • I mean... the top players all dropped early 😂

      Scotty's ATP AnalysisScotty's ATP AnalysisMese fa
    • Because it's in Europe, where it's convenient for most top players to travel to.

      Steve Just SayingSteve Just SayingMese fa

    kostas fetfatsidiskostas fetfatsidisMese fa
  • second

    ゴルゴ十三蔵ゴルゴ十三蔵Mese fa
  • First

    Jordan ErtyuioJordan ErtyuioMese fa