13 nov 2020
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WOMEN in their quest for love, power and riches. In the game of love, fate can be unpredictable. Who you end up with sometimes is never planned

cast: Tana Adelana, Bimbo Ademola, Munachi Abi, Calista Okoronkwo, Chioma Nwosu, Pascaline Alex, Enock Darko, Stan Nze, Felix Omokhodion, Princess shyngle, Asuama Inyang and many other great talents

producer: Uchenna Mbunabo
director: Munachi Abii

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  • If I was that ijoma😂😂I could just get rid of that baby... because the way her aunty is too much

    paulah cataniapaulah cataniaGiorno fa
  • Chief🤣🤣🤣

    Star LuzenjaStar Luzenja26 giorni fa
  • Tumi is so gullible...i hate de fact that Bimbo gets to play this role

    bisong yvettebisong yvette2 mesi fa
  • You don't play with a woman and get away with it,this series is full of fun

    Stella Odudu vlogStella Odudu vlog3 mesi fa
  • Is there extra money to be paid for sitting down there ? Lolzzz this chief's comment got me laughing

    soldierofChrist JesussoldierofChrist Jesus3 mesi fa
  • REALLY, IT IS COOLER HERE? If you actually know, that's where the ENEMY has set up and light up a FURNACE, which will consume you, you would run very FAR from that she-devil!

    Joshua EkpoJoshua Ekpo4 mesi fa
  • I wonder why this Tomi Character isn't SMART enough, even with her LEARNED BACKGROUND; see how she CHEAPLY, SELLS OUT to Yinka,

    Joshua EkpoJoshua Ekpo4 mesi fa
  • Whoever is reading this will be successful in life in Jesus name AMEN 🙏🙏🙏.

    It’z stelli RankingIt’z stelli Ranking4 mesi fa
  • 🇬🇲🇬🇲🇬🇲🇬🇲💖💕Love you al

    Rahma RamizRahma Ramiz5 mesi fa
  • Moreplex tnx🙏🙏🙏 u guys for calling my hometown Freetown ❤️❤️❤️ fr SL 🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱

    TZ TZTZ TZ5 mesi fa
  • This cj guy 💥💥

    Albertina GaruraAlbertina Garura5 mesi fa
  • Cheif is so funny 😂 😂

    Cindy DeCindy De6 mesi fa
  • This Episode Sweet me o

    Cindy DeCindy De6 mesi fa
  • All the women are going to regret their actions

    Reiza AroyonzaReiza Aroyonza6 mesi fa
    • I swear

      Cindy DeCindy De6 mesi fa
  • Waiting patiently for ep20 pls upload

    Esther AmajorEsther Amajor6 mesi fa
  • Why dis movie never end😒😒

    Abinatu BanguraAbinatu Bangura6 mesi fa
  • Becoming annoying 😡. When will this come to an end?

    Maforpi ACMaforpi AC6 mesi fa
  • 1:02c.

    Nho ThuNho Thu6 mesi fa
  • Pls when is the next part coming out pls 🤔🤔

    Nnachi Rebecca RebeccaNnachi Rebecca Rebecca6 mesi fa
  • Wow interesting nice movie 🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱♥️♥️👌🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱

    Alimatu KoromaAlimatu Koroma6 mesi fa
  • Africans, After All I Did For You

    Flawless StoneFlawless Stone6 mesi fa
  • It's cooler here lol

    Nadine BakerNadine Baker6 mesi fa
  • Yakubo girlfriend can’t act 🙄

    Sarah TSarah T6 mesi fa
  • This episodes are dopes Interesting 😍😍😜🤣

    Stina 4realStina 4real6 mesi fa
  • Next part asap 😫

    Natasha IsaacNatasha Isaac6 mesi fa
  • Subscribe to my channel and enter my monthly cash giveaway

    Somi PreciousSomi Precious6 mesi fa
  • Omoooo!!!

    Osaivbie OkunoghaeOsaivbie Okunoghae6 mesi fa
  • Wow love this movie

    Stella IfyStella Ify6 mesi fa
  • No be small thing here.... O I can't wait for episode 20

    Mary LeinyuyMary Leinyuy6 mesi fa
  • Amber is DARK AND LOVELY, I like her complexion alot. The only dark lady in the entire movie 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

    Real ReenReal Reen6 mesi fa
  • So no one here know munachi? Meh!!! That lady set meh!! she is a sunshine I just like her,someone should tell her that she is too beautiful🙏🙏

    Chimeuche DavidChimeuche David6 mesi fa
  • I haven't been seeing Tumi's mother after selling her daughter to an old man who is old enough to be her father

    Happiness OkpalaHappiness Okpala6 mesi fa
    • right??!!!

      NYINANYINA5 mesi fa
  • Where is watabombshell today? I'm already counting down to next Friday for the next episode 😅

    Anne-MarieAnne-Marie6 mesi fa
    • Me too I can't wait o

      Cindy DeCindy De6 mesi fa
  • I miss my women yesterday ♥️💗💖

    Grace DuoteyGrace Duotey6 mesi fa
  • This Yakubo's girlfriend over acts😂😂😂

    Idara PeterIdara Peter6 mesi fa
    • How e com and be he nw 😂😂😂

      Cindy DeCindy De6 mesi fa
    • She can’t act 🤣🤣🤣

      Sarah TSarah T6 mesi fa
  • Wow interesting!

    abdulmumuni omeizaabdulmumuni omeiza6 mesi fa
  • Common I wanna see bombshell (power)

    abdulmumuni omeizaabdulmumuni omeiza6 mesi fa
  • Menh all the guys in this movie they are so handsome well selected guys especially the hakubu and the widows boyfriend cute guys lovely movie

    Amaka IlojiAmaka Iloji6 mesi fa
  • It is cooler here,that line hot me chief chief you don enter oooo

    Enuka Francisca chinenyeEnuka Francisca chinenye6 mesi fa
  • Well men men men will always fall in a girls trap😹..well they set him up and he sent himself 🤷🏽‍♂️

    jannet lovelyjannet lovely6 mesi fa
  • 2 episode now without anita Joseph, 🙄🙄

    Justina ObidiJustina Obidi6 mesi fa
    • @ROSELINE EDE i tire o

      Cindy DeCindy De6 mesi fa
    • @ROSELINE EDE I wonder too. Was thinking she will be the bait to catch chief, but no. Well I hope she appears in d next episode sha

      Justina ObidiJustina Obidi6 mesi fa
    • I wonder why they put her pic there

  • Ohh my gosh am really love this movie I don't want to finish up 🇱🇷🇱🇷

    Esther MugoliEsther Mugoli6 mesi fa
  • I love Bola!! She is such a great actress. Ceejay and Amba are couples goals! :)

    MsPrincessajMsPrincessaj6 mesi fa
    • Me too Bola nailed it 💃

      Cindy DeCindy De6 mesi fa
  • Wow listening to this song in this short series well it tells a lot.

    Michelle LeacockMichelle Leacock6 mesi fa
  • This is Nollywood's Young and the Restless. Leaves you wanting more everytime.

    Tiffo CleopatraTiffo Cleopatra6 mesi fa
  • That Yakubu guy is extremely annoying.U keep sleeping with yr boss lady and he wants his girlfriend to be ok with it?😡😡

    Maame DanquahMaame Danquah6 mesi fa
  • How can Yakubu be saying sorry, sorry, am sorry and still be doing his boss?? Can't wait for next episode. Great job guys!!❤🔥

    Marg JohnsonMarg Johnson6 mesi fa
  • I always thumbs up before watching Just a nice show

    Mohamed 2121Mohamed 21216 mesi fa
  • Dis CJ is very handsome, I love his smile

    Iheoma PreciouskIheoma Preciousk6 mesi fa
  • why is Anita Joseph pics on the front pics whereas she is not in the movie

    Omosigho BlessingOmosigho Blessing6 mesi fa
  • Bola is so smart and outspoken

    Rolake OsatuyiRolake Osatuyi6 mesi fa
    • Yes I love her type of person 👏👏 I also love her hairstyle

      Margaret SamuelMargaret Samuel6 mesi fa
  • Tomi and Yinka will not get away with it o 😂😂, because when it comes to splitting the money who will double cross who , they don’t even know if blue has a plan in store for herself 😂😂. And as for Faye she can’t have her cake and eat it , although I’m said to see her wahala exit like that but she had a good exit 👍🏽😂😂😂. Can’t wait for the next episode!!! The theme song is already my anthem 😂😂🤍.

    Hallelujah AHallelujah A6 mesi fa
  • Very interesting movie thanks for uploading this movie

    Sarha Philcox OnuohaSarha Philcox Onuoha6 mesi fa
  • 😍😍😘😘😘🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

    مشببvideo جلعدcreationمشببvideo جلعدcreation6 mesi fa
  • I know this movie will end next year

    Stefano dinaStefano dina6 mesi fa
  • Lola i dey fear for you ooh u playing with ur life.....Faye is in a big shit

    Soffy MicahSoffy Micah6 mesi fa
  • I'm happy for these! I pray it reach EP32

    shangkohom maimakoshangkohom maimako6 mesi fa
  • This movie is so beautiful but You guys take forever to upload

    Jamesetta NyepahJamesetta Nyepah6 mesi fa
    • It's a series, not a movie.

      Sarah TimothySarah Timothy6 mesi fa
  • When it's Getting interesting you guys cut it off🙄 pls is it gonna reach episode 50 ??

    debbie doradebbie dora6 mesi fa
    • In 5 hours watch women 20.😍😂

      destiny Immaculatedestiny Immaculate5 mesi fa
  • Wow I really enjoyed this season

    Charity GiftCharity Gift6 mesi fa
  • You people are just wasting our time for nothing

    Asionye KennedyAsionye Kennedy6 mesi fa
    • But you patiently watch other series on TV. This is not a movie. I still feel anyone that could watch Zeeworld and Telemundo must be called Patience in real life,lol. I couldn't for the sake of sanity. They can pick a pen on the floor for 2 mins slow motion.

      Sarah TimothySarah Timothy6 mesi fa
  • Chief your eyes are going to higher places heheeee

    Joan AnyangoJoan Anyango6 mesi fa
  • Bimbo’s love for money is going to make her regret, but why is that boy covering up for Bimbo yet chief is his father

    Brenda BonitaBrenda Bonita6 mesi fa
    • My instinct tells him he is not his biological son.

      Oladeji FolakemiOladeji Folakemi5 mesi fa
  • I wish the slay queen will help Tommy's husband out

    juliettemafille 990juliettemafille 9906 mesi fa
  • Men shall disgrace you, you have a young babe at home but falling for another older than the one you have home, finally man just like woman it's not age

    enowbi nadageenowbi nadage6 mesi fa
  • Hey Stephen ✋😂 that tsunami gonna destroy you sooner before you knew it 😏😅😂😂🤣🤣

    Margaret NdunguMargaret Ndungu6 mesi fa
  • Its cooler here, oga be careful na Express u dey go

    Wealth EsekhiagbeWealth Esekhiagbe6 mesi fa
  • 🖤🤍🤎

    trust- trusttrust- trust6 mesi fa
  • Thank God is Friday...goodevening everyone stay safe at there nice to be here

    Imafidon GeorgeImafidon George6 mesi fa
  • 22:17 he loss control of himself. Yakubu is already regretting his actions. Next pls

    Martin YeboahMartin Yeboah6 mesi fa
  • Why the delay with other episodes? Why does it take more than a week to drop the next episode?

    Dr. kenndy IbetoDr. kenndy Ibeto6 mesi fa
  • I only the part of princess shyngle

    shashacream THE ONE AND ONLYshashacream THE ONE AND ONLY6 mesi fa
  • Next

    Faith KadzoFaith Kadzo6 mesi fa
  • 😹😹😹😹😭😭😭😭😭😭😭say this na mami water 😹😹😹😹

    King JecyKing Jecy6 mesi fa
  • But look at how that girl setting up her own self cause her hussy seems he wanna marry a next young girl 😀😁

    pepsi Fisherpepsi Fisher6 mesi fa
  • 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭💓💓💓💓💥

    Akwasi_AGYARE BalcazarAkwasi_AGYARE Balcazar6 mesi fa
  • Here for my gorgeous gals,Bimbo you have to tread carefully it might end up in tears 😭😂. CJ he's indeed a good friend hope they'll end up being together.

    Bryan StellahBryan Stellah6 mesi fa
    • Lol

      Cindy DeCindy De6 mesi fa
  • Hihi wat if chief son is playing a trap to chief wife. 🙄

    Shamz BaeShamz Bae6 mesi fa
  • Idk y these people want the series to end wen their getting something to watch weekly smh

    pepsi Fisherpepsi Fisher6 mesi fa
  • Ahahahha dis relshp btn step son n step mom is too sweet n intresting. 🤣🤣

    Shamz BaeShamz Bae6 mesi fa
    • 😂😂😂😂

      Cindy DeCindy De6 mesi fa
  • Nice one

  • Seriously am waiting to see they of dis movie but I love this movie enough is ready give me dis emmiprcation...

    Jaraz EmmyJaraz Emmy6 mesi fa
  • Why young ladies like money more than their life and why you bringing someone child to another man. And how could you planing with your fathers wife to do that to your own father and I don’t blame her, I don’t feel pity for the old man at all hmm 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    maame serwaamaame serwaa6 mesi fa
  • Fayer she's in real trouble women hmmm 💝💝💝💓💓💓👒👒👒👑👑

    Star JomboStar Jombo6 mesi fa
  • The episodes are so short that sometimes it feels like you wasted your time watching 😜

    Marie KimbiMarie Kimbi6 mesi fa
  • I like enjoying dis movie

    Iyisha BukariIyisha Bukari6 mesi fa
  • Nice💃💃💃💃

    Melicia HarrisMelicia Harris6 mesi fa
  • Hahaha it's cooler here.... Old man likes slay queen's

    Alice MbeyuAlice Mbeyu6 mesi fa
  • Happy weekend dear May our days months and years be great in Jesus name amen

    Juliana AhuaheyJuliana Ahuahey6 mesi fa
  • wehhh men.. so chief could not avoid that trap set for him by his son..

    Neng QuinivaNeng Quiniva6 mesi fa
  • Why are you giving us this series in doses like we have malaria😳... Just upload everything

    Maryann MwangiMaryann Mwangi6 mesi fa
    • Best comment so far👏👏👏

      Chinedu The GreatChinedu The Great5 mesi fa
    • That makes the suspense more interesting. 😂😂

      Tiffo CleopatraTiffo Cleopatra6 mesi fa
  • And this cj man is a very good man much love from my side ❣️❣️

    Josephine SaffaJosephine Saffa6 mesi fa
  • Loving ur natural beauty 💋💋💋💋Bola

    Obabueki FaithObabueki Faith6 mesi fa
  • So sweet movie thanks you all

    edith aisienedith aisien6 mesi fa
  • Waiting for the next episode but the one week is too far though

    Saidu CharitySaidu Charity6 mesi fa
  • Please don't keep us waiting too long, next season please!

    Edith PaulEdith Paul6 mesi fa
  • When people bring up ur past tell them Jesus dropped the charges. One of the sweetest things God does is that he doesn't give ur mocker the picture of ur tomorrow, God bless you all mightily

    renda colinsrenda colins6 mesi fa
    • Nice message 🥰

      Miracle JoyMiracle Joy6 mesi fa
    • Amen.

      Labelle DujourLabelle Dujour6 mesi fa
  • Interesting movie thanks

    Sakina LoveSakina Love6 mesi fa
  • Whoever is reading and watching dis i pray that God visits your home with healing blessings and many miracle testimony in Jesus Christ name Amen

    renda colinsrenda colins6 mesi fa
    • AMEN 🙏🏿

      Moy MoyMoy Moy6 mesi fa
    • Amen

      Silvia OkunroboSilvia Okunrobo6 mesi fa
  • Faye is a disappointment 😔

    Kikem success TeldirKikem success Teldir6 mesi fa