Boeing 747 catching fire at Castellon Airport, Spain

23 nov 2020
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Hi All,
Short video showing British Airways Boeing 747-400 catching fire in Castellon, Spain.
The aircraft is parked there since August 2020 and is supposed to be disassembled into small parts. Authorities believe that the fire in the cockpit region was caused by sparkles during the dismantling process.
Credit: Fly News

  • 2015 catch fire at las vegas ba 777 2020 catch fire at spain ba 747

    Melissa ChaseMelissa ChaseMese fa
  • May the 747 Rest In Peace

    평범한비행기 Korea평범한비행기 KoreaMese fa
  • Someone forgot to disconnect the battery.....

    Blair FramptonBlair FramptonMese fa
  • Lamentável

    Helenton OliveiraHelenton OliveiraMese fa
  • 747s don’t get a break

    AirwipeAirwipeMese fa
  • My last 3 brain cells during Chemistry exam

    Agung Adi SaputroAgung Adi SaputroMese fa
  • 2020 what else ?

    alex palex pMese fa
  • Ops

    DD DDDD DDMese fa
  • Scrap metal now

    bigtaxrefundbigtaxrefundMese fa
  • Insurance what else.

    Ian EndanganIan EndanganMese fa
  • Wow😯

    Aviation GamerAviation GamerMese fa
  • You know you're a skeptic when the first thing you think is, "Meh. Probably insurance fraud."

    Josh PetersonJosh PetersonMese fa
  • R.I.P SPEEDBIRD B747-400

    권봉규권봉규Mese fa
  • Materials inside are flammable

    Yvonne GonzalesYvonne GonzalesMese fa
  • Just like the one world plan should burn and British Airways will go bust their is a higher entity ☺ 😂

    matty bowlermatty bowlerMese fa
  • O no como termino incendiandose el boeing 747 de british airways? Como paso

    Destrucción10Destrucción102 mesi fa
  • Very sad video. Too bad people don’t record in landscape

    Rob Beagles Rock 1013Rob Beagles Rock 10132 mesi fa
  • Very sad thing to see

    Paolo DeganiPaolo Degani2 mesi fa
  • Very sad thing to see

    Paolo DeganiPaolo Degani2 mesi fa
  • Comentem em português pra que eu entenda kk! No explic inglês.

    Joelmir FigueiredoJoelmir Figueiredo2 mesi fa
    • @Harrison Parker vixe, Agora sim kk.

      Joelmir FigueiredoJoelmir FigueiredoMese fa
    • O homem disparou. O avião pegou fogo. Entendeu ?

      Harrison ParkerHarrison ParkerMese fa
  • Why why whyyyyy my day a ripped

    Ben HarrisBen Harris2 mesi fa
  • Very good computer graphics - almost got me convinced!

    gerda mellegerda melle2 mesi fa
  • Wow this is very interesting 🤔 I'm no expert but common sense is telling me something suspicious is a foot

    Richy NunezRichy Nunez2 mesi fa
    • Its an insurance job...Thats why you always see bars and restuarants on fire....

      DMT DonutsDMT DonutsMese fa
  • Anyone else still shocked that the 747-400 is now gonna be fazed out, can't imagine the aviation world without it.

    DanielDaniel2 mesi fa
    • True

      kavi deepikakavi deepika2 mesi fa
  • This is why Airbus is the king of the skies. Queen must go down in flames.

    Black ToofBlack Toof2 mesi fa
    • @Douglas M doesn't have to be the A380. Airbus is dominating. They don't purposely kill people and hide it.

      Black ToofBlack Toof2 mesi fa
    • Yeah in their A380....oh wait, PARKED!!!

      Douglas MDouglas M2 mesi fa
  • a very sad end to a great flying machine...tsk tsk...

    dmcboholdmcbohol2 mesi fa
  • Alguém traduz aí pra mim o que acontece?

    Maria GurgelMaria Gurgel2 mesi fa
    • A cabine desse Boeing 747 pegou fogo mas não explicam nem como nem porquê.

      Harrison ParkerHarrison ParkerMese fa
  • Fire in the cockpit.!!!

    Dirty HoboDirty Hobo2 mesi fa
  • Seems to be coming from the cockpit, could be an avionics fire. Sad to be honest. Although there will still be useful parts elsewhere on the plane. I mean it's good in a way it happened there and not in mid air

    Ewan DouglasEwan Douglas2 mesi fa
  • That fire appears to be aft of the cockpit. So the galley? There's no fuel there. Electrical?

    Rhodes HilemanRhodes Hileman2 mesi fa
  • hmm .. one world on fire ... interesting

    Etheric MessengerEtheric Messenger2 mesi fa
  • Hey i think that plane is on fire.

    ___will.k ______will.k ___2 mesi fa
  • :(

    Samuel FoleySamuel Foley2 mesi fa
  • Just the pilot vaping.

    Jimmy BJimmy B2 mesi fa
  • Well a least it happened on the tarmac and not in mid air over the Pacific or the north Atlantic ocean where there are no fire tenders at hand , it looks like the cockpit area ife or something down inthe E and E caught fire, she wont be going anywhere soon and thats for sure , i wounder what age the jumbo is probably 25 yrs old ,be interesting to know the out come , must look it up

    John NoonanJohn Noonan2 mesi fa
  • Someone got a little heated over the premature retirement

    justplanecrazy5justplanecrazy52 mesi fa
  • 😥😥😭

    kmlvrkmlvr2 mesi fa
  • I was on that plane, such a shame. I’m so upset they are retiring the 747. This is just more salt in a fresh wound.

    DesireDesire2 mesi fa
  • I smell an insurance job!

    Adam EAdam E2 mesi fa
  • I told you! 747 planes have ejector seats! Just looks here!

    Erik SErik S2 mesi fa
  • poor 747 :(

    TheAviation_Guy16TheAviation_Guy162 mesi fa
  • What in the name of insurance fraud is going on here?

    C HartnettC Hartnett2 mesi fa
  • Hmmmm, looks like a good insurance claim in the making! Perhaps they were trying to reactivate this bird from a deep slumber and something went wrong, hopefully repairable.

    SubgunmanSubgunman2 mesi fa
  • What caused the fire?

    Billy PonsonbyBilly Ponsonby2 mesi fa
  • That is sad

    goose catgoose cat2 mesi fa
  • ✨THIS✨PLANE✨IS✨ON✨ *fireeeeeeeeeee* 😍🔥🔥🔥🥵

    ConradConrad2 mesi fa
  • The plane is just crying

    MiraclesMiracles2 mesi fa
  • Bevor man in die Pleite fliegt, man besser einen Versicherungsfall produziert ... (?)

    dottoreeffdottoreeff2 mesi fa
  • What's wrong with 2020😂

    Kojith WeerasingheKojith Weerasinghe2 mesi fa
  • KLM had a few days ago a collision with the queen. And this of BA on fire. 😥

    Laurens HulshofLaurens Hulshof2 mesi fa
  • that is where the Boeing 747 dies slowly and silently

    Cornea Paul-OvidiuCornea Paul-Ovidiu2 mesi fa
  • Heartbreaking it's bad enough seeing all 747s being scrapped but on fire fucking bollocks. I flew on G-CIVD to Miami in September 2015

    Raj NirvanRaj Nirvan2 mesi fa
  • THIS IS LIT! 🔥🔥

    CblyeCblye2 mesi fa
    • tf u say?

      AquacuzAviationAquacuzAviation2 mesi fa
  • Could have this been an Maintenance storage error ? . Guess a new AD or SB will be published

    shashi aviatorshashi aviator2 mesi fa
  • This should not count as an incident involving a British Airways plane as it was retired. The staff dismantling the plane probably were using tools or equipment that caused sparks and this started a fire.

  • How much do you bet it was triggered by a battery

    R GR G2 mesi fa
    • Nil, tools/equipment used during dismantling.

  • You work hard all your life, and as soon as you get a chance to retire... it all goes up in smoke. “The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen!”.

    D A DavidsonD A Davidson2 mesi fa
  • What a sad way to say goodbye

    rapalo89rapalo892 mesi fa
  • wow

    Aviation AlexAviation Alex2 mesi fa
  • Why G-CIVD!?

    Sylver The Private AviatorSylver The Private Aviator2 mesi fa
  • In the event of a loss of cabin pressure, please grab one of the cabin crew, pull them down firmly and breath normally. When aircraft retire, they are normally scrapped and broken up. Given the Covid situation, I think a cremation is very appropriate.

    Andrew FlyerAndrew Flyer2 mesi fa
  • I hope BA don’t write it off! I really hope so! 😞😓

    محب الله و نبيهمحب الله و نبيه2 mesi fa
    • Spency how sorry 😞😓☹️ it’s just unbelievable!

      محب الله و نبيهمحب الله و نبيه2 mesi fa
    • No, sadly they have all retired already

      SpencySpency2 mesi fa
    • ALA ALAROY but they still operate some! That’s why I wrote that as I thought this was only grounded for a while because of the global pandemic! 😊😊😊

      محب الله و نبيهمحب الله و نبيه2 mesi fa
    • Already written off before the fire.


    Boyao YangBoyao Yang2 mesi fa
  • Long live the queen.

    Perich29Perich292 mesi fa
  • Hey at least it’s not the entire plane

    ElectricElectric2 mesi fa
  • Poor Boeing 747 😢

    TransNorthern AviationTransNorthern Aviation2 mesi fa
  • British really wishing they paid to cover the livery before scrapping began...

    bg1379bg13792 mesi fa
  • Only if the queen of the skies was as immortal as the queen of England

    SavageDiamond216SavageDiamond2162 mesi fa
  • Cause ?? Electrical? O2?

    Mark CimonMark Cimon2 mesi fa
    • Perhaps electrical but not confirmed yet

      737Aviation737Aviation2 mesi fa
  • This is so sad

    TripleSevenTripleSeven2 mesi fa
  • That’s so weird, I just flew on that exact plane from Ghana to London last year

    SquiDragonSquiDragon2 mesi fa
  • They were probably making some tea...

    MichaelMichael2 mesi fa
  • British Airways (“BA”/“BAW”) now should receive an Insurance check on a claim.

    Scott RothScott Roth2 mesi fa
    • @justplanecrazy5 I'm not too sure about that. Normally when aircraft are sold the previous owner removes anything that can identify them. But it is one way to make a profit out of a retired aircraft !!!

      Colin WhyteColin Whyte2 mesi fa
    • They don’t own the plane anymore

      justplanecrazy5justplanecrazy52 mesi fa
  • Theyll probs get more money for the insurance than scape.

    andgate2000andgate20002 mesi fa

    Alex CKAlex CK2 mesi fa
  • One of the last 747 That is a passenger plane 😭

    sus boxsus box2 mesi fa
  • 2020 really doesn't like big planes :(

    JemandJemand2 mesi fa
    • 2020 don't like almost NOTHING normal :(

      cosminogloo cosycosminogloo cosyMese fa
  • poor baby :(

    barrelbarrel2 mesi fa
  • Oxygen tanks behind the cockpit seats? Even retired, still painful to watch.

    jrbuchjrbuch2 mesi fa
    • OMGODDDDDDDDDDDDD.... Oxygen isnt flammable, it is an oxidizer...SMH

      DMT DonutsDMT DonutsMese fa
    • LOL

      DMT DonutsDMT DonutsMese fa
  • It is in Spain where smoking is compulsory

    Nick MeteorNick Meteor2 mesi fa
    • What? Smoking in closed public spaces has been prohibited for years! You say nonsense.

      Juan Pedro PedrajaJuan Pedro Pedraja2 mesi fa
  • One less 747 to recycle. RIP

    Moonstruck ExploringMoonstruck Exploring2 mesi fa
  • what happened to the 747

    Marius 8954haasMarius 8954haas2 mesi fa
  • Welp the captain brain was working too hard...

    Montreal _DevMontreal _Dev2 mesi fa
  • 2020 affecting air travel be like

    TitanFighterTitanFighter2 mesi fa
  • 😥😥😪😪

    Felipe BautistaFelipe Bautista2 mesi fa
  • Nice catch, just subcribed.

  • I don’t want to go be scraped yard to be spare part and I want in sky bit longer until 2022 please Crying with fire 😭😭😢😢🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥said Boeing 747-400 ☹️

    Bluebirds Cardiff City FC FanBluebirds Cardiff City FC Fan2 mesi fa
  • They really want these things gone ASAP. F in the chat.

    David Matthew DispoDavid Matthew Dispo2 mesi fa
  • ONG WHAT HAPPENED WHEN WAS THIS!!! How have not heard of this?

    Quan-Oh- ReQuan-Oh- Re2 mesi fa
    • There was nobody inside and the aircraft was already retired

      John BrowningJohn BrowningMese fa
  • Fun fact: my dad took this to go to South Africa 1 year ago

    Matteo DomenicoMatteo Domenico2 mesi fa
    • Really that is great but I never flew this airlines company British airways

      Tristan SebastienTristan Sebastien13 giorni fa
    • I did the same as you, LHR-CPT in late December

      MenlotrevorMenlotrevor2 mesi fa
    • Queen of the skies always !

      Warren SmithWarren Smith2 mesi fa
    • @Matteo Domenico thanks*

      Jim SpammingtonJim Spammington2 mesi fa
    • @Aviation 69 oh thanks, sorry for my bad English, I'm Italian

      Matteo DomenicoMatteo Domenico2 mesi fa
  • Sparkles? I think you mean glitter.

    texasabbotttexasabbott2 mesi fa
  • Sooo..was the plane saved n repaired??💁🏻

    Osito OsitoOsito Osito2 mesi fa
    • the aircraft was already retired, very unlikely it will be repaired if not impossible.

      1470 GreatNorthern1470 GreatNorthern2 mesi fa
  • Well, shit

    Godly destroyerGodly destroyer2 mesi fa
  • my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

    PhilMC_PhilMC_2 mesi fa
  • Well they kinda retired the 747s and they were gonna get scraped for metal and bits welp that cockpit is a 20,000£ gone

    RP_BeastyRP_Beasty2 mesi fa
  • I bet this is gonna be on lucasses aviation weekly video

    BKG StudiosBKG Studios2 mesi fa
  • Not only it’s retired, but now it’s even on fire so you can’t use those spare parts...poor queen of the skies

    Vodka GorbatschowVodka Gorbatschow2 mesi fa
    • @Vodka Gorbatschow Exactly, one from those expensive parts :(((

      cosminogloo cosycosminogloo cosyMese fa
    • It's planned...Fire insurance....that's why you see bars and restuarants, are always caught on fire LOL

      DMT DonutsDMT DonutsMese fa
    • @Ayaan_0307 I mean all the instruments in the cockpit section and on the upper hurts in general to see a plane burning

      Vodka GorbatschowVodka Gorbatschow2 mesi fa
    • How about the 95% of the plane that wasnt on fire

      Ayaan_0307Ayaan_03072 mesi fa
  • One of the 300 views

    quad aviation122quad aviation1222 mesi fa
  • "Luckily no one was injured"

    Bruno 'Opposite of Nice' BucciaratiBruno 'Opposite of Nice' Bucciarati2 mesi fa
    • Dude you should have used Sticky Fingers to zip away the piece of fire.

      The TransponderThe Transponder2 mesi fa
  • No no NO The queen....

    YUL AviationYUL Aviation2 mesi fa