All-New Nissan Qashqai Digital Premiere

18 feb 2021
217 938 visualizzazioni

Watch the digital unveil of the All-New Nissan Qashqai.
The pioneering Crossover sets a new segment standard with appealing design, advanced technology and two electrified powertrains for a dynamic driving experience.
The unstoppable journey continues.
#Nissan #NewQashqai #TheUltimateCrossover
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  • Да он некрасивый

    Никита АлександровНикита Александров12 ore fa
  • Nissan, why not sell in Japan?

    原住民原住民14 ore fa
  • Лол, а чем конкретно он new?

    Alexey AAlexey AGiorno fa
  • ん。

    yasio boloyasio bolo2 giorni fa
  • Everyone is saying, well done Nissan but when you look at Tuscon, or new IONIQ 5 you can easy realise, that Nissan is still behind. Tuscon drive itself (you can use key fob for it), got mild hybrid, plug in hybrid and look amazing. Qashqai look good, but what this car has extra?nothing and one engine for now. Price will be high as usual so i dont think that nissan will win this competition. Its very pity

    DamianoDamiano2 giorni fa
  • Nissan forever !!!

    Rock girlRock girl2 giorni fa
  • Brand new and impressing. I was wondering if Nissan is going to develop an enhanced anti theft technology. Unfortunately from personal experience I know that Qashqai are really easy to be stolen (in 3 min with a software that breaks the key less frequency). I now have my 2nd Qashqai but spent really much for enhancing its anti theft standards.

    Kostas C.Kostas C.3 giorni fa
    • Looks ugly compared to the previous version.😲 The speeker with a husky voice and hard accent...🤕 Don't you really understand what impression he makes to viewers?

      yasio boloyasio bolo2 giorni fa
  • Leader is BACK!

    bouytt guytbouytt guyt3 giorni fa
  • look and sounds so perfect! cant wait! good job Nissan

    Jim XeniJim Xeni3 giorni fa
  • On my third Qashqai but so disappointed Nissan still relying on a predominately petrol car !

    David BensonDavid Benson4 giorni fa
  • Nice looking car worth considering for my next change. The only problem is, there is only Black interior seating. Light Beige would uplift this car with the correct exterior colour. Many drivers look at 'Build Section' on the website, but as soon as there is no Light Beige interior, they just leave the site and look for another manufacturer who supplier this. Time to wake up Nissan and give the customer the choice that will rapidly increase your sales figures.

    Bill TuckwellBill Tuckwell4 giorni fa
    • Lots like current Lexus RX

      bouytt guytbouytt guyt3 giorni fa
  • I have to Say, I have One of the first generation. First generation qashqai always will be the most beautiful/special One.

    seeni gztyseeni gzty4 giorni fa
    • Nissan forever !!!

      Rock girlRock girl2 giorni fa
  • 日本発売して欲しい!! カッコイイじゃん。e-power+このスタイル バカ売れ確実!!

    ピロリ銀ピロリ銀5 giorni fa
  • Still without a full size spare I assume. Unsuitable for the Australian market to not have one as most people do country driving and can be more 100 kms from a town. Aussies should look elsewhere.

    Greg RobinsonGreg Robinson5 giorni fa
  • Ireland's best-selling SUV of all time!

    dolita windodolita windo5 giorni fa
    • Nissan Qashqai super .

      seeni gztyseeni gzty4 giorni fa
  • Great job, especially with the interior 👍

    Shauka HodanShauka Hodan6 giorni fa
  • a technology that is not new, that only uses the brand to lower costs and that pollutes the environment, let's not forget that a gasoline engine works continuously to charge a battery, I hope that the environment will not tolerate a green label.

    Perico DelospalotillosverdesPerico Delospalotillosverdes6 giorni fa
  • I have to Say, I have One of the first generation. First generation qashqai always will be the most beautiful/special One.

    doire aintudoire aintu7 giorni fa
    • А Нисан Жук новый когда будет в Украине и по чем?

      dolita windodolita windo5 giorni fa
  • I think is high time I swap my Next Generation Juke for this New Qashqai. The massage function is enticing!😋❤

    Sonde AbosedeSonde Abosede7 giorni fa
    • I like 1. The longer one is better

      Shauka HodanShauka Hodan6 giorni fa
  • "VeeHiCol" the all new thing

    galatei11galatei117 giorni fa
  • класс, ждем!

    Дмитрий АлександровичДмитрий Александрович7 giorni fa
    • @doire aintu думаю что около 1.5 от доллара зависит

      Дмитрий АлександровичДмитрий Александрович7 giorni fa
    • какая цена в базе ?

      doire aintudoire aintu7 giorni fa
  • Looks ugly compared to the previous version.😲 The speeker with a husky voice and hard accent...🤕 Don't you really understand what impression he makes to viewers?

    Maksym ChekanovMaksym Chekanov7 giorni fa
  • MPG?

    Adam LewisAdam Lewis7 giorni fa
  • is this going to be available in Asia?!

    Julius FerrerJulius Ferrer7 giorni fa
  • マキシマ、セントラ、パスファインダー、マイクラなどなど、日産はなぜ良い車を日本で売らないんだろう。免許証を取ってから二十数年間、日産車に乗り続けてるけど最近は日本で売っている日産車には乗りたいと思う車がない。本気でVEZELへの乗り換えを考えている。キャシュカイが日本発売になれば選択肢が増えるし間違いなく日産車に乗り続ける事ができるな。

    Yj trialYj trial7 giorni fa
  • Lots like current Lexus RX

    Sopheak ChheangSopheak Chheang8 giorni fa
  • Really nice

    Ernesto Delgado GrossmannErnesto Delgado Grossmann8 giorni fa
  • Glass roof??

    William ConnellWilliam Connell8 giorni fa
  • That face looks soo ugly, i am the only one who thinks that?? The first impression about those lights were that it reminds me of some ppl who have big problems with their eyes and cant see anything The older model looks soo much better

    Andris KalninsAndris Kalnins8 giorni fa
  • Nissan Qashqai super .

    Rafal NowakRafal Nowak8 giorni fa
  • Where is ambient light inside?? Is it so hard to put something fancy? It's so simple and chip to install !

    Desert EagleDesert Eagle8 giorni fa
  • I'm gonna be honest.qashqai's are one of the best cars for the midrange area. At this point the qashqai is a luxury car with all the features. One of the best cars in the market to be honest.

  • А Нисан Жук новый когда будет в Украине и по чем?

    Виталий ТригубВиталий Тригуб8 giorni fa
  • Hope to bring it to India very soon before the storm of magnite vanish.

    Rana KachariRana Kachari8 giorni fa
  • Congratulations! But unfortunately, NISSAN has again failed to turn the display towards the driver. After all, the driver should be able to see something on it, not the passengers. If the sun shines in at the window or the glass roof, then it's especially bad.

    Reinhard GärtnerReinhard Gärtner8 giorni fa
  • какая цена в базе ?

    Виталий ТригубВиталий Тригуб8 giorni fa
  • Personally I prefer a lambo

    Mr KevMr Kev8 giorni fa
  • Just need to ditch the MHEV bit and put a plug on it instead of did that 10 year ago tech.

    xlphosxlphos8 giorni fa
  • Good job❤️

    MNIT EntertainmentMNIT Entertainment8 giorni fa
    • Thanks. 😃 - ^AL

      Nissan EuropeNissan Europe8 giorni fa
  • Date of release?

    AndreaAndrea8 giorni fa
    • The new Qashqai will go on sale late spring/early summer 2021. - ^AL

      Nissan EuropeNissan Europe8 giorni fa
  • the car will not start in winter! already 5 times. what to do?

    Георгий ГалимовГеоргий Галимов9 giorni fa
    • Please contact your local Nissan dealer so they can look into this. - ^AL

      Nissan EuropeNissan Europe8 giorni fa
  • Ваше авто не заводиться зимой

    Георгий ГалимовГеоргий Галимов9 giorni fa
  • I don't like the front light's, it's very similar to Citroen's.

    Mehmet MarrieMehmet Marrie9 giorni fa
  • The longest bla bla of 2021 !

    messerset messersetmesserset messerset9 giorni fa
  • Karton auf vier Rädern.....

    Mi HoeMi Hoe9 giorni fa
  • Please , come Asia ASEAN

    Potae' KittisakPotae' Kittisak9 giorni fa
  • Ничего не понял но было интересно

    Коля ПупкинКоля Пупкин9 giorni fa
  • I personally work at the Sunderland plant and I have two words....Game Changer! I’ve seen this firsthand and it is absolutely amazing! This new Qashqai will lead yet again. RM NMUK.

    TobyStation4TobyStation49 giorni fa
  • Do not waste your money on these french made bollock engines save your money IM WARNING YOU

    J UJ U9 giorni fa
  • Not liking this model. I still like my 2014 J11 the most. Aside from the fact that every first gen Qashqai comes with A LOT of factory issues, ALWAYS and they were a pain in the ass for the dealership to take ownership to solve them. I'll give the Lexus NX a chance next I get a new one.

    IamLordThanosIamLordThanos9 giorni fa
  • deleting negetive comments is pathetic

    norris colenorris cole9 giorni fa
  • You dont get instant acceleration like an ev, the engine has to rev up first, maybe you think that we are all ignorant or we have not ever driven a mg1-mg2 hybrid before.

    The Red BaronThe Red Baron9 giorni fa
    • @Winston Wolfe please dont tell me what it is if you are not sure about this. The mg1-mg2 layout is common in GM, Honda, Toyota applications. All of these can operate through their traction mg2 motor. The problem with this layout is that in higher speeds (like an ev) the motors reach their rotation limits. Thats why all of them use some kind of gearbox to bypass the double motor layout with the use of a gearbox. Toyota and GM use a planetary one, Honda uses a fixed gear. All of these systems use the same principle, Nissan is not innovating, they use a relinquished patent, how you will name it makes no difference. Their system though is inferior by the lack of a gearbox and they have to use large electromotors and a high output engine to cope. It is interesting 😁. Do you actually think that a small battery 1,2kwh can be charged from the ice and at the same time power the wheels of a vehicle? Sure it can be done if you want it on fire after 5 minutes. Dont believe all the marketing stuff, there's not something new here, these are implemented solutions 20 years now. The battery in all of these systems is there to support the layout, it stores small amounts of excess energy produced from the ice or from braking, the system in theory could work even without it but it wouldn't be that efficient.

      The Red BaronThe Red Baron9 giorni fa
    • Not hybrid bro, it's ePower : Runs on full electric power so instant acceleration guaranteed - petrol engine is used as a generator charging battery

      Winston WolfeWinston Wolfe9 giorni fa
  • Stop with the suvs

    theory816theory8169 giorni fa
  • all electricmodel? 9 years left of fuel cars in uk

    dipeshpdipeshp9 giorni fa
  • I have a Rouge 2011-2013 then 2015-17 now 2018 -- I'm waiting for electric Nissan

    daniel boguszewskidaniel boguszewski9 giorni fa
  • Oh no, my car lease is over for my Rogue this April and Nissan is making it hard to me to choose which car to get next >_

    Wayne HoWayne Ho9 giorni fa
    • Let us know which one you will choose in the end. 😃 - ^AL

      Nissan EuropeNissan Europe8 giorni fa
  • Seat ❤💛❤

    Fernando MartínezFernando Martínez9 giorni fa
  • I bought a brand new Qashqai Tekna in 2016, loved it totally. Will now seriously consider getting the 2021 version, it looks stunning inside and out! Well done Nissan.

    gingerladyauberngingerladyaubern9 giorni fa
  • Why was the old Nissan logo placed in the car ???

    Mariusz BudniakMariusz Budniak9 giorni fa
  • Nie wieder Nissan, nur Probleme. Schlechte CVT Getriebe, von den Motoren mal abgesehen

    Maximilian SchütteMaximilian Schütte9 giorni fa
  • 🤝

  • Can I trade for my first gen ?

    PROCESSOR302PROCESSOR3029 giorni fa
  • OMG !!! Seeing all this luxurious lifestyle made feel having a good life is always the best and being able to afford everything you want, Until i came across the expert and intelligent cryptocurrency trader Mai_trades via iG who taught me how trade bitcoin and now i'm earning thousands of dollars and living conformable.

    Nina москалеваNina москалева9 giorni fa
  • I have a 2012 Nissan Sentra S with over 214,000 miles on it. Never had an issue with the original CVT. I changed the fluid every 60,000 miles as required in the owner’s manual. Nissan is capable to be reliable as Toyota and Honda. You haters should learn how to read a manual and drive a car properly and you won’t have any problems long term.

    chrisgraydonchrisgraydon9 giorni fa
  • Hybrid in 2021. Fail! With Nissans rich history in EV, disappointed Nissan showing it is still trying to introduce ICE cars in 2021!

    Paul NicholsPaul Nichols9 giorni fa
  • I have to Say, I have One of the first generation. First generation qashqai always will be the most beautiful/special One.

    João AlvesJoão Alves9 giorni fa
  • Just Brilliant! And well done to the presenters!

    MichaelMichael9 giorni fa
    • Thank you, Michael. - ^AL

      Nissan EuropeNissan Europe8 giorni fa
  • Do they do a diesel so I can go to Cornwall 311 miles and pull my caravan ?

    Nigel CockingNigel Cocking9 giorni fa
    • @Nissan Europe That’s unfortunate - I will stick with my 2016 1.5dci Qashqai N Connecta which towed my caravan from Derby to Padstow in Cornwall and back on less than 1 tank of Diesel - I don’t think an electric vehicle is suitable for that type of journey as they don’t have the range or the capacity to tow a caravan and carry family and luggage. I’ve looked at e - Campervans but the best range is 140 miles that’s not loaded so we still need a proper engine in these vehicles until technology catches up. In these COVID times people are looking at “ staycations” and a lot of our friends are looking towards getting a Campervan or Caravan and new very expensive electric vehicles are not an option for them - these electric vehicles will be scrapped after the batteries die in 7-10 yrs and then you have a massive burden on the planet to dispose of them where a ice (internal combustion engine) powered vehicle would have a much longer life. Hydrogen is the answer to save the planet they are already talking of it for domestic use ie heating and it has been considered before for vehicles but of course this is political because petrol and diesel is a considerable tax earner for the government and the Arabs need to sell their oil etc. It was said the infrastructure bill would be to high but it could be phased in using our petrol Diesel stations much the same as LPG was. I don’t know where the electric is going to come from for all these vehicles Hitachi pulled out of the proposed nuclear power station on the south coast and I don’t see any more being built, Germany has just opened a brand new coal mine and accompanying brand new coal fired power station ? Where’s that going. I will sit tight for now as will millions of others and see what happens next - difficult times and people are struggling to pay mortgages and bills so I don’t see a rush to go “electric” what would be nice is the first Hydrogen powered Nissan in 5 years time and an investment in the U.K. to become world leader in true clean vehicles with a really good range and longer service life. Please I hope you take this constructively Nissan are a world leading company and I love there products I own 2 of them my Camper is a NV200 and as I mentioned earlier I have a Gen 2 Qashqai so come on Nissan do what you do best and very well I might add don’t follow the sheep go Hydrogen you are big enough to make this happen.

      Nigel CockingNigel Cocking8 giorni fa
    • We have already said that we aim to leverage our powertrain electrification by discontinuing diesel gradually from passenger cars in Europe when models are renewed. So the new Qashqai will not be available with a Diesel engine. - ^AL

      Nissan EuropeNissan Europe8 giorni fa
  • NIIIIIIIIICE!!!!! Go Nissan!!!!! 👍👍🥰🥰🥰

    Craigslist SellerCraigslist Seller9 giorni fa
  • 😍 Love it. I'm loving mine (2018), but this is just awesome, and great you upgraded the back seats, the worst part of the current ones (no vents, low space).

    KukamongerKukamonger9 giorni fa
  • One if not the best virtual presentation I have seen to date. Congratulations to the marketing team for making it in such a professional way! I am glad that Nissan decided to bring e-POWER technology to Europe: I was asking for it ever since it was introduced in Japan on the Note. Up to date technologies with attention to what customers really need with the spice of the options that are already present on the market really brings the Qashqai up to the top the segment it created. LED lighting, digital instrument cluster, infotainment system with OTA and remote access are all demanded these days. Nissan: WELL DONE!

    PeaceWithDefenseOnlyPeaceWithDefenseOnly9 giorni fa
  • Looks fab! A definite upgrade & improvement on the current model. Nissan have got the combination of the touchscreen and physical buttons and knobs for the climate control and infotainment system spot on. Can't wait to see them rolling off the production line at the Nissan Sunderland plant and exported via the Port of Tyne! Great news for the North East.

    Rich ORich O9 giorni fa
    • Thank you for your feedback. - ^AL

      Nissan EuropeNissan Europe8 giorni fa
  • The New Nissan Qashqai 🤮 no Diesel and the New Front is realy bad.

    Daniel HölzelDaniel Hölzel9 giorni fa
    • There are 3 petrol options, 5 diesels and the mild petrol-hybrid.

      Rich ORich O9 giorni fa
  • Leader is BACK!

    FatihFatih9 giorni fa
  • looks impressive, when will all this technology be available on the Navara?

    steve hughessteve hughes9 giorni fa
    • We can’t elaborate on future product plans. - ^AL

      Nissan EuropeNissan Europe8 giorni fa
    • Probably on the next model Navara, due out next year I believe. Same time with the Pathfinder

      Rich ORich O9 giorni fa
  • This car Look so nice Respect

    marcel dietrichmarcel dietrich9 giorni fa
  • Waouuuuhhh ! Yes yes yes !!!! All right !!! Very good !!!

    Michel MERLINMichel MERLIN9 giorni fa
  • This is gonna be Nissan Cash Cow. Nice.

    nattganattga9 giorni fa
    • That is how to pronounce Qashqai

      Nissan 300ZXNissan 300ZX9 giorni fa
  • Can’t wait! I love the Qashqai

    Nissan 300ZXNissan 300ZX9 giorni fa
    • We love our Qashqai too. 🥰 - ^AL

      Nissan EuropeNissan Europe8 giorni fa
  • The new interior is a huge upgrade.

    Leo YoutuberLeo Youtuber9 giorni fa
    • I own a 2019 RAV4 hybrid,i really like the Toyota,but after watching this !! Who knows what my next car might be.I will definatly take one for a spin,once they are available.

      Tomas NordinTomas Nordin6 giorni fa
    • 😎 - ^AL

      Nissan EuropeNissan Europe8 giorni fa
  • Did they ditch the DCT for a CVT gearbox?!

    GG 02GG 029 giorni fa
  • beautiful

    ทองพูล แสนสิงห์ทองพูล แสนสิงห์9 giorni fa
  • Will the N.American Rogue Sport be different than the Qashqai similar to how Honda is making two different HR-V designs for two different continents?

    [Blank][Blank]9 giorni fa
  • Looks gorgeous !Good job Nissan!

    bioman1979bioman19799 giorni fa
    • Yeah! 👍 - ^AL

      Nissan EuropeNissan Europe8 giorni fa
  • it looks okay for a nissan not much change in style looks + slightly the same from last time. Anyways I owe a nissan micra k14 and its lovely to drive but it cant beat my 1986 Nissan bluebird slx

    danissandanissan9 giorni fa
  • In msian market Nissan product is junk

    Sethu MoorthySethu Moorthy9 giorni fa
  • 日産、こいつで起死回生狙うぞー!これはいける。ぜひ日本で発売を。

    & FJ& FJ9 giorni fa
  • 初代キャッシュカイ乗ってました。凄くいい車でした。新型もぜひ日本に導入して欲しい。

    ハタキンHatakinハタキンHatakin9 giorni fa
  • Ugly front. Those headlights look like from ugly Skoda, big mistake, sorry!

    K JayK Jay9 giorni fa
  • Am I the only one to notice the poorly superimposed number plate at 4:49?

    sheepcutesheepcute9 giorni fa
  • Bring to Brazil 🙏

    Horrac PlayHorrac Play9 giorni fa
  • 日本の導入ないの? e-powerは?

    phenex minoruphenex minoru9 giorni fa
  • The new Qashqai will be untouchable bestseller.

    HYHY9 giorni fa
  • Копим бабосики господа)))

    ksa198368ksa1983689 giorni fa
  • Have you invented automated rear door? This was so lacking in previous versions. And what about pano roof? Is it still the best without any haches and bulkheads?

    Dentarg13Dentarg139 giorni fa
    • @Rich O Wow! Great! They did it! The last question is about 4wd. If it's hybrid, so it's possible to put rear elecro engine without middle tunnel and cardan shaft.

      Dentarg13Dentarg139 giorni fa
    • Watch the Auto trader ITworlds channel, he covers the powered hatchback and interior space.

      Rich ORich O9 giorni fa
  • せめて2代目モデルは日本に導入するべきでしたね。日産は3代目モデルを公開しましたが、今度は韓国以外で販売するべきです。 今の韓国には、日産車を売る価値はありません。

    有賀紘幸有賀紘幸9 giorni fa
  • Love it!! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

    John HowdenJohn Howden9 giorni fa
  • 日本でも売ってください!🇯🇵

    - APO- APO9 giorni fa
  • Wow, very nice car. Hope it sells well 👍💖💖💖, can't wait to drive it!!!

    shinshin shiaoshinshin shiao9 giorni fa
    • You will love it. 🥰 - ^AL

      Nissan EuropeNissan Europe8 giorni fa
  • should we except it in Egypt this year ?

    Waleed BorhamWaleed Borham9 giorni fa
    • Hello Waleed, best to contact Nissan Egypt. They are better placed to answer your query. - ^AL

      Nissan EuropeNissan Europe8 giorni fa