Hippo didn't worry about his own bleeding - he just wanted the cheeseburger! 🍔

28 apr 2021
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The best way for us to make friends with dogs we need to rescue is to offer them a cheeseburger. Offering a smelly warm treat helps us establish that we're there to help, and many times it reduces the levels of stress right away. Today I would like to ask everybody to make a small donation to our Cheeseburger Fund here: www.HopeForPaws.org
JoAnn knew she is heading out to rescue a BIG Pit Bull, so she got him a DOUBLE cheeseburger and it all worked out really well :-)
After receiving a bath and medical care, Hippo continued to his foster home with our friends at L.A. Animal Rescue and he is now ready for his forever home! If you would like to adopt him, please contact them directly: www.LAAR.org
If you can't adopt him, please share his video with your friends... this guy deserves an amazing home!
Thank you so much,
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  • The fact that he was overweight and so trustful right from the beginning makes me think that maybe he wasn't abandoned but lost/ran away for some reason 🥺

    Lottas Mind ASMRLottas Mind ASMR9 giorni fa
    • Or dumped, like my latest Rescue, who person died & the family ''couldn't cope'' so GOT rid of the two pedigree dogs & cats that their father loved so much. Mmmm!!

      KozziT MAYKozziT MAY11 ore fa
    • I thought the same thing

      Berta 009Berta 0095 giorni fa
    • @LA AR Sadly male dogs aren’t let out of the yard when they’re done breeding they continue to breed them into old age females when their body is old and used and they can’t produce puppies or normally let loose

      Fish with TrishFish with Trish5 giorni fa
    • He definitely is too trust worthy and to be a drop off...hopefully the owners will find him, or better yet a NEW forever home that will put him on a diet....

      maria amaromaria amaro6 giorni fa
    • @Daisy Cocoa Every time someone calls in about a dog, everyone speculates that they are the owner.

      Ellen JonesEllen Jones6 giorni fa
  • You guys are amazing ❤️

    kvngbxnekvngbxneOra fa
  • Great doggie Hippo

    Francine ArcieriFrancine ArcieriOra fa
  • I like to adopt a dog

    Glen ArocenaGlen Arocena3 ore fa
  • I think that anyone who cuts dogs ears should be jailed. It’s unnecessary cruelty

    Clark ToddClark Todd6 ore fa
  • Maybe this is a dumb question, but I have been wondering what is your "go to" cheeseburger that you buy for the dogs? They don't look like McDonald's and McDonald's is too expensive and not very nutritious. I will give to the cheeseburger fund if you answer this!!

    Joyce FreemanJoyce Freeman12 ore fa
  • What a good boy.

    Michelle NoMichelle No12 ore fa
  • thanks

    blanco therrienblanco therrien13 ore fa
  • Yeah, I am like Hippo too I don't worry about my bleeding long as I save myself or as Dog being rescue being saved and getting medical to stay alive.

    Jason Anarchy, Agony, Destruction TolbertJason Anarchy, Agony, Destruction Tolbert17 ore fa
  • Hippo is as sweet as sugar hope he finds a forever home best wishes from uk

    Jamie AshtonJamie Ashton19 ore fa
  • Today I rescued a lost dog. Before I watched you I had no experience of dogs and would never have done anything but shooed it out of my garden where I found him. He was crying (which before I thought was a hungry noise). He followed me inside but didn't want water or food. He liked being stroked so I put down a blanket and after 5 minutes of crying a little and sniffing around he lay down on it, on my feet while we all posted his pic locally. HIs owner was found within 2 hours. He had no collar on because he had sneaked out when an electrician left the door open (so no ID) and he was a very stiff old man, struggling to walk. The family only moved here weeks ago. People with masks and eyes full of tears came to get him. He was so happy his tail wagged his body. That dog didn't get left on a main road without a leash or collar because now I know that dogs cant 'fend for themselves', and no loving owner means to let their dog loose on a road, so he must be lost. Thanks for the education, it's never too late to learn.

    Night OwlNight Owl20 ore fa
  • what you do deserves the highest recognition you are the best people in the world may God protect you

    Marek WoźniakMarek Woźniak20 ore fa
  • What a damn tank! Hopefully this guy finds happiness and the perfect owners for himself to love and receive so much love from. ❤️

    Mello JMello JGiorno fa
  • pig

    Stepan GavrilishynStepan GavrilishynGiorno fa
  • Hippo deserves all the love he can get!!! 💚🧡💜💛

    chanterz wickhamchanterz wickhamGiorno fa
  • God bless you guys

    Carters gamingchanalCarters gamingchanalGiorno fa
  • Am I the only one who thinks he was the original owner?

    lolita6116lolita6116Giorno fa

    Artsy. ArleneArtsy. ArleneGiorno fa
  • Only true man have a heart for animals I would name this TB for Teddy Bear

    The SRKThe SRKGiorno fa
  • He is so adorable he looks like a big snuggle buddy

    Lauretta KhundmiriLauretta KhundmiriGiorno fa
  • Hace años que sigo este Canal y me gusta lo que hacéis con los animales sois extraordinarios y bellas personas un saludo desde España cordoba Andalucía

    Maribel Castillejo NuñezMaribel Castillejo NuñezGiorno fa
  • That boy is as big as he is good.

    AstroManX100AstroManX100Giorno fa
  • I just got a new job, so I'm so excited to start donating after I save up a bit!! I'll have to wait a month or two, but I wanna help however I can! You've also inspired me to rescue a dog from my local shelter instead of buying from a breeder or something. I can't wait. I'm gonna go for the dog that needs me the most.

    Some Hamster KidSome Hamster Kid2 giorni fa
  • What a unit!

    VR VRVR VR2 giorni fa
  • Wish the best of luck to you Hippo! Thank you Hope For Paws, you yet again have saved another life. 😊

    Make With KateMake With Kate2 giorni fa
  • I am getting a dog in 2 days and I will make sure the stuff that happens to the dogs u resume dosent happen to him ever

    Gaming GirlGaming Girl2 giorni fa
  • Who tarnished their image they are all love

    Trivedi LiveTrivedi Live2 giorni fa
  • How can yall dislike these videos they are the best because they help animals in need

    Emmalyn LukasEmmalyn Lukas2 giorni fa
  • All this dog needs is love and belly rubs. Such a beautiful boy.

    CFC thegreatesttherecanbeCFC thegreatesttherecanbe2 giorni fa
  • If i was in LA I’d take him! Much love here from 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭!!! Thank you for your undying love of rescuing those dogs!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Pamela RelatadoPamela Relatado3 giorni fa
  • What a gentle giant! He’s super friendly!

    Dorothy ElizabethDorothy Elizabeth3 giorni fa
  • He looks like my dream dog but I already have several pets and I live in Turkey...

    DizzleMakerDizzleMaker3 giorni fa
  • Other than Animal Unlimited, this is the only rescue channel I can trust

    Shigaraki’s smileShigaraki’s smile3 giorni fa
  • Look how big and handsome he is! Poor boy. But he looked so happy to see the rescuers! Did you see him vibrate happily? Good thing good boi was rescued. He deserves a good home!

    TalonsAndTailsTalonsAndTails3 giorni fa
  • 😢👍🏻😃😂🙏💖👏👏👏

    Thomas RebossThomas Reboss3 giorni fa
  • Love him..Hope he finds a good home he deserves it..

    karl Tempestkarl Tempest3 giorni fa
  • Ernesto is handsome and cute omg ❤❤

    Ms Nori NoraMs Nori Nora3 giorni fa
  • I subbed to this channel not because I love it when people rescue animals but also because this channel is a real animal rescue channel unlike those fake channels that need to be terminated and the people behind those fake channels need to be arrested

    Ms Nori NoraMs Nori Nora3 giorni fa
  • why peiple have to dislike obhate ot there is nothing wtong with this vid

    Oia PermaleOia Permale3 giorni fa
  • Omg... melt my heart.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️😘Hippo.

    Vencis LeeVencis Lee3 giorni fa
  • who adopted, Hippo? ☺️☺️☺️

    Ericka YapEricka Yap3 giorni fa
  • Thank you for your love & care hes gorgeous pray he finds his forever home very soon❤

    Tina fDannahyTina fDannahy3 giorni fa
  • What a doll ❤️

    Sandra MendenhallSandra Mendenhall3 giorni fa

    Joe CamboJoe Cambo3 giorni fa
  • Omg I just want to EAT HIM!! He's sooooo CUTE!! 💕 If I only had the space....I'd take him in an instant!!! He's so stinking ADORABLE!!!!

    Lizet MoralesLizet Morales3 giorni fa
  • Awww 💖

    atl viaatl via3 giorni fa
  • Unneutered male, looks like road rash/burn. Probably hit by a car...poor fella.

    Theresa Griffin KennedyTheresa Griffin Kennedy3 giorni fa
  • A cute big boy

    ChristineChristine3 giorni fa
  • This could be one of the easiest rescues yet! Small injury, gentle giant, and just precious all around! 🦛-hippo, such a great name for him!

    LoveNeverFails 1Cor13:8LoveNeverFails 1Cor13:83 giorni fa
  • plz send tome in Australia, imin love, just be very careful who gets him. He could be wanted for breeding

    Polly gPolly g3 giorni fa
  • Overweight and overheating. I know the struggle, dog bro.

    yacketyacket3 giorni fa
  • Was it the man's dog..his tattoo was like the dog?

    valerie mcdowallvalerie mcdowall3 giorni fa
  • Two cheeseburgers with everything please!

    Rose GarvinRose Garvin4 giorni fa
  • Ernesto was really afflicted, very nice guy

    shimmen takezoshimmen takezo4 giorni fa
  • Cheeseburgers work on more than just dogs ;)

    Darrylizer1Darrylizer14 giorni fa
  • Hippo is very sweet, friendly and well-behaved. If he runs away from home, they owners must have tried to look for him. Make sure that he gets adopted by a loving family. He deserves love, kindness and free to explore the beautiful days. Best of luck for Hippo 🦛

    Wawa WillegersWawa Willegers4 giorni fa
  • Awww such a big sweet boy 😍

    Maddyy CabreraMaddyy Cabrera4 giorni fa
  • What a perfect name for him! So cute..oh boii he's chonky!! I wanna hug him...happy that he was saved

    Alin AzmiAlin Azmi4 giorni fa
  • I think he belonged to the guy that called you. He seemed sad that he was leaving. But, Oh my gosh he's a beautiful misfit. Just like me and my 18 year old fur baby. If he wasnt so far away, I'd adopt him. ❤❤❤❤❤

    Brenda BodwinBrenda Bodwin4 giorni fa
  • My daily dose of crying, thanks

    Paul MeyerPaul Meyer4 giorni fa
  • The pibble has such a cute smile. May Ernesto receive good things to come and may Hippo find the perfect home! And may the people who abandoned him rot.

    Shawn WrightShawn Wright4 giorni fa
  • I think it's incredibly hypocritical that in trying to save these dogs, you're paying for cows to be enslaved, abused and slaughtered. Dogs are omnivores, you don't have to use the dead bodies of other animals to gain their trust...

    LoowheezeBreezeLoowheezeBreeze4 giorni fa
  • What a beautiful boy

    Anna CarterAnna Carter4 giorni fa
  • Sois estupendos, ojalá hubiera más personas como vosotros, un besote desde España 🥰🥰🥰

    Angela RodríguezAngela Rodríguez4 giorni fa
  • Bless Ernesto for keeping him safe until JoAnn got there! And bless HFP for all you do!!!

    MzhelenpMzhelenp4 giorni fa
  • Oh my god, isn't he a handsome boy! And so well behaved. There's something about pitpulls massive shark heads and even bigger smiles that are just hands down the cutest thing. Bless Arnesto, the man who found him. What an amazing man, and kind soul. Wherever he is, I hope he's well, and mostly, that life is as kind and caring to him as he was to Hippo.

    NautilusBitchicusNautilusBitchicus4 giorni fa
    • Pitbull smiles are truly the best

      TalonsAndTailsTalonsAndTails3 giorni fa
  • God bless you

    Wendy HaysWendy Hays4 giorni fa
  • Man, I love American Bullies, but these backyard breeders are getting so out of control. There's so many of these guys that are just getting tossed around. They are almost always badly bred and full of health issues and no one wants them. Poor guy can hardly move.

    Cheeba KCheeba K4 giorni fa
  • Cute little piggy. Love those snorting noises xD

    VerdeVerde4 giorni fa
  • JoAnn, you have him a very APPROPRIATE name, lol. What s sweet boy! I wonder, so y'all spray/neuter animals you rescue before you put them up for adoption? Or make it a requirement of adoption? There are so many unwanted pets, so much death on a daily basis, the only way to stop the carnage is spay/neuter. God bless y'all for the necessary work you do. I pray the day will come that your rescue services will no longer be needed due to pet abandonment!

    Cathi K., Tampa, FLCathi K., Tampa, FL4 giorni fa
  • what an absolute tank of a dog

    LiekkiLiekki4 giorni fa
  • Oh my god he's so cute

  • Вот это монстр - добряк. Спасибо большое.

    дмитрий рейсфельддмитрий рейсфельд5 giorni fa
  • I love chubby dogs especially pitbull

    Ryder AwinganRyder Awingan5 giorni fa
  • how his condition now ?

    Flying TofuFlying Tofu5 giorni fa
  • Hopefully the Bully or Hippo finds a loving home. I rescued a Pitbull from a dog fighting ring in PHX. She has been my Joy in life! Pitbulls are a Great breed! Joan and Keith Bates

    Keith BatesKeith Bates5 giorni fa
  • Omg soo handsome!

    venus472venus4725 giorni fa
  • Aww he was smiling 😢

    ideniden5 giorni fa
  • Who were the 73 people who disliked this video???

    Dave DaluzDave Daluz5 giorni fa
  • I'll adopt him, who do i contact?

    Mari MorenoMari Moreno5 giorni fa
  • aww hippo is full with love ✨

    ConniepieConniepie5 giorni fa
  • I met hope for paws I asked to pet a girls dog and saw her wearing hope for paws Merch then she said she’s won of there friends and she rescued the dog that I petted but it was not rlly liked to be peteD

    MxzlkqiiMxzlkqii5 giorni fa
  • He is gorgeous and such a sweetheart😍 you're all amazing humans!

    Sheila :DSheila :D5 giorni fa
  • Wtf how can this beauty be homeless :(

    Bl4ckout36Bl4ckout365 giorni fa
  • The dog looks well fed. Somebody must have dumped him after keeping him for a few years. Kind of sad

    Thomas WilkeThomas Wilke5 giorni fa
  • He's such a handsome dog and Hippo is the perfect name for him, so cute🥰🐶

    Merlin's MamaMerlin's Mama5 giorni fa
  • Thank you so much

    Kantiprava MohantaKantiprava Mohanta5 giorni fa
  • Has anybody started the adoption process yet

    Todd FeldmanTodd Feldman5 giorni fa
  • Speaking of overheating, i always hate to see people on bicycles towing their dog on a leash, in hot weather. Wake up people! Not good.

    Johnniee LarueJohnniee Larue5 giorni fa
  • Vocês são Maravilhosos.... Vocês são incríveis ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    Flávia CostaFlávia Costa5 giorni fa
  • Happy he was safe but disgusted that his ears were mutilated why do Americans think this makes a dog look good?

    Lady Grinning soulLady Grinning soul5 giorni fa
  • I want him❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Jessie J VlogsJessie J Vlogs5 giorni fa
  • You should put adds in the videos, it is very annoying but at least you get some money no?

    Berta 009Berta 0095 giorni fa
  • He's such a gentle giant

    Serendipity861Serendipity8615 giorni fa
  • Thank you for your work. Sweet dog.

    Lady GoffinLady Goffin5 giorni fa
  • Hope for paws, I went to the hope for paws website and looked at the adoptions. I saw the dogs and I saw poor Mama bear there. I watched the video where you guys helped her and her babys. I don't know why people won't adopt adult dogs. they're just as loveable,cuddable, adorable, and love to play just like the pups.

    LifeofX yeah!LifeofX yeah!5 giorni fa
  • Videos like this make me proud to be a supporter of Hope for Paws. I'm not even a dog person, I like cats more, but seeing any animal in distressed being saved is awesome! Keep up the good work!!!!

    Richard DuerrRichard Duerr5 giorni fa
  • Such a handsome and sweet boy he was someone’s baby 🍼 once

    Fish with TrishFish with Trish5 giorni fa
  • Why...the peopel do that whit the genetic!¿

    María NúñezMaría Núñez5 giorni fa
  • Que bom, o que vocês fazem para o bem dos animais, não desistem. Muitos tutores abandonam ou desistem de cuidar porque ficaram idosos. Se fazem com os animais, farão também com os avós e pais porque ficaram idosos.

    Jane FSAJane FSA6 giorni fa