Doing Kylie Jenner's Halloween Makeup!

27 ott 2020
15 099 784 visualizzazioni

HI SISTERS! Today's video is with a guest that needs no introduction, Kylie Jenner! We're back for a part 2 to our iconic Halloween video! I did a really scary cheetah look on Kylie while talking all about her new collection, Stormi's Halloween, Tik Tok, What's next after Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and so much more! Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • i hate this channel

    Affan AftabAffan Aftab2 ore fa
  • James you really caked on the top fountain

    Aunt SherylAunt Sheryl4 ore fa
  • She looks terrified of you, she has many body parts from different people, her souls are sociopaths

    Angel LunaAngel Luna4 ore fa
  • she looks so fcking different without make up xddd

    Minden ami MesterMC daniadam2003-malMinden ami MesterMC daniadam2003-mal4 ore fa
  • hi ♥️

    melody moonmelody moon4 ore fa
  • Felicidades encontraste un comentario en español

    ღ Tiny De Wǿlfyღ Tiny De Wǿlfy5 ore fa
  • search Shivank Gupta on ITworlds, you won't regret🤍

    Chhavi GuptaChhavi Gupta5 ore fa
  • i just noticed how young kylie looks, she looks like a 17 year old

    Taliah *Taliah *7 ore fa
  • kylie looks like teenager

    Jeny Maite BonninJeny Maite Bonnin7 ore fa
  • felt ur intro

    yiittyiitt9 ore fa
  • i don know why Kylie hide her smile i love it

    Willie FariasWillie Farias10 ore fa
  • Wtf

    ana jurcevicana jurcevic10 ore fa
  • i love both of them

    Willie FariasWillie Farias10 ore fa
  • I think Kylie is so pretty with makeup but......She is SOOOOOO GORGEOUS without it😽🥺😘

    Kristen HugginsKristen Huggins10 ore fa
  • hi james

    Laura LeonLaura Leon15 ore fa
  • Hey sister. I love your videos. How are u so good at makeup? You Rock

    Ayana KAyana K15 ore fa
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    Essential ChargezEssential Chargez17 ore fa
  • She’s stunning wow 🤩

    Froggy FrogFroggy Frog18 ore fa
  • Sup you might not now but if I tould u you'd would ok I took my friend's iPad I'm am ok I'm lil tyga

    Samuel DelicieuxSamuel Delicieux18 ore fa
  • Like si eres de latino américa y no entiendes ni madres pero igual lo ves 👇

    Estefania oriana AcevedoEstefania oriana Acevedo19 ore fa
  • 2020 anyone

    Nadine KeenNadine Keen19 ore fa
    • Jk just joking 🙃

      Nadine KeenNadine Keen19 ore fa
  • Cannot not want more? hehuhgughuhg I can want less than 1. I can want less than 0. -1 baby.

    RajnglaRajngla20 ore fa
  • Ya he is

    kitty loverkitty lover20 ore fa
  • James should do Ariana Grande's makeup!!!😄❤️😜😍😊💄

    aaqil01aaqil0121 ora fa
  • hi ive havnt watched in like a week i regret it but im back hii miss u

    Bŕïťťäñÿ ŤøđđBŕïťťäñÿ Ťøđđ21 ora fa
  • Her daughter is the half reason she showed us more of herself and her personality. She look happy with her daughter and never faking it.

    Tsbbss RuddhjTsbbss Ruddhj22 ore fa
  • U don’t have salvor uno ?

    Suki_ 332Suki_ 33222 ore fa
  • Is james charles a boy or a girl

    Tola JallowTola Jallow23 ore fa
  • I am just glad James isn’t THAT youtuber that turns the comments off...

    Avery FlowersAvery Flowers23 ore fa
  • It’s so nasty *sips *

    Clorox BleachClorox Bleach23 ore fa
  • Get Ariana Grande PLEASE!!!

    Bang tanBang tan23 ore fa
  • “ iM jUst aPrEatiAtInG mY bReAd”

    Rose MaryRose MaryGiorno fa
  • Love you James but you and foundation are not friends.

    Alexis KotolskiAlexis KotolskiGiorno fa
  • My favourite Kylie Jenner love you 😘

    I’m in BTS worldI’m in BTS worldGiorno fa
  • Kylie jenner looks more manly than james charles

  • 14:18

    ChristopherChristopherGiorno fa
  • she’s soo cool

    chiara de murachiara de muraGiorno fa
  • are with travis scoot

    Star PlatinumStar PlatinumGiorno fa
  • She is soooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooo ...... ..... ....... Beautiful 😄

    i love exploringi love exploringGiorno fa
  • U can't tell me they haven't had 3 glasses of wine before they startet filming

    Alessia RothAlessia RothGiorno fa
  • so sweet❤️

    Bea ManebogBea ManebogGiorno fa
  • Can you do a video with kandel janner

    Gesa aGesa aGiorno fa
  • It's painful to look at James eyes

    Samritha SenthilSamritha SenthilGiorno fa
  • Me looking at Kylie without makeup, omg she looks real

    Isabella FernándezIsabella FernándezGiorno fa
  • James Charles they are marshmallow

    misk ah harasimisk ah harasiGiorno fa
  • I really think that u should release music, life is way to short to hold back on ur dreams. if that is what you really want, do it, take the risk, take ur chances like i said life is way way to short. if u try, i hope everything goes well if u end up creating music, create music that expresses urself not anyone else make it ur own masterpiece. all the love

    Andrea DAndrea DGiorno fa
  • James: It's so nasty! Also James: takes another sip

    ilona braunilona braunGiorno fa
  • Eeeeee

    I love Christmas Ashley martinezI love Christmas Ashley martinezGiorno fa
  • Кайли скромняжка🥺🥺🥺

    Tvoya MamkaTvoya MamkaGiorno fa
  • hi james

    Mayer CohenMayer CohenGiorno fa
  • James please slow down for your non english speaking friends

    ::::Giorno fa
  • James please slow down for your non english speaking friends

    ::::Giorno fa
  • can you do more?

    sakhan aisakhan aiGiorno fa
  • Every body criticies me that i look like kyle jenner and i copyed her but i was born with this face she bought it 6-7 years ago 😎😎😎

    Anam FatimaAnam FatimaGiorno fa
  • Please do a collab with Billie

    Josh & KiaJosh & KiaGiorno fa
  • Holy shit it’s Kylie Jenner

    Jonathan LegagneurJonathan Legagneur2 giorni fa

    BabygirlBabygirl2 giorni fa
  • I Love Yuo James 😘😘

    Keren AguilarKeren Aguilar2 giorni fa
  • 9:41 OMG

    Lucia Rengifo VillanuevaLucia Rengifo Villanueva2 giorni fa
  • It was very cool James.

    Kylie JennerKylie Jenner2 giorni fa
  • For all who was wondering Kylee was a red power ranger :)

    Vanessa AicheleVanessa Aichele2 giorni fa
  • Who want James to do billie eillish ‘s make up 👇⬇️⤵️

    Vithal SharmaVithal Sharma2 giorni fa
  • Kylie do be looking like a kid 😳

    ItzRemmyItzRemmy2 giorni fa
  • She looks terrible without make up ! Sie hat so viel Botox im Gesicht, das sie keine mimik mehr hat Schrecklich

    Jacky ScharlauJacky Scharlau2 giorni fa
  • I really need it in school and actually my Phone is HTC And we don't have enough money to buy a new phone so i hope James Charles that you'll see my message cause i really need it😢😷 I hope you'll give me a phone its ok if it's used already

  • "It's so nasty" *continues drinking*

    Gabby V-HGabby V-H2 giorni fa
  • "nICe and WoUNdeD"

    Ananya Prabhakar BardeAnanya Prabhakar Barde2 giorni fa
  • I love Kylie. She’s so chilled and nice

    saltywalt xsaltywalt x2 giorni fa
  • James pls react to your first video pllssss

    Mahra Al mazruieMahra Al mazruie2 giorni fa
  • Omg her look is stunning! James you’re talented!

    Arianna ViscontiArianna Visconti2 giorni fa
  • she’s actually so funny lol

    M GsabcsM Gsabcs2 giorni fa

    ShriyamShriyam2 giorni fa

    ShriyamShriyam2 giorni fa
  • Love their hoodies💕

    Every HaircolorEvery Haircolor2 giorni fa
  • She said “I can’t tell you baby “🤣🤣❤️😊


    Pineapple GamerPineapple Gamer2 giorni fa
  • How Awesome would it be if James and Kylie could collab on and makeup /eyeshadow palette or any make up together it would be so cool

    mahnoor baigmahnoor baig2 giorni fa
  • el comentario en español que buscabas😌

    carlos lizarragacarlos lizarraga2 giorni fa
  • Petition for sister to collab with Kendall! 😳

    Zeraiyah ChuaZeraiyah Chua2 giorni fa
  • Is it just me or does kylie look like a legit teenager without makeup?

  • Cant believe he blends in with the girls.

    Brayal Djigne OFFICIALBrayal Djigne OFFICIAL2 giorni fa
  • Who wants that James brings selena gomez. Just amazing with her new collection rare beauty

    hijou Quinnhijou Quinn2 giorni fa
  • Hello how are you doing? I hope so, I wanted to tell you that I am just starting on ITworlds and if you want you can subscribe to the channel, you will not regret it, we want to generate good content, and if you want, comment on our last video with ideas, thank you

    Raul altamiranoRaul altamirano2 giorni fa
  • I want you to do a lot of videos with her🥺❤️

    نوره الشمرينوره الشمري2 giorni fa
  • Kylie looks like a ready-made toaster😂🤤🤤 p.s. i love Kylie❤️❤️❤️

    Бахтыбаева КамилаБахтыбаева Камила2 giorni fa
  • Kim sister: plastic Turtle and vscos: oh no Her: welcome back to my channel! James: hey sisters: Hotel: trivago

    Kids memory ChannelKids memory Channel2 giorni fa
  • Whoever likes this will have a glow up in 1 year

    Mercy JoveMercy Jove3 giorni fa
  • omg is dat really her cuz idk how she really looks l8ke bc am 9 i sub bc i love your vids :D

    • ßutter Cup •• ßutter Cup •3 giorni fa
  • Хуя себе он тараторит

    Дарья БаякинаДарья Баякина3 giorni fa
  • A james charles fan will like my comment.

    hijou Quinnhijou Quinn3 giorni fa
  • She’s hideous without all that makeup lmao

    vapidsvapids3 giorni fa
  • Wow

    VanlalfeliVanlalfeli3 giorni fa
  • 🥰 Oh that’s so cute

    Tony TurnerTony Turner3 giorni fa
  • Did you know that cheetahs are quite docile

    jeico reyesjeico reyes3 giorni fa
  • Please do something with Melly Sanchez!!


    andy baechelandy baechel3 giorni fa
  • Me cracking up this whole time because of: Kylie Jenner to the foye I've got a little suprize for u

    andy baechelandy baechel3 giorni fa
  • Someone who is tired of everyone saying “a future millionaire will like this comment” will like this comment

    Silvermoon StarSilvermoon Star3 giorni fa
  • Im satisfyed...also ylie jenner's nail is so long and cute its pink

    Corrupted AlexCorrupted Alex3 giorni fa
  • Without makeup I didn't believe she is kyliejenner and after makeup I see that it's kyliejenner

    cute radhikacute radhika3 giorni fa