Magic of Magnetism & Inductors (ElectroBOOM101-007)

15 mar 2020
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There is no magic without MAGNETISM!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
#Magnetism #Inductors

  • Hey BOOMers! If I ever say "Neomidium" I meant to say "Neodymium"!

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    • Ok

      Jj MnJj Mn26 giorni fa
    • you mean neomehdium magnets

      Lemar JkLemar JkMese fa
    • Can u do something with magnetism and mercury? Having a liquid conductor opens up many possibilities.

      Glenn BoydGlenn BoydMese fa
    • Thank you for your information. You have preserved me from making a tragic misconstrue a patent. God mystically enchant you thank you. Overlooking one word. Could transmute the course of humanity?

      Tom WestTom West3 mesi fa
    • Hey Electroboom. I’m curious to know if you’ve ever thought of how the Ancient Egyptians moved the massive stone monoliths. Many people believe magnetism and acoustics. Do you have an opinion? Thanks

      Mars DomesMars Domes3 mesi fa
  • Him- Not everything hot is kissable (4:57)

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  • I click the unsubscribe and dislike button. MAGIC!

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  • 5:29 *chest not brain* :D

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  • Learning for tomorrow's test😁

    Abinash BarickAbinash Barick3 giorni fa
  • this video is just mehdi explaining sex using magnets and technical terms

    Brooks OsborneBrooks Osborne5 giorni fa
  • 11:43 nice editing skills with the x-axis "t"

    Ethan LaviEthan Lavi8 giorni fa
  • studying for an electricity and magnetism AP test and decided to have an electroboom video teach me... what could go wrong!

    Ethan LaviEthan Lavi8 giorni fa
  • if he says "meeeh" i cant feel current , never touch it!! he has adopeted to high current and voltages

    Chathuranga KularathnaChathuranga Kularathna10 giorni fa
  • devil man

    chadderall ehchadderall eh10 giorni fa
  • My fav man hahaa

    Azrina AishahAzrina Aishah11 giorni fa
  • i love how his noob level magnetism is all i really learnt when training to become an electrician

    hoggath hogghoggath hogg12 giorni fa
  • 8:20 That means if we heat a piece of iron & cool it inside a coil we make ferrite magnets at home

    Harshal SardesaiHarshal Sardesai12 giorni fa
  • WoW!

    arham ashrafarham ashraf14 giorni fa
  • Best explanation of magnetism and inductors I have seen on youtube so far!

    Jakub KolčářJakub Kolčář15 giorni fa
  • آقامهدی سلام خسته نباشی خیلی نوکرتم کاش بعضی برنامه هاتوبه زبون فارسی میزاشتی تاماهم بتونیم ازمحتوای عالیشون بهره ببریم آخه من واونایی که مثل من عاشق الکترونیکن ومثل من انگلیسی خوبی هم ندارن حصرت میخوریم که نمیتونیم یادبگیریم.ممنون

    Hamid MohseniHamid Mohseni16 giorni fa

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  • "Not everything hot is kissable," Mehdi, 2020 😂😂😂👌

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  • 6:25, the love on the right LMAO

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  • Thanks this is very well explained!

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  • 3:25 thanks for not using Bohr's atomic model. Seriously.

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  • 0:01 BOOM!

    King Chaos Bendy Of The Chaos RobotsKing Chaos Bendy Of The Chaos Robots27 giorni fa
  • 5:17 Forget About This S**t!

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  • Electroboom i have a device to extract energy that I would like to present to you. I think you have the resources to make the project follow trough. Can I please send you an email

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    • You may send this to his reddit page as well...

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  • damn... this guy is just... awesome keep it up!!!

    Sahil PrasadSahil PrasadMese fa
  • Honestly man, Your so annoying i want to hate you, but your Tom foolery is so beautifully offset by your intelligence that I feel as repelled and attracted by your content as one of your tiny magnets that you push between poles! For some reason I keep coming back for more cos I can’t get what you give anywhere else. Don’t stop the Tom foolery, as it’s part of your magnetism. Subbed👍

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  • "eyeron"

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  • "Not everything hot is kissable". -Mehdi 2020

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  • Cool

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  • Not everything hot is kissable 🤣🤣🤣

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  • People look at me strange when I quote "magic" with the preluding sound effects. Do I need help? :(

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  • Watching his videos and reading comments ... 👀

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  • I don't know but I'm laughing at the intro HAHAHAHA.

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  • Those alligator clips are so worn down by sparks over the years.

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  • Hey @ElectroBOOM ever think about doing a fallow up video on this... take that super dead magnet and heat it up again and run a electromagnetic field 10x more powerful than it was and let it cool down slowly while inside the field... and ECLTROBOOM its alive again .... theoretically of course...

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  • OMG! I've never learned something in such an entertaining way. This guy is the BOOM MAGIC!

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  • Why do all electricians or most tradesmen that deal with electricity or current have bald spots? Somebody please give me the scientific explanation?

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    • Pulling hair out lol

      The Great ZoomThe Great Zoom29 giorni fa
  • Magic

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  • Mehdi's new element: Neomidium

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  • 4:57 Mehdi : Not everything hot is kissable. 😂😂😂😂

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  • Ha Ha not everything hot is kissable lol🤣😂😅

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  • Magic 1:06 1:58 2:09 2:19 2:33 2:37

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  • well i am a high school student i have studied all these phenomena in the books and it looks so beautiful to feel the concepts thanks mate

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  • 4:53 I've seen a lot of your videos, but this made me jump out of my chair.

    German G.German G.Mese fa
  • Basically its electromagnetic induction

    Dev. PatelDev. PatelMese fa
  • what would happen if we pass current to an inductor and suddenly disconnect it from both ends, would the magnetic field still be there?

    maneesha Liyanapatabendymaneesha LiyanapatabendyMese fa
    • Inductors resist changes in current, so if you cut the wire suddenly the inductor would see the current trying to go from some value to zero instantly. So the inductor reacts by producing an opposing voltage that tries to keep driving the current forward in the direction it was moving before. Since the current was trying to drop so quickly (practically instantly since it was a cut wire) the voltage can actually spike quite a lot and cause damage to sensitive electronics, but the energy is only in the magnetic field of the inductor so it will discharge quickly.

      The Great ZoomThe Great Zoom29 giorni fa
  • "primitive ways"

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  • You are the best teacher for class 12 in India. 😀

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  • The thumbnail got me lol

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  • 7:27 when the source gets stronger, doesnt the second wire also have a stringer current and result in stronger magnetic fields induced? Like an infinite loop or something. I read about this concepts being used in transformers in subject of basic electrical engineering and have this question since then. Can somebody please answer this?

  • 5:59 primitive ways made me laugh

    Jezekiel RestarJezekiel RestarMese fa
  • Someone should do Try not to laugh challenge watching his videos

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  • Ur explaination is so funny and good understandable thanks alot !!

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  • It is like he is saying "full bridge rectifier"but it is "full bridge magnifier

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  • _"Inductance" has the sign "L" and the unit "Henry"_ You guys sure love your stuff complicated, eh? 😘

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  • Coloque suas legendas em português

    Francisco Santos CruzFrancisco Santos CruzMese fa
  • So, Medhi, at 8:47 is this how does metal detectors work?

    Giuseppe BarberaGiuseppe Barbera2 mesi fa
  • 8:54 Hey, this thing is coefficient of self inductance. I was just reading about this.

    Yash AryaYash Arya2 mesi fa
  • 5:15 Honestly, doesn't seem complicated to me at all 😁

    Yash AryaYash Arya2 mesi fa
  • fuck the maxwell equations

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  • thank you, sir you are so much gifted 😇

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  • "Wait, wait! It's Ai-Ron. Not Ai-Orn" said Mehdi calmly. Trying to reference the leviosa scene from Harry Potter. Laugh out and learn those concepts👍🙏

  • 5:27 that’s the wrong heart

  • 6:25 That smile 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • I am convinced this is magic

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  • a new way to get shocked😂

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  • Heating a magnet doesn't necessarily kill it. I discovered it no longer can attract magnetic metals, but is still functional with magnets as if nothing happened to it.

    Ruben S.Ruben S.2 mesi fa
  • 4:57 note it

    Mazidul pathanMazidul pathan2 mesi fa
  • Really looking forward to the next videos about circuit design. Thanks for the cool vids!

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  • 5:29 IN YOUR HEART😂😂😂

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  • "...and makes our calculations very efficient and SIMPLIFIED". LMFAO. Now i know these words are not true. That, or my applied magnetism professor likes to make ny life harder, which is more likely.

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  • Please let me know an easy way to block that absurd 12V DC Voltage at my puny TIP41C Transistor Amplifier output. All I want to amplify is the audio input. I don't want to burn my speakers anymore with my beefed up powerpack. PLEASE HELP ME!

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  • 11:43 music name please...

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  • love u

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  • Feel magnetism in your heart! *points to his brain*

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  • its Mehdi-tism!

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  • "I like you to feel Magnetism in your heart" *taps on his head*

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  • "I'd like you to really feel magnetism in your heart! *points to brain*" - There, Science 💥

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  • 4:50 So don't overheat your magnet. 4:53 Goodbye love. OOOUUUUCCCHHH!! S***!!. 4:57 ): Not everything hot is kissable! 4:59 BOOM. MEHDI 2020.

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  • Saying : we need to feel magnetism through heart ( Points toward his head )

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  • I guess all the shocks and zaps has shifted his heart in the skull 5:25

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  • My brain got to much information. I feel dead now.

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  • 4:55 the love

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  • 5:27 mehdi's heart is in the wrong place... And I wonder where is his mind?

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  • Omg do more...😆

  • well, from a certain point of reference the magnetic force looks like a electric force, it has to do with length contraction (special relativity) its hard to explain with just words, but there are good videos that explains it better, like the video "How Special Relativity Fixed Electromagnetism" from the science asylum

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  • NOt Every thing Hot is kissable 💖🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Mother freakin Magic😁😁

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  • I wish you were doctor and teaching us medicine

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  • Property: Inductance Symbol: L Name of unit: Henry Hotel:

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  • a lightningrod strikes down an entire village MAGIC!

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  • I wish u were my physics teacher

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  • Everyone unsubscribe i mean for real he sponsors it to much he just does it all for money

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