Electric Patio Heater Wiring and Installation

11 dic 2020
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I installed a 4000W patio heater and wired 240 Volts! YOU make sure to consult a licensed electrician for all your local codes and regulations!
See my @Mehditation on choosing heaters: itworlds.info/round/g6mcnamQsLiDpIw/video
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

  • Ok BOOMers! Just make sure to do this kind of electrician work, consult with your local regulations and licensed specialists before setting your house on fire! I might be missing things here or there in my process... hopefully not!! And see my video at @Mehditation on how I chose the heater: itworlds.info/round/g6mcnamQsLiDpIw/video

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    • @Forest Gerald Yea, have been watching on flixzone for since november myself =)

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    • A trick: you can watch movies at flixzone. Been using them for watching all kinds of movies during the lockdown.

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    • Omg I'm dying

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    • you're funny.

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    • @mareks raibacis It will probably be boring for Medhi because such an installation is an absolute NO in Europe

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  • Normal people testing electrical things: not drawing more that breaker eating Mehdi: *casually draws 100 amps with a shower head* “I’m sure that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

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  • I was slightly terrified when I saw he was drawing around 100 amps, the breaker didn’t pop, and then casually said: “I’m sure that’s how it’s supposed to be” and moved on.

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  • infrared because it heats objects, as opposed to natural gas or electric heater only heating the air and then the air heating up the people.... with heat dissipation outdoors, infrared is better.

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  • The first add that I got on this video was for a patio heater 😂

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  • nice water heater man very safe

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  • 3:35 well in the country i live we have that types of shower so we have electrical installation that can handle that

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  • I love that he tries to test his breaker to see if it will trip, and even when he is unable to get it to trip with like 100A, he just uses it anyway.

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  • only one video i guess he didn't electrocuted himself while working

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  • what was that tool he was using to cut sealing wood? a jigsaw?

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  • 11:34, who was standing behind mehdi??

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  • This Potato heater is AWESOME!!

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  • dog: 7:12

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  • while doing large voltage he doest short anything but while doing easy stuff he shorts everything everytime HE IS A #LEGEND#

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  • Wire not big enough to pop the breaker. Can you do a video about circuit breakers in a home?

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  • Just like the other tutorials Minecraft: open chat to open chat Shooter games: shoot to shoot ElectroBoom: Turn on to turn on

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  • Electroboom: " I guess now we can safely turn the breaker on" The breaker: *Explodes like the Hiroshima nuke

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  • Shee, as a Danish electrician. I find it so weird watching ppl from other country's do electrcial work. 120volts? you guys ampere must be huge. We run 230 on 1 phase. and 400volts on the 3 phases, that our grid is made up of, or the newer stuff atleast

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  • What does he use in thing not to do 5:06

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  • Every time I hear 120Volts, I just can't help but be very happy with our 240V AC here in Europa

    Thomas VertommenThomas Vertommen13 giorni fa
  • Hi i know that this video i little bit old but im from europe and here there isnt any neutral wire we have only 3 wires +220V-Red, Minus-Black, Ground-Green so what is neutral wire used for thank you for enternating us and teaching electronics.

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  • Putting that coil in the water was basically making the same thing they use to make hot water in prison lol.

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  • I found this video relaxing, strange enough, i know not long ago i would have gotten bored, maturity i guess... i dont wanna grow up tho..

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  • مهدی صداقدار آیا شما به عنوان زبان دوم فارسی صحبت می کنید؟

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  • The future settings is for his Tesla electric car..🔥

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  • my fuse box just has simple opening doors. so easy to use

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  • If mehdi was playing among us he would spend most of his time in electrical

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  • mehdi you should do a reading your comments vid

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  • 5:12 I'm here for this.

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  • The microvawe clock, I died!😂😂😂😂😂

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  • I got an electric heater ad before the video lmao

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  • Aren't you supposed to put anti-short bushings on AC90?

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  • That nail in the breaker box is just the electrician's one simple trick for repeat business and job security :)

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  • "Dad, i have a boyfriend" 4:07

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  • 14:18 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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  • That 240v electric socket is for your Tesla super charger now right?

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  • This guy has such bad luck that his wires caught fire underwater

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  • 14:17😂

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  • Here there is no 120v so 240v with Single phase 6a Three phase 32A Total house breaker connected to power lines And 40A breakers ganged version

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  • At 14:32 we see a woman in the back is that your wife??

    • Yeah it is

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  • as a german electrical engineer this youtube wiring videos are just pure horror!

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    • seriously I love your videos but I can not watch this

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  • Surprisingly relaxing for one of your videos.

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  • This is such a stoner move

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  • There are different categories of breakers for how much current you need for them to trip. Most houses in Australia have a C type circuit breakers installed in which need 7.5 times the rated current to trip instantly.

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  • i have found that living in a country that has incredibly high humidity and heat, the breakers tend to get very twitchy when they sweat - if you want to up the reaction time, try heating the breaker and spraying it with a fine mist of water a few times and then repeat the tests you were doing. Obviously this is not considered a safe, regulatory test method, but it does work! wear rubber gloves if you intend spraying water near your DB!!!!

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  • We all need to mehditate

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  • Okay, .. THIS guy is HILARIOUS ..! Sooo worth clicking "subscribe" and "like". Dude: if you wanna TOTALLY eliminate wattage, voltage, breakers, electrical , wiring etc, .. then do a video on Lil' Timber patio heater (it takes wood pellets and warms up everyone and everything in its path). Google it and better yet --> youtube search it .... you're welcome. (oh, .. and it heats for pennies an evening)

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  • meh

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  • This is EB’s most disappointing video ever: great job, sensible methods, solid parts, succssful outcome and he didn’t electrocute his fingers even once. Now I am going to be grumpy all day.

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  • great video. reminds me of the times I used to install various electrical fixtures with my dad.

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  • Hmm. Screwing something that gets hot to a flammable material like wood. 🤔

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  • 4:55 my heart stopped beating watching this

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  • 14:33 who that on the window

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  • Isn’t that 240v (120 - 0 -120) outlet for your future Tesla?

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  • I just got an AD about one

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  • 3:02 *P O W E R*

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  • Ok now i understood . He installed a 240 v plug to charge his tesla. Well olayed

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  • 5:12 😂😂😂

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  • 14:35 electrowife?

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  • Diodegonewild was right about the shower head running without water

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  • wow north américan wiring is strange compared to UE norms

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  • As an electrician, you need to stop with these videos. I counted a number of code defects during this install.

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  • Such a brilliant mind and yet so funny !!

  • This is everyone's crazy construction uncle

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  • Being from Europe I am always amazed about how much current is normal in America.

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  • Does the Switch control that outlet too?

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  • I live how serious and careful he is with something like his house but with other stuff he's so reckless

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  • i learned most of my knowlage about electricity from electroBoom Thanks

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  • man that explosion freaked me out....@ 14:20

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  • RIP showerhead of doom

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  • Wait, that jazz id from DankPods isn't it.

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  • Props to his Alligatorclips 😂

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  • 30A breaker for 16A load, seems like a bad decision to me. Sure, thicker cable is ok to use. No big deal just more money to spend for possible higher load device, but breaker breaking at 30A or 20A is kind of a big deal. You could go with 20 and when you get another heater switch it to 30A. Oversizing the breaker like this leads to longer switch off times. Sure, not that much longer but at these amps, you are going to feel every fraction of the second.

    Karolina SvobodovaKarolina SvobodovaMese fa
  • Breaker should pop right away Breaker: didn’t pop Showerhead of doom: *FIRE*

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  • How did you add the MC flex connector when you started from inside the panel? Seems like you would want to run nylon ‘fishing’ sticks from the panel to the hole in the wall,and pull the MC flex ( with connector attached) from the wall to the panel. Personally, if I am using a metal switch box, I like to wrap the switch terminals with electrical tape to ensure there is no contact between the two. Are you planning on adding any temperature control to your heater? If so, which one did you pick? The only ones I have seen are over $500.

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  • I cringed a little when he touched the quartz tube

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  • Metal Box and conduit - must be different in Canada and US. (love this guy, good entertainment and education) - Oh E.B., can I get a Keysight Scope please :-)

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  • You missed the anti-shorts at 13:17. Little red nylon inserts so that the wires don't short to the jacket of the Bx over time

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  • I have never seen something ignite under water what the fuck

  • Before putting the breaker in the panel turn it on and tap the bottom of it with some force and it should trip, I don’t know if it’s 100% fool proof but it’s just something ol’ timers tought me when I started being a electrician, hasn’t failed yet🤷‍♂️

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  • and.. And.. AND!!” 😂 😂 😂

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  • This may be the best how-to video on ITworlds. Strike that. This may be the best how-to video ever made.

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  • It immediately bursts into flames 😂

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  • Only 4000 watts.. cool… I mean hot

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  • 9:40 "Hi, today is the next day"

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  • No inserts in the ends of the mc?

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  • Love Electroboom videos, but as a licensed, master electrician, there are a couple items not to code. But nothing too heinous. (Connector needed at panel enclosure, ground screw for EGC at J-boxes only rated for 1 wire, wire nut the others and pigtail to device. Heater disconnect to be within sight of heater, or breaker lock installed. and I know why there is an empty knockout in the 4x4 j-box. Been there...😁) Good job actually, especially fishing the MC/AC through the ceiling space. Yeah, it can be a challenge! Oh, "1-hole strap" is the term your looking for. Great info explaining circuit breaker trip curves. Many people (and electricians) don't realize that breakers are inverse trip devices. More current, shorter trip time, but not going to see instant results at 31 amps.

    Mike CallMike CallMese fa
  • I realized something: While watching him mounting the wires to the wall, I felt so much more unconfutable compared to when he does stuff in his room. I knew nothing would happen here, but I also knew that this would end him fore sure in case the wires where live. Somehow we or maybe I developed an instinct when it comes to electricity. It's not the super high sounding volts that will kill you... When the wires are getting thick, then you know it's a zero percent chance only. _I've written that comment while stoned out of my mind and I didn't do any re-reading, so tomorrow I will read it again and so how much sense it makes 😅 _

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  • The way he casually waves his finger around live bus bars... 😬

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  • Jazzy ElectroBOOM

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  • elecricity provider must be your fan 😂😜💸⚡️

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  • سلام داداش خیلی باحالی ویدیو ایرانی هم بزار

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  • He really pulled a Spencer from iCarly

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  • “Plugs in random wire” Showerhead: you’ve used the fire spell

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  • As soon as I clicked on the video I got an ad about patio heaters...

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  • GJ

    F iiFoGF iiFoG2 mesi fa
  • The plug was sideways 😂

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  • AVE used a bucket of salt water as variable load a few episodes back. You should try some electrolysis next time!

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  • the next two day: neighbor:why the hell is my picture down here and why is there wire coming out of my wall?!

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  • Why is the switch in the garage tho?

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