James Wiseman & Nico Mannion react to selected by Warriors in NBA Draft 2020 | Press Conference

19 nov 2020
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James Wiseman & Nico Mannion "reacts to" selected by Warriors in NBA Draft 2020 | Press Conference

  • Wiseman is perfect for the Warriors, reminds me of Giannis... Nico reminds of Klay for some reason 🤔

    Nick ZanderNick ZanderGiorno fa
  • James speaking Chinese holy shit that was unexpected but great. He said "My name is James, I'm American, not Chinese. I eat Chinese and American food, and I like to play basketball."

    KSizbored4lifeKSizbored4life3 giorni fa
  • Nico Mannion is goin to be to GS like Tyler Herro is for Miami if they let him get the minutes and wiseman is goin to be a beast and I feel they both are goin to make a immediate impact for the warriors can’t wait for the season

    tashun` millertashun` miller4 giorni fa
  • Draymond is a Warrior. Much love to Dre, keep grinding my dude

    Ooface ShamWowOoface ShamWow4 giorni fa
  • I dont know why im getting this Klay vibe in Nico...

    LinkLink5 giorni fa
  • 😂😂😂all basher of warriors is here take note 1 year only resting to playoffs the warriors.

    Mr FryMr Fry5 giorni fa
  • Imagine Caruso and Mannion in the same team?

    crimator slickcrimator slick6 giorni fa
  • Didn’t Nico attend one of Currys camps a couple years ago?

    SeanSean7 giorni fa
    • Yes. Says it in the video

      Rochambeau 21Rochambeau 2118 ore fa
    • Yes he did

      Charles AmofordjuohCharles Amofordjuoh6 giorni fa
  • These guys have such a bright future ahead of them I can see them as all stars mark my words

    Mr SmoothMr Smooth7 giorni fa
  • Wiseman sound like my dude in my 2k my career interviews with that kinda voice🗣😂

    YoBoyLittyTwitty !YoBoyLittyTwitty !7 giorni fa
  • Let’s go Nico is nasty af. Especially in high school. He has a lot of potential scoring 20 plus a game. He was a steal this draft. They need someone to fill the seat for klay Thompson.

    ItzStatiiczItzStatiicz7 giorni fa
  • What's the salary difference of the two?

    CCC HO FFCCC HO FF8 giorni fa
  • Wiseman sounds a bit like Kawhi

    Benedict B ChaoBenedict B Chao8 giorni fa
    • No he doesn’t...he sounds like Anthony Davis

      Aiden ClarkAiden Clark6 giorni fa
  • Warriors = family

    nonenone8 giorni fa
  • Best steal

    JayroJayro8 giorni fa
  • What’s the difference between Wiseman and looney

    Lawrence HolstLawrence Holst8 giorni fa
  • Nico is a steal

    Aeron JayAeron Jay9 giorni fa
  • Crazy I went to high school with nico didn’t think he’d get drafted after one year

    jakegetscakejakegetscake9 giorni fa
    • Been following him for a few years. Was one of my favorite upcoming white hoopers really excited that he’s playing on my team. Swear to god looked up where or if he got drafted and was like no way when I saw the warriors.

      Scott ShieldsScott Shields7 giorni fa
  • What is Nico like 5'11?

    Bk KBk K9 giorni fa
    • 6’3

      steve Osteve O8 giorni fa
  • Nico should be in college this year. He reclassified and skipped his senior year in high school.

    Sergio MoralesSergio Morales9 giorni fa
  • Nico is the steal of the draft calling it now

    Yugain AroraYugain Arora9 giorni fa
  • Nico is a hell of a pick up for the Warriors, steal!

    CreekCreek9 giorni fa
  • 13:40 when Myers brought up Draymond yelling, I think it was to reassure Wiseman and Mannion about the time Draymond called Durant a B***h 😂

    Matthew TMatthew T9 giorni fa

      Love IsLove Is6 giorni fa
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    Peterson PrimePeterson Prime9 giorni fa
  • draymond mentoring james to improve his defense and Nico gonna be mentored by Steph to improve his scoring. This will gonna be fun

    Allen RuzAllen Ruz10 giorni fa
  • I was the 1,000 like

    TjayTjay10 giorni fa
  • Around 16min he said Curry called & he ain't answer 🤦🏾‍♂

    CTB xABMCTB xABM10 giorni fa
  • 9:00 a mortacci tua sei di siena ma hai l'accento romano sarebbe stato bello se aveva l'accento veneto o napoletano

    Christian LangellaChristian Langella10 giorni fa
  • You never know when Jesus is coming back it’s not to late to repent and accept him as your lord and savior

    Nosarumen IdahoNosarumen Idaho10 giorni fa

      Love IsLove Is6 giorni fa
    • Ah yes ty this is what I needed under a s video like this

      Gabriel PGabriel P8 giorni fa
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      Lawrence HolstLawrence Holst8 giorni fa
  • good press conference two sharp young men and it was fun with the whole internation twist

    Dushawn21Dushawn2110 giorni fa
  • Let's Go Warriors!

    Raiders HuskyRaiders Husky10 giorni fa
  • Rebuild time

    Young Gaming1011Young Gaming101110 giorni fa
  • People don’t know Nico Mannion play like Tyler Herro

    youngrosie1youngrosie110 giorni fa
  • So contento di stare qua a San Francisco e giocare con questi giocatori e questa squadra ❤️🇮🇹

    Matteo FabbriMatteo Fabbri10 giorni fa
  • Jessup will do better than this two 😎

    Nelson WayNelson Way10 giorni fa
  • James when Bob Myers said he's the parent of 3 daughters 3:57 🤣🤣🤣

    Hxhxuxu HdhdhdhHxhxuxu Hdhdhdh10 giorni fa
  • A chicco😍 speramo bene nico

    Raul GiovanniniRaul Giovannini10 giorni fa
  • Crazy how young these guys are but they're so well spoken

    ReckReck10 giorni fa
    • It’s these youth camps and foreign travel. These athletes are being exposed to so much more at a much younger age. The time of the small town athlete with no social cognizance is going away quickly. It’s probably a good thing. They are so much more likely to pan out because they are so much more mature at the start of their careers.

      Bradley SwannBradley Swann8 giorni fa
  • Romano de Roma 9:00

    Giulione 4everGiulione 4ever10 giorni fa
  • I hope they allow Nico to get actual playing time and trust him off the bench. At his worst he’ll be an extremely athletic playmaker for them... but he COULD be a scoring punch with proper grooming and allowing him to play confidently.

    ChrisbeFoSeriousChrisbeFoSerious10 giorni fa
    • @ChrisbeFoSerious they just cut bowman so I think they’re all in on nico as the backup 1

      Jackson SandersJackson Sanders10 giorni fa
    • @Al mac I’m sure he’ll be a Two-Way. They need a bench ball handler and Kerr tends to use Rookies early.

      ChrisbeFoSeriousChrisbeFoSerious10 giorni fa
    • Isn't he going to play in the G league?

      Al macAl mac10 giorni fa
  • so' contento di giocare con sto giocatori mamma mia che piskello ahahaha

    Vince Miki De FrancoVince Miki De Franco10 giorni fa
  • James Wiseman has a shit load of growing to do. He still carries himself like a teenager. He's only 19 years old!

    Frank NakasakoFrank Nakasako10 giorni fa
  • Hoohoo! Ed Sheeran joining golden state?

    Just A GuyJust A Guy10 giorni fa
  • nico will be steal

    SniperSniper10 giorni fa
  • This is like when a school has a bunch of varsity members get ready to play than get hurt then have to bring the freshman up to play yes or no

    Woolly Gorilla06Woolly Gorilla0610 giorni fa
  • I like this draft press conference for GSW not that the other years were bad...Just some of the questions they ask this year were better than last times.

    NorzkiNorzki10 giorni fa
  • Wise....man say "Only Warriors rush in, but they can't help winning the NBA Championship"

    Do NguyenDo Nguyen10 giorni fa
  • LGW!!!!!!

    David MoseleyDavid Moseley10 giorni fa
  • Didn’t Nico go to a curry camp????

    Patrick P5 RamirezPatrick P5 Ramirez10 giorni fa
    • yea he won mvp too

      Enrico 777Enrico 7779 giorni fa
    • Yup.. both these guys attended Curry's camp.

      Flip StylesFlip Styles10 giorni fa
  • Y’all don’t understand how good of a back up guard Nico gonna be !!

    Captain JJCaptain JJ10 giorni fa
    • i was hoping they picked Stantley from duck with that pick. Ima give this guy a chance. they did draft klay and curry soo yeah, ill go with meyers lol. Always WISEMAN OBRERE LOBB CITY BOIS

      Ooface ShamWowOoface ShamWow4 giorni fa
    • @J L Pippen was not mediocre in college. Just wasn’t polished. He was still a dawg in college

      Dank BirdDank Bird7 giorni fa
    • @Richmond 24 You realize Butler, Westbrook, Beal, and Pippen were mediocre in college?

      J LJ L8 giorni fa
    • @lou will horrible evaluation, Isaiah went 60th overall and is pretty solid. Try again.

      Bird_Gang_AzBird_Gang_Az9 giorni fa
    • @youngrosie1 he literally can’t shoot and is way more of a facilitator than herro. Plays nothing like him

      Kamikaze MakiKamikaze Maki9 giorni fa
  • 2 overall a roll player smh

    Landein CramerLandein Cramer10 giorni fa
    • @Landein Cramer Lmao. He hasn't played against NBA level defense yet. Stop putting so much expectations on these young guys. You are talking about him possibly scoring more than 100 points in a single game before he ever played his first NBA game. Give them a chance to develop before even considering putting such stupid expectations...

      Kevin van EttenKevin van Etten23 ore fa
    • @Kevin van Etten if anyone ganna beat the scoring record in a game its ganna be him watch and see

      Landein CramerLandein CramerGiorno fa
    • @Kevin van Etten 92. That's all ima say

      Landein CramerLandein CramerGiorno fa
    • @Kevin van Etten nah lamelo is ganna play more so he will develop more hits will be better and is better now

      Landein CramerLandein CramerGiorno fa
    • @Landein Cramer no I won't, because LaMelo doesn't play for the Warriors, so the comparison cannot be made... Wiseman will have the same function and opportunities that KAT has, but Wiseman will be developed with better defense.

      Kevin van EttenKevin van Etten4 giorni fa
  • NBA needs the Warriors. Last season without the Dubs in the playoffs was weak af

    PhamersPhamers10 giorni fa
    • @Barry Obama bro get a life and a pussy

      MicheleMichele9 giorni fa
    • No Klay, they be weak af. again

      Barry ObamaBarry Obama10 giorni fa
  • He kind of talks like Anthony Davis lol

    JWiLLfoReaLJWiLLfoReaL11 giorni fa
  • I like these guys... Class. Good choices W’s, let’s gooooo!!!

    Aaron StarfireAaron Starfire11 giorni fa
  • Go warriors, we pray for Klay for his fast recovery.

    Jimmy HandayanJimmy Handayan11 giorni fa
  • Now because of nico im going to get italian lessons

    Niko babiNiko babi11 giorni fa
  • Prayers for Klay 🙏

    F NF N11 giorni fa
  • Greg Oden and Evan Fournier 😅

    F NF N11 giorni fa
    • Stop being disrespectful to these yung guns they seem promising 💯

      CTB xABMCTB xABM10 giorni fa
  • Nico = JR Smith x CaruGOAT ?

    prasanna katkeprasanna katke11 giorni fa

    kaizen kingkaizen king11 giorni fa
    • @Taylor he played incredibly inefficient this last year so I think that’s why. I’m super hyped the warriors got him tho bc I think learning behind steph will polish his game so much

      Jackson SandersJackson Sanders10 giorni fa
    • @sunny jane last season he was projected top 10...idk why his draft stock went down tbh

      TaylorTaylor10 giorni fa
    • Tbh that nico is really good, i was so surprised that he got drafted at #48

      sunny janesunny jane10 giorni fa
    • 🧢

      - Trollz- Trollz11 giorni fa
  • Yooooo I wanna see the Warriors play now.

    Shledder ShleddShledder Shledd11 giorni fa
  • Wiseman has got hella base in his voice. 😅😅😅

    John BlackJohn Black11 giorni fa
    • @Barry Obama Manute Bol’s voice was kinda squeaky.

      Jenny & Craig AdventuresJenny & Craig Adventures9 giorni fa
    • @Barry Obama well I guess it hasnt updated yet on my end because you still ornage for me lmao

      BreezyNFNBreezyNFN10 giorni fa
    • @BreezyNFN I’m rust , not orange.

      Barry ObamaBarry Obama10 giorni fa
    • Why all y’all got orange profile pics lmao

      BreezyNFNBreezyNFN10 giorni fa
    • That dude is a man. He looks NBA ready. I hope he helps warriors go far in the playoffs.

      Kwabena AmosKwabena Amos10 giorni fa

    Cboii20Cboii2011 giorni fa
  • For those that speak mandarin, what did Wiseman say or try to say?

    Doc_ AntonioDoc_ Antonio11 giorni fa
    • he's saying "Im James , I am an American , not chinese . I eat chinese food and american food. "

      H2H2 productionsH2H2 productions9 giorni fa
  • Imagine curry and wiseman pick and rolls deadly combo

    John DoeJohn Doe11 giorni fa
    • I’m also imagining a Mannion and Wiseman pick and roll. These guys both have a ton of potential.

      Jenny & Craig AdventuresJenny & Craig Adventures9 giorni fa
    • Shit wiseman can shot and dribble he will surprise the warriors of his true talent that he couldn’t show in college

      Orest PellumbOrest Pellumb9 giorni fa
    • @jermerio sloan true wiseman can shoot a little more than average.

      123 forty123 forty10 giorni fa
    • Or Pick and Pop

      jermerio sloanjermerio sloan11 giorni fa
  • I loved Pace Mannion coming out of college, too bad he never panned out with the Dubs. It's a pretty cool story with Nico being drafted by the same team. I think this Mannion will stick!

    Jeffrey OlsonJeffrey Olson11 giorni fa
    • @Garrett Nasim yes there are

      Tyler BushTyler Bush8 giorni fa
    • @youngrosie1 there’s not too many college highlights

      Garrett NasimGarrett Nasim9 giorni fa
    • @Barry Obama you stupid. Nico play just like Tyler Herro. Watch his highlights

      youngrosie1youngrosie110 giorni fa
    • Nah he’ll be in the EuroLeague in 3 years

      Barry ObamaBarry Obama10 giorni fa
  • James wiseman he is like Joel embid, this guy have future to be NBA star...

    Subgo WaySubgo Way11 giorni fa
    • 😂😂😂all basher of warriors is here take note 1 year only resting to playoffs the warriors.

      Mr FryMr Fry5 giorni fa
    • @Dank Bird yeah I was called a milk fish. That insult doesn't really translate into English. Not sure if a milk fish is supposed to be good or bad🤣🤣🤣

      Al macAl mac7 giorni fa
    • @Al mac you started a whole ass war with these mandarin niggas😂

      Dank BirdDank Bird7 giorni fa
    • @Julio Gaming its laughable that there are a bunch of idiots that dont know basketball and barely speak English. The only thing that got exposed is their stupidity. You dont sound too bright either.

      Al macAl mac9 giorni fa
    • @Al mac been pretty quiet since people exposed him

      Julio GamingJulio Gaming9 giorni fa
  • Hope the best for both of them let's go💪🏻

    N BN B11 giorni fa
  • As a Arizona fan nico really couldn’t finish a game and choked

    Anthonykiller GaylormayBrianBurnCalaisCampbellAnthonykiller GaylormayBrianBurnCalaisCampbell11 giorni fa
    • @Barry Obama well euroleague has good names in it, it can help the player to improve. but now let' see what he will do in usa

      CpJ4ckCpJ4ck10 giorni fa
    • @F N he’s gonna be in the EuroLeague in 3 years

      Barry ObamaBarry Obama10 giorni fa
    • Good thing he's a sub lol

      F NF N11 giorni fa
  • hope one if these 2 break out this year. Klay really vant take a break

    layupzzlayupzz11 giorni fa
  • Hahaha, Im loving this press conference, theres an enough humor and seriousness!

    Geoff JaMManGeoff JaMMan11 giorni fa
  • I hope he doesn't turn out to be nerlens noel

    Chuckie Miguel BacolodChuckie Miguel Bacolod11 giorni fa
    • @Flip Styles I'm hoping that's gonna happen for him

      Chuckie Miguel BacolodChuckie Miguel Bacolod10 giorni fa
    • Doubt it... Wiseman already has a 12-15 foot jumper and has pretty good defense around the rim... he'll develop as he gains more experience.

      Flip StylesFlip Styles10 giorni fa
    • Don’t say that bruh...Chris Bosh 🙏

      PhamersPhamers10 giorni fa
  • Curry and wiseman maybe a beast

    Eli BertEli Bert11 giorni fa
    • They will

      Aiden ClarkAiden Clark6 giorni fa
  • i like both picks, i think that they could be a good duo in the future

    abuenOabuenO11 giorni fa
  • Is Nico a ed sheraan brother ?😂 Let's go warriors🇸🇳♥️

    Elhadji Ousmane SamElhadji Ousmane Sam11 giorni fa
  • Red mamba

    Row FabreRow Fabre11 giorni fa
    • @Barry Obama well let's see he is so young only 19 there's a lot of time to develop unlike Alex the bald Caruso

      Row FabreRow Fabre10 giorni fa
    • He’s no Alex Caruso

      Barry ObamaBarry Obama10 giorni fa
  • Sheesh they got 2 super good picks

    RareRare11 giorni fa
    • Ong warriors built dif

      Tha PlugTha Plug11 giorni fa
  • James Chinese is lazy but it checks out. He knows what he’s talking about. 👍🏼

    Dee SnootsDee Snoots11 giorni fa
    • youngrosie1 Taiwan and China are different. But that doesn’t mean mandarin isn’t a Chinese dialect. You even Asian? I’m chinese and speak both.. jeee I wonder how I know both... hmmmm Cuz it’s chinese. Now who’s the dumb ass

      Dee SnootsDee Snoots10 giorni fa
    • youngrosie1 wtf are you even talking about? Idiot lol

      Dee SnootsDee Snoots10 giorni fa
    • @Dee Snoots but it’s different none the less. Just like Taiwanese and Chinese are both Asian but are different. Dumb ass.

      youngrosie1youngrosie110 giorni fa
    • It’s just his voice 😭😭 he gotta deep ass voice bro

      way tunway tun10 giorni fa
    • He's like 19-20 yrs old.

      Fern LightwaterFern Lightwater11 giorni fa
  • Nico has potential to be an athletic Curry

    colinz fncolinz fn11 giorni fa
    • finally a curry with 40in vertical

      miguelmiguel7 giorni fa
    • No

      MyPoloUziMyPoloUzi10 giorni fa
    • @Glorie Kabongo yessirr

      colinz fncolinz fn10 giorni fa
    • @colinz fn we gonna win believe 😤

      Glorie KabongoGlorie Kabongo10 giorni fa
    • As long he willing to work hard, he can be. If not then....

      JerryJerry10 giorni fa
  • Wiseman should be a great player for them...but he needs to stick to basketball not sure about that Mandarin lol

    Mason TronsorMason Tronsor11 giorni fa
    • @Mike Oxlong fr bro 🤣

      MR YUPMR YUP10 giorni fa
    • @rip jaws1738 bruhh 😂😂

      Mike OxlongMike Oxlong11 giorni fa
    • He's good when it comes to 3 points probably like draymond 2nd round steal

      John Ryman DeeJohn Ryman Dee11 giorni fa
    • @rip jaws1738 he’s talking about the language

      Colin MilesColin Miles11 giorni fa
    • *Mannion

      rip jaws1738rip jaws173811 giorni fa
  • I like Jessup too he has potential to be a Duncan Robinson type.

    Ricky DornbergerRicky Dornberger11 giorni fa
    • That's exactly what they tryin do there. 6"7 great shooter.

      Sean hSean h10 giorni fa
  • is wiseman mandarin really good ? .... any mandarin people over here comment section ? please reply

    nickolaz carternickolaz carter11 giorni fa
    • @Angeline De Ocampo the last sentence is I like playing basketball

      Joshua ChooJoshua Choo10 giorni fa
    • I am james, I am an american not chinese, I eat chinese food and american food and i like............ Sorry i dont know the next words because i only know basic mandarin words

      Angeline De OcampoAngeline De Ocampo10 giorni fa
    • @Lai Heng Tan oh lolll! Thanks!! I hear it now

      SevenelleSevenelle10 giorni fa
    • Mandarin people aren't a thing my guy

      Milind MalikMilind Malik10 giorni fa
    • @Sevenelle I eat Chinese food and US food

      Lai Heng TanLai Heng Tan10 giorni fa
  • Their height when they were standing side by side ..... HAHAHAHAHA Anyway, congratulations. Best of luck.

    Tin M.Tin M.11 giorni fa
    • @Oyster Pep I thought of hobbit manifestation. 😂😂

      Tin M.Tin M.11 giorni fa
    • Father & son 😂😂😂

      Oyster PepOyster Pep11 giorni fa
  • Why is they wearing the same suit and same shirt smh 😂

    eddie illzeddie illz11 giorni fa
    • Why are they wearing the same suit and shirt? SMH 😂

      JDJD8 giorni fa
    • They probably flew right after getting their name announced. With the NBA Season right around the corner the GSW are working over time to get their team right. Seeing how they just traded for Kelly Oubre Jr. & the FA Signings starts tomorrow.

      CalvinCalvin11 giorni fa
    • They don’t have enough VC

      Mikee P.Mikee P.11 giorni fa
    • And hat

      Moses ThompsonMoses Thompson11 giorni fa
    • Who said he cant 🤷🏾‍♂️

      curry fancurry fan11 giorni fa
  • good pick nico going to be a stel

    Jacion BryantJacion Bryant11 giorni fa
    • He play just like Tyler Herro. He’ll be fine

      youngrosie1youngrosie110 giorni fa
    • @Lobby_Boy f*cking autocorrect. Lol.

      Fern LightwaterFern Lightwater10 giorni fa
    • @GPin he doesn't need to do much , he is a second round pick lol , he is not gonna be the star of the team lol

      Nanamma KumariNanamma Kumari10 giorni fa
    • @GPin Score ?

      Jay GoatedJay Goated10 giorni fa
    • @Fern Lightwater who's Nicole

      Lobby_BoyLobby_Boy10 giorni fa
  • eyyy

    John OrcegaJohn Orcega11 giorni fa
  • My boy nicooooooo

    Ingrid FloydIngrid Floyd11 giorni fa
  • 0:11 virtual-chat-girls.online

    Thomas WilliamsThomas Williams11 giorni fa
  • 🎊

    The SpeedsterThe Speedster11 giorni fa