SCP-990 Dream Man (SCP Animation)

18 nov 2020
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TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation KETER class object, SCP-990 Animation.
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SCP 990, also known as Dream Man, is generally a human male dressed in a Cold War era business suit who appears to Foundation personnel through dreams.
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  • Incident speedrun:990 Agent George was sleeping but when he met 990 he panicked.He was saying clay clay! 990 was talking about a Containment breach. George didin't hear.Then he becme a d-class

    a random fish on youtubea random fish on youtube8 ore fa
  • i have "experienced" the doorman before when i was in denmark

    ukanlos gundamukanlos gundam2 giorni fa
  • Is the russian sleep experiment an SCP

    Finn planes lover MeerveldFinn planes lover Meerveld3 giorni fa
    • No it isn't.

      gershifergershiferGiorno fa
  • scp 001

    Asun MellAsun Mell3 giorni fa
  • in case people didn't know the story in the latter half is part of the past and future 001

    anomalocarisanomalocaris4 giorni fa
  • If this is real lol I've seen a guy like this in the woods and shit by my house right before I had some dreams about my ex that ended up coming true... weird coincidence

    Connor HendersonConnor Henderson4 giorni fa
  • 990 your email

    Scott emasScott emas4 giorni fa
  • *Confusedly thinking about SCP-990 As Thinman from LN2* 2:40 _ItsNotFuckingMono'sHaeadBag_ _ShutupBrain_

    •Fleaskz••Fleaskz•4 giorni fa
  • Is he Emerson? Just asking

    Alex GutowskiAlex Gutowski4 giorni fa
  • **speedrun noises start playing**

    2pro4u2pro4u5 giorni fa
  • that’s my dream man aight

    MonaLisaMonaLisa6 giorni fa
    • Nightmare one

      Splachi LeSecondCarJ'aiPerduMonPremierCompteSplachi LeSecondCarJ'aiPerduMonPremierCompte6 giorni fa
  • So Freddy Kruger?

    Kaito MomotaKaito Momota7 giorni fa
  • What if the scp that “ hasn’t been born yet” was scp 053 (Young girl scp)

    Thatcher WeeksThatcher Weeks10 giorni fa
  • Freddy Krueger be like:

    Hongy HypsilophodonHongy Hypsilophodon12 giorni fa

    TriggerTrigger13 giorni fa
  • Am i the only one to think he looks like the Thin Man from Little Nightmares? And the arrested dude looks like Mono! 😂

    Psychedelic KittenPsychedelic Kitten13 giorni fa
  • The SCP needs to check out the difference between a threat and a warning. He's WARNING them, he's trying to help them.

    Amber KatAmber Kat14 giorni fa
  • Oh dere ris mono in hadcups

    james quimanjames quiman15 giorni fa
  • Love? Hmm, so Dumbledore was right, love is indeed a power with enormous potential. But how would a demonic beating weaponize it? Maybe feeding everyone highly potent love potions that make people love SCP-001?

    Jinpachi BobochanJinpachi Bobochan15 giorni fa
  • 2:39 is that mono from Little Nightmares series???? Edit: Dream man looks like thin man from ln2

    Just TrickyJust Tricky16 giorni fa
  • basically, he's g-man from half-life, want you to prepare for the "unforeseen consequences"

    kbftonkbfton17 giorni fa
  • so like the thin man from little nightmares the person with the paper bag looked like mono his paper bag looked a lot like monos

    the gaming snakethe gaming snake19 giorni fa
  • The bad guy is scp 231-7 is what he said because IF scp 231-7 gives birth. She will give birth to one of the scarlet king’s 1 of 7 children which is dangerous I’m talking scp 682 level threat (the scarlet king is scp 001) btw scp 682 is one of the scarlet king’s children

    OmnipotentOmnipotent20 giorni fa
  • And that why we have 349 god

    Anita Queen EbonyEyez FuentesAnita Queen EbonyEyez Fuentes20 giorni fa
  • Hmmm looks like thin man in LN2

    ENRICO AKAENRICO AKA20 giorni fa
  • What if 990 is a time traveller who warns of certain events.

    Ramsey SchafferRamsey Schaffer20 giorni fa
  • I want to see SCP [][][]

    ALanie NguyenALanie Nguyen21 giorno fa
  • Speed wagon?

    CzechStephen 1258CzechStephen 125822 giorni fa
  • the scp the dream man is talking about is scp 999 and the nine moons are the 9 kids that were born by the cult of the scarlet king

    Tuguldur NyamtserenTuguldur Nyamtseren22 giorni fa
  • so his links back to the broken mascarade timeline of SCP 5000 where the foundation is set on killing all humans becous of something that lurks in the collective uncontious

    Angelo van der StadAngelo van der Stad24 giorni fa
  • Turn on CC its epic

    JerrycansJerrycans24 giorni fa
  • THE SCARLETKING IS REAL!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😭☠☠☠☠☠☠☠ ...i think...

    Ruby KlauRuby Klau24 giorni fa
  • Have to wonder if lucid dreamers can summon him at will. Be a great way to get an interview with him.

    LordVaderLordVader25 giorni fa
  • If you really want 990, you need a Lucid Dreamer. The thing is you'll need an Agent with a full control of that ability and a complete understanding of both side's abilities and limitations. I have heard of dream phantoms, and spirit guides, but this is something you'll need to take extreme caution with...

    Delta EmeraldDelta Emerald26 giorni fa
  • Wait a minute, why all the Scp You're talking in this video is in the anime "Little Nightmares"

    MokkeMokke27 giorni fa
  • SCP 990 was talking about how SCP 239 was the bad guy as she was from the 7 brides and haven’t been born. 001 doesn’t exist but it will as it is classified as two different SCPs I believe this time. 1st revelation is that they are not supposed to be on earth because their true home is on the planet of hands nine moons hence the nine moons in the animation. 2nd revelation is from O5-2’a SDR if you wanna see it go to Reddit it’s too long to explain but she was right about the past and future and wrong at the same time. 3rd revelation is because the planet of hands loves the human race and wants it to return home by will and not by force.

    I eat NoobsI eat Noobs27 giorni fa
  • i saw something during this around 8:51 please tell me what it was when i played it back it didn't happen again please help.

    The Yeet With No NameThe Yeet With No Name28 giorni fa
  • what if all personel will learn to lucid dream and control their dreams? will they be able to erese 990 from their dreams? and if yes will it be a way to contain him?

    polish_bones00polish_bones0029 giorni fa
  • oh no

    KaneGoDa007 !!!KaneGoDa007 !!!29 giorni fa
  • Imagine if SCP is real 😏

    DBJ // Super ProductionsDBJ // Super Productions29 giorni fa

    JerrycansJerrycansMese fa
  • When I was 4 years old I once slept for 3 days like a world record

    Adnan MuhtasimAdnan MuhtasimMese fa
  • Looks girono giovanas helper when she child and hes name dream man and girono says I girono giovana and i have a dream

    •AU Themes••AU Themes•Mese fa
  • Future Mono from Little Nightmares 2

    Xavier SánchezXavier SánchezMese fa
  • RIP pico

    not njvnvjvjnot njvnvjvjMese fa
  • Wait I have a question does he warn people about the future or make threats then have them occur

    Hello ThereHello ThereMese fa
    • He warns them

      Box box the pizza boxBox box the pizza boxMese fa
  • I'm guessing the SCP that SCP 990 mentions is SCP 053 because 990 says " She hasn't even born yet"

    Christopher SweetChristopher SweetMese fa
    • 053 is born. However her being 001 is out of the question as 990 states " yet classified by your foundation"

      Havoc-PlayzHavoc-Playz27 giorni fa
  • th...thin man??

    Arty Partyp895jegiArty Partyp895jegiMese fa
  • hes a good guy ngl

    martinukas neumannmartinukas neumannMese fa
  • Weird I got that same dream!

    Poly-RhythmPoly-RhythmMese fa
  • Rubber: *exists* Me: Your being protected.

    [•]Pico[•][•]Pico[•]Mese fa
  • Wait is that thin man lol 😂

    アニメなし人生なしアニメなし人生なしMese fa
  • Are they threats or are they warnings?

    DracoNickDracoNickMese fa
  • He look like tall man from little nightmare

    Nam BùiNam BùiMese fa

    BroProGamer2000BroProGamer2000Mese fa
  • He appears on my screen when i load a game in SCP and im on mobile so yeah..’..

    Prone toneProne toneMese fa
  • oOo on 💢 scp 990 off Julia Woźniak 12 scp 012 Julia Woźniak 12 ok ❕ uwu

    Andrzej WozniakAndrzej WozniakMese fa
  • I Think is scp 990 was work for the Scarlet king

    zain YASSINzain YASSINMese fa
  • Just use a dream catcher

    peacemonkeypeacemonkeyMese fa
  • If he was to tell somebody in the world about SCP containment it wouldn’t matter cause you are telling us already

    Evan GrzybEvan GrzybMese fa
  • Why does SCP-990 remind me of the Thin Man from Little Nightmares 2

    { Toaster }{ Toaster }Mese fa
  • Didn't know Thin Man was an scp

    BlixerBlixerMese fa
  • 4:10 How about you use scp 148?

    keantinandre jantarkeantinandre jantarMese fa
  • Am I the only one who gets reminded of mono's future self? (The tall man)

    Boba KikoBoba KikoMese fa
  • That thin man

    tobi akatsukitobi akatsukiMese fa
  • *speedrun music intensifies*

    MarkoplayzMarkoplayzMese fa
  • k

    Kobe BautistaKobe BautistaMese fa

    OpreatinOpreatinMese fa
  • It's 999 right? Or 682 maybe?

    Rizaldy RoqueRizaldy RoqueMese fa
  • To be honest the scp looks like thin man from little nightmares 2

    Itz_shadow 7613Itz_shadow 7613Mese fa
  • Wait i fought scp 990 is just a guy on your dreams that seats in a park bench, and just want to talk about the future and you'll still survive the effects

    BreadCicleBreadCicleMese fa
  • Wait so he saved 98% of the human race

    Gerald BrownGerald BrownMese fa
  • This looks like the thin man from little nightmares2 .

    Yogesh KashyapYogesh KashyapMese fa
  • Not only that the man looks like the thin man from Little Nightmares 2, they even had a paper bag on someones head like Mono. Cool (I didn't watch it rn so ye)

    Nemesis LakesNemesis LakesMese fa
  • Why do he almost look like a human version of Alastor?

    CYST 445CYST 445Mese fa
  • Okay but how did that SCP look like the Thin Man From Little Nightmares 2-

    Isabella MarajhIsabella MarajhMese fa
  • 990 reminds me of thin man from little nightmares 2

    ZomBro_BOSSZomBro_BOSSMese fa
  • 990? More like Thin Man

    Drunk GruntDrunk GruntMese fa
  • The Scarlet king loves us

    José MaríaJosé MaríaMese fa

    Dream ManDream ManMese fa
    • I found this video and it was like my name so I came here

      Dream ManDream ManMese fa
    • Also I didn’t put my name as Dream man so i would match with the Scp

      Dream ManDream ManMese fa
    • He also reminds me of the thin man

      Dream ManDream ManMese fa

  • The Dream Man looks like the Thin man in Little Nightmares 2

    Maya RoseMaya RoseMese fa
    • @Denise Chan VSSEDragon3 Dinzydragon F A C T S

      Maya RoseMaya RoseMese fa
    • Same suit, same fedora, same shoes, but wears gloves

      Denise Chan VSSEDragon3 DinzydragonDenise Chan VSSEDragon3 DinzydragonMese fa
  • Scp 001 gate guardian 001 when days breaks 001 scarlet king

    FBI / UIUFBI / UIUMese fa
  • Why is there three scp 001

    FBI / UIUFBI / UIUMese fa
  • I like it but it sucks their no conclusions when will a full on comic/novel will be published

    DreamDemonZed Ch.DreamDemonZed Ch.Mese fa
  • This scp reminds me of the thin man in little nightmares 2

    b o r e db o r e dMese fa
  • dream man or thin man

    EnderwaveYTEnderwaveYTMese fa
  • You do a really good job on these, but you might want your reader to proofread the text for you before recording.

    draconitydraconityMese fa
  • This is literally G-Man

    gωуи∂σℓιиgωуи∂σℓιиMese fa
  • The Dream Man said that love it the primary mover of 001, so: 1. The Scalet King it´s 001. 2. The Scarlet king feeds of iracionality. 3. Nothing is more irrational that love. 4. 999 it´s a being of pure love. 5. 999 its the child of the scarlet king. 999 it´s the Scarlet king secret weapon agains humanity disguised as a savior.

    Vender02Vender02Mese fa
  • everyone scared of the name my Brain : thinking of Dream ( Minecraft )

    Omar FoxYTOmar FoxYTMese fa
  • Wha-but i already meet him a multiple times n nothing happen. Y'know i sleep at 9:00 PM n then i wake t 3:00 AM bcs of him saying to me to wake up bcs i was being watch n there i wake at 3:00 AM well nothing happens its clear all around me but then i cant sleep...mnot thinking about him eh :I (if yall not gonna believe me its ok cuz noone has moatly believe me me only my sisters lies eh :I) sorry for the long comment eh :I

    charlie Loteyrocharlie LoteyroMese fa

    Ahmad SidqiAhmad SidqiMese fa
  • Is it just me or dose he look like thin man

    Key StokeKey StokeMese fa
  • 8:15 aye Minecraft glitch

    MintbruhsMintbruhsMese fa
  • 2:42 mono's paper bag from little nightmares2

  • scp *** why u censure? was something bad?

    roblox playerroblox playerMese fa
  • "Mr. Dream Man bring me a dreeeam ...."

    Luci CaelestisLuci CaelestisMese fa
  • He is in the little nightmers

    Fredsig CasumpangFredsig CasumpangMese fa
  • Is scp real?

    Starless_DevStarless_DevMese fa
    • Sadly yes but the scp foundation is professional at keeping the world safe

      me meme meMese fa