SCP-990 Dream Man (SCP Animation)

18 nov 2020
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TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation KETER class object, SCP-990 Animation.
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SCP 990, also known as Dream Man, is generally a human male dressed in a Cold War era business suit who appears to Foundation personnel through dreams.
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  • So 990 is basically G-man but only gives you a heads up in your dreams... Well rise and shine Foundation

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  • The one thing that moves SCP 001 above all others is love My reaction/😶😶 ok he have just saved the world sooo 👏👏👏👏👍👍 🎉🎉😇😇😀

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  • Love these! Please consider doing SCP-701. I like this one because its based off The King in Yellow.

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  • all subjects who have experienced 990 shall be interviewed and or terminated if refuse the person shall also wear some sort of device that prevents them from sleeping but may be taken off at day. If any reports of seeing 990 in person you shall report to the foundation to alert and everyone except class 4 individuals may help stop EVERYONE ELSE should go under breach.

    Junior MontesJunior MontesOra fa
    • rubber send this to the foundation for me thanks-JM

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  • Wut would happen if the dream man went against Freddy Kruger?

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  • SCP 990 is basically Death-13 with Thoth

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  • maybe the reason is that dream man is stuck in the area that scp 001 was guarding the dimension maybe that is why

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  • I am not playing around I actually saw him

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  • wait, I saw that person in my dreams before

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  • Can i tell all my story? If yes then i say this :i watch videos at night, I looked in the corridor and seed the scp named eyes in the dark he was looking me in the face but didnt make a move for somereason,maybe the phone light saved me, but i closed the phone when i seed him so i dont know why he didnt killed me

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  • I watched this the day it came out and I loved it. Well done, Rubber! 990 is without a doubt one of my top SCP entities. Could someone link me the page for the events in the final dream?

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