Choti Sarrdaarni | छोटी सरदारनी | Episode 409 | 20 February 2021

20 feb 2021
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Meher finds Seher lying on the floor unconscious and takes him to the hospital for a checkup and finds out that his thalassemia condition has gotten worse, and the doctor informs that the donor is not available for blood transfusions. Will Meher come up with a solution?
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Meher is coerced by her mother into marrying Sarabjeet, a widower with a 5 year-old child. But, much to her mother’s dislike, Meher is pregnant with her lover, Manav’s child. Can she stand up for her love and fight her own? This is the journey of a strong-willed woman who makes her own rules and stands by them, come what may. Naag se badh kar Naagin, Sher se badh kar Sherni aur Sardar se badh kar Choti Sarrdaarni! Watch the fiercely independent sardani take on the world and protect her family in Choti Sarrdaarni.
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  • Sarab and meher best couple The other girl 🙄🙄

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  • karan ne aapni maa ki photo nahin dekhi hain kya

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  • meher ko pata chalgaya ki woh ladka uska karan bachaa hain??

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  • Bandari and jatandtoilet 🤣😍

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  • Hermosa novela ❤️❤️😍😍 amo esta novela

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  • अभ आगे की कहानी होगी यह के मेहर किसी तरह मिलेगी हरलींन से तों बताएगी के मुझे पैसे की बहौत ज़र्रोरत है मेरी बेटी के इलाज़ के लिए तो हरलींन बोलेगी मैं तुम्हारी मदअत करूँगी लेकिन मेरी एक शरत है वो यह के तुम कभी भी हमारी ज़िंदगी मैं वापस नही आओगी। तो मेहर ऐसा ही करेगी lol

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  • In real life, Avinesh Rekhi is a good father of 2 children, a good husband, a good actor. The role of Sarab suit to it. Nimrit Ahluwalia will always remain an evil, angry Meher, cold doll. The director of the show came up with a new intrigue to increase the rating of the show. All the best.

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  • i think mihir give donor and finly mihir death

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  • What is happening to Seher

  • Meher is beautiful for sarram

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  • In logon ka jeevan accident se bhara hua hai

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  • Meher or sarab alg mt krna please. Woh dono continue rahena chahiye saath saath..

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  • Sarab meher ko milalo new girl ko bahar nikalo 🤬

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  • Love from Bangladesh.💖

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  • Choti sardarni is becoming so boring, plz bring some twist and turns..

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  • I mean tere by ki zindagy very very very very fast meher aajana

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  • Tere by ki zindagy barbaade nahy karny hai eidiyet harleen tere by ki zindagy very very very very fast vaapas aajanaa eidiyet Harleen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Yeah seerat nahy hai yeah meher hai

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  • Best drama

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  • Siku zote hawakutani tuuuuuu jamani tumechoka kusubili

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  • We wnt to see sarabjit n maher together forever with sons and daughter

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  • Akhri kisam ka chutiyapa band karo is drama ko writer ko chamat lagao bakwas story kr di hai bilkul bakwas

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  • Mehar was more attracted to karan But sarab was not so attracted to sehar

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  • Sad 😔

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  • Yr ya Kia bakwas drama kar dia h yr samna lakar ap plz, sarb or mehar ko sarb akar b chala ga

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  • What a stupidity Sarab seher ki face dekh ki bhi nehi samajhta kya ajib hai Meher ki voice bhi nehi pechante hai kya sarab Kya pagla kahani hai

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    • Wo hi toh😂😂 pyar me baddi baddi gal kar raha tha.. janam janam pyar karunga ye wo 😂😂 .. khud ki biwi ko pehechanne k liye usko face dekhna jaruri hai kya??🤔 awaj se, uski kad khathi se, uski hand dekhkar bhi, uski chal se hi, uska nam sirat( jis nam khud sarab ne hi di thi) bachhi bilkul param (chhota)jesa hai, name seher hai( wo name bhi sab milkar aane bali bachhiko rakhna chahate the .. ye sab dekh kar toh andha bhi samaj jata ki meher hai but nahi kiu ki writer nahi chate 😂😂 bakkas story , logic bhi yitna bakwas 😡😡

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  • Scene 1 There’s fire outside. Meher is sleeping. The entire guest house is surrounded by fire. It starts snowing. The sun comes out. Meher comes out. She says it snowed all night. Meher sees the gallon and says how did it come here? It’s empty but it was full. Seher says mama you woke up so early? She says yes Sarab uncle and Karan are leaving today. Harleen looks at the photos. She says now I will write story of Param’s new wedding. Meher makes Kran eat. He say aunt makes me eat. Meher says who? He says the one Param calls bua. She says you should also call her bua. Sarab asks Seher to make three promises that she will stay sweet, learn a lot and come to meet them in Amritsar. Meher says your breakfast and lunch is ready. I made Karan eat. Sarav says thank you so much. This small gift.. Meher says I didn’t do it for money. Seher found a brother and Karan a sister. I am like his mother. They hug each other. Karan hugs Meher. Sarab says good bye, Seher. Karan says Param told me, mama used to say I will come again. Never say bye. Seher’s mama, I will come again. He kisses Meher’s hand. They sit in the car. Meher looks at them. Seher says they forgot tea. Meher runs out with the flask. She says this is for you. Sarab drinks it. he’s shocked. It’s exactly like Meher’s. Sarab says this is black coffee. I am sorry but I don’t drink it anymore since someone left my life I have started drinking tea like her. thank you. Meher drinks it. They start driving. Meher cries. Scene 2 Meher comes in she looks for Seher. Seher cries mama.. She’s on the ground. She is fainted. Meher screams.. She has a fits attack. Meher cries and says get up, please. Sarab has driven away. Meher says I am with you. An ambulance is coming. She cries. Kaul says the ambulance is here. Let’s go. They take her to the ambulance. Sarab annd Karan are in the car. Karan says I also feel like something is missing. Sarab asks if he said anything? Karam asks how was my mother? Sarab says she was beautiful, she used to make her hair first thing in the morning, she would wear big earrings and her eyes were cold and big. Her smile would make others smile, her anklet played music for everyone, mother can understand pain of her kids easily and your mother was like that. Scene 3 The girl says to Sarab’s photo I am waiting for you. Come soon. You make me wait a lot. Seher is at the hospital. Meher says is this because of Thellasemia? I am arranging blood. He says the donor has left. Her condition is worse. The doctor says she doesn’t have a lot of time. He says there are no donors in Kashmir. Meher cries looking at Seher. She is worried. Scene 3 Sarab and come home. Karan says Harleen aunt will take my class. I am going to my room. Sarab breaks a case by mistake. The new girl comes in. She looks at Sarab. Karan hugs her. She’s confused. Karan says where did you go? I looked for you everywhere. Never leave me alone. Promise/ She says okay I won’t go anywhere. But do you know who I am? He says you are my mama. Sarab says Karan what happened? bua will be mad, you broke something. She asks him to stay silent. Karan says no one can scold me anymore. The girl makes Sarab fall. She laughs. Sarab looks at her. Karan laughs with her. He says Samaira you.. She says it reminded me of the first day of college. You fell like this and I picked you up. He stands on his own. He says I do push ups. They laugh together. Meher tries to call different people to arrange blood. Vindor from hospital calls. HE says you can only get 2 lacs laon. Meher drops the phone. Meher looks at Seerat and cries. Meher says I can’t do anything for you. I have only you.. She cries. Kaul says stay strong please. You have to be there for you. You are strong enough to face it. You don’t give up. Everything will be okay. Meher says I won’t let anything happen to her. there’s only one way. Episode ends. Precap: Meher is taking Seher to Amritsar for treatment. Kaul says they haven’t been able to arrange the money, why Amritsar already? Harleen shows a picture in which Kaul is giving roses to Meher. She says Meher has moved on and he’s still behind her? She says she won’t wait now. She will get him and Samaira engaged tomorrow itself.

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  • Best drama

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  • The thing that I'm so shocked of is .... The hospital is the house of Seerat 😂

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    • Yes you r right.

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    • Its a sirial

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  • I'm not enjoying this not one bit...

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  • Kitni idiot hy meher sarab ki beti hy aur bemar hy aur sarab ko hi nahi bta rahi pta nahi chahti kya hy

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  • Ok so i will explain how they are gonna meet now meher is going to take seher to the city wheir sarabjeet lives and then they will meet their This is my theory and sarab is not going to marry that new lady also may you mind subscribing to me???.LIKE IF YOU AGREE👍

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  • Who is this new girl plzzz maher and sarab 😍😍😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️

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    • She is sarab's college friend ig

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  • beti mout k mun mai ja rhi hai...lekin us k baap ko bata k paiso ka bandubast kar k us ka ilaj ni karwa rhi.. kch bhi dkhati hai

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  • Life is short thing" "Bf & Gf is nothing" "Mother and father is everything"♥️♥️ 1 subscribe from mom & Dad lovers.

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    • Life is short thing" "Bf & Gf is nothing" "Mother and father is everything"♥️♥️ 1 subscribe from mom & Dad lovers.

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