1ST PLACE in FNCS Solo WINNING $80,000 | TaySon

17 ago 2020
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I won Solo FNCS Grand Finals! Expect more videos and livestreams as soon as I get back from a short vacation, so make sure to follow me on my other socials down below! Hope you enjoy this video on the performance that made me $80,000!
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  • can we hit 3k likes? :O

    TaySonTaySon3 mesi fa
    • nah you can hit 50k

      ShaneomShaneom4 giorni fa
    • 40k :D

      tobiastobias5 giorni fa
    • itworlds.info/round/mpxnoZx-abNtg5o/video

      Ofri BerkoOfri Berko7 giorni fa
    • 40k.....

      TwInky StarrTwInky Starr7 giorni fa
    • 40k

      Inti GarcíaInti García8 giorni fa
  • C moi ou il a mos un clip juste parce qu'il a tuer benjyfishy 😂😂

    ELTOOZELTOOZ2 ore fa
  • Tayson the goat brooooo

    ŠtręžżŠtręžż13 ore fa
  • Imagine becoming the best player

    Jose aguilarJose aguilar14 ore fa
  • This guy has has more dislike than my like dislike sub and views

    V_streamerV_streamerGiorno fa
  • I came from its jerian so your #1 ay ya seems legit

    BS PoopyheadBS Poopyhead2 giorni fa
  • Gg

    ARG YUNOARG YUNO2 giorni fa
  • 13:31😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Gabriel Amorim.Gabriel Amorim.3 giorni fa
  • Let’s go tayson🐐

    SuccessFNSuccessFN5 giorni fa
  • NRG benjy

    Nino ArsovNino Arsov5 giorni fa
  • 00.35 you killeed bengyfishy

    محمود يوسفمحمود يوسف6 giorni fa
  • Ты Ротори убил! В 4 игре,он за пейнтболь играл

    StorBindy [Games]StorBindy [Games]8 giorni fa
  • amigo sos gooooooooooooooooood aunque no me entienda lo pongo igual dea

    Benjamin GonzalezBenjamin Gonzalez9 giorni fa
  • Slovenija

    Ivano ŠitumIvano Šitum9 giorni fa
  • Ti si najjaci player

    Lovro NovakLovro Novak10 giorni fa
  • Anyone else see he killed NRg benjyfishy? it was the first kill he got

    Team ExadeTeam Exade10 giorni fa
  • 0:34 easy clap

    WuillianProWuillianPro11 giorni fa
  • 12:41 הרג את frenzy

    HaltsFNHaltsFN12 giorni fa
  • I killed u gg

    Dannym03Dannym0313 giorni fa
  • do u know this guy is from slovenija

    Žiga JelovčanŽiga Jelovčan14 giorni fa
  • I swear this dude killed wave jannisz like 5 times and there are so many "Wave" players maybe its an eu team

    David LavenburgDavid Lavenburg15 giorni fa

    Nik KovačNik Kovač15 giorni fa
  • W to the point where we have been in the last

    Richard 123Richard 12315 giorni fa
  • A

    Richard 123Richard 12315 giorni fa

    7T_Danielito7T_Danielito15 giorni fa
  • What are you gonna do with the money

    The real gamer tapiaThe real gamer tapia15 giorni fa
  • He killed NRG benjyfishy

    Daniel SobolievDaniel Soboliev17 giorni fa
  • I love the music🥰13:34

    MaxZMaxZ17 giorni fa
  • Omg. Taison I kiled me for arena duo omg

    faze_dimitriou songfaze_dimitriou song18 giorni fa
  • slo the strongest

    Robert TurkRobert Turk18 giorni fa
  • He killed Benjyfishy 😳 0:35

    Jafed CastroJafed Castro18 giorni fa
  • GG!

    kingキングkingキング18 giorni fa
  • bil si insane :D

    Uros KuharUros Kuhar20 giorni fa
  • In game 2, Tayson killed NRG Benyfishy

    ManuManu21 giorno fa
  • 0:32 casually kills Benjyfishy like it's no big deal

  • You won fncs solos now you won with mongraal and mitro and now you will dominate

    e11 Moe11 Mo24 giorni fa
  • Huge fan love you from kurdistan ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    KURD ZONEKURD ZONE25 giorni fa
  • "3:19" Iam really happy to announce to you that the very best team I never regret working with they are very great *p y p t o l m o n . x y z* අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

    Róbert MolnárRóbert Molnár25 giorni fa
  • Nice

    Manraj BainsManraj Bains25 giorni fa
  • he killed jannisZ twice

    resqresq26 giorni fa
  • He won 2 fncs

    EnfantfengEnfantfeng28 giorni fa
  • bro wtf i totally forgot this was old

    Ian InjetyIan Injety28 giorni fa
  • Let’s go back to back

    Andrew VlaovicAndrew Vlaovic29 giorni fa
  • 5:12 he is so good dude

    NotParrotNotParrotMese fa
  • And now you have just win trio fncs w mongraal and mitro gg

    7up Haikyu7up HaikyuMese fa
  • Now you won it again

    CalebonegamerCalebonegamerMese fa
  • You are so craked

    GregorGregorMese fa
  • Insane

    yilenia veranoyilenia veranoMese fa
  • You killed every wave person I’m dead🤣

    BennoxfnBennoxfnMese fa
  • You killed benjyfishy

    Nikola GolubovicNikola GolubovicMese fa
  • You elimited FrenzyFishy 12:42

    Harel FishyHarel FishyMese fa
  • 0:32 Bye Benji

    Theo on 60fpsTheo on 60fpsMese fa
  • he use macro 2:42

    Karsta GerardsKarsta GerardsMese fa
  • The second elim was benjy! 😮🔥🔥Who else watching this 3 months later! 🤷‍♂️😁🔥

    JKC GamingJKC GamingMese fa
  • vse kar delas je da kempas in krades kille. Nisi si zasluzu zmage

    budalobudaloMese fa
    • prosim

      budalobudaloMese fa
    • hvala

      budalobudaloMese fa
    • hvala. jaz tudi tebi

      budalobudaloMese fa
    • lajkal sem ti ze spet komentar

      budalobudaloMese fa
    • hvala

      budalobudaloMese fa
  • Not bad!

  • 0:34 eliminated NRG benjyfishy

    AR kroopoAR kroopoMese fa
  • Yuo elitimed FrenzyFishy

    המזכיר הסקסי של HarelFishyהמזכיר הסקסי של HarelFishyMese fa
  • TaySon,TaySon,TaySon

    AžbeAžbeMese fa
  • 9:29 rip steelix 😭😭 like chi è italiano

    OFF loreOFF loreMese fa
  • Tayson nerealno zlo si uspel od kar igras z mongralom pa mitrom res bravo

    CS_ TomyCS_ TomyMese fa
  • you killed NRG Benjyfishy 0:36

    MidasMidasMese fa
  • Interesting...

    Ollie HolmanOllie HolmanMese fa
  • Piola

    Joaquin cespedesJoaquin cespedesMese fa
  • goat

    denzel puteradenzel puteraMese fa
  • Friken insane

    Jacob MpJacob Mp2 mesi fa
  • game1 0:20

    噂を良くされるDOYA噂を良くされるDOYA2 mesi fa
  • Chi vede sto video dalla play list di michael loiello ed è confuso

    Claudio Dell'aquilaClaudio Dell'aquila2 mesi fa
  • You killed me in dreamhack opens gg

    Darren btwDarren btw2 mesi fa
  • 9:34 controller player

    • xd

      ibai garridoibai garrido6 giorni fa
    • 😭😭😭😭😭

      sam millardsam millard12 giorni fa
  • Hola Itzel tqm

    Gerado Roque c:Gerado Roque c:2 mesi fa
  • what is intro

    AMKAMK2 mesi fa
  • mんzぁskjcbさdovbnjndsjouvndIuodsjknvduysBnvojDAV

    えるof eerieえるof eerie2 mesi fa
  • itworlds.info/round/qWiPqZGObrNrmZY/video

    えるof eerieえるof eerie2 mesi fa
  • えるof eerieえるof eerie2 mesi fa
  • itworlds.info/round/qWiPqZGObrNrmZY/video

    えるof eerieえるof eerie2 mesi fa
  • W

    Prisma Faun35842Prisma Faun358422 mesi fa
  • Tayson on top

    plz get me to 7k for my family :plzplz get me to 7k for my family :plz2 mesi fa
  • Ur a goat u killed benjyfishy

    FlixyFNFlixyFN2 mesi fa
  • This is how many times he killed jannisz ---->

    TropiczEUTropiczEU2 mesi fa
  • He is so underrated its crazy, he is insane he should already have like 1 million subs atleast but he deserves it because he is crazy

    KillaBKillaB2 mesi fa
  • リズ地から来た

    二階堂ガンバーLarknらーくん激推しww二階堂ガンバーLarknらーくん激推しww2 mesi fa
  • 6:27 lucky

    Moin FaridMoin Farid2 mesi fa
  • 9:35 killa steelix

    ꧁Zerast_LOVE_HEHE SAPESSI꧂꧁Zerast_LOVE_HEHE SAPESSI꧂2 mesi fa
  • He kill like 5 people from clan wave😂😂

    Matěj NovákMatěj Novák2 mesi fa
  • Tayson is dbest in the world

    MarkT2011 gamerMarkT2011 gamer2 mesi fa
  • Bro you killed benjyfishy at the start with the crash pad

    Wyatt CarverWyatt Carver2 mesi fa
  • itworlds.info/round/YaaDpsuCpqqqgKI/video

    Nebojsa TanaskovicNebojsa Tanaskovic2 mesi fa
  • Nice bro👍🏼

    FrostyFishyFrostyFishy2 mesi fa
  • Do you know Fractioned?

    nyliumznyliumz2 mesi fa
  • Best player😤😤😤

    KyuuKyuu2 mesi fa
  • Ty bot popusk go 1 na 1 botara

    JkE SamuraiJkE Samurai2 mesi fa
  • Lmao I hope people know not to box up by you again

    BrxceBrxce2 mesi fa
  • code TAYSON!!!!!!!

    xyro Ψxyro Ψ2 mesi fa
  • I love you no homo my inspiration

    Tej RTej R2 mesi fa
  • @wave steelix 9:40

  • Eliminated Nrg benjyfichy 0:34

    Ilyes1625 Le proIlyes1625 Le pro2 mesi fa
  • Teaming with JannisZ ?

    Paul GerstPaul Gerst2 mesi fa
  • Super igre

    Luka ŽagarLuka Žagar2 mesi fa
  • Ur so cracked. Shoulda played for endgame in the last one. To get some more placement points. But u one. So it good

    YlectrixYlectrix2 mesi fa