How To Fix a Printer

19 feb 2021
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Today I show you how to repair a faulty printer. This troubleshooting method works on ALL models of printers and ALL types of issues. Printer won't print? Low ink problems? Printer showing an error? Unable to connect to your printer? Printer not connecting to WiFi? You name it - this video will show you how to resolve any issue you have - 100% guaranteed! Follow the step by step instructions and you'll be able to set up your new printer, diagnose any issues and fix them with ease all in a matter of minutes.
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    Tristan The GamerTristan The Gamer45 secondi fa
  • OMG my printer wasn't working it does now after I told it this was gonna happen if it didn't

    Kronos Is backKronos Is back6 minuti fa
  • I literally have the same printer, LOL

    ZedKGamingHUNZedKGamingHUN10 minuti fa
  • Thank😂

    FireTigerGamer889GalaxyOfficialFireTigerGamer889GalaxyOfficial16 minuti fa

    MANOJ MMANOJ M20 minuti fa
  • Thank you :)

    INI DHAVI :vINI DHAVI :v39 minuti fa
  • So you uploaded a video today huh faceless?

    andimax1030andimax103057 minuti fa
  • EGGS xD

    Mckenzie and Mcbree SistersMckenzie and Mcbree SistersOra fa
  • Did anyone realized that mrbeast probably try copy how to basic. If I wrong idk what to do

    DodobiDodobiOra fa
  • did not have enough ink but he fixed it

    Gacha ZachGacha ZachOra fa
  • *Instructions were unclear i accidentally deepfried my computer in pen ink*

    Bonk DoggoBonk DoggoOra fa
  • You fix the fire yay

    it ain't meit ain't meOra fa
  • Thanks for teaching us for breaking stuff!

    JackhugojjJackhugojjOra fa
  • howtobasic is destroyer master

    321Objects321ObjectsOra fa
  • Stupid

    Fusor YTFusor YTOra fa
  • the dude is a nut but makes nice content 😂

    adam federadam federOra fa
  • Did you really had to drink the ink and spit it out?????

    Edwin MoranEdwin MoranOra fa
  • and this is why he is single

    Matresa Dawn StokesMatresa Dawn StokesOra fa
  • *I love how this guy sacrifices his stuff for our entertainment*

    ꧁Gʟɪᴄʜʏ Gɪʀʟ꧂꧁Gʟɪᴄʜʏ Gɪʀʟ꧂Ora fa
  • how to cut tomatoes

    Am1thOnRageAm1thOnRageOra fa
  • He's getting better at making his videos seem professional before going bonkers

    GhostGhostOra fa
  • Worst youruber

    Abu RaunaqAbu RaunaqOra fa
  • god damnit my cousin are now on a printer

    Egg of gamesEgg of games2 ore fa
  • 2:19 so relaxing

    Sakshyam KhanalSakshyam Khanal2 ore fa
  • How to Basic Favourite Thing Eggs

    After-Time GamingAfter-Time Gaming2 ore fa
  • Life would have been 5x easier if it works like this

    jbking6426jbking64262 ore fa
  • RIP Printer

    Vishnu RuguVishnu Rugu2 ore fa
  • Money printer

    Stan TheeStan Thee2 ore fa
  • People:how many eggs does he have?! Me:he prints zos eggs Also me:does he walk naked!?

    trangle_ dangletrangle_ dangle2 ore fa
  • No more egg No more

    Ben NeBen Ne2 ore fa
  • Well this really describes my anger issues-

    Ink FoxInk Fox2 ore fa
  • This guy and his eggs

    Brookes MartinezBrookes Martinez2 ore fa
  • *Yep, this video is definitely sponsored by Canon*

    Harsh GuptaHarsh Gupta3 ore fa
  • Me:watching how to fix printer Also me: **EGGSELENT*

    XdRockerYTXdRockerYT3 ore fa
  • Printer Error! (X) Coloured ink is too high Drink some of the ink

    ohseriescfgs 2udohseriescfgs 2ud3 ore fa
  • Lol he be like IMA SET THIS PRINTER ON FIRE!!!!!!! Me be like: ......wut just happen

    Aroko SakiAroko Saki3 ore fa
  • Soundtrack ??

    9G_Naufal Aziz9G_Naufal Aziz3 ore fa
  • I’m gonna cry 😭🥺

    Maisy’s WorldMaisy’s World3 ore fa
    • Because that guy destroyed the printer

      Maisy’s WorldMaisy’s World3 ore fa
    • why

      • Mika Chan •• Mika Chan •3 ore fa
  • Hi pls fix a nokia or i mean break it

    Edgar RoqueEdgar Roque3 ore fa
  • Pls upload how to fix your house

    TR3CTOTR3CTO3 ore fa
  • This man doesnt clicbait us hes a good person=)

    Edgar RoqueEdgar Roque3 ore fa
  • When will there be the day he doesn't have a video involving EGGS... That's the worse nightmare ever. To the people who disliked thinking this channel is for real with the titles? LOL. Well, to some- you can say they do work (in the most unimaginable ways).

    Kev & FriendsKev & Friends3 ore fa
  • lemme gues the color of your tounge dude RaInBoW

    Cloni_VCloni_V3 ore fa
  • if the news said dead body found with 25813528 sab wounds and milk, and eggs covered the body i would know who it would be

    E_EE_E4 ore fa
  • you can give me a mac if u don't want it but don't make us suffer bruh

    Steve JacobSteve Jacob4 ore fa
  • Of course a goddamn egg

    loser_ loves_idkloser_ loves_idk4 ore fa
  • Dis should be called “how to set ur printer on fire, run over your printer, hammer your printer, and egg your printer....”

    Shadow Light._.Shadow Light._.4 ore fa
  • A whole printer turns into a peice of garbage

    Xelsior Specialist!Xelsior Specialist!4 ore fa
  • Working like new thx

    epicpicachewepicpicachew4 ore fa
  • So satisfying

    WaDuHek MobaWaDuHek Moba4 ore fa
  • "How to 𝓭𝓸𝓷'𝓽 fix a printer"

    sadly AS13sadly AS134 ore fa
  • After so many years we still have not seen his face or heard him say a word

    Lupine_reaper007Lupine_reaper0074 ore fa
  • Instructions unclear, broke printer

    HHHcontentHHHcontent5 ore fa
  • It’s been a long time since I last been here 😿

    Mysterii VroMysterii Vro5 ore fa
  • XD

  • can u make a video on how to basic how to make Doritos ?

    dark princedark prince5 ore fa
  • stop it

    Michael ArdenMichael Arden5 ore fa
  • I guess that's how to fix a printer

    Juan De Dios PerezJuan De Dios Perez5 ore fa
  • I fell bad for the people who think this is a real tutorial

    PhoenixHeatPhoenixHeat5 ore fa
  • 2:40

    malawalaweemalawalawee5 ore fa
  • 1:47 this is how fire was invented

    Bodie DavisBodie Davis5 ore fa
  • Do a face reveal

    Syed KushalSyed Kushal5 ore fa
  • Why he destroyed the printer

    Maisy’s WorldMaisy’s World6 ore fa
  • you forgot about the part where you make it dinner

    MrDoggyPlaysMrDoggyPlays6 ore fa
  • what the heal

    tung lamtung lam6 ore fa
  • bruh ik he is have alot of cleaning to do

    OgRickyOgRicky6 ore fa
  • Wow nice tutorial

    AytroonAytroon6 ore fa
  • Just imagine that this guy is a normal humanbeing in his life. Go out with friends, laughing or sit in a normal chair and just play chess.

    El AhmadEl Ahmad6 ore fa
  • I got scared because he didn’t use eggs until at the end

    I am a lonely Butt headI am a lonely Butt head6 ore fa
  • I'm pretty sure that's the same shovel he's been using all these years

    Gideon KleynGideon Kleyn7 ore fa
  • am i the only one who is falling asleep with his videos

    blobblob7 ore fa
  • i did this to my printer and it became a 3d printer

    fongusfongus7 ore fa
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    兜兜大小姐兜兜大小姐7 ore fa
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    Wolfy Chan UwUWolfy Chan UwU7 ore fa
  • Oh yes lol

    Syrup KittenSyrup Kitten7 ore fa
  • You must really like cleaning lmao

    RavenRaven7 ore fa
  • i think he was birth in Amazon forest

    NiyasNiyas7 ore fa
  • im traumatized

    Samuel GamerPlaysSamuel GamerPlays7 ore fa
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    Mitz HerreraMitz Herrera7 ore fa
  • If you ever sell an egg minigun to someone, congrats, you have uncovered ITworlds's most prized secret

    MaoMao8 ore fa
  • Haha it so funny And my name MrCheese

    Santiago JimenezSantiago Jimenez8 ore fa
  • Pretty cool huh?

    Happy Bunny GamerシHappy Bunny Gamerシ8 ore fa
  • Thank you, it's work

    ksawioksawio8 ore fa
  • Oh my god, now it's 3D printer, THANK YOU HOW TO BASIC :))))))))))))))))))))))

    FurrieFurrie8 ore fa
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    espinela espinelaespinela espinela9 ore fa
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    Antonio Medina LemusAntonio Medina Lemus9 ore fa
  • He is the god of waste. No shit Sherlock.

    Ash2 0WinAsh2 0Win9 ore fa
  • Instructions not clear, now my printer makes 3d eggs and leaks ink

    21hellos Gaming21hellos Gaming9 ore fa
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    alexalerj asoaresalexalerj asoares9 ore fa
  • ...

    alexalerj asoaresalexalerj asoares9 ore fa
  • Alternative title: How to destroy a printer violently

    Joseph SanchezJoseph Sanchez9 ore fa
  • Thx my printer didn't work

    raze chowraze chow9 ore fa
  • 2:39

    기누기누9 ore fa
  • Me seeing this: where egg?

    potsopotso10 ore fa
  • Lmao

    desnecessauro dormindodesnecessauro dormindo10 ore fa
  • This actualy worked ty dude

    Bloempot y kBloempot y k10 ore fa
  • Very useful

    •cheerio_b0i••cheerio_b0i•10 ore fa
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    anas bouaggadanas bouaggad10 ore fa
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    anas bouaggadanas bouaggad10 ore fa
  • I dare you to take that to a dealership and tell them to fix it 😂😂

    lynxlynx11 ore fa