WARNING LIVE FEEDING!! African bullfrog vs. Huntsman spider

10 feb 2021
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African bullfrog vs. Huntsman spider

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  • The spider rlly said if I’m gonna die I’m gonna taunt u first

    AM NutterAM Nutter18 secondi fa
  • 5:54 Frog wins. Fatality

    Pablo Gómez CorzoPablo Gómez Corzo28 secondi fa
  • Night time recommendations are hitting different, they're not scary videos for once

    TheBoneDemonTheBoneDemon29 secondi fa
  • Spider : I am so big you will not eat me Frog : I have Aniston brain

    Simran ChaurasiaSimran Chaurasia41 secondo fa
  • Spider: i have 8 legs, you can't catch me! Frog: had...

    Tony KapoTony Kapo55 secondi fa
  • Eita ponha sapinho

    canal do mc pão de queijo minecraft pe vs eucanal do mc pão de queijo minecraft pe vs euMinuto fa
  • Spider: what the hell is this thing? Frog: mmmm food

    Yugi MutoYugi MutoMinuto fa
  • 4:52 its not even a spider anymore

    E MomentE Moment2 minuti fa
  • I wouldn't eat the spider raw. Gordon Ramsay would agree with me :)😉🐸

    MVP_KZMVP_KZ2 minuti fa
  • Damn, that frog limbed that spider.

    Abby BabbyAbby Babby2 minuti fa
  • Tội em nhện =)))

    Quỷ Sói [Music Naruto-Boruto]Quỷ Sói [Music Naruto-Boruto]2 minuti fa
  • When it has 6 legs it looks like a terrifyingly huge ant but the body is short

    Three JemsThree Jems3 minuti fa
  • Frog eats the spider in a frog video: people cheer Frog eats the spider in a spider video: nooooo the poor spider!!

    Kenny SouthgateKenny Southgate3 minuti fa
  • *spider being eaten alive slowly* *Elevator Music*

    Zach SewellZach Sewell3 minuti fa
  • The spider: let me out, LET ME OUUUTTTT!

    Wolfidess DragondolWolfidess Dragondol3 minuti fa
  • I’m SO glad that I’m neither a spider nor a frog.

    SidekickologySidekickology4 minuti fa
  • The spider was demoted from arachnid to insect!

    Allan EmmanuelAllan Emmanuel6 minuti fa
  • I love at the end how the spider is still trying to get out with his last 2 legs lmao

    Briana StephensBriana Stephens6 minuti fa
  • 👁👄👁 when ur unsure who's the prey the creepy spider or the cute frog then BAMM that frog ain't so cute anymore.....n why was this in my recommendations 😳

    Charlene SearlesCharlene Searles6 minuti fa
  • This is something us boys will enjoy watching (joke, not funny)

    HourglassHourglass6 minuti fa
  • Girls: "OMG! Spiders are so scary!!!" 3:15 - "I know you just ate a quarter of my legs but can't we just be friends?!? ...High five?" Frog - (Continues slowly dismembering and eating the spider's limbs while mockingly sitting there silently knowing that it can't escape.)

    TheTaintedWisdomTheTaintedWisdom7 minuti fa
  • Spider: exists Frog: I am not locked in here with you, you are locked in here with me!!!

    Erik JuradoErik Jurado7 minuti fa
  • Now my question is... did the little man swallow the whole legs? He has a new moustache by the end of the video

    Marielle GonzalezMarielle Gonzalez8 minuti fa
  • To be honest dat frog looks cute... But the way he ate a spider is not .. it is brutal

    Jere !Jere !9 minuti fa
  • Is the frog/toad ok?

    Sunshine HoltzlanderSunshine Holtzlander9 minuti fa
  • fucking poor spider it was stressed out as fuck

    42242210 minuti fa
  • I really wanted to watch this but I got freaked out! 😭

    Roblox PlayerRoblox Player10 minuti fa
  • Wow 😳 I didn’t know at first who was feeding on who?

    Demarcus HowardDemarcus Howard12 minuti fa
  • Give me that frog

    Abdelrahman HashadAbdelrahman Hashad12 minuti fa
  • Frog later died due to poisoning

    Jason BarriosJason Barrios13 minuti fa
  • Frog: it's all about offense

    Alvin John NuñezAlvin John Nuñez13 minuti fa
  • i honestly had no idea before watching the video if the dinner was the frog or the spider lol

    haachamahaachama13 minuti fa
  • Wow!

    Conina JohnsonConina Johnson14 minuti fa
  • 7:12 spider: "you got food between your teeth"

    Pern AmorePern Amore15 minuti fa
  • Frog damn cute 😍

    LMAOretardedLMAOretarded16 minuti fa
  • hes dying listening to upbeat non copyrighted music

    Atheist PriestAtheist Priest17 minuti fa
  • Is no one going to speak about the part where the frog didn't attack the spider and the spider was attacking him and bullying him and kept doing so even though the frog gave him many chances to stop but instead the spider kept on attacking that frog so the frog are him when the spider was the one who provoked him.

    The HellwalkerThe Hellwalker18 minuti fa
    • *attacked

      The HellwalkerThe Hellwalker17 minuti fa
  • I..why did I watch this? 😂

    dablakeboydablakeboy18 minuti fa
  • Why is the frog not scared of a spider bite I'm scared of a spider bite

  • Ah yes. Frog. The hero we deserve

    Dominic MillerDominic Miller20 minuti fa
  • This was lowkey traumatizing for me but okay.

    Chisom AChisom A20 minuti fa
  • The fact that this frog has more bravery than me- like- no- I just can’t😂

    Camille SkotCamille Skot20 minuti fa
  • Spider: *I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm so dead game over lol gg bye world*

    MystxcMystxc21 minuto fa
  • Some who understands, please Doesn't feeding it this (what i could find to be a low-toxixity spider) pose a risk to the toad? Is toad skin impervious to spider bites?

    alldayagainalldayagain21 minuto fa
  • look how patient my boy is

    generic channel namegeneric channel name21 minuto fa
  • Frogit vs whismalot o muffet xD

    GABOXX12LOL :vGABOXX12LOL :v22 minuti fa
  • Isn’t a huntsman spider very poisonous?

    Sue JonesSue Jones22 minuti fa
  • Im watching this for the fourth time, are you kidding me, the fat frog really ate the big spider without mouch effort hahahhahhahahah

    Aleksandra AleksicAleksandra Aleksic23 minuti fa
  • I’m just here for the comments

    chris barrettchris barrett23 minuti fa
  • Spider: frog your gay and i hate you Frog: no you

    viperxYTsviperxYTs23 minuti fa
  • *WARNING* Do NOT watch this at night or in a dark room ESPECIALY if you have any skin exposed. No, it doesn't make a differance if you aren't afraid of spiders

    Ayla PackAyla Pack24 minuti fa
  • Аниме существует: Да я паук и что же? Адапатция нетфликс:

    HKlast DDHKlast DD25 minuti fa
  • When I saw the thumbnail I wasn’t too sure who was eating who... 👀

    Zaneta AbekheZaneta Abekhe25 minuti fa
  • Defibitivamente admiro a la pobre araña,luchando hasta el final

    Brayrexin Avalos AlvarezBrayrexin Avalos Alvarez26 minuti fa
  • Nobody: Frog at 0:52: 😐

    hi im a normal personhi im a normal person26 minuti fa
  • F r o g

    Stephanie Sam NovalesStephanie Sam Novales26 minuti fa
  • 5:00 just get it over with already

    Danny KalerDanny Kaler27 minuti fa
  • Huntsman: Moves Bullfrog: *I am speed*

    Jordan DillonJordan Dillon27 minuti fa
  • Frog: touch me again an it's yo ass

    Angel_Eyes_FangAngel_Eyes_Fang28 minuti fa
  • In the first few parts of it the frog must been trying to figure out how to barbecue spider

    sammie smalleysammie smalley28 minuti fa
  • I think that frog is gonna choke

    PurritoPurrito29 minuti fa
  • Elise vs Tahm Kench aí kkk

    Jean DomingosJean Domingos29 minuti fa
  • Froggy dude at the end:umm so I have a leg sticking outta my mouth what do I do Also Froggy dude: Ahh anyone gotta lighter? Like if u get what I’m saying

    Reynaldo ArabitReynaldo Arabit30 minuti fa
  • This gotta be classified as animal cruelty on some level.

    OhsoLosooOhsoLosoo30 minuti fa
  • Frog used GAME SHOW MUSIC ! It's super effective!

    Enflict MediaEnflict Media30 minuti fa
  • Why is a 2 legged spider so funny to me...

    Jonny SnipesJonny Snipes31 minuto fa
  • If you were to tell me that spider was going to eat the frog I would have believed you... I mean look at that *thing*

    Fantasy_ HopefulFantasy_ Hopeful32 minuti fa
  • Yo the frog is just built different

    Charles BahrCharles Bahr32 minuti fa
  • Bro that frog has some serious lag sometimes

    Puffer fishPuffer fish33 minuti fa
  • Is it bad that I was feeling worried for the frog, but once I continued watching.. I could give two shits about the spider.. The hunter got hunted 🐸 🕷

    Jasmine YoungbloodJasmine Youngblood33 minuti fa
  • Frog: now meet your end in my jaws kisama!! *final combat* MIDI horns: a doot doot doo doot doo doo doo; doot doot doo doot doo doo doo

    sedanchairsedanchair33 minuti fa
  • Spider: Woah thats *THICCCC* Todays meal is LARGE Frog:Ohh so you approaching me don't you care about your legs?

    Squad ZFSquad ZF34 minuti fa
  • I'm beyond surprised it was able to climb with 3 legs!

    Nicholas PaisleyNicholas Paisley37 minuti fa
  • My favorite animal vs my worst fear. What a lovely mix 😃

    Hannah QuinnHannah Quinn37 minuti fa
  • Nobody: Not even a single soul The music: oh yeaaaah

    David BulmanDavid Bulman37 minuti fa
  • What would happen if the spider had bitten the frog, what would happen?

    Ryan AragonRyan Aragon38 minuti fa
  • I've never seen that type of spider before pretty cool howed did u get them

    broke boybroke boy38 minuti fa
  • Name this frog Kratos. He just ripped this spider limb from limb.

    Hugo WibergHugo Wiberg39 minuti fa
  • This remind me of bakugo and deku Bakugo is the frog trying to kill deku Deku the spider trying to stay alive Lmao

    the gay gacha demonthe gay gacha demon39 minuti fa
  • I’m so terrified, but I’m laughing so hard at the same time, that frog is like” yum yum! Delicious spider! Easy as pie!” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Weird_Punk DudeWeird_Punk Dude39 minuti fa
  • "Tis but a flesh wound."

    IthinkflutterawesomeIthinkflutterawesome40 minuti fa
  • :v gamabunta

    EL CNEL CN41 minuto fa
  • Look how the tables started turning

    Impaled DogImpaled Dog41 minuto fa
  • 🤢

    Sgt PeppersSgt Peppers41 minuto fa
  • So....ITworlds wanted me to see it badly

    Deadly Assassin9Deadly Assassin942 minuti fa
    • Ok, yes spiders are disgusting, but look how cute the froggo is!

      Hugo WibergHugo Wiberg41 minuto fa

    EmilioEmilio43 minuti fa
    • Spider 2: become digest

      Hugo WibergHugo Wiberg40 minuti fa
  • Reminds me of the Naruto vs pain fight killing each pain at a time

    Oximoble3000 1Oximoble3000 143 minuti fa
  • Spider: *struggles for survival* Video: *upbeat music*

    SimplyTheGreatestSimplyTheGreatest43 minuti fa
  • Poor spider died because of lag 😔

    DesireOpsDesireOps44 minuti fa
  • Humans: eat frog legs as a delicacy Frog: No... now the tables have turned

    JuneJjJuneJj44 minuti fa
  • Warning: live feeding? "Ahh okay, that's how the wild works?" Nice

    Cody BackerCody Backer46 minuti fa
  • Who's going to eat whom?

    Alicia MerrittAlicia Merritt47 minuti fa
  • Spider: getting shred to pieces, limbs torn out one by one Music: dum dum dum dumdidum 🙂

    ZanderzZanderz47 minuti fa
  • I hate spiders but I kinda feel bad for it. RIP spider dude.

    RBellZer0RBellZer048 minuti fa
  • Frog: I’m fast af boi

    David BetancourtDavid Betancourt48 minuti fa
  • Smug froggo

    ForgottenForgotten48 minuti fa
  • Spider : "I still have 2 legs left, ya big mouthed green basturd, come at me bro!" Frog : "tasty legs mr web spinner, STFU & get in my belly" 🐸

    Ed PaquetEd Paquet50 minuti fa
  • this part is so funny i cant XD 4:12

    Larissa RoseLarissa Rose50 minuti fa
  • Am I the only one that felt bad for the spider? I mean, it was literally ripped apart :c

    nifazunenifazune51 minuto fa
    • No, huntsman webs are strong enough to catch birds and have venom strong enough to take out a human. Spiders, especially giant ones gain no sympathy from me.

      Hugo WibergHugo Wiberg37 minuti fa
  • This is a mafia frog that spider actually owed that frog money

    Apple DestroyerApple Destroyer51 minuto fa