Scariest Travel Experience Taftan Border Pakistan Iran Ep. 49 | Motorcycle Tour Germany to Pakistan

21 feb 2021
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This is the 49th Episode of my Bike ride to Pakistan and India from Germany on BMW G310GS. In this episode, I rode from Dasht-e Lut Desert near Kerman to Pakistan Iran border at Taftan along the way I explored the historical Bam city and its Citadel also known as Arg-e Bam.
The Map of my route:
Songs I used in this Vlog:
azulejos by platonick-dive Artlist
pilgrim by some-were-at-sea Artlist
paragon by kyle-preston Artlist
yaara by itai-armon Artlist
glass-coffins by sora-shima Artlist
meek by sean-williams Artlist

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    • Next morning I found out, the whole family lives in one room (4 boys, 2 girls plus wife)! He was very kind otherwise I might had to stay somewhere it wasn't safe.

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