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FORTNITE ACTUALLY ADDED CARS... (new car update) Today there was a Fortnite update where they introduced new cars to the game in Season 3 Fortnite...

  • subscribe & like...ignore for bad luck for 909 years! (don't risk it) instagram for scrims: @akaformula

    FormulaFormula3 mesi fa
    • Hey formula please can you add me as a friend on Fortnite eats called rijones6 I subscribe to you all the time and like when I wake up I watch your all the time I love your renegade reader use code formula I will see on Fortnite add me I love your videos tell all of your friends to use code formula bye

      Maureen HarperMaureen Harper3 mesi fa
    • wow, only 2 ppl in the world without self promo, smh.

      S4VAGe B0IS4VAGe B0I3 mesi fa
    • Sup Form were the duo !!!

      DiscDisc3 mesi fa
    • More people would like if you stop making the stupid intros

      Boar HitsBoar Hits3 mesi fa
    • trisdebest HD you know don?

      Tom 2Tom 23 mesi fa
  • You gay

    Monica LopezMonica Lopez8 giorni fa
  • Do

    Hudsen HustedHudsen Husted12 giorni fa
  • god is dead and you killed him

    Anin KuriakoseAnin Kuriakose17 giorni fa
  • Do you take baths

    certifeid luckcertifeid luck3 mesi fa
  • Formula you should play apex as well as forgot e to get not subscribers and likes

    Xavier KeelXavier Keel3 mesi fa
  • They don't call him *Formula 1* for nothing.

    Different MessageDifferent Message3 mesi fa
  • Hey Alex can you add me I had to remove all my friends but Its ok if you don't but my epic is 17jansky I'm also a really big fan and im using code form in the fortnite item shop

    Crystal RadenkovicCrystal Radenkovic3 mesi fa
  • hi

    Gavon CoinGavon Coin3 mesi fa
  • 8:17 I believe he wanted to say your so dog shit 😂

    YT FlackoMobileYT FlackoMobile3 mesi fa
  • Don’t drive baby blue Lambo that much

    PaxMaxPaxMax3 mesi fa
  • nice

    GH2020GH20203 mesi fa
  • Last digit of the likes is who you get to play with 0- Bugha 1- Nick 2- Jelly 3- Mccreamy 4- SypherPK 5- Clix 6- Lazarbeam 7- Mongraal 8- Fresh 9- Formula

  • Formula should really change his shirt like so he sees

    1PercentRay1PercentRay3 mesi fa
  • Tyyuin

    Ismaray AlvarezIsmaray Alvarez3 mesi fa
  • Formula on a big fan 😁

    Carson O connorCarson O connor3 mesi fa
  • i got your Lambo Before

    Suliman KulakSuliman Kulak3 mesi fa
  • Nice lambo!!!

    Edin CesicEdin Cesic3 mesi fa
  • Love ur vids

    Sheena ColquittSheena Colquitt3 mesi fa
  • He said hop in daddy at 2:58

    Damario HunterDamario Hunter3 mesi fa
  • Disc said I’m in the back SEAT 😂😂😂

    DylanLG30k -DylanLG30k -3 mesi fa
  • Can you add me

    Andrea BeckinghamAndrea Beckingham3 mesi fa
  • First video that is not a custom in like 3 months

    FlakezFPSFlakezFPS3 mesi fa
  • Me first time seeing fortnite again has this game become furious 8?

    DragonDragon3 mesi fa
  • Did U say the N word

    Gamer_ HoodGamer_ Hood3 mesi fa
  • I love u video 🙂

    Emilie WaltersEmilie Walters3 mesi fa
  • Can you add me my name is SpeedyEric1234 and I use your code form and follow you on instagram and Twitter I like and follow also

    Eric rattanEric rattan3 mesi fa
  • It is your Lambo

    Marseel ShakooriMarseel Shakoori3 mesi fa
  • To the people reading this: Your Body is not a book don't judge it Your skin isn't paper don't cut it Your Heart isn't a door don't lock it Your life isn't a movie don't end it💗 (P.S Small ITworldsr with big dreams any help is appreciated 💗💯)

    EmberzzFNEmberzzFN3 mesi fa
  • Your gay

    Ghoul TrodGhoul Trod3 mesi fa
  • That was wired when formula said juice me up daddy juice me up daddy

    JEAN FNJEAN FN3 mesi fa
  • done

  • Can I come out of the basement now

    Buzz on mobileBuzz on mobile3 mesi fa
  • Just subscribed your my favorite ITworldsr BTW

    TF ZiloTF Zilo3 mesi fa
  • Why do you complain about controllers if you literally have aimbot

    techno bladetechno blade3 mesi fa
  • hey form u can refill ur gas can as well

    mcnuggiemcnuggie3 mesi fa
  • First minute of landing = ran over by semi

    2,222 subscribers for 1st video challenge2,222 subscribers for 1st video challenge3 mesi fa
  • When formula says if u don’t like and sub in the next 8 seconds the people with out a ITworlds account be like...

    Nav MangatNav Mangat3 mesi fa
  • 3:15 was the funniest moment of meh life

    The BashersThe Bashers3 mesi fa
  • Formula: He’s so weak. Everyone watching the video realizing that formula didn’t hit them once.

    Colin DecatorColin Decator3 mesi fa
  • U can fuel up ⛽️

    Isaiah RodriguezIsaiah Rodriguez3 mesi fa
  • So when your not next to a gas station

    Isaiah RodriguezIsaiah Rodriguez3 mesi fa
  • U need it for your car

    Isaiah RodriguezIsaiah Rodriguez3 mesi fa
  • Pick the gas up

    Isaiah RodriguezIsaiah Rodriguez3 mesi fa
  • How am I a higher level than him 182

    Vance BaloghVance Balogh3 mesi fa
  • Why doesn’t it say start for @Formula in the customs

    NickOn3DSNickOn3DS3 mesi fa
  • 6:16 my guy didn't even hit him and said he was weak😂

    Ty SeawrightTy Seawright3 mesi fa
  • Who else thinks disc is annoying

    Just For EntertainmentJust For Entertainment3 mesi fa
  • You keep on wishing stuff upon us

    Mxb MykalMxb Mykal3 mesi fa
  • It bugs me he didn't even realize to drive on the roads for like ever

    AiidumAiidum3 mesi fa
  • wht are these thumbnails

    Kaleb GilchristKaleb Gilchrist3 mesi fa
  • I killed disc lol

    Goku VegetaGoku Vegeta3 mesi fa
  • Form: thats how we pull up me: h'bout at the after party 3:40

    Nx BlitzzΞNx BlitzzΞ3 mesi fa
  • You clickbait so much

    Neelam TripathiNeelam Tripathi3 mesi fa
  • 666K views woahhhh

    Musical VibesMusical Vibes3 mesi fa
  • Anybody notice how he has a black shirt every video ?

    xactoxacto3 mesi fa
  • Disc saying,” Freeze” was so funny to me 😂

    Slowmo iOSSlowmo iOS3 mesi fa
  • Hi

    Johnny BravoJohnny Bravo3 mesi fa
    • I watch all your videos

      Johnny BravoJohnny Bravo3 mesi fa
  • No hate dog but you talk the whole game every video

    Candelaria EstradaCandelaria Estrada3 mesi fa
  • 4: I agree formula the game is like 999999999999999999999999% better

    Tim ZellerTim Zeller3 mesi fa
  • 3:30: Formula Driving his Lambo: **Making my way downtown ZOOMING fast** Me: *omg*

    Tim ZellerTim Zeller3 mesi fa
  • Hi the new cars are insane

    GamerBoyGamerBoy3 mesi fa
  • First thing I did in the morning was go in fortnite and drive cars every match I played and used only the car the whole game 😂😂

    Tim ZellerTim Zeller3 mesi fa
  • Fun fact the Lambo sound is from a real Lamborghini

    Arjen van kootenArjen van kooten3 mesi fa
  • Baby

    솔직히이런 가운데솔직히이런 가운데3 mesi fa
  • Sweaty Sands has a lot of cars and there is some Lamborghinis there.

    Itz_Yes ._Itz_Yes ._3 mesi fa
  • tfue returned to fortnite xd

    VICR3YVICR3Y3 mesi fa
  • Run up you down up

    Logan FountainLogan Fountain3 mesi fa
  • I Wish I Had 5 Mill But I Have 16 Subscribers

    Cheyenne KingCheyenne King3 mesi fa
  • Hey I msged you

    Vines_ NFVines_ NF3 mesi fa
    • Please reply bac

      Vines_ NFVines_ NF3 mesi fa
  • Formula : FORTNITE ACTUALLY ADDED CARS Me chilling with my ATK back in season 5

    (Thomas) Thomas Radcliffe(Thomas) Thomas Radcliffe3 mesi fa
  • To the person that is reading this: You are amazing and intelligent have a great day💜 Most people just ask for subs but I’m just tryna make your day

    Showtime EntShowtime Ent3 mesi fa
  • what is for ninjastyle6 :(

    Tah AmyTah Amy3 mesi fa
  • What time do u make scrims

    Solo Tox1cSolo Tox1c3 mesi fa
  • Hi formula

    eden meden m3 mesi fa
  • 650k oh shit it's sick

  • you so ccute

    ShavonShavon3 mesi fa
  • hi Dic

    ShavonShavon3 mesi fa
  • I will steal ors

    Juan SolisJuan Solis3 mesi fa
  • Yo form I am mr steal ur girls

    Juan SolisJuan Solis3 mesi fa
  • I got 100 dads to scrim for 100 dollars

    JayyyJayyy3 mesi fa
  • U have ur loot the same way as me formula yey

    Kerry BarnardKerry Barnard3 mesi fa
  • what happen to your gaming chair

    Mohammed SayemMohammed Sayem3 mesi fa
  • Can some of you get my subscribers up

    ItsJust_Jr GamingItsJust_Jr Gaming3 mesi fa
  • When formula had four kills and he was fight he said he got him so weak and he didnt even hit s shot.

    Janet SalcidoJanet Salcido3 mesi fa
  • hahahahaha

    Patricia AguayoPatricia Aguayo3 mesi fa
  • GET 100K LIKES AND WE WILL DO MORE SCRIMS DOES NOT EVEN GET A 100k likes and still does srims LEGENDS😁

    rangerz gamerrboirangerz gamerrboi3 mesi fa
  • I feel like this was formulas one of his best game

    Rob CharronRob Charron3 mesi fa
  • what is your microphone i am looking into getting my own setup

    JinxedJinxed3 mesi fa
  • can we ride his lambo? or only him?

    heaven. gutierrezheaven. gutierrez3 mesi fa
  • “I got 100 fans to scrim with only gas cans” Like so Formula can see 🥵

    Team VormTeam Vorm3 mesi fa
    • Can I try out for your team?

      Titan FNTitan FN3 mesi fa
  • Is it me or is formula the only ITworldsr that is still talking about controller players?

    Harold BroomeHarold Broome3 mesi fa
  • # 1% qtclaps

    SpookySpooky3 mesi fa
  • I was hi

    Christopher SmartChristopher Smart3 mesi fa
  • Bro hi can I play duos with you because my friends rejected me and I have no skins or a phone so I can’t join your scrims my username is FAZE yournan577 thank you 😊 big big fan btw

    Barrie HillBarrie Hill3 mesi fa
  • “I got 100 people to play on a platform they don’t normally use“ like so he can see

    Crims0n GOATCrims0n GOAT3 mesi fa
  • Dear all bots, We Do not Care at all. Sincerely, The ITworlds Community

    Whytehype76Whytehype763 mesi fa
  • Does any else notice that formula had to cut out a clip because disc was about to get mad and talk trash

    Elimz.DreamzElimz.Dreamz3 mesi fa
  • I just started keyboard and mouse how do I get my ar aim better

    CallMeClapzCallMeClapz3 mesi fa
  • They copped the sound of a lamborghini hurricané and you have the same car

    mommy mommommy mom3 mesi fa