PRADA Cup Day 1 | Full Race Replay | PRADA Cup Round Robins

14 gen 2021
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The opening day of the PRADA Cup in Auckland, NZ. Who will be the 36th Challenger for the America’s Cup? Only time will tell.
January 15th, 2021
RR 1 Race 1 - American Magic vs INEOS TEAM UK
RR 1 Race 2 - INEOS TEAM UK vs Luna Rossa PRADA Pirelli
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The 36th America's Cup presented by Prada will be contested by the winner of the 2017 America's Cup, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron represented by their team, Emirates Team New Zealand, and the winner of the Prada Cup, the challenger selection series which takes place in January-February in 2021.
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  • Mice boat

    On JogOn Jog18 giorni fa
  • scamdemic.... people have an immune system

    RedjetsenRedjetsen28 giorni fa
  • Is one team out for good? only three teams left?

    Oro VerdeOro Verde29 giorni fa
  • So, what exactly are the grinders doing? Seems like they're always cranking, and I can't see what it is they're moving. Thanks.

    Dave LarsonDave Larson29 giorni fa
    • They’re cranking to create the hydraulic pressure necessary to work the systems on the boat. Almost everything that moves on these new boats use hydraulics except from the canting of the foils, which uses batteries

      ¿¿28 giorni fa
  • Had to watch it again just to hear the American commentator

    kevin streetkevin streetMese fa
  • thank you for making these available.

    MarlaMarlaMese fa
  • What do the grinders do? I know they use to grind to pull up and down sails....but what do they do now???

    chap6595chap6595Mese fa
  • Great great show

    sergh8605sergh8605Mese fa
  • Tradurre in italiano

    Ida TomaselliIda TomaselliMese fa
  • А какой у вас вес и рост?

    EzmagirlEzmagirlMese fa
  • The UK has been sandbagging.. hope they get in the final and NZ kicks thier pommie arses!!!!

    Haydos SnowmanHaydos SnowmanMese fa
  • Silverfish crawling across the lens at 18:53

    Haydos SnowmanHaydos SnowmanMese fa
  • Great coverage, would like listening to radio talk on the boats annoying as you can't hear or understand it so why have it! Then the commentary would be clearer...

    Jelly BeanJelly BeanMese fa
  • Can someone explain why you wouldn't use the biggest Jib possible? (not a sailor)

    Tenatious _ETenatious _EMese fa
  • WOW! INEOS owned the first race! Great racing and boat handling! The best-deserved win yet!

    James JensonJames JensonMese fa
  • is it just me or does one of the commentators sound exactly like John Part from the darts!?

    Glenn FGlenn FMese fa
  • Whoever is responsible for this on screen telemetry data graphics should be drowned.

    Thomas AndersonThomas AndersonMese fa
  • I'm a sailing noob so I got a question, but why are the crew spinning those cranks with their arms? is it supposed to move the sail or something? and why not use legs to pedal like a bicycle for more power?

    Yao HongYao HongMese fa
  • Great racing on a lovely course. Good to hear the surprise of the commentators, about our fabulous INEOS team winning both races. Go Britannia, go Ben and team.

    Wendy PentonWendy PentonMese fa
  • Ita - UK : 1:14:02

    Marco FabbriMarco FabbriMese fa
  • Flicking thru the data too quickly for comparisons......

    Richard StubbsRichard StubbsMese fa
  • I'm old enough to remember when a racing sailboat actually looked like a sailboat. Of course, I don't remember them moving at 45.78 kt. Geez, that's 52.7mph!

    Stephen LandStephen LandMese fa
    • How true! It seemed when we were flying on a spinnaker reach in our 14' Scorpion dinghy at 10kts tops, probably but these are something else - close hauled downwind!

      BelperFlyerBelperFlyerMese fa
  • i can see myself

    SΛPPHIRΞ TryNitySΛPPHIRΞ TryNityMese fa
  • Britannia always rules the waves.

    david munrodavid munroMese fa
  • Well trimmed.

    david munrodavid munroMese fa
  • I think it's fantastic! Seeing the Brits at their brutal best is just brilliant... Part of me hopes they win the whole darn thing... even though I'm a kiwi lolz 170 years and UK have never held the hugest trophy of elite sailing The formula 1 of flying across water without a motor... This is the sport... ever since jousting for real like knights... them Brits... are finally fancying their chances (after some epic changes) They look fast in high winds... super slick sublime superb and all-round misery really... (for their opponents).

    nzriotnzriotMese fa
  • Great comeback for the UK team when it really counted.

    Cote AzurCote AzurMese fa
  • It would useful if there was a wind direction superimposed on the screen. Its only when they are passing an anchored boat that one can see wind direction from their flag

    John RobsonJohn RobsonMese fa
  • The press chase boats are an environmental disaster, charging around following the boats at 40 knots. They should have everything filmed by drone.

    Christopher Ross BirbeckChristopher Ross BirbeckMese fa
  • Let’s goo 🔥

  • Is the music necessary, it’s hard to hear the comments over it.

    Rob HeadRob HeadMese fa
  • Fantastic team ineos👍👍👍🥳🍺🤞🤞🤞

    John ZanettiJohn ZanettiMese fa
  • "Black foils go faster", "Land wins over Carbon Fiber", I love the depth of some comments XD XD Great broadcast, always fun to watch, GG IneosTeamUK

    Inshore StreamsInshore StreamsMese fa
  • And complete is luna rossa

    Davide RotaDavide RotaMese fa
    • And complete is luna rossa final

      Davide RotaDavide RotaMese fa
  • Great job Britania!

    Roland GeorgesRoland GeorgesMese fa
  • The performance of these boats is as close to impossible that you can get. Eh?

    Steve BarnesSteve BarnesMese fa
  • muppet commentators cant compare pictures of foils from before christmas to now

    Neill RuecroftNeill RuecroftMese fa
  • R”'

    john scottjohn scottMese fa
  • Ainsle the AC comeback king

    Steven LarrattSteven LarrattMese fa
  • Awesome footage!

    PuraVida SailingPuraVida SailingMese fa
  • I'm so relieved that Team UK worked out thier bugs, having the 4 boats racing is what we all want to see

    Scott LowsonScott LowsonMese fa
  • I reckon the English are on to it and the American's have made a big mistake in their hull design. If you look at the American's boat, the aft end looks like an aircraft that slopes up at the tail end. That is probably Airbus involvement but I reckon the other teams are using their long keels as part of the sail package.

    Alan JohnsonAlan JohnsonMese fa
  • #pitbikebiscuit 🏍️🏍️🏍️

    pitbikebiscuitpitbikebiscuitMese fa
  • Looks like its over. UK will win the Prada Cup but they don't have it what it takes to beat the Kiwis. Another America's Cup run away.

    Paul BaileyPaul BaileyMese fa
  • Loving the gybe tack manoeuvre out of the bottom gate by the Brits, to protect the right hand side

    MrRod767MrRod767Mese fa
  • Simply awesome, well done team Ineos for pulling out all the stops...

    Carl NewtonCarl NewtonMese fa
  • Brilliant start for Ineos - after disasterously bad warm-up races. (Have they been sandbagging?) Clever win!!

    Ken CastKen CastMese fa
  • io non ci capisco quasi nulla ma mi sembra la mercedes f1 comincia piano ma quando accelera son dolori per tutti . ciao prada

    Francesco lazzarinFrancesco lazzarinMese fa
  • My favorite team is “sailing”, but to sea Team UK come back competitive is just great.

    Eduardo Rosales AEduardo Rosales AMese fa
  • Go *Rule 🇬🇧 Britania *Once More !

    Gyan TamangGyan TamangMese fa
  • Better sailing ⛵team won today !

    Gyan TamangGyan TamangMese fa
  • Shirley: "We've all done a lot of talking lately, .... THAT, is the biggest understatement this year.

    Team33Team33Mese fa
  • bad pictures bad graphics no comparison to the last america's cup

    Johannes DannerJohannes DannerMese fa
  • what a turn around !!!

    David LanniganDavid LanniganMese fa
  • *Rita* didn't win any *NON counting RACES* but *WON Two COUNTING RACES* *WAY TO GO RITA* 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

    Soylent GreenSoylent GreenMese fa

    Sarah PeachSarah PeachMese fa
  • Nice coverage, but I remember seeing a helpful graphic in the corner reading the separation between the boats. I would like that back, please!

    leotardleotardMese fa
  • To beg two wuns cannot be underistimatid

    Andre BlumAndre BlumMese fa
  • Kudos for the updated status indicators that are shown now a lot more often. That's some nice information to have. Just a suggestion: I often want to compare the same metric for both teams so showing e.g. wind speeds next to or below each other would facilitate that. Or maybe even inside the same gauge?

    flightvisionflightvisionMese fa
  • Looks like some more exciting racing to come. Britain can smile again.

    Anthony FletcherAnthony FletcherMese fa
  • @JustInverted Fpv ​Please slow down the cycling of all the data on screen next time. none of it stays on screen long enough to read.

    Philipp BethgePhilipp BethgeMese fa

    phillip brantphillip brantMese fa
  • Coverage is a lot better, but I still think TVNZ's is better...

    SeawolfSeawolfMese fa
    • Both are good. Comment by AC commentators here is very good.

      Daryl NealDaryl NealMese fa
  • at the start of this video the announcers were saying how many changes the UK team had made to their boat and listed those changes, everytime they named the change i could hear a cash register go "ChaChing"! The Brits must have spent Millions to fix their problems! Here's one of the issues I have about using these types of boats....... back before catamarans or foil racing, a leg of a race was 37km long (wikiped) and took several tacks and jibes, along with the "sail changes", to make their way from marker to marker. NOW.......I don't think the entire race is 37 km, the Brits today finished leg 5 of this race in FIVE minutes! the whole race took less than 45 minutes! Although the form of "racing" is fast and exciting, I prefer "True Sailing" to "foiling"!🦂

    ScorpiusScorpiusMese fa
    • Great comment

      John PrenticeJohn PrenticeMese fa
  • Am I the only one who thinks that the UK team lowers the windward foil very late before a tack? Always have the feeling that they're already turning when the foil arrives in water.

    Malsesto HDMalsesto HDMese fa
  • When I first saw these boats I was not a fan. Too expensive, too fast, and not sailing, but flying. After watching the ACWS I am a convert. What amazing machines! I have discovered a new sport! 😋

    Philip AudsleyPhilip AudsleyMese fa
    • I’m not a boat guy at all. Must admit I’m on a steep learning curve but wow, think I’m hooked now, fantastic stuff 👏🏻👍🏻

      John PeplowJohn PeplowMese fa
  • How come the US boat is so loud. Noisier then any other boat out there. When they jibe or trim, its like horor movie is played downstairs....Ineos simply class. So smooth in their on board movements, communication etc. Loving it so far. Go UK!

    Mike _72Mike _72Mese fa
  • Today’s all about winning 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣....enough said to prove how dense some people sound.

    Mark ShawMark ShawMese fa
  • Fellow New Zealanders, do we still like Dean Barker? Or do we consider him a traitor like Coutts and Butterworth?

    SlaveToTheBeardSlaveToTheBeardMese fa
  • Incredible how these boats evolve in a short time! Congratulations Team INEOS UK! FORZA LUNA ROSSA💪🇮🇹❤️

  • As with F1, Merc UK at Brixworth will have had all the mods ready and will have installed the boat's foil mods in a normal progression . No pit wall though. Get in there Ben!!!

    BarryBarryMese fa
  • WTF, great job

    R ReniqueR ReniqueMese fa
  • Phew. So glad we gave a 3 boat race! Congrats on your comeback Ineos! If you win, it'll make a killer sailing movie!

    Bryan BowserBryan BowserMese fa
  • Fast yes, but quite a flawless piece of brain work.

    MrGentlebutfirmMrGentlebutfirmMese fa
  • What brilliant sailing Guys Ye Ha UK

    Dave BoydDave BoydMese fa
  • Wouldn't it be great to see the wind force and directions on the course by some graphic designs like arrows or things like that ??

    arthusthefirstarthusthefirstMese fa
    • @Daryl Neal I think we've seen that on previous AC, but just before the start I think... Don't know why though.. I am sure they can make it easyly during the regatta... Just one or two times would be enough..

      arthusthefirstarthusthefirstMese fa
    • Agree. Sure past AC's have shown onscreen wind graphics.. 🤔 @AmericasCup2021

      Daryl NealDaryl NealMese fa
  • Thought they would get it together when it counts. Great tactics, good boat speed and slick handling. Go Britannia, Ben can do it now they have the tools.

    Robert RadbourneRobert RadbourneMese fa
  • INEOS was never slow in strong winds.. They were slow in light winds... No surprise here...

    Niels4354Niels4354Mese fa
  • Britain was sandbagging.

    Grouse The GhoulGrouse The GhoulMese fa
  • Fantastic coverage. Thanks a million. Congratulations to Ben and the team for Britain.

    Freddy RassingerFreddy RassingerMese fa
  • Brits were sandbagging...

    vlkisefvlkisefMese fa
  • Luna rossa lost the race at last leg going to the left side instead of following ineos path.

    Sifilitico JoeSifilitico JoeMese fa
    • nahhh ha perso la gara allo start quando spithill ha voluto fare inutilmente lo "sborone" cercando un ingaggio improbabile... bastava che virasse sulla destra quando era dietro a ineos e praticamente in controllo... deve aver dimenticato che è "sir ben"... uno che ha più oro olimpico addosso di chiunque altro... se gli funziona la barca ti fa vedere i sorci verdi... e pure blu!

      provaassembleaprovaassembleaMese fa
  • Was it one of the New Zealand guys who said there were 2 credible challengers? Nobody puts Ainslie in a corner!

    bloodspatteredguitarbloodspatteredguitarMese fa
  • "there you f*cking have it lads". hehe

    Roland KempRoland KempMese fa
    • These boats are moving faster in the water than I'm allowed to on my daily commute in my 1500 HP super sports car !? LOL.

      Team33Team33Mese fa
  • well done Team Ineos great start !!!!!!!!

    Peter HaywardPeter HaywardMese fa
  • Very interesting comment by Ben post race about thanking Mercedes GB which I think is the F1 team... Great move by Jim Ratcliff to use his INEOS Merc links to help improve the boat!!!

    ijudd66ijudd66Mese fa
    • Yep I noticed that, Mercedes F1 are something else, smart move by Jim Ratcliffe...

      A UserA UserMese fa
  • Ben delivers! Great team effort esp by the shore crew....

    ijudd66ijudd66Mese fa
  • Great Guns Ben and All the Team

    Michael DesforgesMichael DesforgesMese fa

    Rory JohnsonRory JohnsonMese fa
  • What's clear now is that if Ben and Giles have a competitive boat under them, they have the tactical smarts to outsail the others in the starts and on the course. They out-thought Magic and Luna Rossa here. Promising, provided they figure out their issues in light winds!

    TullochgorumTullochgorumMese fa
  • Fantastic!

    Patrick ColcloughPatrick ColcloughMese fa
  • Dean Barker is a traitor.

    Grouse The GhoulGrouse The GhoulMese fa
  • good work Sir Ben et al...amazing start ..bring it back to Blighty

    Old TurkOld TurkMese fa
  • Benjie and the boys killed it, God bless Rita and all who `FLY` her

    Maximilian ZytaMaximilian ZytaMese fa
  • Loving this

    Roland KempRoland KempMese fa
  • Amazing “boats” and technology but unfortunately the sailing , the F1 like multinational teams and the americas cup match racing magic is gone since foils were allowed. Interesting within its own context, but this should be called something else than the Americas Cup.

    J SJ SMese fa
    • I think so too, this is fascinating Formula 1 sailing, but I would like more Tradition for the America's Cup, real sailors and real winches... ⛵

      tommes55tommes55Mese fa
  • Congratulations bRITAnnia, Sir Ben, Team Ineos, Sir Jim. Perfect performances, brilliant starts and kept the focus on winning the races. Only downside? The awful grey team strip, they look like jailbirds! Where’s the smart navy with Union flag flashes? Please can I design something classic, practical and commercially viable?!

    Katie KitchenKatie KitchenMese fa
  • Well done Brits. Honestly too short and a little boring. I like strong match race with 10/15 tacks, close fights but I understand that is not possible with these torpedos.

    Carlo AversanoCarlo AversanoMese fa
    • Patience. Give it time @ CA Brand new fast evolving format. Lots to come. Racing should close up, become tighter.

      Daryl NealDaryl NealMese fa
  • Y

    john watkinsjohn watkinsMese fa

    BarryBarryMese fa