Try Not To Laugh - Funniest Baby at the Zoo | Funny Animals Reaction

22 apr 2021
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  • so funny!!!

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  • Wow

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  • This video is a proof animals hate humans

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  • the dinosaur is real

    Sulaiman KhanSulaiman Khan4 ore fa
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  • Was the athoer one a actual dinosaur

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  • Kid: gobble gobble turkey: GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE

  • i didnt laugh

    Aiden Cameron KwanAiden Cameron Kwan11 ore fa
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  • 0:15 the bear was so cute

    Khemavattey SangKhemavattey Sang11 ore fa
    • Yea

      Dusttale SansDusttale Sans7 ore fa
  • The thing that looks like a coyote that has the black spots looks like those coyotes from the lion King

  • 1:38

  • I love how the turkeys but like double gobble gobble

  • 0:29

    MrGeorge012 AMrGeorge012 A14 ore fa
  • Was that a real dinosaur

    Eiden ManzoEiden Manzo14 ore fa
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  • 1:31 he got pissed because the tiger pissed on him

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  • Los animales que aparecen en el video son bien bonitos y muy divertidos 🤪😍😎😻👽

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  • I love to go to zoo

    Ajhay RotiaAjhay Rotia16 ore fa
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  • I feel so bad for that girl cause that that raptor literary by her hair but I kind of like how he roar at her but I still feel bad for her

    Chip please roblox I love your videos HuangChip please roblox I love your videos Huang17 ore fa
    • Good morning

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  • 1:04 I love how the ostrich took the phone and thinks if its good or feed it to its children lol

    Lexiethedarkwolf1411Lexiethedarkwolf141118 ore fa

    Ami Abigail GonzalesAmi Abigail Gonzales18 ore fa
  • The first video was so funny she's like Daddy don't get eaten by the crocodile the dad I'm just petting it that's all but she just trying to protect her dad and that was so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    • It was so cute and sweet

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  • 2:49 he was cutting up his food, same as us LOL

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  • 1:00 u asked for that

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  • camel: eats food no more yanks phone

    shuaib muhamedshuaib muhamed21 ora fa
  • 2:17 that what u get fool

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  • 0:24 ohno dinosaur

    Andac andac guney ayAndac andac guney ay22 ore fa
  • This can't be a real dinosaur.

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  • so funny

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  • Я поражаюсь тупости людей, хохочут, смеются, детей подвергают опасности... Одним словом - тупая беспечность!!!

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  • Hello Thank you very much my dear freind

  • Die Tiere sind im Verhalten oft die Intelligenteren. Die sind bestimmt genervt von den Kindern.

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  • The funniest one was when the little girl and the lion was scratching the glasss

    Addie VincentAddie Vincent23 ore fa
    • 0

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  • 941 comment lollll

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  • "*the ostrich will steal your Iphone tonight.*"

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  • These turkeys understand what he says

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