Transforming dead earbuds into POWERFUL wireless speakers

30 apr 2021
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Got an old pair of headphones? Time to turn them into speakers! Also, new Audible members get a 30-day free trial. Visit or text "diyperks" to 500 500 to try Audible today!


Broken Galaxy Buds (ebay):
(UK link:

Speaker drivers:
2" subwoofer and radiator:
2" mid/treble unit:

Protected batteries:

The guide will be uploaded shortly.

  • start selling premanufactured kits already ;)

    Michael KellerMichael Keller5 minuti fa
  • Вспомнился журнал из детства "Как нарисовать сову" :D

    Роман МихеевРоман Михеев27 minuti fa
  • Wonderful -

    Péter BonnezPéter Bonnez34 minuti fa
  • If you put Matt & Colin Furze in a video just imagine the shit they'd create together.

    G ThomasG Thomas35 minuti fa
  • You could have added a charging Option to the speakers 🤦

    Sunil SgecSunil Sgec46 minuti fa
  • do a video on the hobbit house

    Luis ListLuis List50 minuti fa
  • You should sell these I would totally buy them.

    Noah MoralesNoah MoralesOra fa
  • it would have been better if you have included charging circuits in them because removing screws and fixing them again may cause the wood loosen.

    Abhi M WAbhi M WOra fa
  • Nobsound for 40$ amp for 2 speakers ...

    ComentatorComentatorOra fa
  • Video idea: Battery replacements! For anything really. Im about to replace the NiCd batteries of my bosch cordless drill with Li Ion batteries, and i realised i dont know anything about battery voltages. You could talk about how to get more juice out of the thing, by putting the cells in parallel, or how serial increases the voltage, it would be cool as hell!

    nem tudomnem tudomOra fa
  • Instructions unclear. My dog is now deaf.

    PomChatChatPomChatChatOra fa
  • am i the only one who wants a video on the hobbit house????

    Luis ListLuis ListOra fa
  • Impressive quality

    Elimar ZordanElimar Zordan2 ore fa
  • what songs does he play at the end?

    may251986may2519862 ore fa
  • I was with you until you brought out the walnut. At this point, at least in the US, I think making it out of solid gold would be cheaper & easier to get.

    Esoteric BearEsoteric Bear2 ore fa
  • what the fuck? dyi is sposed to looks like waterbottle or some other trash, this is fokin awesome... Witchery!

    Zaj lordZaj lord2 ore fa
  • Can you just come to my house and make me an awesome gaming/ office desk area with all your amazing projects? Thank you 😀

    03Lugnut03Lugnut2 ore fa
  • These look exactly like House Of Marley speakers lol

    Ros MogRos Mog2 ore fa
  • I love the fact that he is calling this „home made“ 😂❤️

    MauriceMaurice2 ore fa
  • Would love to make these... but I only have broken earbuds. 😬🥲

    MauriceMaurice2 ore fa
  • Kind of ridiculous to not include a charging circuit. You didn't have to do separate batteries if you had included an isolation transformer and a switching regulator for the bluetooth portion. The single battery pack would have made it much easier to include a charging circuit inside would would have made these WAY more convenient.

    RoofusKitRoofusKit3 ore fa
  • well done that man

    perry barkerperry barker3 ore fa
  • Nice video, complete and instructional!

    Lance BurkeLance Burke3 ore fa
  • I basically clicked the like button 1 minute into watching this.

    YoyoYoyo3 ore fa
  • awesome idea. I have a set that just died. When will the guide be up loaded. the schematic would be helpful, pkease

    R. K. L. PacettiR. K. L. Pacetti3 ore fa
  • Bass out of balance Swap bass strings

    Paisarn ChimchatdPaisarn Chimchatd3 ore fa
  • I love your small circuitry videos. I've always liked passive crossovers, and would always prefer to make my own. I've been really wanting to make a rugged jobsite stereo that works on Milwaukee M18 batteries. Using the "Packout" Crate as the base.

    Nic OsowskiNic Osowski3 ore fa
  • Audiophiles are losing their minds right now.

    StephentheskaterStephentheskater4 ore fa
  • Hey make a Dashboard for smarthome which allows you to control ur whole house through dashboard

    Om BandeOm Bande4 ore fa
  • Earphones?

    AggieAggie4 ore fa
  • Very interesting, beautiful invention! But I rather throw my headphones away. Why should someone start such a project? I kind of expected to see how you make these headphones to sound like speaker :). I might sound stupid, but for real... why? :)

    Erkki LaulErkki Laul5 ore fa
  • Definitely better than the Bose , well done 👏

    shirish pandeyshirish pandey5 ore fa
  • I watched the whole thing and realized. Its not as easy at it looks and now am heading over to other videos that show how to make paper planes. Something i can succeed at.

    Omkar GharatOmkar Gharat5 ore fa
  • Matt, you should do a video on how to cultivate a positive and constructive, can do attitude.

    Here NowHere Now5 ore fa
  • Any chance this could be done with 1st gen AirPods?

    Radek NovákRadek Novák5 ore fa
  • Beautiful design :) Great job, but it is an expensive project, comes out to about $300-$400... something to think about

    Aleks FAleks F6 ore fa
    • Even with the high cost I may actually attempt this one with some minor modifications, maybe a wireless charging base. I was looking for bluetooth speakers that are capable of wireless stereo; settled on JBL Charge 4, two of them would cost as much as this project, but with this project I can design the speakers to match the contemporary decor in my home office.

      Aleks FAleks F5 ore fa
  • Superb, and brilliant re-use of earbuds

    BobBob6 ore fa
  • I think those 839 dislikes are from apple users for not using broken pods..

    Sorin-Andrei AntonSorin-Andrei Anton6 ore fa
  • Great Video! Love yout builds! Since you said the Speakers are especially selected for this build: would they sound good as a single BT-speaker as well?

    Aaron PetersenAaron Petersen6 ore fa
  • This video inspired me to buy a brand new wireless speakers. Lol

    ChuckR WazzupChuckR Wazzup6 ore fa
  • Or you just buy a bluetooth module

    Dominik RädelDominik Rädel7 ore fa
  • "Hand me my Coping Saw, boy"

    Jeremy LakeJeremy Lake7 ore fa
  • How do you charge them?

    Victor SupremeVictor Supreme7 ore fa

    PODO DASPODO DAS8 ore fa
  • These look fabulous and so simple to make. I will definitely be trying this project!

    My MobileMy Mobile8 ore fa
  • He is the Bob Ross of Engineering

    Ahmed YashfiAhmed Yashfi8 ore fa
  • Forget the project, how is this man not making a mess??

    Isheanopa MaremboIsheanopa Marembo9 ore fa
  • This would make a great Etsy thing, you ask for broken down earbuds and sell them for repurposing. As you can't buy the old stuff and then resell it, you gotta repurpose it for money, but not buy the earbuds, otherwise copy right.

    The TnTPirateThe TnTPirate9 ore fa
  • I have heard simple or very simple several times... still looking for the simple part for me hehehe! looks great!!

    Orion LVOrion LV9 ore fa
  • Can you make a e reader from recycled parts pleaseee

    Suryansh SwarnSuryansh Swarn9 ore fa
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    TGM TechnologiesTGM Technologies10 ore fa
  • Holy crap!!! This is the best!!! I think I'm going to do this with my iPods which are on the way out (batteries are pretty flat) and adjust the case for the Sonos Symfonisk which has the worst software ever!! Thanks Matt!!

    Emiliano FisanottiEmiliano Fisanotti10 ore fa
  • This is not DIY.

    Justin MayfieldJustin Mayfield10 ore fa
    • what is it then?

      PaperguidePaperguide10 ore fa
  • Could you possibly do these with AirPods?

    Melon Head CS:GOMelon Head CS:GO10 ore fa
  • Amazing! You're a genius!

    99 Red Balloons 🎈99 Red Balloons 🎈10 ore fa
  • Can you please elaborate more on the filter circuits part? how they work and why? and more importantly what was your process for testing tweaking and debugging? couldn't find the guide you talked about. Thanks, loved it and subscribed :)

    up roboup robo10 ore fa
  • Were the ear buds paired before install? and would you need to completely remove the back to pair to a new device?

    I Suck at GamesI Suck at Games11 ore fa
  • This guy clearly doesn't understand audio. These are NOT stereo speakers. Left for "low" and right for "refined" LOL what?!? You get stereo separation between your treble and bass speakers which is terrible! You need to split the left signal for one speaker and the right signal for the other!!!

    flannelslippersflannelslippers11 ore fa
  • Arcanoc Audio, my dreams are within reach.

    PantherOS GamingPantherOS Gaming11 ore fa
  • should have added a usb charging port!

    HowardHoward11 ore fa
  • Walnut board probly the most expensive part of this build >

    pixel2plasticpixel2plastic11 ore fa
  • Is there a way to turn my apple earpods to speakers

    Graphics EssentialsGraphics Essentials11 ore fa
  • One problem - no way to pair these up to a new device once your phone dies without completely disassembling them.

    Greg MooreGreg Moore12 ore fa
  • Absolutely filthy build. Amazing. Only problem is that these builds are getting out of "an amateur could foreseeably do this" territory and into "You will never compare to my DIY skills" territory. I would label this as expert level or something 😵

    ImaPersonImaPerson12 ore fa
  • this guy is literally a mad scientist. Theres deadass no way to come up with this sober

    Felix ZendejasFelix Zendejas13 ore fa
  • waiting for the. guide especially for the filter

    John Melvin FontanillaJohn Melvin Fontanilla13 ore fa
  • the only person i can watch for 18 min without understanding

    Iyab SaneIyab Sane13 ore fa
  • They need to get you to voice the Apple product releases...

    Build MontageBuild Montage14 ore fa
  • I feel bad for the people that wasted their time to do this

  • Do a house tour

    Cody GladueCody Gladue14 ore fa

    Decon ZenDecon Zen14 ore fa
  • Please make tutorial to repurpose a broken bluetooth headphone.

    Envyon BladeEnvyon Blade14 ore fa
  • Well, I'm way to stupid to do this, thankfully I'm good at other things and dropping 500-1000 bucks on some wireless speakers would not be a problem. It was still an amazing video to watch.

    Martin SmithMartin Smith15 ore fa
  • Awesome build!

    B DawgB Dawg15 ore fa
  • Beautiful...though I wouldn't screw down the battery door unless you add a charging port. Does the mic function still work?

    PureNupe1PureNupe115 ore fa
  • bose blows them away

    me lockavichme lockavich15 ore fa
  • Getting Portal VIBES

    Girl On A QuestGirl On A Quest15 ore fa
  • Excellent video! Just curious how did you bypass the sensor that detects if you are wearing the earbuds or not? Is it covered by the glue thst thinks it's been worn?

    Taha MasoodTaha Masood15 ore fa
  • Wow these are amazing... However, creating a whole new speaker set is a big ask. I have old normal speakers sitting around and a bunch of broken BT headphones my kids have been less than gentle with. Could you do another version of this where you take old BT headphones and a well functioning "full size" but old speakers and turn them into BT speakers?

    Scott CScott C15 ore fa
  • Thats amazing!

    SerienJunkieSerienJunkie15 ore fa
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    RatatataaRatatataa16 ore fa
  • Nice job :) would be nice if they can be re charged without removing the batteries

    John CJohn C16 ore fa
  • ... overachiever, MUCH lol?

    erock steadyerock steady16 ore fa
  • All of your projects are absolutely beautiful and professional quality. As for DIY I’d say it’s over the vast majority of our heads

    MKB HobbiesMKB Hobbies17 ore fa
  • I think if you had thought of a way to allow for charging the batteries some other way perhaps allowing for a USB-C or Lightening chords to be connected instead, you could easily sell them for a fairly high price! Probably 200-300 ish dollars for the pair or even more! Great job!

    Bardia yasariBardia yasari17 ore fa
  • 2.97M subs, 69K thumbs up, and 821 Theon Greyjoy haters.

    Terry MillerTerry Miller17 ore fa
  • Interesting idea and bi-amped speakers at that!

    Wiebo WesterhofWiebo Westerhof17 ore fa
  • You might be the coolest person ever

    Arthur WrigleyArthur Wrigley17 ore fa
  • That’s really interesting; I’m sure by using this you could create a Apple home pod alternative that would be very nice. Perhaps even designing a hard wire powered version

    ArctionArction17 ore fa
  • sound more natural and lesd closed as the bose unit who totally lacks stereo effect ...

    Alessio SaAlessio Sa17 ore fa
  • sooooo goooooodddd

    Frisly SoberanisFrisly Soberanis17 ore fa
  • JBL connect here

    Irosso ZwyczajnyIrosso Zwyczajny17 ore fa
  • Para que serve essa associação de resistores e capacitores? Tem algum guia de instrução?

  • It’s a round over bit, a chamfer is a flat angled cut.

    spoke4Nspoke4N17 ore fa
  • Very nice attention to detail in both build and sound quality. Long time fan! Two things though! 1. 6:54 hurts my eyes! :) 2. The thing that would have made these ones even nicer (imho) is having a USB-C powerbank embedded in each speaker instead of the 18650-batteries. It would allow the speakers to be used while charging and just having a sweet USB-C port instead of the battery pack. I think the price would have been a bit cheaper and having an even higher mAh-capacity. Would have needed some DC-converters for it and it would be tricky to separate the ground meaning it might mess with the sound quality a bit. I bet you already thought of this and went for sound quality instead!

    David BergmanDavid Bergman18 ore fa
  • the problem with being good at diy is that your stuff never breaks, can't use them for parts

    Cris StoCris Sto18 ore fa
  • wewfer. pooty. heh

    OxBlitzkriegxOOxBlitzkriegxO18 ore fa
  • So cool! Just curious if these earbud receivers have some fixed built in equalizer made for their drivers. It could be bad match for any other drivers PS. someone please make printable 3D models of the boxes for the lazy ones :) Prints are actually pretty rigid and damped and so they should be good for hifi speakers.

    Tero KTero K19 ore fa
  • when you wanted to become an Architect but became an electronic engineer..

    Sanjay sahuSanjay sahu19 ore fa
  • He’s so optimistic about me making these projects

    elfutbolphenomelfutbolphenom19 ore fa