Who Wins The 2021 Season-Long Battle: Mercedes Or Red Bull? | F1 Nation Podcast

6 apr 2021
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The F1 Nation Podcast returns! This week, hosts Damon Hill and Tom Clarkson discuss the titanic battle between Mercedes and Red Bull, and are joined by a very special guest in former F1 driver Pedro De La Rosa (with Natalie on holidays!) to discuss his old friend Fernando Alonso.
Topics Include:
0:00 - A rude awakening for Damon!
2:55 - Which tiny details will decide the 2021 title fight?
3:48 - Mercedes Chief Trackside Engineer Andrew Shovlin on Red Bull’s strengths
7:06 - Which of Damon’s championship battles was similar to 2021?
14:30 - Special guest Pedro De La Rosa remembers being Damon’s reserve driver
19:31 - Which F1 record does Pedro hold over Lewis Hamilton?
21:50 - Pedro on Fernando Alonso’s comeback and old man jokes
24:35 - How is ‘calm’ Carlos Sainz different from his hero, Alonso?
30:30 - Lookalikes?! Pedro’s ‘most embarrassing moment’
32:52 - Damon answers your questions on movies, visor wipers and why he sees himself in Checo!
43:05 - How Damon was (not) involved in Australia’s new track layout
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  • Want to ask Damon a question? Send a voicenote to AskDamonHill@gmail.com 😁

    FORMULA 1FORMULA 112 giorni fa
    • 12th

      J BxJ Bx12 giorni fa
    • Of formula 1 in 2010

      VB_77VB_7712 giorni fa
    • Mercedes has the same problem at the beginning maybe they will fix it

      VB_77VB_7712 giorni fa
    • 9th

      Rares GagiuRares Gagiu12 giorni fa
    • 8

      VB_77VB_7712 giorni fa
  • As mexican, I never expected Damon Hill sees himself as Checo, one of the best pilot or drivers currently in F1-2021. It is an honor for us.

    Hugo Diaz GarciaHugo Diaz Garcia3 giorni fa
  • I think Red Bull will win this 2021 F1 season, against Mercedes.

    Hugo Diaz GarciaHugo Diaz Garcia3 giorni fa
  • Mercedes moaning for no reason. USUALLY .

    mircea miclosmircea miclos3 giorni fa
  • Mercedes win emola

    Teresa MariaTeresa Maria3 giorni fa

    Fresh HunterFresh Hunter3 giorni fa
  • Red Bull has a faster car but Mercedes has F1 Goat, Sir Lewis.

    Chris-OyChris-Oy6 giorni fa
  • That was a great manscaping ad.

    Poole DoggPoole Dogg7 giorni fa
  • Benedict Cumberbatch

    Anthony VillaniAnthony Villani7 giorni fa
  • It's Hamilton's year again

    bananabanana9 giorni fa
  • red bull will definitely win this season in constructors

    A Girl Talks F1A Girl Talks F110 giorni fa
  • I feel in the end the mercrs will find the answers not only that i just freel Lewis with his experience and racing know how will just edge it. But i also feel after this season lewis will retire. And max is the future. We are all so lucky that we have all these amazing talented drivers in this era. But max is the new era and in my mind Lewis will find the way to win the championship this season 😊😊😊

    Ed SmithEd Smith10 giorni fa
  • Pedro de la rosa 👏👏 Great insights

    Naazmul HussainNaazmul Hussain10 giorni fa
  • 3:23 *HAM: "Congrats guys! Great Effort."* *Curb your Drama!* HAM has been saying that same phrase ever since his days @McLaren...

    Freddy ChaleFreddy Chale11 giorni fa
  • Guess focus on next year and not doing any development on the same year toward the end made Mercedes relax and perhaps a bit afraid to try new things. Though it did made last year more stable and the car flying with accustomed drivers.

    RYGRYG11 giorni fa
  • I usually skip the sponsorship bits but this time I just had to listen through it.

    Henrik RónaiHenrik Rónai11 giorni fa
  • You know Tom and Damon are brilliant just by how they can make a body-hair-trimmer ad entertaining

    Kevin NgKevin Ng11 giorni fa
  • "all the nerds" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    BomBayRastaBomBayRasta11 giorni fa
  • We don't know what the difference in raw pace is yet. I meen it's not like this is the first time that mercedes has been pushed in the opening race. In 2018 Vettel was leading the championship after the summer break so this isn't really that unusual. But still great tho!

    CobratrapsCobratraps11 giorni fa
  • Mercedes isn't that far behind. They were better on Mediums in race pace. Yes they are overall probably slightly worse but it's not as if Red Bull is far ahead. Not to mention, who knows what Merc will bring to Imola.

    Richard SchoonhovenRichard Schoonhoven11 giorni fa
  • Red Bull big fan anytime red bull

    Amod JoglekarAmod Joglekar11 giorni fa
  • who ever makes the audio is AWESOME

    Aasav ShahAasav Shah12 giorni fa
  • This is very, very entertaining guys! Congrats!

    UltimateWho MobUltimateWho Mob12 giorni fa
  • based on consistency: Mercedes based on raw pace: Red Bull I reckon it will be very close!

    FormulaShortsFormulaShorts12 giorni fa
  • Can't have studio/zoom video for this???

    Robert StahlRobert Stahl12 giorni fa
  • 30:30 🤣😂😅 lol! that's some funny stuff

    Nicholas JonhsonNicholas Jonhson12 giorni fa
  • The one that maFIA hurts less with rules eatch year

    d3athgrd3athgr12 giorni fa
  • So so funny vid. I had great time listening to all of you. Regards

    Alejandro RomeroAlejandro Romero12 giorni fa
  • 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 to F-1

    Francis M.L. yungFrancis M.L. yung12 giorni fa
  • Pedro De La Rosa was the star of the podcast! More of him in the future please...

    Shalem JacksonShalem Jackson12 giorni fa
  • am i the only one who thinks pedro sounds very similar to esteban ocon

    Shubh DugarShubh Dugar12 giorni fa
  • On the Mediums, the Mercedes was clearly quicker than the Red Bull throughout the entire weekend. Short runs, long runs everything. Just check the data and dont believe sandbag Mercedes.

    Kondje DesKondje Des12 giorni fa
  • Pedro really made this show.

    Steven CarmichaelSteven Carmichael12 giorni fa
  • Honestly I respect Mercedes for not complaining like Otmar. Aston copies a car and because it’s not dominant they complain. Like he wasn’t saying anything when they almost got 3rd last year with a pink Mercedes.

    Fran PFran P12 giorni fa
  • I think its gonna be close but in the end mercedes will win( red bull fan )

    Mountain PlayzMountain Playz12 giorni fa
  • Guys, please make the audio better, because i could not listen to it after a while.. it varied in quality very much...

    Jérôme BJérôme B12 giorni fa
  • Red Bull was faster and better cars in first race, it or weren’t for the end of race rules change in lane 10 they would have won . Is this going to be WWF ?

    daniel webbdaniel webb12 giorni fa
  • Pedro is a stand up guy. I love when people has always something positive to say about everyone. No big ego just respect

    Antoan HadyAntoan Hady12 giorni fa
  • Merc by 12 points.

    RedmailnetRedmailnet12 giorni fa
  • 100% not aston martin 🥳

    R VR V12 giorni fa
  • Hamiltons “Magic” was leaving the track in corner 4 29 times (=29* 0.2 sec= 5.8 sec’s)!!

    Robert WeeginkRobert Weegink12 giorni fa
    • Lol! You salty Lewis haters are hilarious! But when Max almost plastered Charles into the barricades in 2019 all you clowns were silent!🤣🤐 Biased much? Lewis never put Max’s life in danger but poor Charles was almost squashed but Max gets a free pass!🙄

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock12 giorni fa
    • Sir Lewis spookt in je hoofd hè. Ik geniet werkelijk van als tokkies ergens in een hoek in een fetus houding liggen en niet kunnen accepteren dat legendarische donkere Sir Lewis Max een race les geeft

      Ethiopis AbrahamovichEthiopis Abrahamovich12 giorni fa
  • Ten minutes in and I'm done, it's like chewing gum for ears.....

    George LedgerGeorge Ledger12 giorni fa
  • In video commercials are CRINCH!!

    Bouke van ZinderenBouke van Zinderen12 giorni fa
  • Pedro ils really a lovable guy!

    djmuscTubedjmuscTube12 giorni fa
  • Mercedes crying wolf (they didn't complain about the changes until they found out it might set them back) 😂😂😂 No sympathy for copycats Aston AT ALL!!!

    Bouke van ZinderenBouke van Zinderen12 giorni fa
  • Back F2 livistrem in You Tube

    João FonsecaJoão Fonseca12 giorni fa
  • Subtitles in portuguese please

    Gabriel DinizGabriel Diniz12 giorni fa
    • @Gabriel Diniz Oh you changed it from Legendas to Subtitles 😂😂

      Dorleys FlirDorleys Flir12 giorni fa
    • @Gabriel Diniz I did 😂

      Dorleys FlirDorleys Flir12 giorni fa
    • @Dorleys Flir I didn't translate the word 😂

      Gabriel DinizGabriel Diniz12 giorni fa
    • Subtitles* in Portuguese Please.

      Dorleys FlirDorleys Flir12 giorni fa
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💣💣💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Funk BR 10 Inscreva-seFunk BR 10 Inscreva-se12 giorni fa
  • Mercedes will win again. History doesn't repeat itself but it rhymes. Let's look back at the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

    Rodolphe NdessabekaRodolphe Ndessabeka12 giorni fa
  • Love listening to De la Rosa every race weekend on Spanish broadcasting so this was a great surprise!

    Patry MuñozPatry Muñoz12 giorni fa
  • Red Bull 💯

    Tomáš NovosadTomáš Novosad12 giorni fa
  • Everything depends on what Perez can do.

    Sir Knucklehead - Nathan -Sir Knucklehead - Nathan -12 giorni fa
  • I lost my job last year during the global pandemic😷 I created my channel believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the 🌎 🌎

    Life Is My OpportunityLife Is My Opportunity12 giorni fa
    • Bish you never even had a job 🤣

      Geert MatthysGeert Matthys12 giorni fa
  • williams

    KC'sKC's12 giorni fa
  • Does anyone know where I can watch past races that I've missed?

    Martez YasharahlaMartez Yasharahla12 giorni fa
    • @Dorleys Flir ❤

      Martez YasharahlaMartez Yasharahla12 giorni fa
    • F1TV app

      Dorleys FlirDorleys Flir12 giorni fa
  • More Pedro please.

    teamchanceryteamchancery12 giorni fa
  • there is a kind of collective hysteria when it comes to talking about the challengers of lewis hamilton just look at the facts and you'll see why he is where he is and why others consistently make the same bad choices and he doesn't.

    Aigle IntègreAigle Intègre12 giorni fa
    • Truth!💯 Everyone runs around with their hair on fire while Lewis keeps his cool! Every year! Clowns don’t seem to learn!

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock12 giorni fa
  • Maybe Checo wins the wdc..

    Will MacWill Mac12 giorni fa
  • Did they really get sponsored by manscaped XD

    EverettEverett12 giorni fa
  • Damon Hill looks just like Christian Bale how can they miss this

    Super GrammarSuper Grammar12 giorni fa
  • Hi. It would be great to see EACH driver's fastest race lap time in the on-screen graphics... maybe a green stopwatch symbol when they do their best lap time? whatever...

    TimC CambridgeTimC Cambridge12 giorni fa

    phaserraphaserra12 giorni fa
  • 32:45 that killed me :D :D :D

    Heini-Sten PoidjutšenkoHeini-Sten Poidjutšenko12 giorni fa
  • My prediction- Lewis & Max fighting wire to wire but at the end Lewis will bag his 8th/9th title and retired. For 2021/2022, Alonso & Hulkerberg/Russell will step to Mercedes while Max Verstappen stay at RedBull bcause has no escape clause bcause RedBull still have the fastest car.. mercedes win by strategy..

    ArifSynerGreenArifSynerGreen12 giorni fa
  • It's going to be close, but I think Mercedes will probably edge it out by the end: with strategy, the drivers delivering their best and hopefully reliability as well. They have managed to do it before, and I think they could do it again! (That is unless RB come up with a big clear advantage and carry it through the entire season, in which case I see Mercedes potentially drop 2021 development, sacrifice their 2021 title to RB and focus on 2022 instead.)

    Diana MaioruDiana Maioru12 giorni fa
  • The first round was won by max but you cheating maFIA help Hamilton since in first year in f1

    Romain JULYRomain JULY12 giorni fa
    • @Black Girls Rock and in the first race the rules arent the same for him and other driver like usual

      Romain JULYRomain JULY11 giorni fa
    • Ironically, the only attempt at cheating was from Max, but whatever helps you deal with your problems.

      calibrazxr750calibrazxr75011 giorni fa
    • How is the FIA helping Lewis and Mercedes when they have less wind tunnel time this year and the regulations favor a high rake design? 🙄🤡

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock12 giorni fa
  • everyone knows haas will win the championship.

    wolfiewolfie12 giorni fa
    • @wolfie and you. 👍

      calibrazxr750calibrazxr75011 giorni fa
    • @calibrazxr750 i really enjoyed this funny conversation with you. Thanks. looks like i have to stop now. Have a nice day bro.

      wolfiewolfie11 giorni fa
    • @wolfie That has rarely, if ever been the case. Laziness generally leads to stagnation and ultimately, failure. The failure for example to write Haas with a capital H.

      calibrazxr750calibrazxr75011 giorni fa
    • ​@calibrazxr750 the ways of laziness are the rays of smartness

      wolfiewolfie11 giorni fa
    • @wolfie The rays of simplicity are the ways of laziness.

      calibrazxr750calibrazxr75011 giorni fa
  • Aston Martin have a design philosophy ? I thought that philosophy was copy Mercedes !

    John Valean BailyJohn Valean Baily12 giorni fa
  • This feels very much like a discord call, these guys seem to get along very well and what a correspondant pedro was!

    Ellipsis115Ellipsis11512 giorni fa
  • Uuhhhh , not siding for Max but Lewis got overtaken by max even when cheating 29 times ad corner 4 and only won because of the race director being selective in the regulations. This was absolutely ridiculous and ruined the race for us fans.

    BenLang77BenLang7712 giorni fa
    • Haha, two replies look like from far west😂😂

      鈴木二郎鈴木二郎11 giorni fa
    • Lol! The crying and saltiness is wonderful! Can’t wait for Lewis to turn up the Merc to 💯 and SMASH Max to the ground! Again.....🤣🤣 Or Max crash himself out.....again! Whatever comes first! Lol!

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock12 giorni fa
    • Hush and go get a life instead of whining

      Femi CEOFemi CEO12 giorni fa
  • the podcast dynamic is so much better when there are three people talking whether that 2 hosts plus a guest or 3 hosts

    twhiteofrd_110twhiteofrd_11012 giorni fa
    • Did you understand what you wrote?

      Kakha KhmelidzeKakha Khmelidze11 giorni fa
  • Pretty sure we all know the answer The Safety Car

    Justin M.Justin M.12 giorni fa
  • Redbull for President

    DennisDennis12 giorni fa
  • After one race its hard to say who is going to win the championship. After the 5th race we should have an idea. Hopefully its Red Bull.

    Steve SmithSteve Smith12 giorni fa
  • Mercedes hopefully

    Outdoor WorldOutdoor World12 giorni fa
    • 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 Make the salty haters cry more!🤣

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock12 giorni fa
  • Its too early to know who will figth for the Championship. But yeah there is high chace which this is what will get during the season

    Martellifra03 ChannelMartellifra03 Channel12 giorni fa
  • FIA and the track limits ;)

    Gábor SzabóGábor Szabó12 giorni fa
  • I’m really enjoying this podcast

    Tenesha AndersonTenesha Anderson12 giorni fa
  • What have you done with Natalie??!? If you need an alibi my fees are very high but I won't be happy about it.

    Vince Cannava IIVince Cannava II12 giorni fa
    • Nvm. She obviously didn't want to see you man-scaping.

      Vince Cannava IIVince Cannava II12 giorni fa
  • Redbullllllllll

    NRX gaming UKNRX gaming UK12 giorni fa
  • It’s going to be Mercedes and it’s folly to think otherwise.

    Eccentric GamerEccentric Gamer12 giorni fa
  • Maybe put timestamps in the podcast so we dont have to listen to all of the brabble.

    RoyRoy12 giorni fa
  • The 2021 regulation is meant to slow down mercedes. RB will dominate easily

    Robin HarrisonRobin Harrison12 giorni fa
  • Merc will win, the FIA will see to it.

    Yeolde GamerSteveYeolde GamerSteve12 giorni fa
    • @Black Girls Rock illegal pirelli tyre tests, FRIC, DAS. etc etc.

      Yeolde GamerSteveYeolde GamerSteve11 giorni fa
    • Yeah because they needed the FIA for help over the last SEVEN YEARS! Including in a slower car in 2017 and 2018! 🤣🤣🤣

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock12 giorni fa
  • Max is gonna crash at least one time this year and then it's all over

    • @Dennis How many Red Bulls have Lewis hit before idiot Alex? Daniel drove for years and Lewis never hit him! Lewis never hit Pierre either! Maybe it’s the clown Alex who can’t drive!🤡 No one mentions that Alex crashed into Kevin too doing the same nonsense!

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock12 giorni fa
    • @Dennis You mean Albion trying to overtake on the outside

      Femi CEOFemi CEO12 giorni fa
    • No need to, cause Lewis will hit every Redbull car who is trying to get his poduim.

      DennisDennis12 giorni fa
  • Red Bull wins the constructors, Lewis wins the drivers...

    FrontSideBusFrontSideBus12 giorni fa
  • The answer is in the background picture: Red Bull drives before Mercedes

    Jop van EckJop van Eck12 giorni fa
  • My money is on *Red Bull.* The new regulations highly favor Red Bull and they're the kings of development. Merc was lucky *Perez* started from the pit lane otherwise they wouldn't have been able to *undercut* Max during the pit stop window. Red Bull just need to make sure Checo's car has no more issues going into the race.

    Cletus SpucklerCletus Spuckler12 giorni fa
  • Let just hope it's not Verstappen

    shmetshmet12 giorni fa
    • 💯

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock12 giorni fa
  • F1

    Piotr KobielusPiotr Kobielus12 giorni fa
  • Always Leclerc💪🏻💪🏻

    Sabilrayzza PribadiSabilrayzza Pribadi12 giorni fa
  • Mercedes

    Megawave79Megawave7912 giorni fa
  • Mercedes all the way

    Ricouk74Ricouk7412 giorni fa
    • 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock12 giorni fa
  • I hope Red Bull, but I think Mercedes. I hope Verstappen, but I think Hamilton! 🤫

    King JustinKing Justin12 giorni fa
  • just talks forget; NEXT

    benoit mannbenoit mann12 giorni fa
  • We will see

    andy Vettelandy Vettel12 giorni fa
  • He is still Damon Hill

    King JustinKing Justin12 giorni fa
  • I think merc has the right tools nd personel to win the constructors championship, they have been here before (2018 ), redbull seem to struggle wth reliability more than the mercs over the years. But it's going yo be a heck of a season

    Boikanyo MadishaBoikanyo Madisha12 giorni fa
  • most liked comment gets a free ticket competition?

    Harry Parnis EnglandHarry Parnis England12 giorni fa
  • I would love Max to do it but Mercedes has great strategy in the pits. They always seem to implement the best strstegy

    gcoffey223gcoffey22312 giorni fa
    • yeah! Mercedes so strong at a race strategy, but we know that they're had many times failed pit stop strategy as like as other teams. Just, I mean Mercedes makes 2-4 mistakes every season! Look at 2020, 2019! Russia GP - start testing for LH44; Silverstone- Hams 3 wheels finish and Bottas fail! Germany GP - crazy rain race and 1 minute pit stop for LH44; Bahrain -Russel and Bottas failed at PC pitstop ; and others. I think RB have more chances for win 2021 right now!

      Sayat KenzhegulovSayat Kenzhegulov7 giorni fa
    • @Gel Mir Bottas is a dream #2 driver

      gcoffey223gcoffey22312 giorni fa
    • In in in in in

      redda2redda212 giorni fa
    • They don’t. They just have the luxury of two cars being #1 and #2, usually. When your cars are in a position next to eachother, there’s more options than otherwise. Other teams have equally smart people that do their strategy.

      Joe FelonyJoe Felony12 giorni fa
    • Best second driver - merc (Beta Bottas is still the best beta) Best car - probably RB but not much and nothing the Merc engineers can't catch up. Best Race and Tech Engineer - Merc (base on previous season) Best Pit Crew - RB (Merc sometimes fumbled up and ruin their race) Best Driver - I would still say Lewis, his experience and his shameless ability to exploit loopholes are still beyond' Max's reach.

      Gel MirGel Mir12 giorni fa