Shakti | शक्ति | Episode 1095 | 26 October 2020

26 ott 2020
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While Preeto threatens Shanno to give Heer a letter written by Soham, the latter evades the police. Meanwhile, Virat sneaks into Heer's room after the Haldi ceremony, and the couple shares some romantic moment. But will their happiness be shortlived?
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Set against the backdrop of culturally rich and vibrant Punjab, Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki portrays the power of a family to dictate the fate of its daughters, Soumya and Surbhi. Deprived of an education, companions and toys, Soumya can't understand the indifference her father and Dadi show towards her and finds solace only in her mother's arms. Meanwhile Surbhi gets everything she wants, except for the one thing she yearns for-her mother's love. What has caused these heart-breaking rifts in this otherwise perfect family? What makes parents discriminate between their own daughters? Watch the mystery unfold.
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  • The Episode starts with Harak Singh asking the villagers to catch Soham and says he is my grand son later, but a criminal first. Preeto tells that she wants Soham to be arrested in any circumstances. Inspector assures her and asks Rohan to get up. He gets up and removes his mask. It is revealed that he is Rohan and says we will handle the dead body whom Soham killed. Preeto asks him to catch Soham. Inspector says we have connection with Harak Singh since long and assures her. Mahi holds her Pallu while Heer removes her haldi from her hands. She asks her to be careful and leave it in the pallu. Heer asks her to hold Pallu rightly. Her friend tells that Heer is same since childhood. She says her children will be mischievous like her. Preeto and Rohan come there. Preeto recalls that she is a kinnar and a fb is shown. Heer asks how will you handle my troublesome kids. Rohan tells Preeto that they have to handle the situation. Preeto says she will handle everything and asks her to be happy. Shanno thinks from where they are coming? Preeto asks where are you lost? Be right here and asks what is she going to wear in mehendi and sangeet and asks her to tell. Raavi gets Virat’s call on her mobile and gives to Heer. Heer takes the phone and goes. Raavi asks Rohan what happened? Rohan tells that Soham eloped from there and that we shall be careful. Preeto tells Shanno that Soham eloped. Shanno laughs and says he is my Soham. Preeto keeps knife on Shanno’s neck and asks her to give Soham’s letter to Heer, making her believe that it is left by Soham for Heer. Shanno agrees. Preeto throws the knife and walks off. Heer is talking to Virat on call and asks him to leave it. Virat comes there and holds her waist. He says I can’t leave you. Heer smiles and gets happy seeing him there. She says like you haven’t brought baraat last time, will you not bring baraat this time too. She asks will you bring it this time. Virat says I will die rather than doing my life’s biggest mistake again. Heer keeps hand on his mouth and hugs him. He promises her. She asks him to go and take bath. Virat says whoever you are, you are my Gulabo. She says when I was talking you on phone, that was vulgar thing and now you are talking romantically. Virat says are you still upset? She sneezes. Virat asks if she is fine. Heer says I thought cold caught me and tells that haldi/turmeric is cold for body. She asks him to go. He asks her to take bath. Preeto tells that Heer will not ask about soham when she reads the letter. We have to keep him away from Heer else he will try to reveal truth to her. Soham runs and hides behind the trees, thinks nobody can stop him from his aim. He thinks he will tell that kinnar about her truth and that too before her marriage. Inspector leaves from there. Soham gets out from there and runs again. Parmeet tells that they will enjoy at Virat’s wedding and celebrate when Daljeet have children. Harak Singh calls Virat. Virat wishes him calling his name. Harak Singh tells that Soham escaped from there, although plan executed like they thought. He asks him to be careful and says Soham might come there. Just then door bell rings. Few people comes there and tells that they have brought decorative stuff. Virat asks Harak singh to believe him that he will never let anything happen to Heer and asks him to take care. He says I love you Harak Singh. Harak Singh reminisces Harman saying the same thing and says I love you too. Virat thinks his family shall love Heer always. Harak Singh tells Preeto that Virat will not let anything happen to Heer. Rohan says Heer shall not know Soham’s plan. Heer asks where is Soham, where is he? he can’t be seen. Everyone looks at her. Shanno cries and tells that Soham has left. She pretends to cry actually. Heer asks where did he go? Shanno says he was angry about your marriage and that’s why left this letter in my room silently and left from here. Heer reads the letter, that he can’t see her marrying Virat, infront of whom they have pleaded to agree for marriage, and that he is leaving. Raavi says he has left gift for you. Heer says how he can go? Preeto asks Raavi to take her from there. Soham comes to Harak Singh’s house and thinks how to go inside. Rohan comes out and asks Inspector if everything is fine. He says yes. Rohan gets inside. Soham sees Virat coming there with his family. Sant Baksh asks constable to shoot Soham just as he comes. Soham thinks everyone has become his enemy. They all come inside. Virat greets Harak Singh. Harak Singh greets him. Heer looks at Virat happily. Harak singh welcomes Sant Baksh as DSP. Parmeet tells that they are samdhis now. Preeto says we brought her up like her parents. She says lets start her mehendi rasam. Virat tells Heer that there is a surprise for her and shows the mehendi cone. He says today, Heer’s Ranjha will apply mehendi cone to her. He asks her to give her hand. Heer says not like this and says you couldn’t put Jam on the bread properly, I don’t want to get mehendi from your hand. She wants nice design. He says when Ranjha applies mehendi to Heer then it is called praying to God and it can’t be wrong. He bends down on his knees and waits for her to give her hand. Tu Hi Mera Khuda Plays……Soham thinks I won’t let this marriage happen, Heer’s truth will be out infront of everyone. Loading video Precap: Heer, Virat and everyone is dancing. Soham hides in a truck and manages to get inside Heer’s house. Heer goes to her room. Soham follows her. Heer (or someone wearing same dress as her, as face is not shown) is sitting on her bed. Soham tells her that she’s a kinnar

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    • Shakti 23rd October 2020 The Episode starts with Preeto, Harak Singh and others do the navratri puja. Preeto tells Harak Singh that they shall go and give shagun to Virat and also apply haldi to him. Harak singh asks Mahi to come with them, being Heer’s mother and says your daughter’s shagun will not be completed without you. Mahi gets emotional recalling her bad behavior with Heer. She says I haven’t done any duty of being a mother till now, but now I got the chance to do a big duty and I will do it. She hugs Heer and says I will come Papa ji. Harak Singh asks her to come. Naseeba song plays. They leave. Soham tells Mata Rani and says you made this world, but Harak Singh’s family is trying to break your rules, which I won’t let them do. Virat prays to Mata Rani while his family does the puja. He thinks he is going to break the world’s illegitimate rules and going to accept Heer, he asks Mata Rani to help him. Heer thinks to go and meet Virat and is about to go out of window, but Raavi comes there and stops her. Heer says she is thinking to go and see, how the rasam happening in Virat’s house. Raavi says you will enter Virat’s home through the door and asks her not to go through window and pulls her ears teasingly. Heer laughs and tells that she wanted to talk to Virat and see him ready. Raavi gives her phone and asks her to talk to Virat. Heer calls Virat and says congratulations. She says she is so excited as they will have same bedroom, they don’t have to go and come by window. He says we are not yet married and you have started talking vulgar things. She says ok, we will talk about bhajan and keertan after marriage, says that is what husband and wife do. Heer ends the call. Virat calls her Gulabo and ends the call. She returns phone to Raavi. She tells that Virat got upset with her. Raavi says such things happens between husband and wife. Preeto and Harak singh come to Sant Baksh. Preeto recalls Parmeet getting Heer’s shuddhikaran puja. She gets inside and gives shagun to Parmeet. Parmeet happily accepts it. Virat thinks Heer shall see this moment. He takes their selfie and says finally both families are united. He feels happy. Mahi asks shall I apply haldi. Virat sits. Parmeet applies haldi to Virat. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Simran asks why did you apply haldi as mother applies first. Sant Baksh and Parmeet ask her to stop. Preeto tells Virat that he as Heer’s husband, is more of her (Preeto) and less of his mother. Virat says I will remember. Soham meets some men in the neighborhood. They ask about Sarpanch. Preeto, Harak Singh and others return home. Preeto says we shall get Heer’s haldi applied. Shanno thinks Preeto shall not know that Soham is not at home. Raavi brings haldi bowl. Heer asks Preeto to apply haldi to her first. Preeto applies haldi to her face. Parmeet applies haldi to Virat. Preeto asks if Chai ji came. Shanno says no, we didn’t call her. Heer asks her to call her and says she wants every neighbors attend her marriage. Soham tells the neighbors that he called them on Sarpanch’s name and tells that he wants to talk to them. Heer asks Sindhu to go and call Chai ji. Preeto says she will go and bring them. She comes to the neighbors’ houses and calls the ladies. They come home and apply the haldi. Shanno thinks apply haldi. Soham tells that I am not guilty and Mata Rani is my witness. Preeto asks Shanno why is she lost and asks her to keep her mind and heart here. She says you are Heer’s Dadi too and asks her to apply haldi. Gurwinder applies haldi to Virat. Shanno applies haldi to Heer. Preeto goes out. Soham says I should have told you all about this, but I didn’t have the courage. He says if I didn’t tell you this then…They ask him to tell. Soham says there is a secret in Harak Singh’s house and says today is Heer’s haldi and she will marry tomorrow, but she shall not marry. He says it is your responsibility to tell everyone. He says Heer Singh is a ……just then a bullet is shot. Soham sees a masked man (Rohan) coming there and aiming gun at him. All the villagers are shocked. Sant Baksh applies haldi to Virat. Heer asks where is Preeto? Raavi says Maa went to temple. Soham tries to snatch gun from the masked man’s hands and hits him. They have a fight and the bullet is shot at the masked man from Soham’s hands. Harak Singh and Preeto reaches there and see the masked man falling down dead. Soham gets shocked. Preeto asks what did you do? Harak Singh asks did you get mad. You have killed a man infront of Gurdaspur men. A neighbor asks Soham to see the face of the masked man. Harak Singh says it is a murder, move back. The neighbor asks Soham to tell them the secret. Preeto slaps Soham and says what did you do, you have done enmity with the world. Soham says this guy came to me, I don’t know what to do. Preeto stops him from seeing his face and tells Harak Singh that their grand son has murder someone. Soham says I didn’t know who is he? Harak Singh says we don’t know his enemies. Soham says you must have sent him. Preeto says let Police come here and enquire. She says Mata Rani…what Soham has done and winks her eye at him. Soham is shocked. A fb is shown, Preeto sees Soham gathering people while returning. Fb ends. Soham says you didn’t do right, you trapped me in murder case to make me move from Heer’s matter. Preeto says now you have seen what I can do to move you from Heer’s way. The neighbor asks Soham if he is upset with his family. Preeto tells that Soham doesn’t like this alliance and tells that Virat’s family has sent this guy to fight with Soham. She asks them to go back to their houses else they will also be interrogated. Soham asks Preeto if she thought that he will leave Heer so easily. Police jeep sound is heard. Neighbors surround Soham. Soham takes out smoke bomb and throws in air. It releases Smoke and Soham manages to escape from there. He thinks the game is not yet over.

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