[OFFICIAL] Oxygen the series ดั่งลมหายใจ | EP.10 [3/4]

14 nov 2020
648 668 visualizzazioni

สามารถรับชม Oxygen The Series ดั่งลมหายใจ ได้ทุกวันเสาร์ เวลา 22:15 น. ทางช่อง ONE31
และรับชมย้อนหลัง เวลา 23:30 น. ทาง Mauve Series และ Special Scene ทาง RogerFilx
Here are all the links of #OxygenEP10 with English Subtitle!
EP10 1/4 : itworlds.info/round/goSvqM1-esyrm4Q/video
EP10 2/4 : itworlds.info/round/aoCBqZx6hb6KqKo/video
EP10 3/4 : itworlds.info/round/pqGeZNiJi9KeaXg/video
EP10 4/4 : itworlds.info/round/onh9dtCpa9ahrog/video
Original Novel by : Chesshire
Directed by : Pongpisit Bottasri
Produced by : Aroonchai Bamrungthai
Creation by : Roger Films Studio, Beluga Production and Mauve Bangkok
ศุภณัฐ เลาหะพานิช รับบท โซโล่
ชนะภูมิ เถรว่อง รับบท กีล์
ธนบัตร งามกมลชัย รับบท เก้า
ภูเบศ ธราธรชนะกุล รับบท ภูริ
ธันยนันท์ พิพัฒน์ไชยศิริ รับบท ขิม
กันต์ชนุตม์ เก่งการค้า รับบท หมอเพชร
ยูกิ ดุรงค์แสง รับบท หมอเพิร์ท
ชญานนท์ บุญมานะวงศ์ รับบท เขม
ติดต่อโฆษณา : mauve.official@mauve.co.th
Mauve Bangkok would like to extend our gratitude to more than 30 translators around the world for contributing in our community program resulting in the wonderful 19-language subtitles.
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    Nayla AbigailNayla AbigailOra fa
  • I think the doctor have the biggest love tingle now.😶

    its j timeits j time20 ore fa
  • "mans job" my ass. my mom put up our tents in the middle of a rain storm, give me a break. people really need to stop underestimating people based on gender. smh Also i love how quickly khim showed him that she is equal to him and can put up a damn tent, though i still feel that she shouldn't of had to, but what can i expect from someone who is using other people to fake their interest in men in order to impress a girl. i keep waiting this dumb doctor to show some kind of redeeming qualities but unlike wine he seems to get worse with time.

    Faithy_ STAYFaithy_ STAYGiorno fa
  • Porfin el doctor se animó a besar a la chica ❤

    Kary ZMKary ZMGiorno fa
  • Oh god.. I am not ready for ep 10.. 😢😢

    ultra stingultra stingGiorno fa

    Mia MinamiMia MinamiGiorno fa
  • No q los capitulos 11 te hacen llorar 😢😢😢

    Mia MinamiMia MinamiGiorno fa
  • Feel sorry for other doctor and Khem.. Now there is not much screen time for Dr. Pharm.. so we cnt expect more about that ship..

    SRK Be DifferentSRK Be DifferentGiorno fa
  • ลูกชั้น(เขม)กำลังมีฟามรัก

    P A N I S A P A N I S AP A N I S A P A N I S AGiorno fa
  • Chale llore mas con Este capítulo que cuando termine con mi novio

    Ricardo CamachoRicardo Camacho2 giorni fa
  • the way khen looks at dr. omg I'm crying edit: this ending-- what the fuck is this? I'm here to see gay

    Lana MartinsLana Martins2 giorni fa
  • Sorry I don't condone the Dr. and Khim relationship, I thought it was cute at first but then Doc messed it up with all the lyin. I would've been ok if he said something the first time he was gonna tell her but now, it's a NO

    Tye Cope7Tye Cope72 giorni fa
  • ไม่ไหว ช้านร้องไห้

    alohaJapan1990alohaJapan19902 giorni fa
  • Chapter 10:a Me: they forgot warm milk :'(

    MoniMiilkyMoniMiilky2 giorni fa
  • I don't like that stupid doctor at all, he plays with other people feelings. And also who says this 0:50, is kinda annoying. (correction, is annoying)

    Muffins *Muffins *3 giorni fa
  • Poor Khem:((

    httyoonminehttyoonmine3 giorni fa
  • I feel so bad for khem baby :/

    Eva Maria Flores GranadosEva Maria Flores Granados3 giorni fa
  • เห็นป่ะขิมอ่ะ

    Kanokporn SongkaKanokporn Songka3 giorni fa
  • โอ็ยยยดีมากกกกดีเกินไปแล้ววววว ฝากกอดกีด้วยนะโซ

    Kanokporn SongkaKanokporn Songka3 giorni fa
  • น้องชอบหมอ หมอชอบพี่

    พรพิมล ทองบางพรพิมล ทองบาง3 giorni fa
  • Okay I might be stoopid, but I swear I see the shadow of someone walking on the dr.s shoulder, I think khem might have seen them kissing👀 Edit: just watched the next part and I FRICKING KNEW IT. IMA BOUT TO CATCH A PLANE TO THAILAND AND WHOOP THAT DR.S A$$ FOR HURTING THE ADORABLE KHEM. thank you for listening to my ted talk

    Ryleigh SibleyRyleigh Sibley3 giorni fa
  • Me before watching bl "I will reward you" means he/she will get a present or gift Me after watching bl "I will reward you" **blushing

    catzrock myzacatzrock myza4 giorni fa
  • No khem no te me ilusiones, dios el doctor me lo esta ilusionando al pedo u,n,u

    Sofia MaitéSofia Maité4 giorni fa
  • "Perhaps you're only good at being a doctor" Is like saying at least you're pretty, it just the best backhanded compliment. 😂

    zer0luvzer0luv4 giorni fa
  • The hetero storyline don't have sens at all

    Cloud 9Cloud 94 giorni fa
  • Poor Khem..... I hate that stupid doctor 🙄

    Tina MGTina MG4 giorni fa
  • Everyone in the comments “poor Khem” Me: have no idea what everyone is talking about bc I always skip the doctor and the girl scene....I can’t stand them🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    Grace JonesGrace Jones4 giorni fa
  • เขมมาเห็นรึเปล่าช้อตสุดท้าย😳

    Pornnapa NonthesaPornnapa Nonthesa4 giorni fa
  • แผนการเธอใช่มั้ยเขม

    Pornnapa NonthesaPornnapa Nonthesa4 giorni fa
  • Hands down the most beautiful scenes were in this episode!!

    SuperStarLikeSuperStarLike4 giorni fa
  • Poor khem😭

    finafina5 giorni fa
  • lets kill that doctor pleaseee dont hurt my khemmm😭

    Nenda NielSomNenda NielSom5 giorni fa
  • I like khem cute

    Ubay ImuetzUbay Imuetz5 giorni fa
  • DAMNNN in the end of all we gonna see Khem getting hurt 🥺 Edit: NAH HE DID NOT DO THAT 😔

    Dyanera JaeDyanera Jae5 giorni fa
  • น้องแอบรักแน่ๆๆ

    สําเภา มาตราเงินสําเภา มาตราเงิน5 giorni fa
  • Khim: Let's pitch a tent out here Petch: No no, it's a man job I'll do it 1 HOUR later......🤨🤔 Khem: Don't worry. Perhaps you're only good at being a doctor

    Sat SihitéSat Sihité5 giorni fa
  • That doc dude omg... He already played with his friend's feelings and now he did just playing with Khem too???? Dude...

    Grace_ MitsukiGrace_ Mitsuki5 giorni fa
  • When a "Straight moments,romance and kisses" Appears in any BL series, Normal people: "aww so cute" Meanwhile me: "*skips*"

    Hyunjin is mineHyunjin is mine5 giorni fa
  • tadin do khem:(

    susy rxsusy rx5 giorni fa
  • ฉึบฉับมากแม่

    NUNTTYANUNTTYA5 giorni fa
  • Dr.Perth😭 Why choose to love and not let go I pity u for the whole time

    Mora SwisswoodMora Swisswood5 giorni fa
  • Pauvre khem faut pas qu’il tombe amoureux de lui 😕

    NãÿømïãNãÿømïã5 giorni fa
  • Where the fuck is that other doctor guy that like the doctor guy i don't like this

    Curtis PleasantCurtis Pleasant5 giorni fa
  • Oiii.... What the hell is going on here...😭😭 I feel sorry for khem...

    Pramila DasPramila Das5 giorni fa
  • 7:35 soy puras lagrimas

    Nat loves blNat loves bl6 giorni fa
  • 6:22 lo amo 😭😭😭😭❤

    Nat loves blNat loves bl6 giorni fa
  • 5:12 So se paso , es un amor ... estoy llorando

    Nat loves blNat loves bl6 giorni fa
  • Poor khem

    EightEight6 giorni fa
  • stupid doctor :(

    EightEight6 giorni fa
  • เหมือนเขมเป็นตัวประกอบอ่า🥺🥺🥺

    may เอมอีmay เอมอี6 giorni fa
  • The doctor is terrible ☹☹

    shesaprototypeshesaprototype6 giorni fa
  • I can already see the future 🤧😭😭 khem might witness that scene I seriously don’t like those straight couple he has been lying all along for his selfishness he doesn’t deserve anyone’s pure love nor Khems nor that male doctors they r too precious y must he break Khems heart 🤧

    Harshita GadavarthiHarshita Gadavarthi6 giorni fa
  • did they just park the car in the middle of the road?

    Vaidehi PatelVaidehi Patel6 giorni fa
  • الواحد جاي يشوف BL تقلبت ل straight قرفففففف كنت بدي الاخ يقع في حب الطبيب

    _BTS방탄 소년단_BTS방탄 소년단6 giorni fa
  • I hate the doctor and i love khem lol

    Jael Paola Ormeño PlazaJael Paola Ormeño Plaza6 giorni fa
  • So sad and sweet! 😭🌜

    Nz B o y dNz B o y d6 giorni fa
  • Cuadrado amoroso desatado por fin el Dr le dijo a Khim que le gusta

    Cipriani MoyaCipriani Moya6 giorni fa
  • I can smell a sibling rivalry here

    Donald DitaDonald Dita6 giorni fa
  • Is the doctor seriously camping in satin pajamas!?

    Ryan PeteRyan Pete6 giorni fa
  • 2 ships drowned together in one shot. 👁👄👁

    Haha HihiHaha Hihi6 giorni fa

    Julieta BravoJulieta Bravo7 giorni fa
  • เม้นไทย หายหมดเลย😂♥️

    Kansuda KumupalaKansuda Kumupala7 giorni fa
  • No tienen el presentimiento de que algo malo va a pasar v"":

    Esmeralda kimkookEsmeralda kimkook7 giorni fa
    • yo igual, siento que están planeando hacerme llorar en cualquier momento

      Diana naxsDiana naxsGiorno fa
    • u.u aliste los pañuelos~

      kattBTS ARMYkattBTS ARMY4 giorni fa
  • ¿ No sé por qué?..pero en los dramas tailandeses los actores y actrices son una beleza increíble, es que no sé donde sacan una bonita cara y tan fof@, mira p'Solo y p'gui, ademas de ellos, esta la fofura khim, simplemente , wauh!...

    Jacqueline Baldé BaldéJacqueline Baldé Baldé7 giorni fa
  • 💔💔😢😢

    Marwa TunssiMarwa Tunssi7 giorni fa
  • 2พี่น้องกับคุนหมอนี่ยังใงก๊อนนน!!!!

    Arabia MussarinArabia Mussarin7 giorni fa
  • อ่ออยยย...อบอุ่นไปโหมดดดด💓😊

    Arabia MussarinArabia Mussarin7 giorni fa
  • หมอกับเขมคือเคมีดีมากนะ แต่ดูๆไปก็เศร้า😢

    KJ JmikaKJ Jmika7 giorni fa
  • Am I the only one who can't stand the entire storyline of that stupid doctor ??

    Coral PeretzCoral Peretz7 giorni fa
  • สงสารเขมว่ะ

    Y YY Y8 giorni fa
  • Estamos de acuerdo en que todos odiamos al Doctor?

    maz 1000maz 10008 giorni fa
    • @Marisol Agüero de todos 🤧

      maz 1000maz 10006 giorni fa
    • Yo no lo odio odio, pero no me gusta su actitud, siento que esta jugando con los sentimientos de Khem y el otro doctor :(

      Marisol AgüeroMarisol Agüero6 giorni fa
  • F for Khem! doctor please clear all!!!!!

    Wen fujoshiWen fujoshi8 giorni fa
  • Estou tão triste pelo Khem 😔 Já passei por isso (achar que alguém gosta de mim e acabar me iludindo) e sei que se ele não for correspondido, vai doer muito!

    Isabela MariaIsabela Maria8 giorni fa
  • Poor Khem...huhuhu.. i feel bad for him..

    Just AnotherJust Another8 giorni fa
  • คราวที่แล้วใส่เกงยีนลงน้ำคราวนี้ใส่ร้องเท้าลงน้ำเลยจร้าาาาา55555

    Adela SmithAdela Smith8 giorni fa
  • I can never pull off my tears whenever Gui cries 😭😭😭

    Yin Nyein AyeYin Nyein Aye8 giorni fa
  • The heterosexual kisses in bl series are worthless... And Mr.Doctor I really wanna sue you for being so stupid and keeping khem in hope.....

    Sanju YiZhanSanju YiZhan8 giorni fa
  • ฉันผู้หาเม้นไทยอ่าน

    นิก ทําไปเเล้วนิก ทําไปเเล้ว8 giorni fa
  • I dont really like the kind of character that dr.Petch is playing in the thai series because he's used multiple people just for one person and now Khem is falling for the doctor idk I just dont like that storyline other than that the series is good

    Star MartinezStar Martinez8 giorni fa
  • Sorry but it's on my mind Sol : the principal is up there *point the sky Me : is she a Astronaut?...

    nanin nananin na8 giorni fa
  • what a stupid doctor

    Calista GCalista G8 giorni fa
  • อะไรกันเนี้ย 😂😂

    jaja 852jaja 8529 giorni fa
  • This series has a unique energy. Solo and Gui have a distinctive way of moving, limpid and serene, their own shared style of simple, flowing clothing, their signature harp music in the background. They're often silent; never loud, not even very expressive. They hang out in quiet, peaceful settings. Kao and Phu have a brighter buzz, but also dwell in their own sweet universe. The Dr + Khim & Khem are like a weird commercial break from another planet.

    jarabaajarabaa9 giorni fa
  • Am I the only one happy to see petchkhim together?

    Nine JoongNine Joong9 giorni fa
  • le echo toda la culpa al doctor por ilusionarme al muchacho , DOCTOR PÓNGASE CLARO

    Karla LisbethKarla Lisbeth9 giorni fa

      Katy GarciaKaty GarciaGiorno fa
  • I feel so bad for khem, Why did he even falling for that doctor 😭😭

    letsttmletsttm9 giorni fa
  • Lol I honestly just skip the dr. Parts he annoys me

    britanny Binnsbritanny Binns9 giorni fa
  • Dr. Petch should just tell the truth already coz I can't see Khem getting hurt.

    Amama RiazAmama Riaz9 giorni fa
  • 😍😍😍🇺🇾❤🇺🇾

    oti Gonzalezoti Gonzalez9 giorni fa
  • I have to say it. I'm hating this doctor guy!! 😤😤😤😤

    jeiny jimenezjeiny jimenez9 giorni fa
  • Doctor is hurting himself, poor Khem and also Dr. Perth... But i shipped both the doctors...

    Anurag YadavAnurag Yadav9 giorni fa
  • pinche doctor me caga😾👊

    my babe ́ ;;my babe ́ ;;9 giorni fa
  • OMG éste triángulo amoroso de hermanos y el doctor me tiene súper ansiosa!! Aaaa aunque si estoy feliz por el Doctor y Khim porque el la ama desde el inicio me siento triste por khem

    yuki giouyuki giou9 giorni fa
  • #Fourwheel ❤

    Creative TashiCreative Tashi9 giorni fa
  • OMG, the doctor and Khim's kiss was soooo unexpexted!

    Senor AlpacaSenor Alpaca9 giorni fa
  • They show Khem falling for the doctor But the doctor kissed her I am so confused but as far as i know someone is gonna get hurt

    ABS ANntonioABS ANntonio9 giorni fa
  • พ่อแม่ลูกซะงั้น แม่กีตาร์ พ่อโซโล ลูกมูณ

    ณัฐกฤตพัฒน์ แก้วฟองณัฐกฤตพัฒน์ แก้วฟอง9 giorni fa
  • At this point I want Khem and Perth to be together and this playboy doctor with no one

    thunderpopzzzthunderpopzzz9 giorni fa
  • the doctor is already hurt 2 people, his friend who liked him then the poor khem, and he keep lying on the girl who kinda deserves it she kept pushing him to be gay like stfu there are straight people too ..

    hhj Djjhhj Djj9 giorni fa
  • why the writers of this show want so bad to cause problems on khem's life? I'm sick

    lucaslucas9 giorni fa