Are The Straights Okay on Tik Tok?

2 mag 2021
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Are the straights okay, TikTok edition. What do you think?
As a reminder, I'm not talking about all cis straight people when I say 'The Straights', and actually not all of these were terrible..but some really were haha.

  • sometimes i wonder if straight men know that you can be friends with someone who isnt another man, like, there's more use to them other than having sex

    nicolenicole7 minuti fa
  • The use of the word "female" to indicate a whole human being rubs me the wrong way and I'm a cis woman even. Icky.

    Brenna WallBrenna Wall27 minuti fa
  • If someone I was daiting and showed up at my work and forced to to marry them or they'd leave I'd dump them right then and there and probly change work locations and move out of state becuse that sounds like someone going crazy and I don't want to deal with daiting a crazy person

    Luna WolfheartLuna WolfheartOra fa
  • Ugly girls? *never heard of em*

    Ashley CarrAshley Carr3 ore fa
  • The guy with the jetpack is so sweet🥺🥰

    Rosa VatnhamarRosa Vatnhamar4 ore fa
  • Additionally to it possibly excluding trans women the use of 'female' referring to women also makes me feel uncomfortable because I feel like it really depersonalizes who you're talking about. I mean it obviously is scientifically correct but that's about it. You're talking about the female of your own species instead of a person who has feelings and an entire personality.

    Mareike GMareike G6 ore fa
  • The ugly girls always have the most to say bc they’re been sidelined or ignored/laughed at by boys their entire life so they don’t give two shits anymore what they think. Pretty girls have (on the other hand) been harassed by boys their entire life so are so used to that attention and feel they can’t “say” what they want for fear of losing that. Neither of these are criticisms - often the way we act is due to the people around us.

    Dee DDee D7 ore fa
  • 1:01 using the word "females" reduces women to their reproductive organs/biological sex, which yes totally excludes any woman that is not biologically female.

    Micah ThibaultMicah Thibault9 ore fa

    hi sistershi sisters11 ore fa
  • Freshnfit was THANKFULLY banned from TikTok. He is disgusting

    Sarah DougallSarah Dougall15 ore fa
  • im not sure what pronouns i should call trans people, not that i think that it’s bad, it’s just that im confused. should i use they/them, or should i use the gender they transitioned to? im just confused on what i should use, not that i hate it, i just want to know.

    Faith’s ArtFaith’s Art16 ore fa
    • @Who let SJ on youtube thank you for telling me!

      Faith’s ArtFaith’s Art13 ore fa
    • Ask them! Most prefer the pronouns conforming to the gender they transitioned to, but you should ask. :)

      Who let SJ on youtubeWho let SJ on youtube13 ore fa
  • Straight TikTok is so pathetic 🤮

    Tixet xTixet x18 ore fa
  • I feel like some people just don’t get that transitioning isn’t a choice….. From what I understand ( as a cis person) it’s trying to physically get closer to who you actually are in your head, not just ooooh I guess I can be a girl no hey lollll

    E_Fox snowspiritE_Fox snowspirit18 ore fa
  • the guy in the last video seemed very nice and i actually got invested even tho i had no idea what he was talking about. his gf was just making a mean joke (even if she doesn’t actually think that or look down on him for being “nerdy” it still seems rude)

    sunny peachy morgansunny peachy morgan19 ore fa
  • whyyy am I torturing me with theseeee

    Meh희Meh희19 ore fa
  • I read the title and went: “no 😅”

    RamildaRamilda19 ore fa
  • I hear "females" and I just think if Friday night dinner

    RikititiRikititi19 ore fa
  • I think the reason a lot of people find female a weird/uncomfortable word is because PEOPLE ARE USING IT WRONG. Female is an adjective, it describes sex and can be used for literally any living thing, which means it is quite objectifying and quite literally reduces people to their reproductive organs. Which, by extension, can be used in a transphobic way.

    AuroraAurora19 ore fa
  • I saw something like this a friend was laughing at on Facebook. These guys were doing a marriage boot camp... Very cringy.

    Nat MNat M20 ore fa
  • Anybody who tries to pressure anyone for sex (and in such a dumb way as that tiktok suggested) is a time waster and good riddance

    Inka KoutnáInka Koutná22 ore fa
  • "Women are manipulative" Men: 5:54

    John HallJohn Hall22 ore fa
  • I ewwwwd so hard at this it was actually painful

    Gate To HellGate To Hell22 ore fa
  • The guy with the action figures was so cute he was just so passionate about his stuff and I love that for him

    MoodyBakerMoodyBaker23 ore fa
  • In case you couldn’t tell, the last one was basically “ha ha, my bf is such an unsexy nerd, he can’t cheat on me because he has no one to cheat on me WITH”

    Alex MarianAlex Marian23 ore fa
  • Okay, their straight.. but not in they head.

    Bakuglow73Bakuglow73Giorno fa
  • I kinda see it problematic that the title of this video is “Are the Straights ok?” Because I feel it would be problematic if I saw a video titled “Are the Gays ok?” Or “Are the Trans ok?” The straights in these videos are obviously NOT ok but the title. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Mountaingrly2513Mountaingrly2513Giorno fa
  • 7:30 I'm so sorry, but this is so cute how he's just talking. It's adorable~ Seems like a joke, but he was just so passionate talking about his figurines that it would suck if she didn't care

    Naomi BairdNaomi BairdGiorno fa
  • in case you didn't know, the "tell me [x] without telling me [x]" is a trend that basically means "instead of saying [x] flat out, tell a story about it or something along those lines"

    Episke filmEpiske filmGiorno fa
  • I found the "starwars tell me ur boyfriend wont cheat on you" Tik tok quite funny, bc i understood it as "He likes nerdy things and is a very nice person, so he would be too loyal to cheat on me

    Laura GardereLaura GardereGiorno fa
  • Why your boyfriend won't cheat on you? Because he has an interest hes passionate in. I love when my husband talks about anime. Hes a shy man and his confidence shines when he talks about something hes passionate it

    Holly may LargeHolly may LargeGiorno fa
  • The only time the use of the words "male" or "female" doesn't make me feel icky is when it's used in science, like for animals or datas. Nothing else. And even then it depends sometimes in whether or not the scientific research is purposefully dehuminazing men or women. If I hear a guy say "females" in a non scientific context, I WILL assume he is an incel and avoid the hell out of him. In the same way, if I hear a girl use "males", I am going to question her on it, because dang it sounds bad.

    Maya DargeonMaya DargeonGiorno fa
  • The straight cis people are not okay. That is my conclusion

    Rebecca does stuffRebecca does stuffGiorno fa
  • I asked my SO, "If a guy says Female, what's your first thought?" Without missing a beat, they say, "Incel..."

    Crafter LulaCrafter LulaGiorno fa
  • Him- *goes to other room rofake call another girl* Me- *leaves* not today

    Smol SavSmol SavGiorno fa
  • man, my brother constantly uses the word females to describe women, hes not even transphobic (anymore) and hes never said anything transphobic when i ask him why he says it, he says apparently women just dont like being called any other word? in his eyes? like bro... theres so many other words? women, ladies, girls, etc... female is so...gross sounding. also that one guy with the star wars stuff was so cute, i hope hes doing okay, him just randomly going on about it was so wholesome and adorable

    M BatM BatGiorno fa
  • Ngl the guy reading off the signs for the gf controlling his life was pretty funny

    Too Many OpinionsToo Many OpinionsGiorno fa
  • It it just me, or does anyone else have their blood pressure drop & get a smile on their face just by hearing Jamie's voice?

    Tom MorrisonTom MorrisonGiorno fa
  • Omg the guy with the star wars figures was so adorable she doesnt deserve him.

    Evelyn RoseEvelyn RoseGiorno fa
  • "Im going trans" gives me horrible "Im going ghost" vibes and I'll never look at Danny Phantom the same

    Evelyn RoseEvelyn RoseGiorno fa
  • i can’t imagine what his fyp looks like after researching for this video, thank you for sacrificing yourself for us

    someone importantsomeone importantGiorno fa
  • I'm straight and this is making me cringe

  • Hi, as a straight girl... can I get asylum with you guys? I promise I’m really good at baking cookies and I’ll make some for all of you😩❤️

    Rica GRica GGiorno fa
  • The star wars guy is kinda funny. Not gonna lie!

    Justin GoodeJustin GoodeGiorno fa
  • I just told a guy the other day that talking about Star Wars is actually really sexy for me. I’m not even lying. So that’s last TikTok was absolutely the cutest freaking thing on the planet and now I’m smiling like an idiot.

    Corry MarieCorry MarieGiorno fa
  • 6:56 "You don't deserve anything" PERIOD

    Alina BAlina BGiorno fa
  • Honestly Jamie is just the best person

    orphan burgelarorphan burgelarGiorno fa
  • 5:53 this one is so rude wtf ???

    Alynar UhhAlynar UhhGiorno fa
  • As a CisHet, Straight TikTok is the most frightening thing I've ever seen.

    whatwhatGiorno fa
    • @why tho? Thank you.

      whatwhat20 ore fa
    • off subject i love your pfp and username

      why tho?why tho?Giorno fa
  • The chick in the wedding dress and the dude who couldn’t just take no for an answer, had me all 😲 🤯🤬 Please teach the people you love to not be or be with those kind of people 🙏🏼

    Tondria SandersTondria SandersGiorno fa
  • Oh gosh darn it! Just when I think you couldn't be any cuter!🤗

    sarah warnocksarah warnockGiorno fa
  • the way jamie looks up from the tiktok into the camera gives me the office vibes pls akdjjdjr

    bella biscuitbella biscuitGiorno fa
  • When we say “the straights” most the time we mean “the jackass straights” lol

    XxNightmare BearxXXxNightmare BearxXGiorno fa
  • Ima say it rn- no. No we are not ok.

    Katie DeFioKatie DeFioGiorno fa
  • The "Tell me" ones are basically "Tell me your relationship is unhealthy without telling me your relationship is unhealthy"

    CorginandCorginandGiorno fa
  • Ilysm and you might’ve already said this but I just wanna say a couple of tik toks are not representative a whole sexuality and people would be mad if they saw a video called are the gays okay? watching a couple of cringe gay tik toks.

    Fia ValentiFia Valenti2 giorni fa
    • That's... One of the first things he said. And I wonder if the gays are okay all the time (mostly due to infighting and dumb discourse)

      Dallas WalkerDallas WalkerGiorno fa
  • jamie's so nice :)

    kermit the frogkermit the frog2 giorni fa
  • No. They are not. But we're okay with it because they're just so *chef's kiss* incomprehensible

    KittyCatCrunchieKittyCatCrunchie2 giorni fa
  • star wars dude sounds cool as hell, I'd love to info dump with him

    QueerGeologistQueerGeologist2 giorni fa
  • The jetpack guy was freaking cute. XD It is the kind of passionate people I want in my life.

    Cédrick GauthierCédrick Gauthier2 giorni fa
  • I also hate being referred to as a "female" and I'm a cis woman. It's just always felt condescending. and slightly offensive to me, I guess because it's always been used that way towards me.🤷‍♀️

    Zukhanye FunaniZukhanye Funani2 giorni fa
  • For some reason, I find women being called ‘females’ weird but don’t really mind the use of the word ‘female’ in most contexts. This one was in the former category and even if he used the word ‘female’ (singular), I’d still be weirded out cause of how he is using it. On another note, that last guy was so adorable talking about his passion. People talking passionately about their passion is one of the most wholesome things that exists and I am not too fond of that woman for lowkey mocking him. I’m happy for them if she wasn’t trying to mock him, but it sure seems so with the way it is framed.

    Safala BistaSafala Bista2 giorni fa
  • Hearing that guy go off about his interests, was really sweet and wholesome. Not the tic Tok, that was a bitch move, but just watching that guy get really into his groove and shit was wonderful, I hope he's having a nice day

    kingshiq -kingshiq -2 giorni fa
  • Jammidodger, you are so sweet.

    Incisive CommenterIncisive Commenter2 giorni fa
  • As a big geek I'll say the star wars guy thing at the end has it all wrong. A guy being geeky means nothing of how likely he is to cheat on you. It's just the idea that geeks are asexual or too socially inept. It's often the opposite though. I used to work for some major anime conventions and I was having sex with someone different every time. I was single in those days so I never have cheated. But the idea that your guy is a geek so he either has no interest in women or is incapable is ridiculous.

    Wuji GaoWuji Gao2 giorni fa
  • i'm a star wars fan. and i would love to have a boyfriedn like the last guy

    SadWasDeadSadWasDead2 giorni fa
  • The woman in the pink tights had amazing hair The bald guy was 💯 one of those pick up 'coaches'

    Jaded BelleJaded Belle2 giorni fa
  • regarding the last tiktok, isnt it cruel that having “nerdy” interests is so frowned upon? especially when thats so common among us autistics.

    Lily CummingLily Cumming2 giorni fa
    • @why tho? nerdy intestines my beloved

      Lily CummingLily CummingGiorno fa
    • i thought you said "nerdy intestines" and i was so confused

      why tho?why tho?Giorno fa
  • im going to choose to believe the last tiktok was actually just the lass saying their partner is so devoted to them that they have enough trust to open up about interests and passion projects

    Lily CummingLily Cumming2 giorni fa
  • I liked the tell me without telling me ones.

    Stephen BoothStephen Booth2 giorni fa
  • You're totally justified in not liking the term "females" in this context. Females is a term used for all creatures (not just human women) and women is a term for just human beings. It can feel totally dehumanising to use the word like that

    A Throne Of LiesA Throne Of Lies2 giorni fa
  • That girl is jealous of figurines, interesting...

    RaywaRaywa2 giorni fa
  • The star wars guy should dump his girlfriend. He seems so sweet and doesnt deserve to be mad fun of like that

    Everest Fox AJEverest Fox AJ2 giorni fa
  • My friend was saying about all the weight gain after starting testosterone and I say, with my straight white man confidence, “must be all the the trans fats”. And that’s my one and only trans joke.

    Totally GuyTotally Guy2 giorni fa
  • Calling women females is also kind of degraded

    TheFunniestEvrTheFunniestEvr2 giorni fa
  • If you don't want to stay in a relationship with someone who won't marry you, do let them know how you feel. But not by showing up with pastor & bridesmaid & saying "we're getting married right now"! Just tell them how you feel about it during private conversation, & if they don't want to commit, then both of you can find other people...

    Starry WizdomStarry Wizdom2 giorni fa
  • the last one was really sad he's clearly really passionate about starwars but his girlfriend is just making fun of him for it. he deserves better.

    That one random book nerdThat one random book nerd2 giorni fa
  • 3:37 why does this feel like she's talking about drinking menstrual blood...

    ElenaElena2 giorni fa
  • 2:25 Also, imagine that scenario the other way around with the man forcing the woman to get married then and there? Everyone would call him controlling and borderline why is it okay when the woman does it? I really hope it was a prank!

    Sa RahSa Rah2 giorni fa
  • I've always hated that last tik tok and the trend it's either their boyfriend is super nerdy or plays with toys still or they're half naked chubby and eating a can of beans out of the can like wtf dont show your boyfriend at his most comfortable and relaxed like it's a bad thing

    Mari's CostumesMari's Costumes2 giorni fa
  • If a person started making booty calls in response of me not wanting "adult fun time", all I would be is very happy about the choice I made.

    Pippis78Pippis782 giorni fa
  • If I was in a serious relationship and found getting married agreeable ...I would immediately change my mind if that person tried to use emotional blackmailing to force a marriage. I'd either leave (I hope) or try to get them to seek help.

    Pippis78Pippis782 giorni fa
  • Ew.... You don't manipulate someone into having sex with you. That is so gross.

    HeatherHeather2 giorni fa
  • Wow. The straights are boring.

    defka99defka992 giorni fa
  • You just came up in my ITworlds recommended today and I realized right away I need you in my life.

    CattusorbCattusorb2 giorni fa
  • You can tell exactly what kind of person someone is by if they say “females” or “women”

    Number 400Number 4002 giorni fa
  • I watch a lot of straight tiktok cringe and this one wasnt too bad. I thought a few were funny.

    Eboni MomEboni Mom2 giorni fa
  • No. The straights are never ok

    X_x_Gacha_Pie_x_XX_x_Gacha_Pie_x_X2 giorni fa
  • i never thought abt females in a transphobic way but it always weirded me out

    penelope rat-stormpenelope rat-storm2 giorni fa
  • omg I'm a lesbian but the star wars figures guy is so adorable, he was so excited.. i agree, jetpacks should be included in some action figures cause that's how they are in the shows.

    YoungAndRetroYoungAndRetro2 giorni fa
  • Right before this I got an ad that said for the lgbtq community all it takes is 1 good neighbor. It also had the people where you interview them and next to the people's names that had there pronouns I just find that so amazing. Words can't even begin to describe my happiness.

    KettleKettle2 giorni fa
  • RIP your fyp after making this video 💀

    Ineffable wholockIneffable wholock2 giorni fa
  • I mean not only is 2 years an absolutely reasonable amount of time to be engaged, but like around 1 year of that was in quarantine. Like I really hope it's a weird uncomfortable prank.

    KyraKyra2 giorni fa
  • Eh, I thought the stormtrooper jetpack figure was pretty cool.

    TareltonlivesTareltonlives2 giorni fa
  • As a cishet man, cishet people make me cringe.

    TareltonlivesTareltonlives2 giorni fa
  • can't hear "female" as a noun without imagining a Ferengi from Star Trek saying it.

    Nick BensemaNick Bensema2 giorni fa
  • That wedding one was so fucked up. It's one thing to try and force someone to marry. It's another thing to try and force someone to marry you in a public place, making a scene and making you look like an idiot for doing that in public and your partner look like an idiot for being with you and tolerating that kind of behavior. The guy talking about what to do if a girl doesn't want to sleep with you is disgusting and he also assumed girls are so desperate for a guy that they'll let themselves get coerced into sex which BY THE WAY, technically isn't proper consent. And considering the kind of guy that you do this kind of shit, I don't think he'd be the kind of person to stop when his partner asks so this whole thing starts to feel very rapey.

    Hooded RaireHooded Raire2 giorni fa
  • That last one was so cute though it reminded me of my boyfriend on so many levels 🥺 god i love my dork

    ViupcakeViupcake2 giorni fa
  • i cant believe the straights could ruin the word "yummy" more than justin bieber but...

    insert cheesy pun hereinsert cheesy pun here2 giorni fa
  • This made me sick to my stomach. There are a few people here that would benefit from therapy.

    Kathryn SewickKathryn Sewick2 giorni fa
  • The "girlfriend controlled your life" skit was being sarcastic

    Paul MonksPaul Monks2 giorni fa