The Largest Sandcastle Ever Built

29 apr 2021
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  • Daily Dose is a Chinchilla confirmed

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    • Yup

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  • Strong gust of wind be like...

    Rowchi OchiRowchi Ochi45 secondi fa
  • 1:34 The true fan of Watch Dogs: Legion

    ElfikuElfiku59 minuti fa
  • -_-' hooosh. And I thought that the mouse 🐀 was a face reveal

    mahendra paradakemahendra paradakeOra fa
  • 2:00 Siblings when mum is around

    Finzix15RiFinzix15RiOra fa
  • when you put circus monkeys in the wild national park.

    Daryl ThomasDaryl ThomasOra fa
  • The guy from the last clip is actually real-life Aquaman, he goes around saying "Hey bro pull my finger" and the fishes fall for it

    Athor MaximoffAthor Maximoff2 ore fa
  • 1:01 correction, they saw the sun rise

    K Munda CruzK Munda Cruz2 ore fa
  • if the sandcastle is destroyed, imma just kill everyone at my school then their families

    K Munda CruzK Munda Cruz2 ore fa
  • THAT CHINCHILLA ENDING!!!! That was awesome!

    AtomicHaggisAtomicHaggis2 ore fa
  • Funny monke

    TomatPotatIDinStatTomatPotatIDinStat2 ore fa
  • 1:38 Hoverboards are real

    Ms. ZombangleMs. Zombangle3 ore fa
  • Finnaly a face reveal !

    SigmatoSigmato3 ore fa
  • Does that last guy need fishing license?

    BloodthirstyBloodthirsty3 ore fa
  • Drone surfing? Didn't know it was a thing!! Looks really fun!!

    BrandiBrandi4 ore fa
  • yes Lemonade impact

    Burcu the BadassBurcu the Badass4 ore fa

    DariusDarius4 ore fa

    DariusDarius4 ore fa
  • 1:05 what were those noises

    kylemaster6969kylemaster69695 ore fa
  • That guy catching fish thoughhhh wtf

    Luna JayLuna Jay5 ore fa
  • The sand carsel is from Denmark and im from Denmark ✌️🤗

    Kiwi KianKiwi Kian5 ore fa
  • That chinchilla is adorable.

    SecrecySecrecy5 ore fa
  • Spirit bomb 1:09

    Tariq aliTariq ali6 ore fa
  • 1:03 they launching sun to the space

    RW CLRW CL6 ore fa
  • Juicy like for chinchilla :D

    Anlaky KokoAnlaky Koko6 ore fa
  • 1:08 imagine seeing a big ball of light going up while casually watching tv

    Big IronBig Iron7 ore fa
  • giant sandcastle: *exists* every kid in a 10 mile radius: ima end this whole sandcastle me: *blocks them with a sword* dont

    AetherAether8 ore fa
  • let the rain do the work..

    Raman AryalRaman Aryal8 ore fa
  • Yeah just wait for a tsunami to bring down that sandcastle

    its Cupidits Cupid8 ore fa
  • Wats that yellow things again?!

    MasterMailMasterMail8 ore fa
  • It would be cool if the sand castle was hollow and you can actually live in it.

    KyleKyle8 ore fa
  • Plot twist the sand castle was actually made of ash

    Zachary JohnsonZachary Johnson9 ore fa
  • *Everybody gangsta until the Storm comes storming in and ruins the Sand Castle*

    Sans the LegendSans the Legend9 ore fa
  • That man flying on the drone is proof we’re living in the future.

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnon9 ore fa
  • 0:51 uhhh are they exposing themselves?

    AlecAlec9 ore fa
  • Wow humanity has come far in the past 20 years

    Glugi Media ProductionsGlugi Media Productions9 ore fa
    • my microwave is doing the same

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnon9 ore fa
  • Hello everyone, my grandfather is in serious condition due to covid 19. Please pray for him to get well soon. He is on ventilator .please pray for him to get well soon . his name is Mr tek ram. Our whole family is under immense mental stress. Please pray for his good health. Please.

    NitishNitish9 ore fa

    CluchMakerCluchMaker10 ore fa
  • Did Aliens help you ?

    SchemaLibreSchemaLibre10 ore fa
  • Make an actual house? Nahhh sand castle

    Oscar YeungOscar Yeung10 ore fa
  • 2:22 Slime mold growing. So that's what that is in my refrigerator!

    Discjunky12Discjunky1210 ore fa
  • Car Monkey: This is the way to travel Rolling Monkey: Hold my banana

    PedroFelixPedroFelix10 ore fa
  • 0:39 look at rollie polly lol

    WhozBxndzz.WhozBxndzz.11 ore fa
  • The toilet after my dad has taco bell: 1:06

    JackIsDaBoss 176JackIsDaBoss 17612 ore fa
  • 1:21 this is what the Japanese saw at Hiroshima.

    Wise MonkeWise Monke12 ore fa
  • World’s largest sand castle: just vibing Wind and rain: allow me to introduce myself

    Miles TeagueMiles Teague12 ore fa
  • If the launch was so bright it tells us the energy efficiency of the fuel

    Sandra WongSandra Wong12 ore fa
  • Face reveals 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Arm cruserArm cruser12 ore fa
  • 0:33 LET HIM IN!

    Psychotica RebootPsychotica Reboot12 ore fa
  • NOW thats a REAL HOVERboard

    Faith LeeFaith Lee12 ore fa
  • my microwave is doing the same

    Wallace Augusto _Wallace Augusto _13 ore fa
  • that's a whole pyramid

    remyremy13 ore fa
  • 2:45 IT'S A TRAP

    Totally NOT Chaos InsurgencyTotally NOT Chaos Insurgency13 ore fa
  • 1:37 Cyberpunk 2077

    mY BrAiN rAn AwAymY BrAiN rAn AwAy13 ore fa
  • My Mom:I wonder where they went its been 2 days Me and the bois:

    mY BrAiN rAn AwAymY BrAiN rAn AwAy13 ore fa
  • Oof the turbulence on that drone

    E TABE TAB13 ore fa
  • the ending killed me. idk why , by that was great. Lader! lol.

    The YardThe Yard14 ore fa
  • that guy definitely getting a lump in his arm after using that microwave

    ShadowShadow14 ore fa

    HomerJr PlanHomerJr Plan14 ore fa
  • 1:37 it’s green goblin!!!

    Jonathan SteinbergJonathan Steinberg14 ore fa
  • 0:50 the cancer machine

    meme villememe ville14 ore fa
  • 1:14 Oh wow its the sunrise! Now wheres the rocket launch

    Dark DestinyDark Destiny14 ore fa
  • Sand, water *(and wood, cough cough)* But seriously question, was it really just straight sand? I feel like they must have mixed it with something other than water to help it stay thick and solid.

    S.E. ES.E. E15 ore fa
  • Slime mold is incredible

    Kaprosuchus BoiKaprosuchus Boi15 ore fa
  • The sand castle was actually a sand “Castle”

    Dream YTDream YT15 ore fa
  • rocket launch?? bro that’s a whole new sun

    RoyaltyRoyalty15 ore fa
  • 2:38 hey I gotta great paying job for you. Its $1 a minute & you get a really cool Free phone with a really cool unique 1-900 number!

    Keyboard WarriorKeyboard Warrior15 ore fa
  • Yet to be clickbaited by this man

    Connor DegnanConnor Degnan15 ore fa
  • Biff is back from the future 1:39

    Liam HowardLiam Howard15 ore fa
  • I see a lot of wood mold on that sand castle

    The lego factoryThe lego factory15 ore fa
  • That’s not a real sand castle chase there was no beach and they used wood

    [Goon's gaming] ICY[Goon's gaming] ICY16 ore fa
  • That fishing thumb guy had to be fake

    Tony MarselleTony Marselle16 ore fa
  • They wanted flying cars for the future but we already have people flying on roads, even without cars

    blergh doomblergh doom16 ore fa
  • the dude should say welcome to WatchMojo

    Leo GogaLeo Goga16 ore fa
  • 1:53 that dude would've distracted me if I was driving 😂

    zoE_EditzzzoE_Editzz17 ore fa
  • Nobody gonna talk about how that fishing video was in reverse?

    Jon DoughJon Dough17 ore fa
  • That man flying on the drone is proof we’re living in the future.

    milio142milio14217 ore fa

    Infj-t guyInfj-t guy17 ore fa
  • The pyramids: i’m i a joke to you?

    PYROPYRO17 ore fa
  • Sachi? is that you?

    brunocoronel123brunocoronel12317 ore fa
  • That foot did look kinda tasty.

    PhoenixspinPhoenixspin17 ore fa
  • OMG the microwave clip made me cringe. they all have small holes in the door for a reason. to keep the radiation in dawg

    Henry BohlHenry Bohl18 ore fa
  • 1:34 Sonic Riders in a nutshell

    RedBird2021RedBird202118 ore fa
  • 1:03 bruh that looks like a nuke

    RiGuyRiGuy18 ore fa
  • 0:49 every second its open "+3 rad"

    RiGuyRiGuy18 ore fa
  • i love the chinchilla at the ned :)

    RubiconRubicon19 ore fa
  • 1:57 beijinho

    Vitor TigreVitor Tigre19 ore fa
  • drone i can be like the thunderkittens on their space board

    Lex LutherLex Luther19 ore fa
  • thats not a sandcastle, thats a sandkingdom

    TheNotorious AbdulTheNotorious Abdul19 ore fa
  • 0:47 our microwave is broken like that too but my dad doesn't know how to fix it any suggestions

    Eli Says NahEli Says Nah19 ore fa
  • 3:14 *THE FACE REVEAL*

    EinEin19 ore fa
  • 0:45 thats... REALLY DANGEROUS, oh my god 0_o

    EinEin19 ore fa
  • It really IS a sand *castle*

    John VedutaJohn Veduta20 ore fa
  • god sent rain though

    TesseraktTesserakt20 ore fa
  • That microwave is a one way ticket to cancer 👍🏽

    Neez DutsNeez Duts20 ore fa
  • 1:40: what the hover board was supposed to be

    AndresfuriousAndresfurious20 ore fa
  • Thats a spirit bomb not a rocket luanch

    Jack GroveJack Grove21 ora fa
  • The most majestic sandcastle: built Twelve year old evil beach kid: I smell a CHALLENGE

    ろろろろ22 ore fa
  • The monkey one is at long leat safari Park I've been there

    William HunterWilliam Hunter22 ore fa
  • i can hear ancient egyptian slaves cry.

    ArpertureArperture22 ore fa