DaBaby - Gucci Peacoat (Official Video)

20 nov 2020
3 352 787 visualizzazioni

Directed By: Gemini Vision (@Gemini.one1)
Song Produced By: K.I.D (@iamdjkid)


  • Right eff votin!!! None of that shot really matter. Love on your people yall! We truly are in a different era 🤞🏾💜 Stay Prayed Up

    Alorian CurrencyAlorian Currency56 secondi fa
  • Chin up 10 toes down bro💯

    trey shrleytrey shrley15 minuti fa
  • I told you that you can do it

    Lo Benefit giganteLo Benefit gigante17 minuti fa
  • Dababy has good taste in firearms. Bros duel weilding FN Five Sevens

    SuperBikerboy101SuperBikerboy10128 minuti fa
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Tilena TaylorTilena Taylor33 minuti fa
  • RIP

    Mason Bike'sMason Bike's52 minuti fa
  • It hurts more when you have someone that past away and this song relates to the pain you be feeling

    im proudim proudOra fa
  • My condolences

    apeshit clothingapeshit clothingOra fa
  • Favorite song yo🔥🔥

    Myauna AliyaMyauna AliyaOra fa
  • He lost his dad and his brother this world is messed up

    M1. HUDM1. HUDOra fa
  • Keep your head up Sorry for your loss

    michael jensenmichael jensenOra fa
  • This song makes me cry, I feel this shit all thru my body!

    Kryss StarrKryss StarrOra fa
  • this song hit me when he i love you i started crying

    Rich & MilaRich & MilaOra fa

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  • 💯

    Nemo FreshhNemo Freshh2 ore fa
  • he so off beat holy shit

    andrew whittickandrew whittick2 ore fa
  • Is the dislike button suppose to be there, bro this song is so powerful #LLG

    Malik '-'Malik '-'2 ore fa
  • LLJ and LLG

    yo boy jhakai haireyo boy jhakai haire2 ore fa
  • To every one stay safe and black lives matter

    yo boy jhakai haireyo boy jhakai haire2 ore fa
  • LLG💔🕊

    Posted SHOOTAPosted SHOOTA2 ore fa
  • Damn I felt this shit 🔥🔥💯💯🖤🖤

    Al Rude 1985Al Rude 19852 ore fa
  • you could see he was crying shame man

    Levi JohnsonLevi Johnson2 ore fa
  • Whoever dislike this song they brain is upside down he speaking from the heart

    Big p38Big p382 ore fa
  • Anybody that dislike this song can’t relate to losing a Love 💕 one ☝️

    Tyrelle ScarboroughTyrelle Scarborough2 ore fa
  • That part where he was speaking to his moms damn near made my eyes water no kap

    JLG_JLG_2 ore fa
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    Add Link FreeAdd Link Free2 ore fa
  • i dont know why people be pressing the dislike button

    redeye scoobyredeye scooby2 ore fa
  • I dnt even listen to this dude at all but this here got me I felt every word

    NEW Breed T.V.NEW Breed T.V.2 ore fa
  • Dababy sold his soul to the devil. FAME AND PAIN - Boosie

    Mark FuentesMark Fuentes3 ore fa
  • Sorry for your loss I’m a lil brother also. I couldn’t imangine this🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Joe MadisonJoe Madison3 ore fa
  • I'll pray for you dababy

    Tracie Vaughan-JacksonTracie Vaughan-Jackson3 ore fa
  • Rip long live g

    Tracie Vaughan-JacksonTracie Vaughan-Jackson3 ore fa
  • Damn Baby ii feel your pain, stay strong 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Young King~Long Live G

    Antana DawkinsAntana Dawkins3 ore fa
  • wait so whats the story behind this

    MatthewMatthew3 ore fa
  • I Have no words... just wow

    ImPatientImPatient3 ore fa
  • tuff shit lol

    junior witdapotatojunior witdapotato3 ore fa
  • run

    angela Lilekangela Lilek3 ore fa
  • Simpli Beautiful beat

    Rachel GalloglyRachel Gallogly4 ore fa
  • 💔💔How can you dislike this song??

    Lil DrizzyLil Drizzy4 ore fa
  • My brother passed away. This song hits the wall. Fuck!!

    Luca WilsonLuca Wilson4 ore fa
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    Otantik MrFaOtantik MrFa4 ore fa
  • Sorry Bro, This shit hit deep af!!

    Really Lingo LingoReally Lingo Lingo4 ore fa
  • Who disliked this I smack tf outta y’all IRL 😪💔

    Kolby MaloneKolby Malone4 ore fa
  • R.I.p Glenn Jonson

    Fancy CuisinesFancy Cuisines4 ore fa
  • Long live my big brother. Miss u bro.

    King BlickyKing Blicky4 ore fa
  • 🙏 respects to his family. And anyone who lost your family too soon ! Go hard for them everyday

    Kyle HamiltonKyle Hamilton5 ore fa
  • #longliveG

    Vibing with NunuVibing with Nunu5 ore fa
  • 🐐🐐🐐🐐

    SSO JaySSO Jay5 ore fa
  • “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil.” John 3:16-19 Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

    gregthomas82gregthomas825 ore fa
  • this flow dammmmmnnnnnnn

    leif 76leif 765 ore fa
  • This was tough..Long Live G

    Kelvin KamauKelvin Kamau5 ore fa
  • I honestly feel his pain frfr my bro just took his life last month long live vato

    Focus GFocus G5 ore fa
  • Rip.

    Gabriel AlencarGabriel Alencar5 ore fa
  • i hope ticktock dont spoiled

    Isidor WilliamsIsidor Williams6 ore fa
  • Sorry but I like ya cut G

    Zerox ErikZerox Erik6 ore fa
  • bro fuck them people that disliked this shit is real yall probably aint had to go through this before but you can tell hes effected by this, he lost his brother and yall disrespectin him by disliken, this shit is real. RIP GLENN ❤️❤️

    Caleb BellCaleb Bell6 ore fa
  • So lyrical , sorrowful, stunting and vibe at the same time

    Valerie EbiogwuValerie Ebiogwu6 ore fa
  • I felt this🖤🥺

    Amanda AmandaAmanda Amanda6 ore fa
  • Jezz this song gave me goose bumps

    Valerie EbiogwuValerie Ebiogwu6 ore fa
  • sorry to hear that dababy,hope his in better place now and i will support you future friend

    john Eshwaar Mageswarrenjohn Eshwaar Mageswarren7 ore fa
  • loosing yo bro hit diff ong, LONG LIVE G, rip T rip Gbaby

    Caleb HutchensCaleb Hutchens8 ore fa
  • LLG

    AniyyaAniyya9 ore fa
  • Damn way to real R.I.P

    Raphael WilliamsRaphael Williams9 ore fa
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    Perfect samuelPerfect samuel10 ore fa
  • This man keeo it real this why I listen to his songs never miss one of them

    Goddess AngelGoddess Angel10 ore fa
  • 🖤

    Zayn ManalodiZayn Manalodi10 ore fa
  • im crying bro

    Daniel MarteDaniel Marte10 ore fa
  • Dababy is sickest in the game

  • They talk about love when people die when they alive they act like bitches

    Ted BakTed Bak11 ore fa
  • LONG LIVE G 💔😔

    SamirSamir11 ore fa
  • *This song will stay ever green*

    The UnstoppableThe Unstoppable12 ore fa
  • *Leave a Secret message for Someone*

    The UnstoppableThe Unstoppable12 ore fa
  • Which song is harder I gassed em both tho I cant lie shit go crazy😂 itworlds.info/round/gHqlj6eygdibjYg/video itworlds.info/round/ZGahmbiRhZerrIQ/video

    2official2official12 ore fa
  • Das crazy

    Gimmedemmtoess BruhGimmedemmtoess Bruh12 ore fa
  • Long Live G 🕊️🕊️

    Ramar ChatnaleRamar Chatnale12 ore fa
  • itworlds.info/round/aId8npiJis5mj4A/video

    TheOfficial D-Will4RealTheOfficial D-Will4Real12 ore fa
  • THIS song shows how close DABABY was to his BRO. MHSRIP

  • Much respect DaBaby becoming one of my favorite rappers! #salute

    Dj Taker3vODj Taker3vO12 ore fa
  • kinda getting tired of him

    07BLUESTI07BLUESTI12 ore fa
  • this is not a song this a mesage

    memphixmemphix12 ore fa
  • First his dad now his brother that man hurting you can see it in his face 💯

    Jakhari DobsonJakhari Dobson12 ore fa
  • sorry for your brother, you rap fast now

    Kaneki KenKaneki Ken12 ore fa
  • Long live g

    444lil m 444gang444lil m 444gang13 ore fa
  • u can see the fuckin pain in his eyes

    yeeks on touchyeeks on touch13 ore fa
  • Damn I cried Bc it made me think of my uncle💔

    iRootzmoney _YTiRootzmoney _YT13 ore fa
  • The “listening while scrolling down the comments” crew

    Ki-Juan HenaganKi-Juan Henagan13 ore fa
  • This is so heartfelt. Condolences to everyone who lost a loved one. 😔stay strong

    cqvio dolicqvio doli13 ore fa
  • RIP

    Landon GordonLandon Gordon13 ore fa
  • Bro this shits deep i deal with wanting to end my life everyday sorry for you and your family's loss rip 🙏

    Matthew McClainMatthew McClain13 ore fa
  • ITworlds Jay Skreetz it’s Nothing 🔥

    YouTube Jay Skreetz It’s NothingYouTube Jay Skreetz It’s Nothing13 ore fa
    • Love live g

      cqvio dolicqvio doli13 ore fa
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  • Deep 🙏🏾❤️

    ElizabethElizabeth13 ore fa
  • Damn.....sorry for your loss....I know that no words can help that pain as every man deals with it differently so all I can say is I feel the pain as well.

    Smart Bot MarketersSmart Bot Marketers14 ore fa
  • itworlds.info/round/YpqopbSEcdiGi3Q/video

    99 Overall Inc.99 Overall Inc.14 ore fa
  • Sorry for your lost😢

    Atheasha WallaceAtheasha Wallace14 ore fa
  • long live Glenn Johnson bruh

    Sandra MuliauSandra Muliau14 ore fa
  • I lost my brother to gun violence 6 months ago. I went thru all of this. The pain never goes away. You just cope better with time. My prayers to Dababy and his family 💯

    Randy JohnsonRandy Johnson14 ore fa
  • Am I the only one who had to check the playback speed?

    Ben FenukuBen Fenuku14 ore fa
  • LONG LIVE G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Derick AnthonyDerick Anthony14 ore fa