America's Cup Mainsails: Another ETNZ Loophole! + Mysterious Upper Control Zone

18 feb 2021
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ETNZ have effectively increased their righting moment by lowering their mast and sail below the AC75 fixed mast rotation point. If one thing is for sure, Team New Zealand have understood and unpicked this America's Cup rule better than any other team.
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  • the foot of the mast has to be at 1500+-10mm above MRP and the foil arm pivot has to be 520 +-2mm above MRP. Building the deck ~450mm below the mast step has allowed NZ to add about 3 square meters of sail area which has added about 12 m^3 of sail area moment in a place were the AWA is very close to zero. The full rig has a sail area moment of about 3500 m^3. So the change in heeling moment caused by this fudge is BA about 0.1% if that, while it has added drag and no extra drive With the termination of the sail on the deck and increased luff length the sails induced drag coefficient will be slightly less, possibly 3% less but induced drag is not a large percentage of total water and air drag at low AWA's. In total is not much but it is a game where every little bit counts.

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  • Exploiting rules. AKA cheating.

    Glenn RobertsGlenn Roberts10 ore fa
  • Love the way you translate tricky and complex concepts into accessible to all linear rudiments. Great job. Ciao FM Italy

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    • Many thanks!

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  • Rules work around sounds just like Tom Brady claiming that HE didn't over-inflate the football and then lost his phone so no on could prove he asked someone else to do it. Whatever happened, it was working the rules to work an advantage when it came time to put it on the field that was otherwise level. From reading all that all of you have said, it sure appears to those of us who know NOTHING about all of this but what we read, that the Kiwis wrote the rules with enough wiggle room to NOT preclude them from doing what they had predetermined and predesigned. I can just see them in the backroom saying "write it this way and see if anyone figures it out and if not, we'll have this in the bag before we even get on the water."

    Gary WhiteGary WhiteGiorno fa
  • Nice explanation and some brilliant ideas. Thank you.

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  • 4:44 the forward movement pressure calculations would be interesting to look at with the lowered deck. After all you have 7-20kt from the side airflow quite turbulent low down but 25-50 from the front over a large aerofoil section the air trapped by the large sides with a venturi lift meaning less drag required in the water foils as it leave's the boat.

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  • Mozzy great work as usual.. 👏🏼👏🏼.. I want to tell you in Italy many people are following you now because the quality of your analysis is spot on! Thank you

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  • Hey... gotta prediction???

    NEON JUPITER Ninsi and Zeya FINNNEON JUPITER Ninsi and Zeya FINN2 giorni fa
  • cuold have a higher pessure in the upwind sail. More venturi in the underwind area helped by the jib... maybe

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  • Thank you for an excellent video, so informative

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  • a bit agricultural !! haha

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  • Not enough yellow lines mate

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    • 🤣 I shall try harder!

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  • Calm down bro

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  • you do relize etnz isnt funded by some billionaire aye

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  • Add smaller scale pockets in the sail design..?

    Allen WhiteheadAllen Whitehead5 giorni fa
  • Why didn't you discuss the sail design on the American Magic boat? We know they are now out of the cup, but that does not mean that they do not exist?

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  • Wow a real in depth into the little things... bet ya ill forget all this come race time.

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  • Who is this guy what has he raced all talk, you all speculation mate your accent needs working on

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    • @Mozzy Sails From down under mate

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    • It's pretty easy to work out my background from my videos. Who are you?

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  • Very cool insight. Thanks!

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  • Another great video. Thank you 👍

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  • Seems your getting some well deserved respect. From Stuff NZ today, their time: ”. Respected America’s Cup analysts Mozzy Sails in Britain, picked up on the Team New Zealand feature as they looked at the sail systems of the teams, saying the Kiwis had “spotted a hole in the rule and exploited it”. They felt the rival syndicates would be “kicking themselves” they hadn't come up with the idea.

    Michael DomicanMichael Domican7 giorni fa
  • I see you’re now a “Respected America’s Cup analyst” according to the NZ press - so respected they turn your videos into articles

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    • Came here to reference the nz news article.

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    • That’s what you get when the rugby writer still has a week to go before the footy season kicks off. He didn’t even explain it as well as MozzieSails did.

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  • Just read your comments on the OCS penalties in race 5 on SA -- would love to see a video explaining this. Your videos are adding greatly to my understanding and enjoyment of this series -- thanks!

    Gavin FosterGavin Foster7 giorni fa
    • Ask the you shall recieve:

      Mozzy SailsMozzy Sails7 giorni fa
  • Sadly at these speeds a tiny difference can equate to a massive lead. The only way boats capable of these speeds can keep races interesting is in a one design context. Waited so long for this series and it's not been very exciting tbh. A lead measured in kilometres is not racing but rather just going through the motions. As a kiwi I will support any team who champions one design racing even if that means we lose.

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  • A bit agriculture 😂 U good man 👨

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  • No. 8 wire mentality here in NZ!

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  • During todays win for Ineos I wondered if you could shed any light on Luna Rossa's improvement after the round robin stage and whether and in what way Ineos managed to profit from the covid delay. Really appreciate the technical insights and analysis combined with clarity of delivery.

    Chris EdwardsChris Edwards7 giorni fa
  • Just watched races 5 and 6. The problem that Inios has is that "Rita" appears to be sponsored by that Jim Radcliffe hotel and restaurant group The Pig. The wrong hull shape was designed and shipped to NZ and there really isn't anything that Ben Ainslie or anyone else can do about it other than make the best of a bad job.

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  • thanks for your insights mate, as usual very informative :-)

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  • Hi Mozzy sails! Congratulations on the win today. Great fighting spirit. They called on the spirit of the great Winston Churchill.

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  • I love it when someone reads rules, understands them and uses them to his advantage. Engeneering on the highest level.

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  • someone buy this guy a better camera

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    • Please do!

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  • Simple but clever sums up kiwis

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  • How about some graphics to help us lesser mortals understand you amazing descriptions

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  • I just watched the American Magic capsize again and wonder if I might have spotted a potential save in marginal situations. It goes like this. As an AC 75 heels excessively there comes a point where the righting moment from the raised windward foil arm starts to reduce dramatically. If the foil arm were lowered at that point it would increase the righting moment since the weight would be moving further from the in water foil that everything is pivoting around. It would be a tricky thing to pull off under pressure but if it were set up to occur automatically beyond a certain angle of heel it could save the day. Any thoughts anyone?

    Jim HoodJim Hood8 giorni fa
    • @Luigi Galli Thanks for your comment. I was beginning to think I was on my own with this idea. 😉

      Jim HoodJim Hood5 giorni fa
    • Totally agree, I had the same thought! Moreover the other problem in the case of American Magic (and also Ineos in pre-start during the Prada final, thank God they were upwind!) is that when the foil increases his angle of attack, it behaves like an airplane at take-off and the boat started to climb: maybe would be possible to use automatically the flap as ailerons, over a certain angle of attack, to keep the boat down

      Luigi GalliLuigi Galli5 giorni fa
  • Any idea how much extra power the deeper sail generates? If it's significant the surely it's game over

    Geoff BulteGeoff Bulte8 giorni fa
  • Could they put up mast extensions and top sails?

    General GoldGeneral Gold8 giorni fa
  • Isn't lowering the deck increasing boats weight ? In my opinion bottom part of the main sail can not work efficiently when is between two walls. Convex and clean shape of LR deck is in my opinion more efficient. I am surprised that none of the boats has fitted vortex generators on the bottom part of the sides of the mast , which would activate and deactivate depending of mast rotation. That would give them way more power.... It's working in aviation.

    istra70istra708 giorni fa
  • The videos just keep getting better... mods to copy NZ lower mast probably way to drastic and not enough time I’m sure for either Ineos or LR to do it. But maybe there are ways for Ineos to loose the boom and get something somewhere between NZ and LR and get some marginal gains for themselves. With the extra three days delay fingers crossed 🤞 Ineos have been able to “through the kitchen sink at it” and do some of the mods you have identified. They have certainly had enough time to add the foil drop software as an optional mods and practice to prove it works for them. I just hope they have taken some calculated risks and these work and give them the slight performance advantage going forwards. As without that I can’t see LR loosing enough of the remaining races NOT to get to seven. Fingers crossed 🤞 Ineos do somehow pull it out of the hat!!!

    Ian JuddIan Judd8 giorni fa
  • Another great video, really interesting to see the different approaches to Aerodynamics . Team Nz has everyone down in Pods on either side, Luna Rossa appears to have added deflectors/fairings as the series has progressed and Ineos don’t really seem to have done much at all which seems a bit odd considering all the talk of collaborations with Mercedes F1 !

    Gareth RowanGareth Rowan8 giorni fa
  • Just wow. Your videos have added so much more to my understanding of what happens on the boats. In such a technical Cup that's pure gold. Thanks for taking the time to film and share all this. I'm all for LRPP, but in case we will go through the Prada Cup I have the feeling that ETNZ start with a very definite performance edge...

    Filippo ZanierFilippo Zanier8 giorni fa
  • Fixed mast point is not as high as green line. Difference is only for the height of mast "fixed point stem" at 4:03 . Cockpit edge is actually raised above that fixed mast point and green line is even slightly higher. By measuring with my eye i would say difference is about 25cm of bottom sail area, but then again ETNZ has really messy trailing edge compared to Luna Rossa. I think there will not be much of performance difference.

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  • " No ads on this video " Then voices an ad .. ..

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    • youtube ads...

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  • Another excellent analysis

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  • abit patty that the sound is crap ... probably you sad interesting thing

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  • Innovation doesn’t go always in the desired direction: do you remember the 2003 ETNZ ‘Hula’?

    PaoloVeroPaoloVero8 giorni fa
    • Well, the hula worked. It's just that the yacht had other shortfalls

      John TaskerJohn Tasker8 giorni fa
  • When I hear all this, I sometimes think let’s just race a couple of Toppers around a circuit...

    C BurtonC Burton8 giorni fa
    • @C Burton that it would!

      Mozzy SailsMozzy Sails8 giorni fa
    • Course, I do know it would be a tad difficult to fit all the crew in!

      C BurtonC Burton8 giorni fa
    • I would be keen for that!

      Mozzy SailsMozzy Sails8 giorni fa
  • I wonder want went through the other teams mind when they saw team NZ mast on A pedestal, all that extra sail area and those thin lowered less drag deck They must have been kicking themselves What about all the innovations you can’t see

    Michael HermansMichael Hermans9 giorni fa
  • Really appreciate the effort you're putting into this, definitely my regular go-to Cup viewing, and looks the same for a lot of other folks too judging by your viewing figs. Nice one.

    JimbopaloolaJimbopaloola9 giorni fa
  • Least favourite because it’s the best?? I’ve watched a few videos of yours now and it seems in every one your calling team NZ “rule benders” boarder line cheats. Now if there was any concern about any of Team NZ innovations or designs the other teams would be complaining. Need I remind you of NZ past sporting highlights (or low lights). Most NZ sporting teams are highly regarded world wide. We have seen cheating of other teams to beat us over and over. Be it bowling under arm, racing a cat in the AC, targeting players to take them out of the game and blatant cheating by South Africa to win the rugby World Cup. We even had the umpires loose us the cricket World Cup recently. Through all this NZ sportsmanship shines through. I think you need to change your thoughts on “rule workarounds” to “genius innovation”

    Jeremy ElfordJeremy Elford9 giorni fa
    • Jeremy, I can see are passionate about your team / country but perhaps you are being a little sensitive. Exploiting and manipulating the rules is a key part of AC design. I do not view it as cheating and have nowhere said I view it as cheating. The clew arrangement is my least favourite, however, the overall system and how it increases RM is 'very clever' and preferable IMO to having this all hidden under deck like LRPP. I think that much is clear from the video. However, if we can't agree that the last length and mast foot position isn't a loophole then I don't think we will agree at all. The very fact they have found and used the loophole is clever and not at all cheating.

      Mozzy SailsMozzy Sails9 giorni fa
  • I wouldn't regard this as a loophole from the perspective of regular English language. More like thinking outside the box. In contrast, the bendy foil does bend the language of the rules written in English! :)

    Sunny CSunny C9 giorni fa
    • @Mozzy Sails thank you for replying! I see your point.

      Sunny CSunny C7 giorni fa
    • "A loophole or loop hole is an ambiguity or inadequacy in a system, such as a law or security, which can be used to circumvent or otherwise avoid the purpose, implied or explicitly stated, of the system. " I think the intent of rule was to fix the height of the bottom of the mast relative to foil cant axis and fix mast length. So, do believe this is a loophole.

      Mozzy SailsMozzy Sails9 giorni fa
  • Awesome videos. Keep up the good work. My step farther worker on the 92 and 95 NZ campaigns as well as later US campaigns so I've always found the AC really interesting from a technical stand point.

    Shannon WilsonShannon Wilson9 giorni fa
  • Haha🤣. 4:32 All the talk about ETNZs huge advantages whilst using a picture of Prada?

    Michael BradleyMichael Bradley9 giorni fa
    • @Mozzy Sails Correct. But the Prada is dominant.

      Michael BradleyMichael Bradley9 giorni fa
    • I think you missed it, it's a composite image of ETNZ and LRPP showing the lower deck on ETNZ in comparison to LRPP

      Mozzy SailsMozzy Sails9 giorni fa
  • Very good insight, sir. I applaud your dedication to research. I wouldn't have guessed why Team NZ has such a setup. Hopefully Ineos can make a match of the next races. I do believe it is close.

    John FordeJohn Forde9 giorni fa
  • It's ironic but at a glance ETNZ boat 2 seems to have taken a few design clues from Ineos Team UK boat 1 around the mast rotation point.

    Michael BradleyMichael Bradley9 giorni fa
  • 62 knots on the kiwi boat

    Douglas ChellDouglas Chell9 giorni fa
    • Real wind speed?

      Pietro GalliPietro Galli8 giorni fa
    • Hi Douglas ! Stuff news have had their spies out and it does seem from what I read, that there could be some truth in these rumours. Apparently they were foiling at 6.5 knots quite comfortably. And there general speed is very good. Have you talked to people 100 % in the know ? Regards. John.

      John MartinJohn Martin9 giorni fa
  • Your habitual sneer is wearing somewhat thin. You would have many more subscribers if you made a effort to be pleasant about the teams you are discussing. You might also get more informed comment.

    Robin St.ClairRobin St.Clair9 giorni fa
    • @Mozzy Sails Not an ounce of sneer seen by this Kiwi - just bloody good explanations without any team being favoured - which must be hard to do at times. Haters always gonna hate - just keep doing your highly valued work mate!

      Barry BlakeBarry Blake8 giorni fa
    • @Toob41 just saw the spoof. Quite funny

      John MartinJohn Martin8 giorni fa
    • 'sneering poms' ha ha! Somebody's got a chip on their shoulder. Mozzy couldn't be more balanced, informative, friendly and gracious. I saw the Prada spoof video 'the British are coming' taking the p*ss out of the poms and we didn't take offence, we laughed and saw the funny side. We've had 170 years of America's Cup disappointment so don't worry we're not sneering.

      Toob41Toob418 giorni fa
    • @Pietro Galli Tnx for your welcome comment. Robin has a different opinion and view to me. And that is ok. Also I say to you how beautiful and graceful the Italian boat looks. It would win a beauty contest. Very refined and graceful. May we have some great racing today. I am full of excitement.

      John MartinJohn Martin8 giorni fa
    • @John Martin I'm Italian and I strongly agree.

      Pietro GalliPietro Galli8 giorni fa
  • Love your work you just gained another Subscriber 🥝🇳🇿💯💪

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    • Thanks!

      Mozzy SailsMozzy Sails9 giorni fa
  • Love your technical analysis - as a novice, I am learning so much! 😃

    Hil SheanHil Shean9 giorni fa
  • 2:40 Of course NZ's rig looks a bit agricultural, its an agricultural country, mate!

    beachcomberbeachcomber9 giorni fa
    • @Barry Blake oh you mean with those nifty Rutherford engines that are 3D printed in California? Teasing aside, I have a lot of respect for Peter Beck and Rocketlab. And for NZ in general, for that matter

      beachcomberbeachcomber8 giorni fa
    • That launches satellites for NASA :-)

      Barry BlakeBarry Blake8 giorni fa
    • 😁

      Mozzy SailsMozzy Sails9 giorni fa
  • as said in a previous video comment, i am surprised to not see sail with higher negativ leech. It is a very efficient and dynamic way to control trim and overpower of the head, especially when you sail more or less at constant apparent wind angle. And it reduces the issue of inverted profil around the head sail

    damientelledamientelle9 giorni fa
  • Well, they might not have the neatest looking main but ETNZ are sure ripping it if those ~60kt rumors have any truth to them...

    James AronJames Aron9 giorni fa
  • Great stuff. I was looking at the race track data and noticed a slight difference in sailing performance of Luna Rosa compared to UK defending on which tack they were on. Do you think it’s possible to rate LRs port/starboard helmsmen based on how they sail against sir Ben from the data?

    William WareWilliam Ware9 giorni fa
  • just looking at the photo have team nz set the mounting point further up inside the mast so the mast actually covers the mounting point therefore the mast rotates all the way down to the lowered deck level. ie the mounting point is in the prescribed position but the mast is longer or just lower over all relatively speaking Is there a total fixed length of the mast in the rule?

    Mark MastersMark Masters9 giorni fa
    • Theres a fixed length of mast above the ball. Below the ball is fairing and part of the lower mast control zone.

      Mozzy SailsMozzy Sails9 giorni fa
  • Who cares what it looks like they are there to win

    AtapeneAtapene9 giorni fa
  • Ineos is going to lose 7-0 mark my words. I'll be back on here to bring some tissues.

    Monty LeoMonty Leo9 giorni fa
    • Exciting racing coming up tomorrow Monty.

      John MartinJohn Martin9 giorni fa
  • The mysteries of trimming a double skin main sail are revealed. The approach by each team to maximize the ability to manipulate sail shape for windward and leeward sides of the main. LR system is clean. Ineos is behind the curve. Can they just out sail LR?

    Ben SeibelBen Seibel9 giorni fa
    • True that! But ETNZ's main is even sexier than LR. Looking forward to the Cup battle.

      Toob41Toob41Giorno fa
    • @Ben Seibel Yup, the proof was in the results 😥

      Toob41Toob416 giorni fa
    • @Toob41 based on the analysis, a boom has a negative effect. It prevents the proper shaping of the main where the center of effort is most critical.

      Ben SeibelBen Seibel6 giorni fa
    • We wish! - tell you tomorrow..

      Toob41Toob418 giorni fa
  • Nice work again Mozzy

    Mark ThomasMark Thomas9 giorni fa
  • Thanks for all the great insights and for explaining it for us all to understand. Lots for the design teams to work on and lots of different ways of looking at solutions. The US team never really looked like they got to grips with all this.

    Grant NewbyGrant Newby9 giorni fa
  • Why are Ineos using lines instead of hydros must hamper adjustment ? ETNZ are not using lines and we’re not using lines like everyone else in Bermuda also .

    Stephen DacreStephen Dacre9 giorni fa
  • You just said it ! ETNZ is agricultural ! It dosnt need to be pretty as long as it’s fast time spent on more important things !!!

    Stephen DacreStephen Dacre9 giorni fa
    • Hi ! I got the impression that Mozzy is quite complimentary of the Team NZ boat. Perhaps a backhanded compliment for Team NZ. Good on ya Mozzy. Auckland. John.

      John MartinJohn Martin9 giorni fa
  • Nice thanks for posting 👍

    Dave CDave C9 giorni fa
  • Thank you.

    Zach ManburgZach Manburg9 giorni fa
  • Thank you for teaching the advanced course on AC 75s.

    John MinerJohn Miner9 giorni fa
    • Advanced is an understatement. We are all doing our PHDs in advanced sailing.

      John MartinJohn Martin9 giorni fa
  • Loop hole or thinking outside the square..?

    Sam StockSam Stock9 giorni fa
  • Still reckon I could beat them in my Mirror dinghy,powered by day old chicken phal😉🌶️🌶️🌶️

  • Mozzy ... Excellent review of mainsail adjustment design voodoo. Also ... Worth seeing Goodison's clear and nuanced "sailors POV" explanation (PlanetSail) of what he as world class, foiling mainsail trimmer actually deals with. Too bad Goody was not on a better team.

    Alien Lifeform ResearchAlien Lifeform Research9 giorni fa
    • @Alien Lifeform Research I second all what you say. For sure !!!

      John MartinJohn Martin9 giorni fa
    • ​@John Martin Has exceptional combination of "technical " understanding and a gifted foiling sailor's "feel" for how mainsail is performing in real world. Modesty and being "on point" when explaining this stuff to fans are bonus character traits.

      Alien Lifeform ResearchAlien Lifeform Research9 giorni fa
    • I have heard many complimentary things online about Paul Goodison.

      John MartinJohn Martin9 giorni fa
  • Best explanations of all the systems and what's going on. Please keep it up!

    Matt JurdMatt Jurd9 giorni fa
  • I had been wondering about the advantage of the deck design for ETNZ. Now I know. Thanks for all these videos as it has helped me and a lot of others to understand the yachts a lot better

    Leslie BowdenLeslie Bowden9 giorni fa
  • Can you cover why they are grinding with their arms again after NZ proved last cup how much better legs are? (If it's a rule, why would NZ make that rule?)

    Callum KilpinCallum Kilpin9 giorni fa
    • Thays just it, Etnz (and luna rossa) agreed a rule of no legs.

      Mozzy SailsMozzy Sails9 giorni fa
  • Great work

    Gordon NeilsenGordon Neilsen9 giorni fa
  • When you say extra area at the bottom isn’t there still a maximum area? So the benefit is just more sail area lower down not extra sail compared to others?

    nedoneil123nedoneil1239 giorni fa
    • @Mozzy Sails After carefully thinking about it I, have some afterthought. For sure I'm not very well versed with fluidodynamics, and obviously ETNZ made all the models and simulations required, but I still missing something. The whole point should be not to add sailing surface for the sake to add it, but to increase the thrust forward. Considered that in the AC75 the sail behave totally as a wing, I can't understand the principle that give an advantage to use NZ configuration. The extra bottom area of NZ sail lays in the depression of the deck, between the two walls of the crew's cockpits, that means that due to the sail shape, the leeward volume is reduced, leading to an increase of pressure, while the windward one is increased, leading to a decrease of pressure; in turn this should create a downforce contrary to the lift expected by a wing. There is somethingh that I'm missing? Can you please give your opinion about it?

      Luigi GalliLuigi Galli5 giorni fa
    • @Mozzy Sails okay that makes a big difference free area and low down :)

      nedoneil123nedoneil1238 giorni fa
    • The sail rule assumes a leech length in the area calculation and luff length is obviously assumed to be mast length. So then it just multiplys by the sail girth at 5 measurement points. This basically means the area you get from dropping the clew and tack lower is free.

      Mozzy SailsMozzy Sails9 giorni fa
  • This guy is a hater and doesn't know what he is talking about.

    Monty LeoMonty Leo9 giorni fa
    • @John Martin Copy. (Pity they didn’t make that a running joke for the rest of the series). The Mozzy Sails team are open about wanting Britannia to win, but their technical work is unbiased and their suppositions make sense within the limits of what the syndicates allow to be revealed.

      MIchael WiseMIchael Wise9 giorni fa
    • @blairrob World class sailing channel. No brainer on that. And they are awesome personalities. Quite hard case.

      John MartinJohn Martin9 giorni fa
    • Whether or not he is biased does not reflect on the fact that his analyses are spot on. What would you refute, Monty? Give it a go.

      blairrobblairrob9 giorni fa
    • @John Martin the person who owns the video

      Monty LeoMonty Leo9 giorni fa
    • Who are you talking about Monty ?

      John MartinJohn Martin9 giorni fa
  • Very interesting - great video again 👍

    Kevin SleggKevin Slegg9 giorni fa
  • Best technical breakdowns o the current Americas Cup, keep up the good work mate.

    MarcelMarcel9 giorni fa
  • I thought their cockpit was a aerodynamic thing

    Monty DesforgesMonty Desforges9 giorni fa
  • I thought their cockpit was a aerodynamic thing

    Monty DesforgesMonty Desforges9 giorni fa
  • So basically ETNZ turned a monohull into a catamaran?

    GladiusYTRGladiusYTR9 giorni fa
    • More like trimaran

      Desmond CroslandDesmond Crosland9 giorni fa
  • going "down wind" , erm what is the apparent wind angle for these boats going down wind , more like a reach at worst eh ?

    Wayne CarkeekWayne Carkeek9 giorni fa
  • I think it’s interesting how TNZ get so much more camber through the bottom of the whole sail than the other teams. Seems like they use that extra camber to reduce their overall mainsail travel angle compared to their competitors.

    Lord of Lone LeafLord of Lone Leaf9 giorni fa
  • Cool to see you having benefits and be able to show ads! Keep up your work! I'm building a Modell AC 75 behind the scenes and you keep me teaching! Thanks so much!

    Carbon ArneCarbon Arne9 giorni fa
  • ...and a higher aspect sail due to the mast being just as tall as the others

    Wayne CarkeekWayne Carkeek9 giorni fa
  • Mozzy do you have patreon or some way we can contribute to you and the team? Your content is outstanding and fills the technical analysis the official broadcast so desperately lacks

    Karl ArnsKarl Arns9 giorni fa
    • @Mozzy Sails You've ALREADY provided the value. It'd be a back payment not a forward compromise!

      Hayden ChambersHayden Chambers8 giorni fa
    • No sorry, not yet. But thank you for your support. At the moment it's just a hobby. I wouldn't want to take money directly from people them let them down. Perhaps next cup I could work out a better set up and take some time off from work. Then I wouldn't feel guilty about accepting money.

      Mozzy SailsMozzy Sails9 giorni fa
  • Thanks for the quality content, nice video.But i suspect the white, than black, lines next to main sheet on LR are to control leech tension since, not having a boom you can't pull it with the vang. I'd say they prolly have a pulley system that phases it with main sheet and cylinder for tensioning. In low winds the tension is much higher, in comparison to pressure on the sail surface, so it opens up a gap in the lower part. I guess the camber control is next to the boom, acting on the battens.

    Ruggero RicciRuggero Ricci9 giorni fa
    • Interesting thoughts...

      Ian JuddIan Judd8 giorni fa
  • Thanks .. for some video - explenation to double sail i was waiting long! Thanks mozzy U now some build up with balloons insides?

    Silvan MartySilvan Marty9 giorni fa
  • Congratulations. Your are definitely a smart guy

    Riccardo BalsamoRiccardo Balsamo9 giorni fa
  • You should check out the VR / Onboard 360 degree footage for the last race on ITworlds. You can see the entire sail during maneuvers which is nice. Keep up the good work Mozzy and team. I'm loving the break down.

    Marcus PapadopoulosMarcus Papadopoulos9 giorni fa
  • Lowered deck, endplate effect, cutaway leech, twisting mainsail to create negative righting moment, all design ideas used widely in windsurfing since 1989.

    Steven MelletSteven Mellet9 giorni fa
  • Rules are never square in shape, they are a cube, a 3-dimensional structure to roam around inside of. The best innovators know this and use this. Everyone else calls them cheats. ;)

    Newman SubritzkyNewman Subritzky9 giorni fa