mother duck wants her duckling back 😁

20 apr 2021
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  • Que linda só parou quando devolveu o filhote 😍😍😍

    Angela Cris ZanAngela Cris Zan26 minuti fa
  • That’s cruel

    Debra WilliamsDebra Williams36 minuti fa
  • 자식을 생각하는 마음은 사람이나 동물이나 같다

    nara Oolinara Ooli59 minuti fa
  • Stupid the guy, why do like that ?

    Ratna AhmedRatna AhmedOra fa
  • Really ruffled her feathers

    Emily!Emily!Ora fa
  • angry very funny.

    Ihwan NuddinIhwan NuddinOra fa
  • Mother's love❤

    Sachin SahasminaSachin SahasminaOra fa
  • My Duck also Hatched cute chicks. Worth a look. Cuteness overload

    M. AbdulSamadM. AbdulSamadOra fa
  • هههه ليوم لزمت ابنها وركضت وراي

    اركــا ناركــا ن2 ore fa
  • Wow, let's needlessly stress out both mother and duckling for views. Cool.

    chrispysaidchrispysaid2 ore fa

    Ciaran MitchellCiaran Mitchell2 ore fa
  • Not funny asshole

    AdityaAditya2 ore fa
  • She love her kids more than everything 💕

    Ivanda Vhana KelinIvanda Vhana Kelin2 ore fa
  • That's Cruel!!

    Donna MockoDonna Mocko3 ore fa
  • Duck : Yow Nigga Thats too far Nigga, Give me back Ma Baby

    Tino SuryaTino Surya3 ore fa
  • I can't get over the blood on his apron. This is neither cute nor funny.

    Irene AdlerIrene Adler3 ore fa
  • Pero si se pone a bailar unas sevillanas! La leche!

    Jake MayhemJake Mayhem3 ore fa
  • So cute

    ئینگلیزی ئاسانئینگلیزی ئاسان3 ore fa
  • سبحان الله

    عمادالدين البازليعمادالدين البازلي4 ore fa
  • Утка : так моего ребенка украли , станцую ка я чечетку😂

    Bren1ganBren1gan4 ore fa
  • What an asshole this man

    Renaldo PipaRenaldo Pipa4 ore fa

    Noureen AmjadNoureen Amjad4 ore fa
  • Never seen a tapdance of outrage before.

    Mister BraceyMister Bracey5 ore fa
  • Animals have feelings. Remeber.

    K*Ships in K*ChupsK*Ships in K*Chups5 ore fa
  • Why do that 🤦🏽‍♀️

    The one And only PetrunkaThe one And only Petrunka5 ore fa
  • Maravillosos animales

    Roberto RojasRoberto Rojas5 ore fa
  • my eyes like the video but my heart is saying -dont distress the mom like that man...

    Francis ralte preupreuFrancis ralte preupreu5 ore fa
  • ❤️❤️

    Captain ShihabCaptain Shihab5 ore fa
  • It is very beauritiful

    Husan OmonovHusan Omonov5 ore fa
  • O "sapateado" dela é demais. 🤭

    O PredadorO Predador5 ore fa
  • 😡😡😡😡😡😡

    Mary landMary land5 ore fa
  • Asshole

    John TuttleJohn Tuttle5 ore fa
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Travel AloneTravel Alone6 ore fa
  • Mom 🙏

    Poonam ShelarPoonam Shelar6 ore fa
  • U think only we have feelings? Human beings have only to some extent not fully keep this in mind

    SanthoshSanthosh6 ore fa
  • 🖌❤

    Amit JiAmit Ji6 ore fa
  • It's like happy feet🤗

    trebolde4hojastrebolde4hojas6 ore fa
  • ESTUPIDO....

  • By this video alone I know that you people are messed up. Why would you film something like this? God only knows what you people do off camera.

    Jay SmallwoodJay Smallwood6 ore fa
  • Mother😍

    Lorenjo TechLorenjo Tech6 ore fa
  • This almost broke my heart. She is so helpless and yet she wants her baby back

    ReD LoveReD Love6 ore fa
  • Не трогайте их

    Ник КамарераНик Камарера6 ore fa
  • Jan Madar 😍❤❤❤❤

    AriaAria6 ore fa
  • Mother is mother

  • Leave her ducklings alone

    Cute funny animals horses puppies donkeys and moreCute funny animals horses puppies donkeys and more6 ore fa
  • Athan mother

    najumajamsheerkc Kcnajumajamsheerkc Kc6 ore fa
  • For anyone interested I believe that is a Muscovy duck... I apologize if im wrong... enjoy your day^_^

    LegendofVaatiLegendofVaati6 ore fa
  • Wow 🥺

    Nandhini ChoudharyNandhini Choudhary7 ore fa
  • So cute

    Harpreet UrsHarpreet Urs7 ore fa
  • Sweet mom...awww...don't eat her please. The tapping of her webbed feet is so cute....

    yourstruly autumnyourstruly autumn7 ore fa
  • u son of a b1tch leave her alone

    Mahmod Abd AlgaferMahmod Abd Algafer7 ore fa
  • The tap dance of death

    Death HeraldDeath Herald7 ore fa
  • Give her chick backk

  • 🥺 probecita la mama desesperada por su hijito

    Andy TorrejonAndy Torrejon7 ore fa
  • God please provide heaven to these type of so lovely animals

    2k17me103 HARKESH2k17me103 HARKESH7 ore fa
  • Please don't play with a mother's feeling. 🙏. She don't know if you are just playing or stealing her baby.

    R NR N7 ore fa
  • Es remansita esa pata. No se parece a las para casera. Los que yo conozco te sacan un ojo si te acercás a su cria.

    Nefer titiNefer titi7 ore fa
  • Mother is a mother at last mama kicked her child it was like how many time's. To tell don't rome around in the streets some morons like him are there 😃😃

    Sumanth S SSumanth S S7 ore fa
  • That's new

    mafia ramamafia rama7 ore fa
  • Mother 👌👌

    Piku talkiesPiku talkies7 ore fa
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    sangita deysangita dey7 ore fa
  • אמא זה אמא גם אצל הברווזים. משהוא

    Revkaרבקה בלאו BlawנקבהRevkaרבקה בלאו Blawנקבה7 ore fa
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    حمید Hamidحمید Hamid7 ore fa
  • Mother ❤❤

    joseph abraham246joseph abraham2467 ore fa
  • 🥰🥰🥰🤣🤣

    Srinivas NalluriSrinivas Nalluri7 ore fa
  • Mother can't live without her child.👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    Gajendra TripathiGajendra Tripathi7 ore fa
  • How sweet ❤

    Ruby GomesRuby Gomes7 ore fa
  • The love of mother 😭

    Somali DjSomali Dj8 ore fa
  • Mothers always love their children , no matter animals or human beings ! 👍🥰🥰🥰

    Dung NguyenDung Nguyen8 ore fa
  • Mom is the great

    The Ravi VaraniyaThe Ravi Varaniya8 ore fa
  • Mom is god

    The Ravi VaraniyaThe Ravi Varaniya8 ore fa
  • Mom is great

    The Ravi VaraniyaThe Ravi Varaniya8 ore fa
  • I love you mom

    The Ravi VaraniyaThe Ravi Varaniya8 ore fa
  • Mom is mom

    The Ravi VaraniyaThe Ravi Varaniya8 ore fa
  • Ohhhh😍🤣🤣

    Saba EfremSaba Efrem8 ore fa
  • maa akhir maa hoti hai

    Lakhvinder SinghLakhvinder Singh8 ore fa
  • Its a Michael Flately duck.

    Gary HyndmanGary Hyndman8 ore fa
  • 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    dhon rebuadhon rebua8 ore fa
  • Wowwww... So cute❤️❤️❤️💋💋

    Suriya SekarSuriya Sekar9 ore fa
  • don't catch him again idiot you hurt his mother

    Shaheer KhanShaheer Khan9 ore fa
  • I was 😲!!! That's a CRIP WALK 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂✌️

    Ferdinand ApostolFerdinand Apostol9 ore fa
  • 😚😘😙

    Fani FaniFani Fani9 ore fa
  • 😄😄😄세상에나 새끼때문에 발동동구르는 오리엄마🙂🙃😊😘☺🥰😍🤩 요즘인간의아기아이들 학대죽임사건사고에 새끼때문에 애타하는 동물들을 ë³´ê³  아이들을 소중히 여겨야한다

    김수아김수아9 ore fa
  • If the duck knew English, it would be calling him names..😂

    Deepak JayakumarDeepak Jayakumar9 ore fa
  • Aw so cute

    Anne BlogAnne Blog9 ore fa
  • You Awful human being

    Adfer rAdfer r9 ore fa
  • 😅😆🤗

    Manjunathvm ManjunathvmManjunathvm Manjunathvm9 ore fa
  • 모성애 대단

    신사임당신사임당9 ore fa
  • 太cool了啦! 鴨媽媽會踢踏舞欸!😳😏😏👏👍

    sabrinasabrina9 ore fa
  • The fuck is wrong with these assholes, what did that accomplish other than a moment of cruelty to an animal incapable of doing anything just to entertain them

    Parmjit SinghParmjit Singh9 ore fa
  • 🥺

    Anonymous SlayerAnonymous Slayer10 ore fa
  • Lindo

    Neli MedeirosNeli Medeiros10 ore fa
  • Maa hundi aa maa

    Bhuminder KaushalBhuminder Kaushal10 ore fa
  • At the end I heard her say:"Fuck You".

    Angel CaidoAngel Caido10 ore fa
  • Hhhhh chthat mskina

    Aminanno Idsi3liloAminanno Idsi3lilo10 ore fa
  • A mommy is A mommy

    Rambut LebatRambut Lebat10 ore fa
  • Ek Bole ma♥♥♥

    md kaiommd kaiom10 ore fa
  • 👌👏👏

    vanigiri2016 girivanigiri2016 giri10 ore fa