We Met a REAL Virtual YouTuber (ft. Mori Calliope) | Trash Taste #23

13 nov 2020
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  • 1:41:00 it... was the alcohol

    Logan BrawnLogan BrawnOra fa
  • gura next, mori was great tho

    jason kleberjason kleberOra fa
  • She's adorable

    Cookieman 3000Cookieman 3000Ora fa
  • im confused.. is she actually there?

    salsa salsasalsa salsaOra fa
  • Gigguk looks so akward when calli talks

    Riselinks NationzRiselinks Nationz2 ore fa
  • She likes Bloodborne and Made in Abyss and her favorite anime is Gurren Lagann... What in the world! She has the exact same taste as me. Guess I'm a god damn simp now.

    SnuskedundretSnuskedundret3 ore fa
  • Gurren laggan yes sssssir shouts to homie i fucking love gurren laggan

    Gage PillionGage Pillion3 ore fa
  • did gigguk actually see the real calli or is it a voice over with her edited in

    [24]_HANIF[24]_HANIF3 ore fa
  • 3rd time im watching this,lmao😂

    letmesleepletmesleep4 ore fa
  • Calliope's speech pattern reminds me of one of my best friend's and it drives me crazy I laugh every time

    SanityBlurzSanityBlurz4 ore fa
  • We need to Gura on the show! or camellia

    JR O1JR O14 ore fa
  • how did mori get there?

    AnigmaAnigma5 ore fa
  • who or what are they actually looking at when turning their heads towards Calliope?

    Andrea FreebleeAndrea Freeblee6 ore fa
  • 1:38:36

    Joaqui AlonzoJoaqui Alonzo6 ore fa
  • The moment I saw the "today was a good day" tweets and found out it was related to the trash taste podcast I had never watched it before so I immediately binged all of it in 3 days so I was caught up for this great episode!

    Little BoxesLittle Boxes7 ore fa
  • i am living in the future

    unguidedoneunguidedone8 ore fa
  • Where is Garnt's rap!?

    Jingly PotatabellJingly Potatabell8 ore fa
  • wow, that bois looks like real AMAZING

    JigglypuffJigglypuff8 ore fa
  • The Reddit person who found that girl from the reflection in her eyes is probably now a member of an intelligence organization to serve their unofficial parole or something. Of course, I can't say which organization or else I might suddenly find myself ferried down the Styx the next time I blink.

    Avetho PlaysAvetho Plays9 ore fa
  • How can they see her if she is a fictional character? (i know like there is a real person behind but how is she there with that appearance?)

    Turtless PvPTurtless PvP9 ore fa
  • 19:08 :o ooo

    The Gold WolfThe Gold Wolf10 ore fa
  • dear youtube, why did you unsubbed me fromthis channel? :D

    László A. EgriLászló A. Egri10 ore fa

    The Gold WolfThe Gold Wolf11 ore fa
  • 0:48 5 seconds later Defance

    AlexAlex11 ore fa
  • So you mean it's not pronounces Kalli-op

    TheAnon03TheAnon0311 ore fa
  • Connor seems so out of his element

    Lucas LeonettiLucas Leonetti11 ore fa
  • At first i thought it was kinda weird but she has a great personality and stays in character

    ManimeManime11 ore fa
  • Wouldn't an Australian Vtuber be illegal?

    Wicked .AWicked .A11 ore fa
    • Then we must ensure it's success!

      Darkness NighthingaleDarkness Nighthingale11 ore fa
  • How does this work anyways lol. Do the 3 of them see the irl her there, or are they seeing nothing, or her 2d model? Hmm

    Jolyphus GNJolyphus GN12 ore fa
    • Ahh, makes sense, I completely forgot about greenscreen. I wonder if the three saw her irl appearance? Im certain they wont expose her, won't gain anything and cause trouble instead, but its interesting to think about

      Jolyphus GNJolyphus GNOra fa
    • Esencialy there's a green screen set up in front of Mori. Behind it is Mori with a little setup so she can do what she needs to do. Like change her eyes for example. That's also why gigguk wasn't moving much. For fear he might mess something up.

      Darkness NighthingaleDarkness Nighthingale10 ore fa
  • Ah good to see that the cancer that is the GIS in austria has a sibling in japan in the NHK.

    FransensFransens13 ore fa
  • lost pause already did this... but still a great podcast.

    YoruRyoshiYoruRyoshi14 ore fa
  • I love how blatantly Connors reading off a script for the sponsor jfkfkd like he's just STARING at the paper

    hungrypikachu135hungrypikachu13515 ore fa
  • 19:29 for the funny

    Liam McDonnellLiam McDonnell15 ore fa
  • Part of me really wishes she didn't always have to keep up the death god character. I'd really like to know her actual journey of becoming a Hololive member and like what it's like behind the scenes etc. I'm really interested in what it's like being a Vtuber :0

    hungrypikachu135hungrypikachu13515 ore fa
  • Ух, долго придется ждать перевода на Русский) но оно того точно будет стоить!

    Ros PWNZRos PWNZ15 ore fa
  • SHAAAK! 🦈

    loLo -sanloLo -san15 ore fa
  • 19:06 that Ohhh

    NinjaD2RetourNinjaD2Retour16 ore fa
  • When I heard "you played doom" That got me interested

    GreenHorn_GamerGreenHorn_Gamer16 ore fa
  • Everything they had to do, everything they had to work around and consider... The amount of sheer effort it took to make this work LEGALLY... I am in awe with this.

    Timothy CrowtherTimothy Crowther18 ore fa
    • It's not like they interviewed a president or something lmao

      Kawaii StefanKawaii Stefan2 ore fa
  • Those guys never heared german anime dubs smh...

    ShinuaPlaysShinuaPlays18 ore fa
  • I have so much respect for the person behind Mori, she's so good at playing her character and literally acting like a legit anime character

    Lana GeertseLana Geertse18 ore fa
  • Gurren Lagann is by far my favourite anime

    TopKingNZTopKingNZ18 ore fa
  • my gosh,... a female sykuno

    NTRed OniNTRed Oni19 ore fa
  • i think calli is actually there irl

    Yohann AbogadoYohann Abogado19 ore fa
  • Cultural Cross-Pollination: A spicy definition attempting to describe the extent to which cultures have influenced each other. Or Cross-pollination of cultures is what really happens through the generations. We create new cultural identities. This is integration - the bringing of parts into a whole. The whole - society - keeps changing because it keeps bringing in new parts. So it is, in fact, a term...

    みどりドラゴンみどりドラゴン19 ore fa
  • Can anyone tell me how tall real calliope is based on their eyesight/eye level. They've been staring at her boing boings all throughout the podcast

    Nice PersonNice Person20 ore fa
    • It's a greenscreen dude

      Kawaii StefanKawaii Stefan2 ore fa
  • Im in confusion rn

    Josh Liam GomezJosh Liam Gomez20 ore fa
  • I have 5 monitors get rekd calli

    1e10011e100120 ore fa
  • who are fans of ksi or jj olatunji and trash taste

    Kieran KwaKieran Kwa21 ora fa
  • How the heck was this set up? Is it a green screen with a picture of the background reprojected into the missing space for both camera angles?

    David JacewiczDavid Jacewicz22 ore fa
  • Brooo, I wonder what were they staring at

    B FavB Fav22 ore fa
  • what is garnt actually looking at the whole time

    DillpixelDillpixel22 ore fa
  • JP Hololive members next???

    Umay zUmay z23 ore fa
    • Pekora or korone plz

      神様神様21 ora fa
  • Can’t maintain 2 hours... Korone be over there with a few 24 hour streams...

    みどりドラゴンみどりドラゴンGiorno fa
  • The Way she says Meme. Boomer

    Kevin TignorKevin TignorGiorno fa
  • I want to meme at Calli and ask if she's heard of Galo Sengan

    DESU!DESU!Giorno fa
  • HoloLive is a Clusterfuck...

    みどりドラゴンみどりドラゴンGiorno fa
  • i never knew about "trash taste" before until Mori said she was invited as a guest by them, then i came and tbh, i don't regret it. because you know what, this is really the interesting, comfy and fun talk show that i have watched so far. i really learned a lot from this talk show. let me quote something that said by Mori that really inspire me : " you just gonna keep going even you are sucks. And if you are sucks, you just keep trying. Because if you quit when you are sucks, it's real shame. if you stop doing it , and you are sucks, it's still sucks forever. " "“just because you worked hard on something but it doesn't mean it’s good" Awwww Mori, i don't regret that i "SIMP" to you.

    Cyrus VoonCyrus VoonGiorno fa
    • Just wait until you see them in their own channels

      RyderCraftRyderCraft2 ore fa
  • Calli go ooh19:05

    Donald DunlapDonald DunlapGiorno fa
  • 37:10 I’ve never heard someone sound so happy to call themselves a ho

    Linosek279Linosek279Giorno fa
  • turn on subtitles

    Fuuzy •Fuuzy •Giorno fa
  • Ah that was good podcast, I enjoyed that. You asked Mori some good questions and Connor was pretty funny

    AdzAdzGiorno fa
  • There's nothing there 😂

    Nijam AsariNijam AsariGiorno fa
  • i wanna see the behind the scenes of this

    Nolan DayNolan DayGiorno fa
  • Copied this from a comment so I could have it for self-use as well 00:46 Calli's name pronunciation and the origin of her name 02:54 The group talked about how Hololive-EN is growing so fast 04:40 Calli talked about her PS4 Doom experience 05:26 Calli explained vtuber and Hololive 07:34 Calli's opinion on simps 08:27 Calli talked about how she thought Hololive-EN would turn out in the beginning 11:10 Vtubers that Calli looks up to 12:42 Calli recommended a vtuber to Connor. The group proceeded to talk about how they got into the rabbit hole of vtubers 15:27 Calli talked about her debut stream 17:18 What makes Calli become a streamer 18:36 The group talked about rap. Calli gave advice on how to get better at things 21:28 Gigguk's dark history of rap challenge 23:45 Calli talked about her debut song 25:05 Rappers that Calli likes 26:45 Calli's favourite meme 28:00 Calli's favourite type of stream 29:42 Non-hololive vtubers that Calli is watching 30:36 Calli's daily schedule 32:46 How Calli sees herself as an idol. Calli also talked about how she changed her perception on idol after seeing a vtuber streaming competition. 37:00 Connar asked if Calli got uncomfortable with some simps 38:14 Calli talked about how she was sick of people asking about her vtubing life on her underground rapper account 38:58 Gigguk asked if Calli enjoyed her vtuber life more than underground rapper life 39:57 Calli talked about why she went to Hololive audition 42:08 Calli's current goal 43:48 Calli's opinion on content creators before her audition 46:20 Things Calli dislikes as a vtuber 48:54 Connor and Garnt talked about their funny experience with Garnt's PC 53:05 The group talked about their favourite console 57:33 Calli's favourite game 59:30 Calli, gamplay or story? 1:02:17 Calli's gaming setup 1:05:50 Connor asked if Calli had encountered any difficulty in finding an apartment in Japan. The conversation went from Calli having no space to put her mouse in her old apartment to Connor having 4 bedrooms in his house 1:08:36 Calli experience with Tatami room. Then the group talked about futon 1:11:03 Calli's anime preference. 1:17:17 Calli's preference on dub. 1:19:20 Calli talked about music production. Mentioned doujin music but Connor got the wrong idea. The topic escalated to hentai. 1:21:50 So, Calli, do you watch hentai? 1:22:06 Back to music production 1:23:10 Calli talked about how she changed from learning animation and drawing to making music 1:25:20 Calli talked about schedule change after becoming a vtuber 1:29:13 Calli talked about who she wants to collaborate with 1:30:38 Calli has never watched Jojo aside from memes. She promised to watch it. (44K people will remember this.) 1:32:09 The group talked about how people like to speculate collab or drama from minimal interaction on Twitter 1:34:44 Connor asked if Calli read fanfiction of herself 1:35:25 Calli talked about her relationship with other hololive member. Mentioned Kiara 1:37:21 Calli talked about who on JP side she wants to meet 1:38:38 CULTURAL CROSS-POLLINATION 1:39:22 Calli talked about her JP fan and translators 1:41:02 Calli talked about why she moved to Japan. The group proceeded to talk about living in Japan as a foreigner 1:50:52 The group talked about Mad Father. Proceeded to talk about RPG maker games 1:56:00 Calli's favourite RPG maker game and her RPG maker game addiction 2:00:52 The most weird superchat Calli has received 2:02:06 Calli shoutout her stuff

    EXXOEXXOGiorno fa
  • I keep saying they're talking to a green screen but then Garnt keeps staring there so... How does this even works?

    TheXxdaknessxXTheXxdaknessxXGiorno fa
  • J I G G L E P H Y S I C S

    Hiroshi BierenHiroshi BierenGiorno fa
  • this video made me fall down the rabbit hole damn it

    Sarah HuangSarah HuangGiorno fa
  • I always thought it was pronounced Ca(Ca from Car) - Lee(Like the Chinese name) - Op(Like in Open but without the en sound) When I read the name that is. I don't really watch ITworlds anymore. Or watch anything in general.

    Dandy Lion the DanieLeonDandy Lion the DanieLeonGiorno fa
  • **boing boing**

    Korone Simp :3Korone Simp :3Giorno fa
  • I need more hololive colabs

    Pastmasterjt GameingPastmasterjt GameingGiorno fa
  • Well, now with the news about a certain new vtube group it makes more sense why they wanted Mori on the podcast. >.>

    RobDeLaMortRobDeLaMortGiorno fa
    • @Sou sorry That's true, but stuff can also be planned ahead of time too. :x

      RobDeLaMortRobDeLaMort10 ore fa
    • That doesn't make sense, this was recorded like a month ago

      Sou sorrySou sorry10 ore fa
  • I hope there’s some people are really here for this at 19:30

    RoboticKnight PU-001RoboticKnight PU-001Giorno fa
  • Now, when are they gonna interview Coco or some of the other Hololive members

    Ato OnogakuAto OnogakuGiorno fa
  • You know, I actually slightly disappointed in all four of you... You talk about Souls Like as 3 of you are very big in the anime community nobody even thought to mention Waifu Souls aka Code Vein. You all hurt my soul, I am now damaged goods... but on a serious note I really enjoyed the entirety of this production and gigguk's awkwardness on how to interact with the empty space reserved for Calli's avatar.

    Gabriel KrossGabriel KrossGiorno fa
  • She sounds like Red from overly sarcastic productions

    Brandon FitchBrandon FitchGiorno fa
  • Someone please tell me what shirt is Garnt wearing. That shit fire asf well done

    GooBandzGooBandzGiorno fa
  • 52:12 then how does Haachama manage to stream omg

    CaroCaroGiorno fa
  • Damn, we found best girl here

    Nicolas DerraNicolas DerraGiorno fa
  • This should remind people that there are actual people behind the avatars and models. They have real feelings. I think. I'm pretty sure.

    Ryu TakRyu TakGiorno fa
  • Can we invite coco or haachama next?

    Udin GantenkUdin GantenkGiorno fa
  • Gig had the biggest challenge there. Pretending she really sits next to him

    Giwl Gwamer UwUGiwl Gwamer UwUGiorno fa
  • Real title: WE FINALLY TALKED TO A (almost) REAL GIRL!1!!1!1! Jk i love ya videos

    Pino pOloPino pOloGiorno fa
  • 2hr movie, don't have time for that. 2hr podcast, I got time

    Animator22Animator22Giorno fa
    • I watched this as a bunch of clips first but then I had to prune them to get non-vtuber clips to appear again. So now I'm just going to watch it in parts. X_x

      MaximusLightMaximusLightOra fa
    • No time for 2 hours of module work too

      Kanureshii [IAK]Kanureshii [IAK]10 ore fa
    • Fuck, I literally just realized that a movie is as long as a podcast. Or, er, the other way around. Damn.

      Red 7134Red 713411 ore fa
    • Logik, pure stonks, also 500 IQ play, such wow, and I have ADHD

      Avetho PlaysAvetho Plays13 ore fa
  • Wait what do they see?

    Ozcanium: ozOzcanium: ozGiorno fa
  • Hehe boob physix

    Brandon FitchBrandon FitchGiorno fa
  • where's the chat

    ZhnigoZhnigoGiorno fa
  • Nux is an OG Vtuber

    Sʇǝɟɐu AnđelićSʇǝɟɐu AnđelićGiorno fa
  • I never was interested in Vtubers but Mori was actually super dope on this episode, so I think ima check her out now

    Clayton JohnsonClayton JohnsonGiorno fa
  • The moment anyone mentions a game joey just goes: *Hi I'm the game developer..* and it's hilarious

    Kyle TesoroKyle TesoroGiorno fa
  • every time joey says "go off queen" for some reason it's hilarious

    yourguardianangelyourguardianangelGiorno fa
  • Mori: 'I think the peak amount of viewers on my first stream was 60,000' Me: 'That went from zero to sixty real fast

    You Like JazzYou Like JazzGiorno fa
  • Didn’t manlybadasshero do a play through of mad father?

    SNIPER 10SNIPER 10Giorno fa
  • Is calli a clown because her name is calliope

    lEvBox2lEvBox2Giorno fa
  • Does anyone know whos merch garnt is wearing??

    aoatu aaoatu aGiorno fa
  • I can't be the only one who think calli sound like michaela laws right?

    Armando MuktiArmando MuktiGiorno fa
  • 3:08 i swear she looks like she's on something

    Blue LugiaBlue LugiaGiorno fa
  • My question is how the hell did they film this, like was the "real" Mori there or was it greenscreen or what?

    TheWittyBritTheWittyBritGiorno fa
    • Mori was there in person, Connor confirm it on reddit.

      Neapolitan MintNeapolitan MintGiorno fa
  • They all face like died pretending to saw something not there

    Daffa RenaldyDaffa RenaldyGiorno fa
  • I cant stop watching the boing boing

    FalseFalseGiorno fa