She's not the best at paddle ball #shorts

15 apr 2021
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She's not the best at paddle ball #shorts

  • Sooooo it's badminton without a net, and with pingpong bat ??

    CreatipCreatip19 secondi fa
  • esta riquisisisisma

    Ricardo GarciaRicardo Garcia2 minuti fa
  • Who wears a long sleeve, button up collared shirt to the beach?

    S SS S6 minuti fa
  • She doesn't need to be good😜

    Steve Rudas JrSteve Rudas Jr16 minuti fa
  • That tan line😍

    Phil SpillPhil Spill33 minuti fa
  • Wow what a amazingly beautiful woman.. so whos the stalker who made this video 😬

    Sean CSean C49 minuti fa
  • Looking like a young Demi Moore. Beautiful!!!

    Isaac WarrenIsaac Warren53 minuti fa
  • But, she looks great, while doing it badly.😋

    Tim GreenTim GreenOra fa
  • Dam, baby

    scorpion hookscorpion hookOra fa
  • Probably great at other ball sports

    Al BrownAl BrownOra fa
  • Do you find it creepy you’re video taping girls and getting paid for it?

    Lee MLee MOra fa
  • Traidora.

    Álex SRÁlex SROra fa
  • She's fit af.

    The TruthThe TruthOra fa
  • She doesn't need to be.

    rgarrett15rgarrett152 ore fa
  • We don't care about the paddle board, everything else looks fine.

    Raul RRaul R2 ore fa
  • She likes. Big Chorizo!!!!

    Diego DLVegaDiego DLVega2 ore fa
  • at least she’s good at looking good, for now. she better have some other talents, 40-80 is a long stretch, and beauty fades

    Robnoxious77Robnoxious772 ore fa
  • Her going for the ball is enough for me to watch the video.

    Creed exCreed ex2 ore fa
  • Ok y the hell r u at the beach wit a long sleeve dress shirt?? Lol 😂

    MR.Sinister 1MR.Sinister 12 ore fa
  • Hello brothers

    Amer SalemAmer Salem2 ore fa
  • Camera guy is not best neither. Learn to stay on target and zoom!

    Ryan BRyan B3 ore fa
  • Haha

    Dolores GutierrezDolores Gutierrez3 ore fa
  • watching this for the paddle ball

  • Not the best at paddle ball, but who gives a shit?lol

    Seth JoynerSeth Joyner3 ore fa
  • He will surely have other talents..

    Cri BasileCri Basile4 ore fa
  • I didn’t even know they were playing paddle ball until I read it. Lol. 😍🥰🥂🌹🤗😘

    Fred NeuschwanterFred Neuschwanter4 ore fa
  • Here the important thing is... why he's wearing a long sleeve shirt on the beach??? 🤔🤔🤔

    Benjamin MenaBenjamin Mena4 ore fa
  • But who cares?

    Sukhbir SekhonSukhbir Sekhon4 ore fa
  • She will never have to be good at anything and will still have more in life than 99% of us. female privileges

    Cody MorelandCody Moreland4 ore fa
  • Who's cares whats she good at she's gorgeous

    Kenny ScribnerKenny Scribner5 ore fa
  • Are any of the Guys who are watching this even curieus if she can play or de not.?

    E SazakE Sazak5 ore fa
  • Who is she

    LURK_ChannellLURK_Channell5 ore fa
  • The guy is the one who is not good at paddle ball. Who titles this? Did they even watch the clip

    Lee NguyenLee Nguyen5 ore fa
  • hispanic beauty

    Smart SensingSmart Sensing5 ore fa
  • She hit it straight at him. He doesn't have to move. Its him that cant do it

    Eddie BruceEddie Bruce5 ore fa
  • Who cares about paddle ball.

    retired smlltwncopretired smlltwncop5 ore fa
  • Looks the best at it....DOH!

    David MarcumDavid Marcum6 ore fa
  • hes not even hitting the ball to her

    laura tomczaklaura tomczak6 ore fa
  • Who cares if she is good at anything?

    slim teckslim teck6 ore fa
  • Who cares. She's got other attributes

    Johnny LaveryJohnny Lavery6 ore fa
  • HE sucks.

    good egg greggood egg greg6 ore fa
  • 😍😍😍

    Southern CaliforniaSouthern California7 ore fa
  • Who's that love handle packed chubby man? She's trying , but he isnt...he sucks.

    JJ7 ore fa
  • Yes she is

    James GilliamJames Gilliam7 ore fa
  • Soo did you just film a random girl on the beach and everyone here is cool with that?

    kackpopelkackpopel7 ore fa
  • She don't have to be !!!

    Str1B2AD6C3yper IgwtStr1B2AD6C3yper Igwt7 ore fa
  • She is doing awesome 😎

    bill meebill mee7 ore fa
  • Wait!!! There was paddle ball involved there?

    John ShanksJohn Shanks7 ore fa
  • Just give her the ball and stop shorting her. She's the BEST at everything

  • She's also in it for that $$

    happytrailsgaminghappytrailsgaming8 ore fa
  • She does not have to be good at anything!

    Josh HardyJosh Hardy8 ore fa
  • Her mind is on another set of Balls 😂😂

    Tay HTay H8 ore fa
  • I’d say he’s doing it deliberately

    90AlmostFamous90AlmostFamous8 ore fa
  • Doesn’t matter I can watch her all day 😍

    aLLsTaR*617*aLLsTaR*617*8 ore fa
  • Пока тело есть, ума не надо. А потом на помойку выбросят.

    нина сенинанина сенина8 ore fa
  • I don't care what she does with the paddle, but the ball is another story

    Paul SmithPaul Smith8 ore fa
  • Ugly

    Omar GutierrezOmar Gutierrez8 ore fa
  • 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💓💗💗💗💞💞💞💞💞💞💕💕💘💘💘💘💘❤❤❤❤❤

    Andrei Valentin GhițăAndrei Valentin Ghiță8 ore fa
  • That doesnt matter

    Jan KallofskiJan Kallofski8 ore fa
  • What paddle??? I'm just enjoying the view 😉

    Daniel SalazarDaniel Salazar9 ore fa
  • Hopefully she has a White boyfriend.

    Rebel with a causeRebel with a cause9 ore fa
  • that guy sucks at hitting the ball correctly

    Chris SauveChris Sauve9 ore fa
  • Men of culture we meet again.

    #GlazersOut#GlazersOut9 ore fa
  • Didn’t notice the paddle or the ball at first 🙃

    Diarmaid O'RiordanDiarmaid O'Riordan9 ore fa
  • Very nice girl, dont care paddle ball...

    Gin tonicGin tonic10 ore fa
  • God.damn.

    Jason's Snow PlowingJason's Snow Plowing10 ore fa
  • Someone was playing paddle ball?

    gspower01gspower0110 ore fa
  • Who drew the stick woman? Nice job.

    Ryan WileyRyan Wiley11 ore fa
  • Looks pretty good to me

    gadget954gadget95411 ore fa
  • clumsy

    Kal-ElKal-El11 ore fa
  • It's called smash ball

    Michael AngelosMichael Angelos11 ore fa
  • And does no one see that this fool she's playing with is wearing A LONG SLEEVE BUTTON DOWN BUSINESS DRESS SHIRT , at THE BEACH.. Talk about a fashion statement 🤦‍♂️

    Mike JenkinsMike Jenkins11 ore fa
    • Must just be his favorite shirt right.?

      Mike JenkinsMike Jenkins11 ore fa
  • J,aime beaucoup le jeune fille qui est si jolie

    Sarin TimSarin Tim11 ore fa
  • Coza gówno

    obywatelka13obywatelka1311 ore fa
  • Pretty, more curveage wouldn't hurt..Married to a Brazilian now, she & every friend she's got is just full on 🔥.. Not bragging, just facts, & happy to be Blessed. Once you've been around Brazilian's, these "normal body type" women are all just "so so" 🤷‍♂️

    Mike JenkinsMike Jenkins11 ore fa
  • Little tarts they love it.

    charles boycottcharles boycott11 ore fa
  • At least she's trying and not recording some random dud

    Pafares sPafares s11 ore fa
  • Cool beans

    Greg TittleGreg Tittle12 ore fa
  • Gotta be cold there. Guys have shirts on... you’d figure someone’s nipples should be...

    Jeff KJeff K12 ore fa

    Само ГригорянСамо Григорян12 ore fa
  • Paddle go to hell, just look at her beauty

    Zana satoriZana satori12 ore fa
  • Nice beach!!!!!

    Coyote71Coyote7112 ore fa
  • Who cares!

    DronePsycheDronePsyche12 ore fa
  • but she's beautiful

    Larry JessopLarry Jessop12 ore fa
  • ITworlds: swipe up for more videos. Me: No. Fuck you.

    Jerome MadridejosJerome Madridejos12 ore fa
  • Más mensa para jugar

    Sergio JuarezSergio Juarez13 ore fa
  • Lucky

    Jason JimenezJason Jimenez13 ore fa
  • Too bad. Next!

    Ingmar KappersIngmar Kappers13 ore fa
  • Mamacita 😘

    Carlos Eloir Velazquez CervantesCarlos Eloir Velazquez Cervantes13 ore fa
  • You think he cares?

    Peter BrakelsPeter Brakels13 ore fa
  • Even though she's not good at paddle ball I can play it with her all day...

    comic visioncomic vision13 ore fa
  • 男人不热,女人太热

    song wusong wu13 ore fa
  • She can suck at paddle ball all she wants to as far as my concern! Paddle ball? Seriously?! WTF?!

    Shadow KiShadow Ki13 ore fa
  • But she's the best in other

    Ossama anisOssama anis13 ore fa
  • Não se esqueçam de ver a beleza do mar.

    Jose BatistaJose Batista14 ore fa
  • no red bloody male gives a dam if shes good at bat and ball lol

    D PD P14 ore fa
  • Esse cara é ruim que dói... Tá se roendo de ciúmes.

    Erico MachadoErico Machado15 ore fa
  • She don’t need be

    Weezy PeezyWeezy Peezy15 ore fa
  • لو تنزع اللباس افضل حريه اكثر

    Qassim AbbassQassim Abbass15 ore fa