Paul McCartney - McCartney III (Official Album Trailer)

21 ott 2020
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'McCartney III' - the new album, out December 18th 🎲

50 years following the release of his self-titled first solo album McCartney, featuring Paul playing every instrument and writing and recording every song, Paul McCartney will release McCartney III on December 18th. Paul hadn’t planned to release an album in 2020, but in the isolation of “Rockdown,” he soon found himself fleshing out some existing musical sketches and creating even more new ones.

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Music video by Paul McCartney performing McCartney III (Official Album Trailer). Capitol Records; © 2020 MPL Communications Ltd, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • The long and winding road of Paul McCartney. An endless magical musical trip. Thank you for the ride of a lifetime.

    rock rollrock roll2 ore fa
  • Ill buy it for myself...put it under my xmas tree

    Ehheje EjheEhheje Ejhe7 ore fa
  • Yess!

    Luc-Rosaire CournoyerLuc-Rosaire Cournoyer15 ore fa
  • I'm super excited for this one.

    Damien SepulvedaDamien Sepulveda18 ore fa
  • Looking forward to this one. Love how he's rocking the Epiphone Casino and Hofner bass from the Beatles days to this day. That bass could be the most valuable musical instrument on the planet.

    rockturtleneckrockturtleneckGiorno fa
  • Me, 55: kinda looking forward to retirement and settling down Paul, 78: Hold my bass, while I lay down this drum track

    Rick van DijkRick van DijkGiorno fa
  • 30 years late but awsome

    Derek RobertsDerek Roberts2 giorni fa
  • Anyone know what the Mr. T shirts are all about?

    Machiel de GrootMachiel de Groot3 giorni fa
  • Who else is sitting here playing this video over and over?

    Vivian LundVivian Lund4 giorni fa
  • Keep rocking Paul, we love you!, your music it's a true blessing full of energy and joy!!

    Emilio DuránEmilio Durán4 giorni fa
  • The one and only Billy Shears.

    Michael MatthewsMichael Matthews4 giorni fa
  • Maldito genio cada dia me sorprendes

    Freddie MercuryFreddie Mercury5 giorni fa
  • I counting the days

    Carol FerreiraCarol Ferreira6 giorni fa
  • Can't wait!

    J RJ R6 giorni fa
  • Hello, off in my quest for spiritual masters, I just realized, my first true gurus as a child growing up were the Beatles and Mr. Rogers. I think that is still going on. Muchas Gracias from Tucson

    Nancy PontiusNancy Pontius7 giorni fa
  • o veio ta com tudokkkkkkkkkk

    Gabriel AndradeGabriel Andrade7 giorni fa
  • YES Paul, I missed you if you ask like that! I'm so excited for this album. 2020 wasn't a good year for me apart from Corona. But your music gives me rays of hope ❤

    Ein AlemEin Alem7 giorni fa
  • Are those images of Mr. T. on the drums?

    K AugustK August7 giorni fa
  • Dear Santa, thanks for our beloved Paul.

    Gisella BeltramiGisella Beltrami8 giorni fa
  • We are really looking forward to McCartney's album 3, I adore the Beatles, all Paul's albums, but we won't buy it, there is no money, so upload the album for free or we'll steal it anyway, no offense Paul)

    Dime sailDime sail8 giorni fa
  • Yes, good thing there is an ad at the beginning since paul is in need of money.

    Μαστροβασιλη ΚαλλιοπηΜαστροβασιλη Καλλιοπη8 giorni fa
  • Will he being singing on this record will they be fast or slow songs

    Joey AlbertsonJoey Albertson9 giorni fa
  • 0:30 So Ready For This!

    woahwoahwalterwoahwoahwalter9 giorni fa
  • This album should be part of a collectors edition box set with McCartney and McCartney 2

    buffaloditkabuffaloditka9 giorni fa
  • Acabo de ver el segundo tráiler de McCartney III y estoy súper emocionada, va hacer un álbum increíble. Espero obtener el álbum para navidad :)

    AlessandraAlessandra9 giorni fa
  • Mr. I Did It All By Myself. Baby, don’t be amazed if Paul makes his point on this roll.

    Michael BrodieMichael Brodie9 giorni fa
  • This is class

    Archie PorterArchie Porter9 giorni fa
  • A las personas que fueron manita abajo sin momses

  • Poor Paul, His Whole Album Got Leaked Before Release

    Our World On YouTubeOur World On YouTube10 giorni fa
  • 🎅🎄👍 This is a bottle 👍🥂🍾 Hope this time !

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  • 💫🎄 💫☕👍😎🖖

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  • 🤝😏🤝👱‍♀️🤝😏🤝☕👀

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  • Sorry ! Didn't know they had a crash :(

    Cumulus TerraticusCumulus Terraticus10 giorni fa

    Cumulus TerraticusCumulus Terraticus10 giorni fa
  • thank you Paul McCartney for all the wonderful, life enriching music you've given the world. I love your chords and melody. lyrics too. voice especially. optimism too.

    bellygunnermusicbellygunnermusic11 giorni fa
  • haha what if paul used animoji to support his album haha

    nword boinword boi11 giorni fa

    Esteban ReynaEsteban Reyna12 giorni fa
  • It was a good decision to delay the release, after the solar eclipse in December 14th.

    Jimena LópezJimena López12 giorni fa
  • 0037.

    Vincent VindalooVincent Vindaloo12 giorni fa
  • Lo de este tío es increíble. No para. No pares nunca Paul.

    Eduardo MartínEduardo Martín12 giorni fa
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Sean WarrenSean Warren13 giorni fa
  • Love the fact that Paul continues to bring music song into our hearts... Barry Blum

    Barry BlumBarry Blum13 giorni fa
  • Welcome to the Swinging Twenties - and Mr McCartney is still with the new power generation!

    Mandy WarholMandy Warhol13 giorni fa
  • Éxitos

    andy De La Cruzandy De La Cruz13 giorni fa
  • Temporary Secretary 2 please

    SyskraSyskra13 giorni fa
  • i bet i can get an a great song stuck in your head with two words...... JET WOOOWOOOOWOOOOWOOWOOOWOOOWO

    Crayzee F. GamingCrayzee F. Gaming14 giorni fa
    • Yep you did it

      marc underwoodmarc underwood13 giorni fa
  • I'm looking forward to the release of this album

    Felipe de Freitas Teixeira filhoFelipe de Freitas Teixeira filho14 giorni fa
  • Si, si textrañé ❤️

    Leslie RuizLeslie Ruiz14 giorni fa
  • Maybe I'm amazed that he didn't waste his time during the plandemic

    Max LipinMax Lipin14 giorni fa
  • ❤️🤗

    Denise FreitasDenise Freitas14 giorni fa
  • Legend

    CO5MACO5MA14 giorni fa
  • Aprendan. Con 78 años tiene grandes proyectos. Y no se lamenta por los años que pasarón!!!

    Rober FariasRober Farias14 giorni fa
  • Mccca annonunced change of premiere this album by production... until 18 December 2020..

    alonso contrerasalonso contreras15 giorni fa
    • Yes, I've noticed. Wonder why...

      cieciorkacieciorka14 giorni fa
  • Paul is leading us like the pied piper of Hamelin...where is he taking us? Afteryou

    Timmy EquusTimmy Equus15 giorni fa
  • 1. Will we have a single or a double A side single before the album ? 2. If you can't wait for the album , listen to the making-of of electric arguments (2008)

    robert nicorarobert nicora15 giorni fa
  • He say...One and One and One is Three...

    Michael GallantMichael Gallant15 giorni fa
  • I am so excited about this

    Collin Dixon 2Collin Dixon 216 giorni fa
    • Me too ,hello collin

      Hill DouglasHill Douglas14 giorni fa
  • Man this sounds so good. God bless Paul.

    SingALilifySingALilify16 giorni fa
  • Are there any songs from McCartney 3 available on ITworlds yet?

    MiamiBeach xxxMiamiBeach xxx16 giorni fa
    • no yet coming out in a few weeks

      Thomas SimpsonThomas Simpson14 giorni fa
  • how exciting

    Carol FerreiraCarol Ferreira16 giorni fa
  • I wonder if there'll be a song called Permanent Secretary on this one. After 40 years, let's hope so!

    dw declaredw declare16 giorni fa
  • Pre-ordered and Awaiting this release! ✌🏻 super excited to hear it.

    Admiral ChanceyAdmiral Chancey16 giorni fa
  • hi billy. Harrison's wife said. me too say only , hi William Shears Campbell and not Paul McCartney

    Player Viktor ツPlayer Viktor ツ16 giorni fa
    • Bruh

      Lɪttle shunshɪneLɪttle shunshɪne14 giorni fa
  • I Need This Album Now!

    Nelly ProfesoraNelly Profesora16 giorni fa
  • 3 and 4 bill is a mason and a great musician

    Rono JamesRono James16 giorni fa
  • it’s abouta be a wonderfuller Christmas time

    Anthony NazaradehAnthony Nazaradeh17 giorni fa
  • I remember buying McCartney II with money I'd received for my 15th birthday in June 1980. First listen? Thought "this doesn't sound like Paul. Kind of weird." Second listen, "Hmmm..." 3rd, "Ok..." 4th..."Interesting..." 5th..."I think I like this! That "Temporary Secretary" song is cool!" For the rest of the summer it was "McCartney II", "Endless Summer" by the Beach Boys and for whatever reason "Homecoming" by America. From that summer up to today "McCartney II" is "summer music" to me...and what great memories I have of that summer! Perhaps McCartney III can fall into the "winter" category? Looking forward to it!

    David KingDavid King17 giorni fa
  • would have been so kool to have mary wrapped in his jacket for a cover

    kabukisweetkabukisweet17 giorni fa
  • This will be an AWESOME END FOR 2020.

    Govinda Passalacqua OliveraGovinda Passalacqua Olivera17 giorni fa
  • “ Flaming Pie” is such an underrated album. Can’t wait for this!!

    Jason BaconJason Bacon18 giorni fa
  • Now that sounds cool. Gotta have it for my birthday.

    M5guitar1M5guitar118 giorni fa
  • I think you should be Hypnotized and in your trance you go back in your mind to 1965 and write songs Sit down with John Lennon and he'll give his input with at your piano and write the kind of songs you wrote in the good old days. Then you'd make your new album with that Fantastic Beatle sound. It will be number one in the world. I can't wait to hear it.

    John CareyJohn Carey18 giorni fa
  • Please. Rescue music

    Highgate HandymanHighgate Handyman18 giorni fa
  • What pleasant news!

    chuck u farliechuck u farlie18 giorni fa
  • I am Very exceted for MacCartney lll in Dezembro.

    Gina QuadrosGina Quadros18 giorni fa
    • Me também be very exceted for macaco 3

      LucasLucas11 giorni fa
    • Dezember

      Gina QuadrosGina Quadros18 giorni fa
  • Paul sos un kpo😔👌🏻

    Carla Balzano TecheraCarla Balzano Techera18 giorni fa
  • The legend himself is back! Man I hope Ringo is featured in some of these as well. Homie always was my favorite Beatle. Paul always finds a way to stay relevant god bless them

    Nomo 4uNomo 4u18 giorni fa
  • The man's a genius.....

    Cynthia SteffensCynthia Steffens18 giorni fa
  • My name is Paul Mcartney and I am still the 1

    8:16 am8:16 am19 giorni fa
  • Love this so muuuucchhhh, i cant waiiitttt.

    Ananta NAMANYAAnanta NAMANYA19 giorni fa
  • I’ll play with him.

    Malcolm AdamsMalcolm Adams19 giorni fa
  • I hope he finishes now and then but that’s just a dream

    bananaspoonbananaspoon19 giorni fa
  • Mc EGO III

    Carlos FloresCarlos Flores19 giorni fa
  • So, um - Ya think it's full of silly love songs, again? Or did Mc find his whetstone and put an edge on it? ;-D

    dartdomdartdom19 giorni fa
    • @dartdom 'you sweet thing' says a lot about you 😉🤣

      Nessa JPNessa JP18 giorni fa
    • @dartdom I'm a Beatles and John Lennon fan as well. Been a fan for over 3 decades, by the way 🙄 Doubt you could tell me anything I don't already know 😉

      Nessa JPNessa JP18 giorni fa
    • @Nessa JP - Oh, Nessa JP, you sweet thing, you might be too young to remember John Lennon and the discussions he and Paul had way back then, love. It's why Paul wrote the song about silly loves songs. No disrespect intended. Oh, and please don't scream during the performance, it annoys the band. ;-D

      dartdomdartdom18 giorni fa
    • It's never been all 'silly love songs'...

      Nessa JPNessa JP19 giorni fa
  • Dominopizza

    DominoPizzaDominoPizza19 giorni fa
  • Rock down? Nope. Go back to sleep Paul. The NEW Van Morrison song (No More Lockdown) is where you'll find a fearless artisan that actually still has some fucking sharp teeth and big balls.

    onelove1968onelove196819 giorni fa
    • why does endangering society count as having big balls?! there is something seriously wrong in your head if you choose to praise someone who's against the decisions that are made to defend us from the pandemic. brainless.

      H23H2316 giorni fa
  • Uh...NO.

    Citizen PayneCitizen Payne20 giorni fa
  • I already pre order it 🤩🤩

    chuy 2018chuy 201820 giorni fa
  • Well McCartney II was terrible and McCartney I was so so. Let's see if Paul has some magic left.

    David LuxDavid Lux20 giorni fa
    • Maybe you'll be amazed.

      adipsousadipsous19 giorni fa
  • I'm in.

    Nitrobuz AeNitrobuz Ae20 giorni fa
  • Special human.

    Peter TorreyPeter Torrey20 giorni fa
  • Paul ... Master of MELODY, HARMONY, SYMPHONY. Paul is King 👑

    Gerhard GöblGerhard Göbl20 giorni fa
  • Can't wait for Temporary Secretary 2

    m i l km i l k20 giorni fa
  • Permanent Secretary?

    MosaicMosaic21 giorno fa
  • We're looking forward to your new album, Paul! :D

    Fan Club The Beatles w Lublinie REAKTYWACJA PLFan Club The Beatles w Lublinie REAKTYWACJA PL21 giorno fa
  • Finally something good in this year

    John F KennedyJohn F Kennedy21 giorno fa
  • Am I crazy or am I hearing a little Jacob Collier influence here? Towards the end, I’m hearing it. He is a patron of Collier’s, isn’t he? If so, that’s extremely exciting to me.

    Geoff StocktonGeoff Stockton21 giorno fa
  • 666K views. Nice.

    Osama Bin LadenOsama Bin Laden21 giorno fa
  • wow!!!!!!

    John FindlayJohn Findlay22 giorni fa