Stephen Curry 36 pts 7 threes 6 asts vs Cavs 20/21 season

15 feb 2021
95 639 visualizzazioni

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  • 4:10 just look at Curry’s off ball movement on this play. Thing of beauty.

    Landon HamiltonLandon Hamilton17 giorni fa
  • only in 30 min and being guarded by 2 defenders most of the time true GOAT

    Mateus SousaMateus Sousa17 giorni fa
  • This team deffo has an intense training on how to set up screens for Steph. And, almost all of these shots were Draymond's assists.

    Emilio MalolesEmilio Maloles18 giorni fa
  • If the warriors don’t get big name players Steph Curry will leave I could see him going to the bucks or the Utah jazz

    kai burkekai burke18 giorni fa
    • no lmao

      シPichiezシPichiez18 giorni fa
  • how many players shines and being interviewed? that s because they benefited from the curry double and triple guards.

    Alb BautiAlb Bauti18 giorni fa
  • Mostro curry

    Joao MiguelJoao Miguel18 giorni fa
  • Cavs trashed

    Damien HayesDamien Hayes18 giorni fa
  • stephen curry deserve to be a mvp 2020-2021

    bagwis hopeTVbagwis hopeTV18 giorni fa
  • For me this guy is #1 clear cut MVP. Averaging 30 on 50/40/90 just like his unanimous mvp season, but this time he is doing it with no second offensive option like Klay to take pressure off him. Dude is getting double teamed from half court with a completely reworked roster and has kept them in the playoff picture when all analysts were saying "probably not this year". Thats also a testament to his leadership cause you can see the team getting better around him and love playing with him. Unfortunately this isnt getting looked at enough in the media prob cause it doesnt suit their agenda, but people that appreciate real basketball know how good this guy is playing. 2nd best PG of all time behind Magic, but he can EASILY surpass Magic by the end of his career. His career isnt over which is why I consider him #2 all time, but will prob change. Ez mvp imo.

    SkopezySkopezy18 giorni fa
  • The mans a genius..🤷🏾‍♂️

    Big Dee562Big Dee56218 giorni fa
  • Warriors obviously need Klay Thompson back asap but they are still beating most of the teams they should beat and stealing a few games they should have lost on paper. Steph Curry is balling out of his mind right now and should be higher in the mvp discussion. When you consider how he is defended compared to the other mvp candidates who not only can play freely but also have a all star/ superstar playing alongside em.

    ShinobieyesShinobieyes18 giorni fa
  • Curry plays. .. BALL! I mean... BALL! Not bully like James, no he plays .. BALL! Incredible wizard! THE BEST!

    Turn Up The VolumeTurn Up The Volume18 giorni fa
  • wats da intro song bruh , i love that thing so much

    Agustin CarrereAgustin Carrere18 giorni fa
  • Bully Steph in full effect

    Gerard RobinsonGerard Robinson18 giorni fa
  • @2:50 is what we call High IQ. Steph/Dray must’ve worked on that a million times

    john lansingjjohn lansingj18 giorni fa
  • Steph and draymond gonna keep making history

    Rjm SwagRjm Swag18 giorni fa
  • You know he is good when you don’t even care if he scores 7 threes cuz he done it so often

    Daniel Jin JinDaniel Jin Jin18 giorni fa
  • Lightwork for SC30

    Sting RaySting Ray18 giorni fa
  • I worried about him, I saw him holding his calf.

    JoshuaJoshua18 giorni fa
  • Green is one of the smartest players in the league (when he doesnt losing it), his cooperation with curry is a a sight to behold

    Holech BatelHolech Batel18 giorni fa
  • Best player ever

    Holech BatelHolech Batel18 giorni fa
  • Steph and Draymond holding it down! can't wait for Klay to get back to 100% and the Splash Brothers are back baybay!

    whitewolfwhitewolf18 giorni fa
  • Curry mvp

    _RodgersUTD_RodgersUTD19 giorni fa
  • He is balling right now how in the world is the not in mvp conversation the best point guard of our generation the baby face assassin

    AsuraAsura19 giorni fa
  • GS was 1 point behind at mid of 3nd quarter........

    DONG WANGDONG WANG19 giorni fa
  • Best player of the world.

  • No question Steph is MVP if decided right disrespect to Jocic amazing season. Its just unreal how consistantly other worldly this dude is!

    GmoneyincGmoneyinc19 giorni fa
  • Congratulations for your page bro! Nota 10.

    Carlos SouzaCarlos Souza19 giorni fa
  • Steph Curry is the GSOAT

    Dakota JohnDakota John19 giorni fa
  • MVP this season

    jin kazamajin kazama19 giorni fa
  • 3:17 DECOY 😂

    Harshey BulalaHarshey Bulala19 giorni fa
  • Imagine if they all train hard to become Stef's Artillery, and can shoot 3s consistently like him. Yes, even Draymond.

    Edwin PoonEdwin Poon19 giorni fa
  • curry off the ball is art

    Place Of mindPlace Of mind19 giorni fa
  • The goat 🐐

    Ultimate BallerUltimate Baller19 giorni fa
  • Best Player in the League

    Bryan Ace BathanBryan Ace Bathan19 giorni fa
  • NBA a clown for putting curry at 10th place in the mvp race

    命平和命平和19 giorni fa
  • Steph is out playing the entire league. Media and haters don't want him winning mvp though.

    ShiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzShiiiiiiiiiiizzzzz19 giorni fa
  • man look at the other players' highlights they dont get this much views like curry. Even if you compare todays curry from others' weeks ago

    rcmarcma19 giorni fa
    • @Z. Highlights and look at other channels like the nba curry carry them in views

      Mustafa MohamudMustafa Mohamud18 giorni fa
    • In January: 1. LaMelo Ball - 648200 2. Steph Curry - 539100 3. Nikola Jokic - 528900 4. Luka Doncic - 426300 5. Zion Williamson - 330100 6. LeBron James - 253400 7. James Harden - 183900 8. Kevin Durant - 181600 9. Lonzo Ball - 169400 10. Kyrie Irving - 167400 Of course the number of videos per player could be different.

      Z. HighlightsZ. Highlights19 giorni fa
    • @Z. Highlights so who garners the most views?

      Krys Krys64Krys Krys6419 giorni fa
    • regarding views in my channel Curry can be compared with Jokic, LaMelo and sometimes Zion

      Z. HighlightsZ. Highlights19 giorni fa
  • he is just fuckin MVP this season

    ringo royringo roy19 giorni fa
  • 오늘3쿼터 퇴근한거죠?

    일1일119 giorni fa
    • 릅이최고야릅이최고야19 giorni fa
  • That is so annoying to guard 😂😂

    justme 1justme 119 giorni fa
  • 30.1 ppg on 49,9% fg, 43,5% 3 point and 94% ft and somehow he's not in MVP race? Nba must be kidding me

    Jimmy HoangJimmy Hoang19 giorni fa

      chico anandchico anand18 giorni fa

      chico anandchico anand18 giorni fa
    • @Jake Desnaque same like curry needs his klay and wiseman

      Ok ThanksOk Thanks18 giorni fa
    • @Mystic 悪 and notice how every game this season ad has been out Lakers have lost lebron needs ad when ad left early due to injury vs nuggets it was a tight race but ad had to go and lakers lost same with Detroit and other teams like cmon bro

      Ok ThanksOk Thanks18 giorni fa
    • @Mystic 悪 15-13 kept his teAm in playoff race without klay and wiseman

      Ok ThanksOk Thanks18 giorni fa

    RakssRakss19 giorni fa
    • @Junior Robert mvp does not mean best player 😂

      Max AgbodoMax Agbodo18 giorni fa
    • @Gmoneyinc pure narrative!!! Narratives make money 💰, but the real know that this man is balling on another level. This team is not good, they just aren’t! However he may push them in to the playoffs over this next stretch of games if they win the games they are supposed to win and steal 1

      D NevsD Nevs18 giorni fa
    • @Junior Robert honestly it’s about politics more than basketball now and I’m a independent

      Ok ThanksOk Thanks18 giorni fa
    • At this point it's so extremely obvious that the NBA is pushing Lebron narratives when they are not warranted that even Lebron stans are finally catching on!

      GmoneyincGmoneyinc19 giorni fa
    • This is how you know how bad the nba wants LeBron to be the best player

      Junior RobertJunior Robert19 giorni fa
  • Underrated off the ball game. Put some respect on his name🔥🔥🔥

    CALOY TVCALOY TV19 giorni fa
  • In 3 QUARTERS!

    Clark Manuel EsmasClark Manuel Esmas19 giorni fa
  • That was all in 3 quarters ,wow .

    Ishaan LakheraIshaan Lakhera19 giorni fa
  • Incredible game from Steph and some great passes from Draymond (16 dimes). A couple VERY generous assists though. That handoff at 1:00 was apparently an assist even though Steph dribble 3 times and got all the way from beyond the 3pt line to the basket.

    James RossJames Ross19 giorni fa
    • Also, the one at 4:08 was also an assist even after 4 dribbles and an up fake. Huh?

      James RossJames Ross19 giorni fa
  • Dude didn't have to play the last quarter

    oliver tambooliver tambo19 giorni fa
  • This Stephen Curry guy not half bad at this basketball thing

    Koofy DonnisKoofy Donnis19 giorni fa
  • Greatest pg ever and the best player in the league right now

    Brandon KBrandon K19 giorni fa
  • 30PPG with 49.9% FG , 43.5% from 3 and 93.3% FT 🤷🏽‍♂️ *GREATEST SHOOTER OF ALL TIME*

    Junior BivegueJunior Bivegue19 giorni fa
    • @2quick4 u still the greatest shooter

      Josephus HinnehJosephus Hinneh18 giorni fa
    • Yet disrespected by the talking sports heads on cable “sports” channels. I don’t get it?????

      D NevsD Nevs18 giorni fa
    • Shooter¿? he's one of the greatest scorers of all time.

      2quick4 u2quick4 u19 giorni fa
    • And he averagely did it in 2 quarters

      Clark Manuel EsmasClark Manuel Esmas19 giorni fa
  • I thought he scored one more three at the end

    草19 giorni fa
  • please kelly oubrey and westbrook highlights

    Daniel SchneiderDaniel Schneider19 giorni fa
    • @Z. Highlights but still thank u

      Daniel SchneiderDaniel Schneider19 giorni fa
    • @Z. Highlights 😩

      Daniel SchneiderDaniel Schneider19 giorni fa
    • Westbrook will be there but Oubre will not.

      Z. HighlightsZ. Highlights19 giorni fa
  • 36 points dipa nag laro ng 4th quarter

    Jofferson HipolitoJofferson Hipolito19 giorni fa
  • Damn... 36 points in 3 qtrs, I mean if he stat paddles like what Russ did a couple years ago, Curry could easily avg 35 even 40 per game with high shooting percentages.

    jerryhsiehbigjerryhsiehbig19 giorni fa
    • @D Nevs totally agree

      jerryhsiehbigjerryhsiehbig17 giorni fa
    • @D Nevs 💯

      GmoneyincGmoneyinc18 giorni fa
    • @Gmoneyinc if Kerr let him back in some of the games I would consider that stat padding, somewhat... a star playing in garbage time? We are witnessing greatness but the world is fixated on LA that they are willfully ignoring it. This dude is special.

      D NevsD Nevs18 giorni fa
    • Stat padding is more with rebounds and assists not as much points especially when it comes to curry caus he shoots from the neighbor's house. Hard to stat pad points when your launching from so far away

      GmoneyincGmoneyinc19 giorni fa
  • He’s dropping 35+ like it’s nothing. Sheesh

    SijSij19 giorni fa
    • @valentino Kerr don’t let him play the 4th quarter he could of had 50 that game

      LuvNate-LuvNate-18 giorni fa
    • 30 mins is technically 2 and a half quarters sheesh

      valentinovalentino18 giorni fa
    • In 20 minutes sheesh

      Samiul HaqueSamiul Haque18 giorni fa
    • @The Dynamic Flashy 3 quarters!!! This is like the third time in the past week or two where he has dominate in just three quarters... the most under appreciated player... he is special

      D NevsD Nevs18 giorni fa
    • In three quarters! Crazy

      The Dynamic FlashyThe Dynamic Flashy19 giorni fa
  • I'm 40 years old and I've seen all the sickest ball handlers from Iverson to Tim Hardaway to Zeke Thomas to Rod Strickland to God Shamgod to Iverson to Steve Francis to even the And-1 street ballers like Hot Sauce, Skip, and the Professor. I'm from Chicago and saw guys like Imari Sawyer doing shit in streetball tournaments that would amaze the human eye. What Steph does @2:02 is so hard to pull off just in practice, let alone doing it at the highest level. He's in his bags of trick this year damn near more than he was during his first MVP year. Put some respect on his name. The man is a LIVING LEGEND! You hear me? A LIVING LEGEND! The only two players that are active that are on his level is LeBron and KD...that's IT!

    QuincyQuincy19 giorni fa
    • @chico anand Heres a note to add he is doing this on few minutes... He is BALLING!! With no consistent offensive help, his numbers are ridiculous. When you did in to the advanced stats he is top 3 in there as well whil having 0 consistent scoring help.... This is special

      D NevsD Nevs18 giorni fa
    • FOR REAL... ANOTHER 50-40-90 THIS SEASON... WITH 30 PPG...

      chico anandchico anand18 giorni fa
    • This sir, is what you find in the dictionary under “FACTS”. The most scary offensive weapon out of all of them. If his defense was just a notch up (not as bad as people think) he would be the unquestionable most complete player

      D NevsD Nevs18 giorni fa
    • facts bro!

      Moses Elijah San PascualMoses Elijah San Pascual19 giorni fa
    • preach

      father guapfather guap19 giorni fa
  • Lookin' like 21 yrs old😅 Damn🔥🔥🔥

    CliQue MeCliQue Me19 giorni fa
  • There always are debates about anything.. But talking about the best shooter in NBA history, there is no debate... NO. 30 for 3 !!!

    JD NiuzJD Niuz19 giorni fa
  • MVP

    Spell NickSpell Nick19 giorni fa
  • Steph is becoming more lethal finisher and under the rim. He's still consistent from deep. If warriors finish season with at least 6th seed he will win MVP

    • Nedim Kahrimanović Steph’s percentages around the paint has exceeded even his mvp season, it’s crazy that he’s still improving even at this age. His trainer has even stated that Steph was hitting personal records for strength and speed during this off season. Steph is a late bloomer and has plenty of gas left in the tank, when Klay gets back to form, it’s a wrap

      Deshawn LtsDeshawn Lts18 giorni fa
    • @CHI that’s happens when you have the worst team in the league

      Armed 3 DangerousArmed 3 Dangerous18 giorni fa
    • @Nedim Kahrimanović yea he has but this year he finshing at a more consistent rate like in his mvp years the 3pt line was his best bet

      Mustafa MohamudMustafa Mohamud18 giorni fa
    • @Nedim Kahrimanović He is but he's taking more contact cause I think his frame is a little thicker now.

      Antonio Silveira Guanaes GomesAntonio Silveira Guanaes Gomes19 giorni fa
    • He’s shooting below his career average % at the rim this season...

      CHICHI19 giorni fa
  • I was the first one to upload curry’s highlights

    NGJNGJ19 giorni fa
  • MVP 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

    Love JesusLove Jesus19 giorni fa

    Darius ClayburnDarius Clayburn19 giorni fa
  • Nba is a Clown if they didn't Put Curry in the MVP race. Like if Curry deserve MVP

    Paul Timothy CalucinPaul Timothy Calucin19 giorni fa
    • @LuvNate- fax cuz kerr don’t want injuries

      ReemReem18 giorni fa
    • @Reem bro curry don’t even play the 4th quarter because of kerr

      LuvNate-LuvNate-18 giorni fa
    • MVP race gonna be intense tbh

      Paulo PamintuanPaulo Pamintuan18 giorni fa
    • He’s in the race..he’s just 4th

      Abd GhazzawiAbd Ghazzawi18 giorni fa
    • @Ismail Unia 😂😂😂😂 bronseual my nigga curry almost average more in every stat

      Mustafa MohamudMustafa Mohamud18 giorni fa
  • Wow look at curry man 2:01

    junior Eazyjunior Eazy19 giorni fa
  • 2:50 Now That's how you get your shooter open

    chef currychef curry19 giorni fa
  • bruh that looked like more than 36 points

    Jericho DiazJericho Diaz19 giorni fa
    • Lebron stans punching every night curry plays

      Ok ThanksOk Thanks18 giorni fa
    • @Jayden Beasant he don’t play 4th quarters too... curry insane

      Moe BahriMoe Bahri19 giorni fa
    • Because he is the one superstar who doesn’t get the calls he deserves, he would get 40 a night if they rewarded his drives and the fouls people do to him. SMH 🤦‍♂️

      Jayden BeasantJayden Beasant19 giorni fa
  • hi

    Parvathy HemantParvathy Hemant19 giorni fa
  • The mvp MD this season

    Geoffry GeraldoGeoffry Geraldo19 giorni fa
  • Steph and Draymond connection is so beautiful to watch. Real basketball heads know his IQ is on another level.

    Coach AdepojuCoach Adepoju19 giorni fa
    • I was just about to type something same as you did, the connection they have is on another level!!

      Aleksandar ObradovicAleksandar Obradovic19 giorni fa
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 he’s a fucking flame thrower

    Dbreeze HarrisDbreeze Harris19 giorni fa
  • 4:23 "baby face assassin" 🔥🔥

    Rex JunJieRex JunJie19 giorni fa
  • Steph and Draymond compliment each other so well. Beautiful basketball!!!

    Derieck LopezDerieck Lopez19 giorni fa
  • warriors will be the most dangerous team in next season but in 2021 they still fixed it

    Keone Carlsten CapanKeone Carlsten Capan19 giorni fa
    • @Prabh Singh rebuild year?

      Mustafa MohamudMustafa Mohamud18 giorni fa
    • so true! they’re still playing great!! Will improve even more with Wiseman’s return! Nd next season KLAY! 🔥

      Prabh SinghPrabh Singh19 giorni fa
  • Two leg sleeve Curry is Back

    Steven BarrySteven Barry19 giorni fa
    • @dalefourtwenty yeah dropping 57

      Simoun IbarraSimoun Ibarra19 giorni fa
    • @dalefourtwenty yep he's in da zone

      Steven BarrySteven Barry19 giorni fa
    • I kinda like one leg sleeved curry. It’s something different

      dalefourtwentydalefourtwenty19 giorni fa
  • Warriors gonna be scary next season 🔥

    Steven BarrySteven Barry19 giorni fa
    • That's what we were saying last season so let's not make bold claims because injuries loom large

      Jim JimJim Jim19 giorni fa
  • My MVP vote so far

    Davey JDavey J19 giorni fa
  • Just an average day for the best point guard in the league.

    Diwan RokaDiwan Roka19 giorni fa
    • @King LM10 pass me what you’re smoking

      Raden UtunainRaden Utunain17 giorni fa
    • @yuseff morales GTFOH

      Raden UtunainRaden Utunain17 giorni fa
    • @Amirul Asrani ye I kinda get it now, James get so many assists this season and is leading

      AntoneeAntonee18 giorni fa
    • Best point guard ever*

      YasserYasser18 giorni fa
    • Best pg in the regular season 🤝

      Max AgbodoMax Agbodo18 giorni fa
  • 2016 curry is reborn

    DatRandomPerson OnYouTubeDatRandomPerson OnYouTube19 giorni fa
    • @Nostalgic Bliss here’s the thing he’s numbers is exactly identical with a more terrible roster. All of their centers are injured Chris wiseman looney. And there isn’t a certified robin on that team because klay is injured. So that’s why I think he’s better than before. This is a more matured seasoned steph curry

      Reggie GriffinReggie Griffin19 giorni fa
    • @Nostalgic Bliss its just less flashy because teams call timeout before letting him go on those hot streaks he used to go on. he was pulling from everywhere 2016 tho. idk its a different version of Steph.

      father guapfather guap19 giorni fa
    • @Nostalgic Bliss yeah but hes doing it now with a much less talented roster. the stretch hes playing right now is insanely efficient given the defense played against him.

      father guapfather guap19 giorni fa
    • hes better now

      father guapfather guap19 giorni fa
    • @Artizon 2016 Curry was 5 years ago, I watched literally every game that season, this version of Curry is still not on that level. Stop talking about shit you don't know anything about. The eye test or numbers don't support it either. He had way more impressive stretches that season of just stupendous numbers and creative plays.

      Nostalgic BlissNostalgic Bliss19 giorni fa
  • Mvp

    Future nba first over all pickFuture nba first over all pick19 giorni fa