Make Your Day Better By Watching These Adorable Pets 😍

30 apr 2021
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  • 7:26 is my favorite

    Opaque The LionOpaque The Lion18 minuti fa
  • Love your channel 😍😍😍😍👉🦊🦝🐱🐈🐕🦮🐈🐕‍🦺🐩

    Animals CareAnimals Care54 minuti fa
  • 1:38 “ Steven what are you doing in there? “ UMMm- *DRUGS-*

    bēE gAchÀbēE gAchÀ2 ore fa
  • 6.14 meeka the cute and attitude dolly husky ❤️

    siyakh bgsiyakh bg2 ore fa
  • Animal memes are the best

    Pernille RisePernille Rise5 ore fa
  • Legend: We can be together if you don't like my dog * girl leaves * Legend: Hi Kelly!

    123 1233123 12336 ore fa
  • 1:08 men of culture: " I want to be that dog "

    Jose FernandesJose Fernandes6 ore fa
  • 1:45 sucks I hate computer generated voices. Everyone should quit this shit. Unless you use the old Stephen Hawking voice simulator.

    Peter BrownPeter Brown7 ore fa
  • 0:17 “please we’re poor”

    kilahkilah7 ore fa
  • 2:50 I can’t believe she hates the dog it’s so cute tbh if she said it’s her or the dog I will pick the dog 🐶

    Lilia       Loves dogsLilia Loves dogs8 ore fa
  • 1:16

    xZEBAxxZEBAx8 ore fa
  • Nice thumbnail.

    Kwenn KwennKwenn Kwenn9 ore fa
  • Cool photoshop

    Perfectly PriyaPerfectly Priya10 ore fa
  • 5:49 these things are poisonous for dogs dummy!

    Ali NaqviAli Naqvi10 ore fa
  • 3:29 everyone is saying aww but the turtle is mating with the shoe dude

    Ali NaqviAli Naqvi10 ore fa

    Liza FernandezLiza Fernandez10 ore fa
  • 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Jason GarzaJason Garza11 ore fa
  • Dogs HATE carbonated things because of their sensitive noses, most of them don’t make the mistake of drinking it twice since they will most likely know what is and isn’t carbonated

    SamSilversSamSilvers12 ore fa
  • 1:08 someone I know has a dog JUST LIKE THIS and there name is LUNA ASWELL *conspiracy theories face 🤔*

    Queen WolfyQueen Wolfy12 ore fa
  • 2:38😭😭

    Melony BethellMelony Bethell14 ore fa
  • I'm a kid

    Ethan TribierEthan Tribier15 ore fa
  • Me hitting my older brother even tho it doesn’t hurt him 2:30

    JerryJerry16 ore fa
  • That turtle is sus 😭 3:33

    Raebizzy pay meRaebizzy pay me17 ore fa
  • 😳😳😊

    Gabriela dos Anjos CoelhoGabriela dos Anjos Coelho17 ore fa
  • kill the dog

    Laura WillisLaura Willis17 ore fa
  • 🥰❤️

    Marta KędzioraMarta Kędziora18 ore fa
  • Bruhhhhh the turtle

    Julie BarnesJulie Barnes18 ore fa
  • If she hates your dog ... dump heeeerrrr 🚮

    Yellow SubmarineYellow Submarine19 ore fa
  • 3:54 OMG LOL

    CreamysnoopyCreamysnoopy20 ore fa
  • 6:50 ITS PUDGY 2.0!

    24kCxpz24kCxpz20 ore fa
  • That girl that doesn't like your dog, get rid of her.

    Kathy CrawfordKathy Crawford23 ore fa
  • 3:24 wtf

    Lnes uwuLnes uwu23 ore fa
  • 7:49 that’s so mean and that owner probably scared that dog for life with that sound. That dog looks like it’s 4-6 weeks old. Dogs should only be sold when they are 10 weeks old because the mother and father kick the pups to the curb at that age to let them go and learn to live independently.

    Fin mccauleyFin mccauleyGiorno fa
  • No fucking way I would date someone who doesn’t like my dog. Also what kind of person hates a dog? Bro they can’t even talk 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Emily HamiltonEmily HamiltonGiorno fa
  • Thumbnail fake disliked

    Won TonWon TonGiorno fa
    • Boo hoo

      John LaurensJohn Laurens12 ore fa
  • 🥰awww

    FloFlo SoldierFloFlo SoldierGiorno fa
  • *dog eating* Man:Hey Hey u left a piece her- *B A R K* Man: . *dog a n g r y* *G R R R*

    Pikachu Chica lean la última opcionPikachu Chica lean la última opcionGiorno fa
  • 0:00 siblings be like

    amali22kittyamali22kittyGiorno fa
  • Everytime someone doesn't like the cat puts the knife down he's through

    Tatum PriceTatum PriceGiorno fa
  • Hahahahahahah the cats

    Razan alotaibiRazan alotaibiGiorno fa
  • Did the guy not realize the turtle was trying to do something nasty to his boot

    C WoodC WoodGiorno fa
  • Omg skaya when she can’t drive that’s my fav youtuber OMG

    Bom BestBom BestGiorno fa

    cat of worldcat of worldGiorno fa
  • Ok the jersey torturing that chihuahua puppy needs to be b slapped

    Tina ChandlerTina ChandlerGiorno fa
  • 0:09 we have a wannabe wolf

    hazel kellyhazel kellyGiorno fa
  • 1:40 drugs😂😂😂

    Milla MarihuluMilla MarihuluGiorno fa
  • The second one was so funny

    Candis McIntoshCandis McIntoshGiorno fa
  • My dog died a couple of days ago and this made me really happy

    Ochako UrarakaOchako UrarakaGiorno fa
  • Now a days dogs are hell scared of cats

    Dishu Patil AkhareDishu Patil AkhareGiorno fa
  • 2:34 me when I just want to go to sleep and a keep on getting vibrated notifications

    Owl GirlOwl GirlGiorno fa
  • Omg it’s soo cute 🥰 3:27

    It’s BiancaIt’s BiancaGiorno fa
    • Hmm okay that's sus tho

      Crazy henCrazy hen13 ore fa
  • 0:42 murderer cat💀💀

    Sharmila ArgeliaSharmila ArgeliaGiorno fa
  • 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😲😦😧😯😯😯

    mr projectmr projectGiorno fa
  • 0:17 we have found the robber

    Chad SonmoreChad SonmoreGiorno fa
  • LOL DID YOU POST IT ON TIKTOK? I'll send it to ma freind nEkOsQuIdwArD

    Lindsey!Lindsey!2 giorni fa
  • Jesus Christ luvs us all ❤️

    Khaotic TTVKhaotic TTV2 giorni fa
  • Kllkkkk❤❤❤🥰🐩😘🎶🐄 parece igual uma vaca

    Ana Lúcia RibeiroAna Lúcia Ribeiro2 giorni fa
  • Bro the poor husky, husky’s are actually meant to be in the cold that’s why it was dying to get inside

    SugaxsaltySugaxsalty2 giorni fa
  • *bites part of shoe off- el *fast hello* eh ehhhhhhhh *soft hi🥺*

    Lightning Speedy lordLightning Speedy lord2 giorni fa
  • That one monkey really did say “making my way down town”

    Kennedy PadgettKennedy Padgett2 giorni fa
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅

    Romina SleipnesRomina Sleipnes2 giorni fa
  • Hilarious video

    Vet & PetsVet & Pets2 giorni fa
  • Tere in pan

    vevaveva2 giorni fa
  • Its not fuuuuuuny doe ju no in how

    vevaveva2 giorni fa
  • Rip for those who were looking for the clip that was in the thumbnail 😓

    Bhawishya Rathore Rathore XABhawishya Rathore Rathore XA2 giorni fa

      Opaque The LionOpaque The Lion17 minuti fa
  • 6:14 that’s meeka the husky

    LollyLolly2 giorni fa
  • Dude chooses his dog over his girlfriend. LoL. Cant get anymore pathetic then that for a little boy.

    Johnny BravoJohnny Bravo2 giorni fa
  • meeka is so cute and all the dogs and cats i love them there very cute😄😀😃

    Mario BenavidezMario Benavidez2 giorni fa
  • AWWWW the second one is so frickin cute.... also 6:08 be like people who have there parents teach you how to drive for the first time the dog close to the end looked scared it was cute Jk a of them are duh

    Mandy RescoeMandy Rescoe2 giorni fa
  • 2:18 are yo7 stupid help the kitten I hate you

    Will & Co CafeWill & Co Cafe2 giorni fa
  • Mean while cat attacking with all his might German shepherd like bro weakkkkkk

    Edward CharlesEdward Charles2 giorni fa
  • Cats are better.

    Legendary mammoth GamingLegendary mammoth Gaming2 giorni fa
  • I have 8 dogs and my mom breeds golden retrievers and also she grooms and trains it’s super fun having a lot of dogs a lot and I also have two cats a turtle fish rabbits :) I love them all

    Jeremy SteckJeremy Steck2 giorni fa
  • the turtle when he went on the persons boot and made weird noises the turtle was trying to make a baby with the boot

    Joshua Games 1 2 3 4Joshua Games 1 2 3 42 giorni fa
  • Haha

    Perlie Shell ChannelPerlie Shell Channel2 giorni fa
  • 1:09 when did u kidnap my dog......

    Brian BarnesBrian Barnes2 giorni fa
  • I'm dying

    Katelynn GilmoreKatelynn Gilmore2 giorni fa
  • That cat scared the puppy

    zackattackprozackattackpro2 giorni fa
  • Why’s no one talking about 3:46 😂

    A.k LillianA.k Lillian2 giorni fa
  • When my dogs poop: Bubbles oldest: DONT CARE DONT HIT ME I BITE Ruby youngest: *runs for her life cause we have the chancla lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Poke PlayerPoke Player2 giorni fa
  • My Mom always said money is dirty. You never know where it's been. Now I know. 🐕🐶

    Fluff n StuffFluff n Stuff2 giorni fa
  • Did no one notice the one eyed, naked horror cat at 6:54???

    ElMariachiElMariachi2 giorni fa
  • If your gf or bf doesn’t like your pet drop them. Your pet will always be more important than the relationship.

    LeahLeah2 giorni fa
  • Some were not funny at all. Some were just cruel, like the guy who scared the puppy until it screamed. What’s funny about that?

    Jannike TaranderJannike Tarander2 giorni fa
  • My dog is also named luan

    Carl ArthurCarl Arthur2 giorni fa
  • Mom cat: Moew (What? They will land on their feet)

    nightshade1621nightshade16212 giorni fa
  • Cuteness overload

    Prerna Jain PJ & AssociatesPrerna Jain PJ & Associates2 giorni fa
  • 😍🥰❤️

    Jackie RangelJackie Rangel2 giorni fa
  • Can someone please tell me what kind of dog the second was cause it was so stinky cuteee

    Noortje van OsNoortje van Os2 giorni fa
  • Like si viniste por la miniatura

    ✞❦LØBITA EXE ØwO❦✞✞❦LØBITA EXE ØwO❦✞2 giorni fa
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Piorem PROPiorem PRO2 giorni fa
  • ,j

    Chandra RidenourChandra Ridenour2 giorni fa
  • 3:25 wtf is that noise the turtles making is it posesed

    Chloe GoldfarbChloe Goldfarb2 giorni fa
  • 3:30 Omg, turtle fuck him 🤣🤣 *CRINGE*

    Настя АнимеНастя Аниме2 giorni fa
  • I love meeka trying to drive

    Adelle KokaramAdelle Kokaram3 giorni fa
  • Is chips safe for dogs?

    Sean ClarkSean Clark3 giorni fa
  • 6:10 Meeka she's so cute and funny I'm also subscribed to the channel

    Andrika CilliersAndrika Cilliers3 giorni fa
  • op, we found a thief guys lets call 911 0:14 its a joke

    JjdpgamerJjdpgamer3 giorni fa
  • im glad that man dumped that girl she is so selfish

    Jamie LoveJamie Love3 giorni fa
  • Cats want ALL the beef bro dogs be sleeping and cats be like wake up stupid or u gone get the 1 2 combo bro

    Adventure BuddiesAdventure Buddies3 giorni fa