I'm on $23.5k Cash Game Winning Streak!! It All Has To End At Some Point... Poker Vlog Ep 159

3 mag 2021
382 149 visualizzazioni

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  • Go in with confidence Brad!!!

    Christopher RobinsonChristopher Robinson4 ore fa
  • Another nice one Brad. You spend quality time with us. I’ve been meaning to remind you Brad of that Dewey Tomko video. Stories about Doyle Brunson. He said, “I’ll tell you this much, have the Lord in you as you continue in pro poker. You’ll need His steady hand when things take you to the lowest point” Hope some Sunday mornings are saved for Him Brad.

    John YorgaJohn Yorga11 ore fa
  • I hope this man put you to shame showing his Sharks tat while you’re out here being a knights fan smh

    Ryan SemmelmayerRyan Semmelmayer12 ore fa
  • I don't blame you for the q9 straight loss. With 3 people at the table, losing with that straight, is very very unlikely. The other hands when you got 3 and 4 betted, the vast majority of the time someone will have pocket queens or better.

    BenBen14 ore fa
  • Brad or anybody else know a similar Vlog for Omaha?

    O GO G15 ore fa
  • bro you manifested this, geez

    Jimbo JonesJimbo Jones15 ore fa
  • Brad you should be more positive going into these games. Also jamming with a pair of 8s with a full board straight was the start to the downfall.. don’t go in with the mindset you’re going to loose because it subconsciously has you making bad decisions!

    inDeclyneinDeclyne16 ore fa
  • If it puts things in to perspective, I got sent to a hospice today with a DNR notice. I don’t mean to make you feel bad in any way, rather, don’t feel doomed because good luck runs out, hold a steady course and as Rudyard Kipling said “if you can meet success and failure and treat these two imposters just the same, you’ll be a man my son.” I probably butchered that quote, It’s 1am here and I’m full of morphine. Good luck with the cards, you give a lot of us real pleasure watching and learning what it takes to be a professional poker player. 👍

    Mike DayMike Day16 ore fa
  • Hey Brad what’s your plan for Memorial Day weekend? I’m heading to Vegas for the first time and hoping to see you at the tables!!! Been great watching your vlog!!! Thanks for all the tips.

    John FolgerJohn Folger16 ore fa
  • Ouch...

    Mike DayMike Day16 ore fa
  • Anyone know any good free site to play on

    KR- waveKR- wave17 ore fa
    • The problem with free sites is people don’t play well. If you’re just wanting to learn basics any free site will do but you won’t learn real poker on there

      O GO G15 ore fa
  • Nice Tele

    wl357wl35719 ore fa
  • It seems when you're running good you start to feel invincible. Then when your luck turns you figure it's just a flesh wound and keep going, then after a few losses it's like wtf happened. We've all been there dude. I applaud you for showing your losing sessions and your mistakes. We all make mistakes and maybe a break is in order to get your patience back. Good Luck.

    Alex MurrayAlex Murray21 ora fa
  • Whens the next meet up game in Florida. I'm a big fan and want to come.

    Jes UrbinaJes Urbina23 ore fa
  • what was your Gutter on the River? wasn't it the Q you needed?

    Kasey OrrKasey OrrGiorno fa
  • Mate..... I’m going to call you out on one thing. The same thing all you poker vloggers never mention. You play the time you do because there are a lot of drunks that have a lot of expendable cash to give away. Don’t be ashamed to say it. 😉

    Nathan GrantNathan GrantGiorno fa
  • Hey are u still in vegas? If u do where are you going to play??

    dlawnsgus11dlawnsgus11Giorno fa
  • Guys any recommendations of where to play live tournaments any state?

    CupOf TeeCupOf TeeGiorno fa
  • How do you record these things without getting harassed by the dealer or pitboss?

    YomstaNationYomstaNationGiorno fa
  • Click bait wank player

    Paul RichardsPaul RichardsGiorno fa
  • 9:38 Make Pocket Jacks Great Again

    Emil JosephEmil JosephGiorno fa
  • Awful golf swing. That's my big takeaway

    Stephen ShepardStephen ShepardGiorno fa
  • Im actually rolling from his comment at 13:27. LMFAO!!!

    John KJohn KGiorno fa
  • Hey Brad I want to see your losing hands. Those are much better for learning than when you are flopping the nuts

    4ftBeaver4ftBeaverGiorno fa
    • @Brad Owen not to rub in the down streak but you really glossed over the losing hands. I like any hands you show, but it is a whole lot cheaper to learn from your losing hands then it is for me to go out and lose my own money. I would even enjoy if you just showed more hands where you folded to agression and your reasoning why. Anyway good luck I hope it turns around and keep up the content

      4ftBeaver4ftBeaverGiorno fa
    • Did you not watch the video? The whole second half is losing hands. You'll really love the next video I put out too.

      Brad OwenBrad OwenGiorno fa
  • Great job man, all your videos are pro and you are constantly pushing forward. Cant wait to see you there on top. I would have one request though, dont name video with most important thing in it, please. Its kind of a spolier and i like the chills of unknow haha make it more live alike ;) Greetings from a fan from Poland :D Keep it up. Cheers!

    hluphliphluphlipGiorno fa
    • @Brad Owen haha yea i know, just day dreaming XD good luck and one more time, great job!

      hluphliphluphlipGiorno fa
    • Hey man, thanks for the comment. You can't really grow a YT channel effectively without mention of the important parts in the title of it.

      Brad OwenBrad OwenGiorno fa
  • I calling it now this guys hitting a million subs this year

    AcE 0211AcE 0211Giorno fa
    • That would be really cool

      Brad OwenBrad OwenGiorno fa
  • Hey Brad. Any insights on why ITworlds automatically unsubscribed me from your channel?

    John DocJohn Doc2 giorni fa
    • @Brad Owen Yeah it was weird. My other subscriptions remained. It was just yours. I'm subscribed again, and have caught up on what I missed.

      John DocJohn DocGiorno fa
    • Hmmm, that's really bizarre. I have no clue. Maybe it thought you were a bot or something?

      Brad OwenBrad OwenGiorno fa
  • I’m also wondering why your playing 1/2 lol

    Boo JayBoo Jay2 giorni fa
    • Just for fun with a group of poker players that wanted to get together and not play very seriously

      Brad OwenBrad OwenGiorno fa
  • Terrible call with a7 lol

    Boo JayBoo Jay2 giorni fa
  • Monster run man. Back to it buddy. You were very smart for each session during the run good. Don't abandon your winning strategy.

    a day in the life of mea day in the life of me2 giorni fa
  • Hey Brad love the channel bud. How am I supposed to win against people that call all the time when I'm running card dead? I have good starting hands and raise pre flop but they continue to call with 4 9 off suit and seem to always out flop me or hit on the river.

    Mike LovelandMike Loveland2 giorni fa
  • Easy come easy go.. be careful

    Brian DrakeBrian Drake2 giorni fa
  • Do a video and show everyone how much doge coin you have.

    Niel DanielsNiel Daniels2 giorni fa
  • Time for a few days off paddy you’re playing like me lol 😂

    Tony BedfordTony Bedford2 giorni fa
  • Hey Brad, I've been watching your vlogs for a long time, and playing/studying poker for even longer. However I've only just started to take playing the game seriously instead of treating it as a game. Just wanted to say I love your play style and more importantly your mindset. Always great so see someone who appreciates the game enough to take the losses as well as the wins. Thank you immensely for sharing your work with the world

    Jacob HitchcockJacob Hitchcock2 giorni fa
  • what’s that app called that you use?

    Yarden LeshemYarden Leshem2 giorni fa
  • So... the moral of the story is don't get drunk and play poker. But I guess we all knew that already. I like that you post your losses, though. Not everyone shows those off to the world.

    since1876since18762 giorni fa
  • Thanks for the shoutout, Brad! Looks like I might have to pump out another video pretty soon.

    Derek GMZDerek GMZ2 giorni fa
  • Free Cosmo 👊

    Mike RossMike Ross2 giorni fa
  • I won 13 times in a row at the casino. I was so overdue for a loss the nerves prevented me from going back 😅

    nfc14gnfc14g2 giorni fa
  • Top top is pretty nice man... I had almost same board with same hand except suited... opponent had a set, last time I played, 555.

    David NDavid N2 giorni fa
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    Jennifer JudeJennifer Jude2 giorni fa
    • Tell her I referred you please

      Richard CrossRichard Cross2 giorni fa
    • + 1 7 0 7 6 5 9 6 4 9 2

      Richard CrossRichard Cross2 giorni fa
    • You can also reach her online

      Richard CrossRichard Cross2 giorni fa
    • @Arthur Albert that's the more reason you should reach out to her and get good insight before getting to invest

      Richard CrossRichard Cross2 giorni fa
    • I'm a newbie and I want to get good insight before getting the decision to invest with Mrs Cathie wood

      Arthur AlbertArthur Albert2 giorni fa
  • Bless me father brad for I am partaking in a big game tonight.

    Logan ScaliseLogan Scalise2 giorni fa
  • What's the website do u use for online poker could u help me

    Traven FrancisTraven Francis2 giorni fa
  • Take few days off-you are playing bad-I know you can do better-nice video

    George LadopoulosGeorge Ladopoulos2 giorni fa
  • Stick to what tou know-dont play PLO

    George LadopoulosGeorge Ladopoulos2 giorni fa
  • 127 thumbs down. I don't get it. Quality vids every time.

    Ed ClibanoffEd Clibanoff2 giorni fa
  • Don't be afraid to bring your centered self to new endeavors. It makes for good content, and we like you.

    Jimmy BallerJimmy Baller2 giorni fa
  • Dear Brad, when you walk into a casino thinking you're going to lose, you should step away and do something else. Then you can pretend you'd skip a bunch of bad beats while you're riding dirt bikes, playing chess, or reading a good book. When you run-bad in poker, run good somewhere else, then come back to the table, more centered.

    Jimmy BallerJimmy Baller2 giorni fa
  • What website do you use to track the wins/losses?

    Chris JacksonChris Jackson2 giorni fa
  • I feel your pain.

    UP FanUP Fan2 giorni fa
  • Happy to see DGAF hold for one time.

    Justin VJustin V2 giorni fa
  • Norwegian Tom is the best! Haha. I should have cashed before I got mixed up with you. Thanks Brad, it was a pleasure meeting you. Go Niners!

    Tom PanettoTom Panetto2 giorni fa
    • Hahaha great to see you in here Tom!!! Fun playing with you man. Go Niners!!

      Brad OwenBrad Owen2 giorni fa
  • I enjoy your videos. Keep them coming.

    x SUPAH xx SUPAH x2 giorni fa
  • Are you going to be playing May 9-11? I’m coming to Vegas for my 21st then!

    Cooper JohnsonCooper Johnson2 giorni fa
  • Manifest yourself winning every day, Take the word losing out of your vocabulary.

    SteveSteve2 giorni fa
  • Brad, if you feel you're running bad, did you consider buying in for less BBs and limit the potential loss? Or maybe even play a bit 2-5?

    Pini ZiserPini Ziser2 giorni fa
  • And You will start Winning Again Soon!

    Wesley BundyWesley Bundy2 giorni fa
  • The guy calling with pocket aces most not understand the game lol , 4 to a straight ... 2 pairs... sets... and he calls with a AA ... wish i had guys like that in my game. come to think man they still have not opened poker here... its unreal 1,5 year without cards.

    baycan gunesbaycan gunes2 giorni fa
  • Drinking and Poker (no no) You know better Brad!!!!

    Wesley BundyWesley Bundy2 giorni fa
  • Do you have any tips for online players? I been doing well with .01/.02 tables, but playing 1/2 tables I'm getting stuffed. Love your page!

    Allen LillyAllen Lilly2 giorni fa
  • First hand, glad u made the guy show his cards. Other vloggers would just table theirs and not make the other guy show when you can get a lot of information that you paid for. Now you know he was capable of getting out of line with low equity.

    drdrayfromla99drdrayfromla992 giorni fa
  • 好的平台才是王道!

    国内网络访问 华体会 htbet1064.com找露露 大额无忧国内网络访问 华体会 htbet1064.com找露露 大额无忧3 giorni fa
  • "Hello, my name is Brad." "Hi Brad"

    James CollierJames Collier3 giorni fa
  • What app do you use to keep track of your poker wins and losses?

    Francis AquinoFrancis Aquino3 giorni fa
  • "You're under no obligation to post it on social media" aka. stop saying you beat me :-D

    Mr P PointhexMr P Pointhex3 giorni fa
  • Do you mind if I put it on ITworlds? Regular guy - Sure Norwegian guy - I don’t give a shit, yea!

    OzzyOzzy3 giorni fa
  • Always due a cooler some time. I’m sure you will be straight back to your winning ways

    The SmythThe Smyth3 giorni fa
  • Damn I'm sorry brad Hey brotha your still in the positive so dont get discouraged. See the thing is you did nothing wrong with all your decisions man. Just got unlucky Wasnt your night. Like you said you didnt even wanna play As shitty as this sounds (no offense) You knew it was coming. You felt it Take care B!

    Jacob ide eyedJacob ide eyed3 giorni fa
  • What is the name of the app he is using?

    Darryl ConusDarryl Conus3 giorni fa
  • "part of me wants to fold, not a big part though" I can relate to that :)

    andrasxiandrasxi3 giorni fa
  • At 9:40 why does he call pocket aces when there’s a clear straight draw mindblown

    Sean SimsSean Sims3 giorni fa
  • calling with A7... only in the greatest country of the world

    O. MO. M3 giorni fa
  • There are too few videos with titles like "$24,000 LOSING STREAK!".

    neuvocastezero 1neuvocastezero 13 giorni fa
  • Brad you are the man

    Joseph CredendinoJoseph Credendino3 giorni fa
  • Very honest blog. The reason I watch your vlog and not several others is that you display both your wins and losses in a honest way. This helps mimic real life up and down situations that any poker player goes through Some of the the other vloggers show only their wins and not their losses thus making it very difficult to believe. Great work. Keep them coming !

    Ashutosh NaikAshutosh Naik3 giorni fa
  • wait a min. you win a 1300$ pot and tip 4$? man you cheap.

    Pot Of DualityPot Of Duality3 giorni fa
  • Probably played with you at Chances. That play had crazy gamble gamble.

    MrRagusauceMrRagusauce3 giorni fa
  • Ace,7!!!

    Joe NasonJoe Nason3 giorni fa
  • Hey Brad. Big fan of you and the channel. Love your play-by-play of the hands.

    Robert CampbellRobert Campbell3 giorni fa
  • time to read some Jared Tendler

    RockyallRockyall3 giorni fa
  • Your smart enough to make it in anything gambling is stressful as fuck at times, I took a month break. I crushed the books ncaa basketball March madness until two weeks ago. I lost 25 percent and like you said I’m not in a place to be making financial decisions but I’m not you. I avoid stress I’m a fun sports bettor it stopped being fun break fir me but it’s not my job that’s gotta weight great content

    Kevin IG: kevinttvvKevin IG: kevinttvv3 giorni fa
  • Hi sir.. I want to become a professional poker player like you. So can you help me regarding this.

    Seshadri ChintapalliSeshadri Chintapalli3 giorni fa
  • When you playing next I’m a rec player in Vegas and want to meet you

    Brian GarciaBrian Garcia3 giorni fa
  • Your poker game is great...will try to hook-up next time you're in Phoenix...but...your golf swing is terrible! Maybe I can help you with that!

    michael Tomlinsonmichael Tomlinson3 giorni fa
  • The only problem with this video is that golf swing

    CapitolCapitol3 giorni fa
  • I appreciate you posting this. A lot of people would only post the wins but it is good to see the other side as well. You can play correctly and still lose and you can't hope to always play correctly either. Good luck with the future hands =)

    B BowB Bow3 giorni fa
  • Whats the app Brad uses to keep track of his tables/buy-ins/profits etc. At around @6:00

    KennyKenny3 giorni fa
  • Don't try to rorce your luck, Brad, just walk away and come back next day.

    Eduardo MoralesEduardo Morales3 giorni fa
  • My biggest leak is I always think people are bluffing and I call off on river bets. :(

    jcsoundguyjcsoundguy3 giorni fa
  • this dude has the driest humor ever the translate part was hilarious

    Ashley ConverAshley Conver3 giorni fa
  • Down 2500 ain’t too bad man

    James JamesJames James3 giorni fa
  • It happens to all of us. I lost $2800 in one week between Choctaw and Texas Card House. Flop set of Aces loose to Runner Runners. There are times you just cant beat the Chair and you Cant out bet Stupid.

    William NelsonWilliam Nelson3 giorni fa
  • No, no don't start with pessimism thinking less you bring on the attraction , repulsion vs attraction common you've studied it , let that ' timing ' work itself out , like your jolly ☺️ commentary that never takes a day off do the same with ur playing

    Jerry KellermanJerry Kellerman3 giorni fa
  • overlooking a fjord.. *starts slow clap

    My Dogs Best FrenMy Dogs Best Fren3 giorni fa
  • i love how Brad put a link down in the description for Neeme lol

    My Dogs Best FrenMy Dogs Best Fren3 giorni fa
  • After watching this vlog I’m gonna put on the Vulfpeck Live at Madison Square Garden concert video and listen to it while doing tedious paperwork.

    Ivan TwopairsIvan Twopairs3 giorni fa
  • Damn, you got me when you said "somehow we have the best hand....No we don't" hahah

    Filip MesarosFilip Mesaros3 giorni fa
  • I'm glad someone is running good...good on ya Brad. Even with the most recent beatings your still doing well. Your all set, you know how to win.

    mbtadhlmbtadhl3 giorni fa
  • This is the BEST and only poker channel I care about get excited about when I get that notification for a new post!!! Keep it up sir! Love n respect!!!

    Ray RRay R3 giorni fa