Greta Van Fleet - Heat Above (Official Video)

18 feb 2021
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Greta Van Fleet - Heat Above
New album, "The Battle at Garden's Gate," available 4.16.21


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Video Director: Matthew Daniel Siskin
Video Producer: designedmemory / AMFM
Video Editor: Matthew Daniel Siskin

#GretaVanFleet #HeatAbove #TheBattleatGardensGate
Music video by Greta Van Fleet performing Heat Above. © 2021 Republic Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc & Lava Music LLC


    Isabella JacobsIsabella Jacobs20 minuti fa
  • Oh my god man. Never thought I'd ever cry to a rock song. This makes me feel so much better

    D. BarrierD. Barrier3 ore fa
  • We all know how influenced they are by Zeppelin but after watching this video they may have a bit of the band Angel in them as well.

    cudaguy74cudaguy744 ore fa
  • can’t explain how much I love them

    Clara CamposClara Campos4 ore fa
  • There at there prime ahahahah

    Adrian katevasAdrian katevas4 ore fa
  • Swell video, fellas. Really strong sense of style and interesting direction despite such a simple concept.

    The ZigzagmanThe Zigzagman5 ore fa
  • Fantastic song but what's up with these fucking weird clothes

    lookup lookdownlookup lookdown7 ore fa
  • Now it is not about Zeppelin any longer. It is this Rush kind of approach today. Sounds terribly good but these boys have a long way to go to be songwriters. This is nothing more but a show. Give us a real song or two with a catching melody and you`ll be fine"

    vesa vartiainenvesa vartiainen8 ore fa
  • Every fan of Greata must comment this video:

    Paweł ZielińskiPaweł Zieliński8 ore fa
  • One of the greatest songs ever!!

    rainerpopp78rainerpopp7810 ore fa
  • Fucking time warp. You're playing in the 1970's when we weren't born and you're playing simultaneously in the 2070's when we won't be alive either. You are a fucking miracle.

    Dr. Junaid AhangarDr. Junaid Ahangar11 ore fa
  • I went out for a evening run last night and blasted this song through my earbuds while running across a rural hill at sunset. It's changed me forever. It's just so rich; so heavenly. I can't even describe it.

    Andy HudakAndy Hudak11 ore fa
  • Epic, epic, epic🔥💥 The Saviors of Rock music!

    Oliver WildenOliver Wilden13 ore fa
  • Rush?

    SteveSteve14 ore fa
  • Sorrows of the earth May our tears of rain wash down to bathe you This is what life is worth When the fires still burn and rage all around Can you hear that dreadful sound Fire still burning on the ground Follow the fearsome sound As they march to battle, hear the drums pound We do not fight for war But to save the lives of those who do so Can you hear that dreadful sound Fire still burning on the ground Can you feel my love Rising with the heat above Life's the story of Ascending to the stars as one Marching across the land Is a peaceful army joining the band Walking hand in hand To an anthem loudly sung where they stand Can you hear that dreadful sound Fire still burning on the ground Can you feel my love Rising with the heat above Life's the story of Ascending to the stars as one

    Deathrow49Deathrow4914 ore fa
  • Dude has a unique voice. Other than that, the music itself is extremely simple stuff. The fact that people compare these guys to rush and Zep. Blows my mind. Zep explored deep psychedelic spaces, rush was extremely technical.

    Jared ChurcoJared Churco15 ore fa
    • I must agree with you wholeheartedly! Josh might sound a little like Robert Plant back in the day, but this song carries it's own uniqueness.

      Kathy ShriverKathy Shriver5 ore fa
  • 😍

    Zag IvvorZag Ivvor16 ore fa
  • Even my "dreadful sound" makes this song sound glorious

    Rubina BangashRubina Bangash16 ore fa
  • In 20 years these guys are gonna be icons. I can feel it

    I like thingsI like things17 ore fa
  • Bring up the good days boys!!!!

    TheSilverdiverTheSilverdiver18 ore fa
  • what is the dragon shout for Beavis and Butthead commentary?

    Florida DanFlorida Dan21 ora fa
  • 1970's back ??? This is gold stuff now What a classic feel The world at this time needs more bands like this

    Tom keifer ShatsangTom keifer Shatsang22 ore fa
  • I went to a GVF concert 2 yrs ago and over half of the audience were 50 plus years old and so am I.. I saw people wearing Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, The Who and Beatles t-shirts. We were all there just waiting for the next great rock and roll band and they did not disappoint. It's like Zeppelin and Rush had a baby....A Great Big Beautiful loud baby!

    D NewsD News22 ore fa
  • This is by far the best song I've ever heard. GVF has been blessed so much to have made this song. It never fails to send chills of wonder through me. My main spotify playlist changes so frequently, rotating 20 or so diverse songs in and out very quickly as my music taste evolves, but I have confidence that this will never be removed from my list.

    Andy HudakAndy HudakGiorno fa
  • Be sounding like the singer for Rush in this one

    Patricia CliftonPatricia CliftonGiorno fa
  • Gotta say, terrible clothes but great music.

    Etek DavEtek DavGiorno fa
  • W O W ! B E U T I F U L E !

    Grzegorz MarcinGrzegorz MarcinGiorno fa
  • I really wanted to hate this but I don't... well the costumes, I do.

    D SD SGiorno fa
  • producer: so how much fog u want? Josh: Yes

    Trevor CaronTrevor CaronGiorno fa
    • LOL LOL 😆🤣😂

      Kathy ShriverKathy Shriver5 ore fa
  • It sounds so good, so pure, so fresh... :3

    Jesus GonzalezJesus GonzalezGiorno fa
  • Trying too hard to be Geddy. But good song

    Mike PawlikMike PawlikGiorno fa
  • wtf 792 persons didnt like this ??!! they must be deaf, i've got no other explanation

    Charlotte Tamigneaux-WeertsCharlotte Tamigneaux-WeertsGiorno fa
  • *Heat Above* Sorrows of the earth May our tears of rain wash down to bathe you This is what life is worth When the fires still burn and rage all around Can you hear that dreadful sound? Fire still burning on the ground Follow the fearsome sound As they march to battle, hear the drums pound We do not fight for war But to save the lives of those who do so Can you hear that dreadful sound? Fire still burning on the ground Can you feel my love? Rising with the heat above Life’s the story of ascending To the stars as one Marching across the land Is a peaceful army joining the band Walking hand in hand To anthem loudly sung Where they stand Can you hear that dreadful sound? Fire still burning on the ground Can you feel my love? Rising with the heat above Life’s the story of ascending To the stars as one ♡♡♡♡♡

    Mili εїзMili εїзGiorno fa
  • I felt that in my SOUL and down to the very tips of my toes. Love these guys. 👌🏻🤌🏻👌🏻🤌🏻👌🏻🤌🏻🥰

    Maryanne BMaryanne BGiorno fa
  • This guys are some of the best things that have lately happened to rock, god bless you guys and keep de hard work, you are making lots of people happy and inspired

    FiFUTBolFiFUTBolGiorno fa
  • Performances like this restore my faith in humanity.

    Jonny DeuteronomyJonny DeuteronomyGiorno fa
  • Wow! Just wow! Nice work my friends! Song about love in 2021!

    James BushJames BushGiorno fa
  • Josh's puffy white Bolero jacket and rhinestone Sunburst necklace brought me here, and then this transcendent eargasm sent me there.

    bird mcgbird mcgGiorno fa
    • Nice comment 👍😊

      Kathy ShriverKathy Shriver5 ore fa
  • Love the song. Hate the outfits. Haha.

    BigG99BigG99Giorno fa
  • Reminds me of🙄🖖 wonder,undone or unknown 🤔 🤣 😂 then I learned 😌 🤣 🙂 😅

    cynthia bindercynthia binderGiorno fa
  • great new young band...!

    amonacodariaamonacodariaGiorno fa
  • 3:24💜

    Faviola CruzFaviola CruzGiorno fa
  • Truly incredible. I'm in love.

    Jonás CarrilloJonás CarrilloGiorno fa
  • so, this is what people in 1970 thought the 2020s would look like? (squidward says: "it's all chrome!")

    Jordan NowickJordan NowickGiorno fa
  • Facorite song of the year. It's gonna be pretty hard to beat this one.

    Mala TrubaMala TrubaGiorno fa
  • I absolutely love the music these guys are writing. But I'm lost on this video. It seems like some weird mix of a Queen performance and Billy Squier's Rock me Tonite. That's okay...I am happy listening to the music.

    Randy BatesRandy Bates2 giorni fa
    • I really like the part at the end of the video where it zooms through a bunch of images. In some weird way, it brings everything together.

      Andy HudakAndy Hudak11 ore fa
  • Young rock and roll legends

    Jacob HooverJacob Hoover2 giorni fa
  • Loving these babies every single day ❤️

    Gabbbsss RGabbbsss R2 giorni fa
  • Absolutely BRILLIANT music! Love it!🤟 Keep rockin boys!

    Brian KingBrian King2 giorni fa
  • Magnum opus

    Andrew KlaisAndrew Klais2 giorni fa
    • Amongus Susus

      Mann3dDuckMann3dDuckGiorno fa
  • LOve these guys, but what's the deal with the feminine look!

    rwl1065rwl10652 giorni fa
  • It’s a shame that most people today will not recognize the pure talent of this band. Most of today’s music isn’t even in the same atmosphere with these guys

    Tracy WoodburnTracy Woodburn2 giorni fa
  • Excelente muito bom !!!!!!!!!!

    Rubens Cezar CintraRubens Cezar Cintra2 giorni fa
  • Rush.... 66 yrs old, here... And these guys are GREAT!!!

    Chuck Just ChuckChuck Just Chuck2 giorni fa
  • Guy’s stay together and stay strong! You rock and roll like old school meets new school 👍 thank you!!!!

    Ralph Clint KubitzRalph Clint Kubitz2 giorni fa
  • I'm joining the movement this is amazing

    Jacob HooverJacob Hoover2 giorni fa
  • I like how they went a prog rock vibe with this one, and it was cool how his voice was similar to Robert Plant before, now his voice is coming into its own, like the direction.

    LeonGenesisLeonGenesis2 giorni fa
    • selling england by the pound vibes

      Enrique Felix BerrioEnrique Felix Berrio18 minuti fa
  • Debemos llegar al millón!!!

    Bubbles JeanBubbles Jean2 giorni fa
  • 1970/2020🤔 R'N'R is timeless

    Bastian GräfBastian Gräf2 giorni fa
  • Gracias por compartir su arte ❤

    Piri midinePiri midine2 giorni fa
  • They sound exactly like Greta Van Fleet!

    Radio ActiveRadio Active2 giorni fa
  • I hope they inspire more young people to play kick ass rock instead of all this pansy millennial crap that’s out there today.

    German ChaconGerman Chacon2 giorni fa
  • So sad that this is at half a million views and 645AR is at 14 million views. The state of music today.

    David WalkerDavid Walker2 giorni fa
  • A lot of rock music lyrics and the heavy, sometimes depressing lyrics make me want to go out and bitch slap somebody. THIS song makes me want to float away to heaven. Positive vibes and great lyrics! Great job Greta!

    Kathy ShriverKathy Shriver2 giorni fa
  • 26 on my gay scale (my gay scale is 1-10) but god damned ... this song is good.

    lostinspace013lostinspace0132 giorni fa

    reagan Erwinreagan Erwin2 giorni fa
  • Speechless. Omg. Beautiful.

    Robert FowlerRobert Fowler2 giorni fa
  • Great band music human beings pure genius

    John HeseltonJohn Heselton2 giorni fa
  • Wow

    nufc1892klnufc1892kl2 giorni fa
  • PURE ROCK!!!.. 🖤🤘❤ LOVE YOU GUYS!! ✌

  • i posted a video with my lyrics person who runs the channel... its on my channel... fair use... just borrowing the whole band show what is up... havent sung since my last hottie sex bender mate or the time before that eh

  • I love seeing how these guys have progressed since From The Fires, such an incredible and unique group. They’ve really grown into their own sound

    Ian McGregorIan McGregor2 giorni fa
  • tremendous!

    gph42 Grantgph42 Grant2 giorni fa
  • The outfit gives me Freddie Mercury vibes🥺

    Sentila Tia TzudirSentila Tia Tzudir2 giorni fa
  • Channeling Freddie mercury...with a touch of Def Leppard. Good enough for an old rocker like me...

    Patrick OConnorPatrick OConnor3 giorni fa
  • I’m so glad Greta Van Fleet kept pushing through despite all the man babies complaining about how they sound like another band. Rock on forever Greta, there’s too much Over saturated pop in this world, your music is so refreshing!

    Max PowerMax Power3 giorni fa
    • Amen that Mr. Power!

      Kathy ShriverKathy Shriver2 giorni fa
  • I'm here because Adam Levine said there are no more bands.....uh......

    Jutley 311Jutley 3113 giorni fa

    Brooke BBrooke B3 giorni fa
  • he clearly likes it!

    Andy NathanAndy Nathan3 giorni fa
  • my bf showed me this song last week, haven't stopped listening! thank you love ;) Count me into the fan club

    Grace By The SeaGrace By The Sea3 giorni fa
  • Só quem é brazuca vai curtir aqui

    Enzo AlvesEnzo Alves3 giorni fa
  • The return of rock and roll will be in no small part due to GVF.....

    Karen StarksKaren Starks3 giorni fa
  • This guys voice is unreal. Love the constant changes of volume and cadence, so brilliant.

    Roko’s BasiliskRoko’s Basilisk3 giorni fa
  • Today I felt something

    Ben HagarBen Hagar3 giorni fa
  • The best thing since Led Zeppelin.

    glinaaglinaa3 giorni fa
  • Man, Sam just kills it on that Hammond organ doesn't he? 😇

    Kathy ShriverKathy Shriver3 giorni fa
  • Spoko bardzo mi się podoba

    God20Smack1God20Smack13 giorni fa
  • Yes, Josh, I can feel your love! This song is very moving! Thank you! ❤🔥☮

    nybtrfly1nybtrfly13 giorni fa
  • This song settled it. Greta Van Fleet is gonna be my next tattoo

    Dum BassDum Bass3 giorni fa
  • Fantastisk!!

    Bjørn ChrBjørn Chr3 giorni fa
  • Great band music human beings

    John HeseltonJohn Heselton3 giorni fa
  • David Bowie is looking down...and smiling

    Michael GilpinMichael Gilpin3 giorni fa
  • april 16th 🤍 stoked

    angelica loraineangelica loraine3 giorni fa
  • Is it just me or is anyone else hearing a bit of Yes? I can totally picture Jon Anderson singing this.

    schoolofoneschoolofone3 giorni fa
    • dancing with the moonlight night vibes

      Enrique Felix BerrioEnrique Felix Berrio17 minuti fa
  • Robert plant voice🎶🎶🎶

    Abang WabAbang Wab3 giorni fa
  • if this came out 30 years ago, i would argue that this was a new Rush song.

    myu2k2myu2k23 giorni fa
    • Lol I love how the first two replies contrast each other so perfectly.

      The ZigzagmanThe Zigzagman5 ore fa
    • totally! there are differences, of course, but I always felt like they were more like rush (or maybe hearts in the vocals) than Led Zep, which everyone else has been comparing them to. Who knows though, I wasn't alive during those times

      Joe DonelsonJoe DonelsonGiorno fa
    • What a fantastic comment @Randy Bates. Rush is definitely a progressive rock band and GVF really isn't.

      Jonny DeuteronomyJonny DeuteronomyGiorno fa
    • This is way too basic to be anything Rush put out. Don't get me wrong, I love these guys, But like Jonny Deuteronomy says "Geddy Lee never sang this purely" and Rush never wrote or played a song this simply. I love them both for what they are.

      Randy BatesRandy BatesGiorno fa
    • With all respect for Rush, Geddy Lee never sang this purely and perfectly in his life. This guy is a one-of-a-kind singing prodigy.

      Jonny DeuteronomyJonny DeuteronomyGiorno fa
  • Mate this is absolutely perfect

    Syed IsaSyed Isa3 giorni fa
  • Did these guys step into a time machine? 🔥🔥🔥

    Vitomir PasalicVitomir Pasalic3 giorni fa
  • Felling of power greatest song.

    Ajan O ChannelAjan O Channel3 giorni fa
  • Love that they sounded like led zeppelin Love this sound just as much reminds me so much of the older style music and I cant stop listening to it

    6661086661083 giorni fa