1ST in FNCS WARMUP FINALS w/ Mongraal & Mitr0🏆 | TaySon

29 set 2020
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  • itworlds.info/round/YYGjfJdqiNKMfHw/video

    Renedo-W-Renedo-W-3 giorni fa
  • 🏆 Ti si naš 🏆

    yt_FISH LUKAyt_FISH LUKA4 giorni fa
  • 8:09 i laughed so hardddd😂😂😂😂

    Saik0Saik017 giorni fa
  • Najs tayson

    Matej FradlMatej Fradl24 giorni fa
  • Game 10 shit on Savage

    Umberto FerraioliUmberto Ferraioli27 giorni fa
  • 19:20 ????????

    · rising· risingMese fa
  • I love when tayson says “shockwave”

    VyroVyroMese fa
  • 4:04 advisek ded😣

    Tymon ATymon AMese fa
  • Good english but you got like i dont now how to say like voice of Slovenian... BTW js sem iz slovenije

    Outrider_Outrider_Mese fa
  • Hf

  • 10:05

    LoTexψLoTexψMese fa
  • 5:07

    LoTexψLoTexψMese fa
  • Shit on

    ziga cesarziga cesarMese fa
  • FaZe Mongraal

    Yt_bigmwat 12Yt_bigmwat 12Mese fa
  • Mitr0

    Yt_bigmwat 12Yt_bigmwat 12Mese fa
  • I am Japanese I love tayson

    田中智子田中智子Mese fa
  • this is the funniest trio ever bruhh wtf

    VantamVantamMese fa
  • What was your colorblind

    GalGalMese fa
  • Insanee

    Wixy NLWixy NLMese fa
  • Did anyone see that sky see in the back at 6:40

    Conquerz GamezConquerz GamezMese fa
  • Lahko grema enkrat dou taj

    Y2 vixyY2 vixyMese fa
  • what does nosyat mean?

    u smellu smellMese fa
  • Bro you just shit on me in trios

    TrixyWtfffTrixyWtfffMese fa
  • el kkwet ta matao jajajajajajjajjjaajjajaja

    Carlo ConterioCarlo ConterioMese fa
  • To tajson izi mony jaz sem slovenc😉

    Jaka Janžič BidovecJaka Janžič BidovecMese fa
  • They Need to listen to him a Little bit more. His calls are goated, Gg Tyson.

    Andrea petroAndrea petroMese fa
  • Mitro still using his webcam for a mic 🤣

    J3ssePinkmanJ3ssePinkmanMese fa
  • This is honesty the best trio on EU right now like tell me I'm wrong.

    PhazPhazMese fa
  • Don’t know why u are Playing with Them, they are not doing What u say they are not a good trio for u

    smileyFNBRsmileyFNBRMese fa
  • @tqurii

    Felix ManuelFelix ManuelMese fa
  • un trio español se los mato 😎😎😎😎

    DebasDebasMese fa
  • 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸

    Javi_ KoJavi_ KoMese fa
  • 上手すぎ!!!!

    なぞなぞ.なぞなぞ.Mese fa
  • what is this english

    onebigonebigMese fa
  • Why have mitr0 switch name???

    SplashSplashMese fa
  • Hey I´ve made a montage, where I put much effort in... Would be happy if you let me know if you like it, it´s my latest video 🥰

    TestIDDTestIDDMese fa
  • New video uploaded guys help me pls

    QuendoQuendoMese fa
  • Jel ovaj balkanac?

    Ex0tic LazarEx0tic LazarMese fa

    Steelixfnbr ‘Steelixfnbr ‘2 mesi fa

    Martialf UMartialf U2 mesi fa
  • i watch you in mongraal stream you guys are insane

    StOrm_ZanStOrm_Zan2 mesi fa
  • Nobody: Mitr0s mic:Im deaaaad

    Extrox ASUExtrox ASU2 mesi fa
  • Mongraal’s mic is so trash it’s authentic.

    silly idrissasilly idrissa2 mesi fa
  • najjaći

    MixiMixi2 mesi fa
  • 8:14

    ErasedErased2 mesi fa
  • Good video!

    Frad1x.Frad1x.2 mesi fa
  • which one do you prefer Bugha= like Benjyfhishy= comment both =sub 😁

    Objectif 2k abo avant 2021Objectif 2k abo avant 20212 mesi fa
  • Mongraal is the best ive ever seen. Hes just so insane bro he can clutch everything, best mechanics best aim

    XoánXoán2 mesi fa
  • mitro and mongraal : let's use shockwave into a box but tayson no guys plzz just follow me hhhhh.

    Vetom YTBVetom YTB2 mesi fa
  • 19:15 that guy had negative 0 ping lol

    Beatrice AdongoBeatrice Adongo2 mesi fa
    • -1,000,000 ping more like

      no oneno one2 mesi fa
  • Mitro should listen

    Bara BajahaBara Bajaha2 mesi fa
  • poor milan

    BerdYBerdY2 mesi fa
  • I love this trio, hopefully doesn’t split, they just have to listen more to you.

    gonza’sgonza’s2 mesi fa
    • gonza’s well thats what i meant tho his rotations are good as a solo but in trios not so much because he lead his trio trough an entire metal tunnel that the enemy team was still in

      Skxrred 1Skxrred 12 mesi fa
    • Skxrred 1 maybe he doesn’t is the best when it comes to make tags, but his rotations are very good.

      gonza’sgonza’s2 mesi fa
    • I love tayson but his call outs are not that good

      Skxrred 1Skxrred 12 mesi fa
  • Upoznaje gallu s mongralom

    makyKmakyK2 mesi fa
  • Tq Urii is just good shut up un Twitter

    Not JacobNot Jacob2 mesi fa
  • nooooo you killed Gambit Toose

    FoXxIツFoXxIツ2 mesi fa
  • Bro who else sall the skybase like in the third or second match at endgame

    Flame 1X_1726Flame 1X_17262 mesi fa
  • Game 4 tyson omggggg

    Selvin GallegosSelvin Gallegos2 mesi fa
  • tayson might just be the best player right now wtff

    SandyFNBRSandyFNBR2 mesi fa
  • Mitro doesn’t listen and he always dies

    Shawn DoréShawn Doré2 mesi fa
  • The IQ of Tyson is just on another level

    Nicola AleddaNicola Aledda2 mesi fa
  • Mongraal at 27:11: "I got 800 metal" Me: lmao

    Michael Te VredeMichael Te Vrede2 mesi fa
  • Where u from tayson

    Jukka KangasniemiJukka Kangasniemi2 mesi fa
  • Prou to se a slovenian pro being one of the best

    Mr BeastMr Beast2 mesi fa
  • 19:46 🇪🇸

    itslitan 11itslitan 112 mesi fa
  • **Here before he wins FNCS twice in a row**

    kryspǃkryspǃ2 mesi fa
  • :-) :-) :-) :-) 🎍

    link apiilink apii2 mesi fa
  • benjy tayson and mongraal now that would be an OP trio

    Team VerxcyTeam Verxcy2 mesi fa
  • i love this mongraal

    PiriPersaPiriPersa2 mesi fa
  • sensitivity ???

    niru1015 ps4のniru1015 ps4の2 mesi fa
  • Tayson: two guys in my box Mongraal: Just get out😂

    karbincekkarbincek2 mesi fa
  • GG!

    ExotiiqueExotiique2 mesi fa
  • Colorblind?🙂

    SweetySweety2 mesi fa
  • i have watched all tourney live and i am still watching it like wtf

    ShayanKhanYTShayanKhanYT2 mesi fa
  • wow i can actually hear his voice unlike on Mongraals stream. Great Stuff TaySon 👍🏾

    Shredder FNShredder FN2 mesi fa
  • Please don´t mess with a player.I think whath you said to Urii is very ugly. I think everyone has their own level ,but i recomended to not to warm up to the Spanish communty because you can get involved.

    IT-S Georgi-oIT-S Georgi-o2 mesi fa
  • Tq uri is stupid he has 0 earnings

    KAI_ 23KAI_ 232 mesi fa
  • Tq uri is the best hahahhahaha

    asixx 24asixx 242 mesi fa
  • can you guys check my recent out i think im underrated lol

    KynohKynoh2 mesi fa
  • The do not gel well at all

    Jsniperr YtJsniperr Yt2 mesi fa
    • I mean they won so?

      LuizaLuiza25 giorni fa

    EnesHxEnesHx2 mesi fa
    • @EnesHx opa

      LeavifyLeavify2 mesi fa
    • Yes

      EnesHxEnesHx2 mesi fa
    • kj res

      LeavifyLeavify2 mesi fa
  • no one: absolutley not a single soul: tayson : shits on advise 7 times

    MYST EliotMYST Eliot2 mesi fa
  • FaZe Tayson??😂😂

    Deal with TaysonDeal with Tayson2 mesi fa
  • You are sow gooooooooood

    Nicolas YeloNicolas Yelo2 mesi fa
  • Insane game 4 tayson clutch

  • i love how tayson is just like whispering snd mongraal and mitr0 or screaming the whole time 😂😂

    UzapsUzaps2 mesi fa
  • Best trio I’ve ever seen in fortnite, not only the best in the game but also the nicest to watch

    Giacomo CerizziGiacomo Cerizzi2 mesi fa
    • Yesss and so happy the won

      LuizaLuiza25 giorni fa
  • Tayson has the best awareness in endgame it’s unbelievable

    Kyro SheepKyro Sheep2 mesi fa
  • Mongraal mitro tayson back at it

    SnipezFNSnipezFN2 mesi fa
  • Best trio in the world not even trolling

    OnesOnes2 mesi fa
  • Tayson carry

    Jayden TranJayden Tran2 mesi fa
  • I now know why he tweeted that footage of him trying to igl them

    YetsYets2 mesi fa
  • 21:43 ggs to the coms (no hate just wanted to point it out)

    mangosmangos2 mesi fa
  • Ensar just wasted 3 impulse or sth to kill you

    TommyTommy2 mesi fa
  • TQ Uri is probably best player than you

    VegaaFN YTVegaaFN YT2 mesi fa
  • 8:16

    MaximaMaxima2 mesi fa
  • When tayson says to shockwave, he sounds like a parent

    BryantFNBryantFN2 mesi fa
  • I love it how tayson bought the Battlepass mid tournament

    Jordie FullerJordie Fuller2 mesi fa
  • All I heard is mongraal screaming 😂😂

    SheLuvsPainSheLuvsPain2 mesi fa
  • best trio and theres still improvement to be made before fncs, good luck i know you guys win this🤑

    Lagg LaggyLagg Laggy2 mesi fa