WHY AREN'T F2 PRO??? ft. MAURICIO POCHETTINO | Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch

9 nov 2016
11 982 469 visualizzazioni

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  • watched through half the video thinking where did they find such a nice indoor field, then realised they were at the totenham training facility... bruh

    Alexander MylnikovAlexander MylnikovGiorno fa
  • 10:20 still to this day i watch this, hiw well that was with the beat

    North London FinestNorth London Finest3 giorni fa

    Hama Scorpion234Hama Scorpion2345 giorni fa
  • Guess what Nothing

    TwoNilTwoNil8 giorni fa
  • do one with mourinho then we talk

    ArsenicArsenic8 giorni fa
  • That keeper couldn’t save to save his life

    Bruh MomentBruh Moment11 giorni fa
  • Sub to me I’m new

    XxmasterLoXXxmasterLoX14 giorni fa
  • The keeper is just trash, and not even trying, if there was a actual keeper y’all would be looking trash

    brendonbrendon16 giorni fa
    • @brendon of course of course.. maybe 50%

      eM EeM E14 giorni fa
    • @eM E well yeah but this 30% fake

      brendonbrendon14 giorni fa
    • Not necessarily they are still hitting some shots in the top corner and bottom it’s just that with a goalkeeper not payed to miss would prob save a lot more

      eM EeM E15 giorni fa
  • The keeper does legit nothing

    Adam Al NasheaaAdam Al Nasheaa16 giorni fa
  • Keeper off wish

    Kid TekkerzKid Tekkerz17 giorni fa
  • Clap counter? 😂... poor goalkeeper

    Ashton StanfordAshton Stanford18 giorni fa
  • 14:34 who is this goalkeeper bruh

    Arya AbolmaaliArya Abolmaali18 giorni fa
  • Poch has some mad skills🔥🔥🔥

    Atom AdamsAtom Adams19 giorni fa
  • NEWWWWWWW VIDEO 😍😁 itworlds.info/round/YaWjnryThqWNrnQ/video 👈🏼

    Bernadette PearsonBernadette Pearson19 giorni fa
  • These start are wayyy better compared to most of the spurs players... shheesh (i've watched that video before, but i realised that now)

    gotingotin20 giorni fa
  • Lemme be honest , Instead of Dele , Mauricio could have played better😂😂😂😂

    Lt KramLt Kram20 giorni fa
  • just gna come out and say it. jeremy is awkward

    3d1 993d1 9920 giorni fa
  • 4:12 Skill from Poch👌🏼

    Dhanush SharmaDhanush Sharma20 giorni fa
  • i dont think alli can do all this

    Sean LawSean Law22 giorni fa
  • at least get a spurs keeper in goal

    Sean LawSean Law22 giorni fa
  • Poch put on a masterclass IN AN F2 VIDEO!! Imagine training with him!

    Emmanuel Amoo-QuayeEmmanuel Amoo-Quaye22 giorni fa
  • Shitty keeper

  • He'd run at psg

    멸치탈출멸치탈출24 giorni fa
  • mauricio has tekkerz i have to admit

    Femfo FemfoFemfo Femfo25 giorni fa
  • 90?? for excellent penalties and touch? (no word)

    Femfo FemfoFemfo Femfo25 giorni fa
  • He has got sacked

    Ioan DaweIoan Dawe29 giorni fa
  • i bet pochettino really wanted bil. He was quite impreesed from him

    Faheem KhalidFaheem KhalidMese fa
  • Здесь вообще есть русские?

    Гоша ГошаГоша ГошаMese fa
  • Do that again

    noel cumminsnoel cumminsMese fa
  • I wish he also gave the goal keeper a rating

    William Stixrud HagenWilliam Stixrud HagenMese fa
  • People out here saying bad goalkeeping, but they don't realize that they are playing on turf smh

    Miguel RiveraMiguel RiveraMese fa
  • Scout me pls wilhelminaschool B3 Netherlands OV

    Riffi SoldaatRiffi SoldaatMese fa

    Some ting LongSome ting LongMese fa
  • واااااو انا مسلم تابع هذآ المقط واصلو واااو

    GEMS TV DZ 3GEMS TV DZ 3Mese fa
  • Come on you spurs

    Milo FleenMilo FleenMese fa
  • this is how many times they high fived ⬇

    Moksh KoushikMoksh KoushikMese fa
  • Liverpool better than Tottenham

    Rachel PhillipsRachel PhillipsMese fa
  • Pochettino is such a good person!!! And has great skills also

    Cédric TchaCédric TchaMese fa
  • Where is subtitle indonesia

    Zero TwoZero Two2 mesi fa
  • Schalke04 could need 2 new players like you ;)

    Tee TimeTee Time2 mesi fa
  • That keeper wasn’t the best

    TJ SondelskiTJ Sondelski2 mesi fa
  • Goalkeeper seems has no function

    Eren YEren Y2 mesi fa
  • 14:35 the keeper is so bad 😂

    Recipes with EthanRecipes with Ethan2 mesi fa
  • Wtf pochettino is a beast omd

    Auba 17Auba 172 mesi fa
  • I love pochhentino body🤗

    Ravi ShresthaRavi Shrestha2 mesi fa
  • ngl jezza was pissed after mauricio hit him

    ArrowBlade 1101ArrowBlade 11012 mesi fa
  • Tottenham made his dreams come true they sacked him so he can make it f3 😂😂😂

    PokemonTrainer 999PokemonTrainer 9992 mesi fa
  • The goalkeeper dosent even try

    Alpha and lynx squad GamingAlpha and lynx squad Gaming2 mesi fa
  • Same video like this with different player and manager its actually good 👍

    Hasni MohdiHasni Mohdi2 mesi fa
  • pochettino is a nice lad and they replaced him with a D*** !

    Mehdi ZMehdi Z2 mesi fa
  • Take a shot everytime they hi5... you'll be dead halfway through the vid

    Anurag SundarAnurag Sundar2 mesi fa
  • Ohh, I miss those times when high five and a hug was good thing to do, when now it is a fcking felony.

    Dmitrij DomorackijDmitrij Domorackij2 mesi fa
  • 14:35 how did he not save that😂

    Ethan ZieglerEthan Ziegler2 mesi fa
  • I wont be the goalkeeper of f2 😳

    yaschertyaschert2 mesi fa
  • "Why aren't f2 pro??" well let me tell you Mauricio, off the ball jezza was one of the worst at the club

    lakemaster exlakemaster ex2 mesi fa
  • Is the Goalkeeper the camera guy

    CL HCL H2 mesi fa
  • That's what they sending real talent home keeping lingard in first team

    Gowshik CenaGowshik Cena2 mesi fa
  • Sub to GibboYT

    Liam AllenLiam Allen2 mesi fa
  • The best on the ball player Arsène Wenger has seen

    Nye RusselNye Russel2 mesi fa
    • @Joseph Padilla STFU

      Luka GwozdeckyLuka Gwozdecky2 mesi fa
    • Shut yo

      Joseph PadillaJoseph Padilla2 mesi fa
  • Poch's long balls are exceptional wtf. Easily better than F2

    Anshuman SharmaAnshuman Sharma3 mesi fa
    • Poch made it to the highest level of football. These guy do keepy uppies

      Quacking pandaQuacking panda3 mesi fa
  • I think that keeper is getting paid more than the pro keepers.😂

    Anonymous 11Anonymous 113 mesi fa
  • billy is an absolute simp to pochettino

    Digga DDigga D3 mesi fa
  • Groove gang member in ballas territory

    Bryan DanielBryan Daniel3 mesi fa
  • 9:30

    Lucas_HLucas_H3 mesi fa
  • He’s better than some players in Tottenham spurs

    Jane JohnsonJane Johnson3 mesi fa
  • The goalkeeper is useless

    Jane JohnsonJane Johnson3 mesi fa
  • Very gut ... gut

    Gabriel GoleniewskiGabriel Goleniewski3 mesi fa
  • Tottenham joke club

    blagden 123blagden 1233 mesi fa
  • If they have a 100 passing they both should have been a legend 😂😂, but the actual legend is the Goalkeeper

    Avinav JohariAvinav Johari3 mesi fa
  • I can't even do half of what Poch can do

    MANpro 107MANpro 1073 mesi fa
  • i miss Pochettino at Tottenham 😭😭 and i’m not even a Spurs fan

    P. Sandra TangkulungP. Sandra Tangkulung3 mesi fa
  • “Never is enough “ huh?

    Oh Snap!Oh Snap!3 mesi fa
  • Billie should play a match for spurs for a video

    David SavageDavid Savage3 mesi fa
  • awesome you so much time with him. amazing guy

    xNFRxNFR3 mesi fa
  • Watching during pandemic makes me feel bad cause this video has so many high fives....

    Abhaydeep SinghAbhaydeep Singh3 mesi fa
  • I want him in barca!!

    Sub HeroSub Hero3 mesi fa
  • 2020?

    Kroniqx FNKroniqx FN3 mesi fa
  • who agrees that the F 2 can be proffessional footballers

    Ro_BrosRo_Bros3 mesi fa
  • Mauricio looks a lot like Tom Cruise

    Agneesh MukherjeeAgneesh Mukherjee3 mesi fa
  • woa 🤩🤩🤩

    danh vô bụi đờidanh vô bụi đời3 mesi fa
  • This is my favourite F2 video

    VI NemesisVI Nemesis3 mesi fa
  • This guy should never have gotten sacked, to bring a Tottenham team to a champions league final

    Michael RobinsonMichael Robinson3 mesi fa
  • So why aren't f2 pro ?

    Lokesh BhavsarLokesh Bhavsar3 mesi fa
  • I mean there better than any other spurs player

    Omar Abdirahman AliOmar Abdirahman Ali3 mesi fa
  • The legend says Jezz is still walking there

    siivlämestarisiivlämestari3 mesi fa
  • Amazing

    F1 TekkersF1 Tekkers3 mesi fa
  • Next video please introduce my channel food Fun Football please

    Food Fun FootballFood Fun Football3 mesi fa
  • Please guys

    Food Fun FootballFood Fun Football3 mesi fa
  • Juventus needs Pochettino right now!

    JohnnyJohnny3 mesi fa
  • jezzer got mugged off with his own little cocky "dont move" trick xDDDDDD

    King NinjaKing Ninja3 mesi fa
  • who else wanna see the f2 playing for pro clubs

    Aarav GhaiAarav Ghai3 mesi fa
  • What's wrong with the keeper

    Itorobong EdemItorobong Edem4 mesi fa
  • Who is better Jezza or Billy

    Dan WebbDan Webb4 mesi fa
    • Jezza

      Ryan MarronRyan Marron4 mesi fa
  • Say not to rachism😂😂😂😂

    Κυριακη ΜπουρλοκαΚυριακη Μπουρλοκα4 mesi fa
  • this goalkeeper look like karius

  • Seeing that goalkeeper is painfull...he actually ruins the video...

    mithrandir Dupontmithrandir Dupont4 mesi fa
  • I can’t believe that this man got sacked. It’s criminal!

    Rugby Best BitsRugby Best Bits4 mesi fa
  • We want OLE

    Mark WanderaMark Wandera4 mesi fa
  • The best manager spurs has had. The squad pretty much got dismantled after the champions league final which was a bit of a shame.

    James PrinceJames Prince4 mesi fa
  • He used to be PSG defender in 2002

    Dank_ 47Dank_ 474 mesi fa