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  • wow

    Real HIFI HelpReal HIFI Help5 minuti fa
  • Zeke Elliot is a trashbag in the wind compared to Derrick Henry.

    Tennessee ETennessee E12 minuti fa
  • Here it is guys 4:23

    GixxxableGixxxable13 minuti fa
  • 1:42 😲😀

  • Wtf was that snooker one? My nan could pot that

    Thomas HillThomas Hill22 minuti fa
  • 4:19 d nada rey

    Valentin CasalValentin Casal25 minuti fa
  • Most of us clicked because of the thumbnail... Just admit it 😂

    YurkeeYurkee29 minuti fa
  • What's with 2nd clip

    Total OverdoseTotal Overdose31 minuto fa
  • 4:21 Thank me later ✅

    DarKnesSxLightDarKnesSxLight37 minuti fa
  • These are just flashy moments, not moments of great importance.

    Alejandro RodriguezAlejandro Rodriguez46 minuti fa
  • 02:00 music pls ?????

    SkylineSkyline48 minuti fa
  • Glad to see young Shohei Ohtani in this video.

    DCDC53 minuti fa
  • Without looking the whole video. If they put a tennis clip is going to be a point of Brown or Monfils

    Samuel AldreySamuel Aldrey54 minuti fa
  • weak video

    n0 x n4men0 x n4me55 minuti fa
  • Hold on, I've made better shots playing pool drunk than 4:20, and I'm not even that good... what am I missing here that's so special??

    loganrusso39loganrusso39Ora fa
  • That guy hurdling is crazy

    CWWLCWWLOra fa
  • 3:48, legends say that the baseball is still stuck in the stadium roof to this day.

    Pax HumanaPax HumanaOra fa
  • 1:16 the closest thing we'll ever get to anime in real life

    Kiran 3010Kiran 3010Ora fa
  • Omg the ghost driving motorbike 😱 5:06

    ر رر رOra fa
  • Thumbnail 4:25😏

    Channing BanksChanning BanksOra fa
  • Who says cars can’t fly

    Jesse BudgellJesse BudgellOra fa
  • 5:23

    supermetry lashsupermetry lashOra fa
  • Chr skt krpa they won

    Hydra Ab17Hydra Ab17Ora fa
  • 7:13 Neo playing baseball

    Jose de Viaje Loco GamboaJose de Viaje Loco Gamboa2 ore fa
  • The real snooker 1 in a million moment, was that there was a woman inside that room for once xD

    Vinn RegiVinn Regi2 ore fa
  • 4:25 what’s so nice in this ?!?

    S4amRxshtS4amRxsht2 ore fa
    • At*

      S4amRxshtS4amRxsht2 ore fa
  • Those were some great clips there....I winced and chuckled and laughed at all of them....Surfing that motor cycle. The Dear getting a goal and celebrating...so many to mention...Got this down loaded, will watch again....💖

    Michael HawthorneMichael Hawthorne2 ore fa
  • Thicc

    HINCLOW 123HINCLOW 1232 ore fa
  • 4:22 That thumbnail really got us boys.

    Dac_ MonaldsDac_ Monalds2 ore fa
  • Kanté, great goal !

    Bery NguyenBery Nguyen2 ore fa
  • 7

    Jeff WallsJeff Walls2 ore fa
  • Motorbike keeps on going at 5:08

    Mahendren VathananMahendren Vathanan2 ore fa
  • The blonde girls pool shot was so easy wtf

    m dahirm dahir2 ore fa
  • Damn, they didn't include Mike Schmidt hitting the speaker in the Astro Dome.

    postalinVTpostalinVT2 ore fa
  • Nobody : Literally nobody : Me when I press down arrow and nitro in rocket league : 4:30

    Kvngmax 13Kvngmax 132 ore fa
  • I came for the thumbnail, but stayed for the whole video.

    Jovan NikolicJovan Nikolic2 ore fa
  • 1:45 when you press r (counter) at the right time

    Kvngmax 13Kvngmax 132 ore fa
  • 5:04

    Daddy RayDaddy Ray2 ore fa
  • PL

    Joshua MetzJoshua Metz3 ore fa
  • So what was so amazing about the pool table shot?

    LoadingBear1LoadingBear13 ore fa
  • This video got 3.4 million views? It's pathetic! 0:33 NOT 1 in a million, nothing more than a training session 0:58 NOT 1 in a million, football players hurdle defensive players all the time 1:16 Wait, dodging a kickboxer is 1 a in a million occurrence? 4:21 What? 1 in a million? 4:54 ANNOYING! Remove the sound when you edit video clips! 5:01 VERY ANNOYING! Especially remove the sound for slow motion clips! This ruins the flow of the entire video! 7:20 OKAY, THAT'S 1 IN A MILLION! 7:33 What?

    Wade WadeWade Wade3 ore fa
  • 00:07 wow!!! 😮 It's Steph Curry! Oh..ok. 😐 that's quite normal.

    Feng Yu LinFeng Yu Lin3 ore fa
  • Men of cultures clicked the video by thumbnail

    Karan SinghKaran Singh3 ore fa
  • 0:47 so classy

    GregorGregor3 ore fa
  • 4:20 this is what you came for

    1st Toxic1st Toxic3 ore fa
  • 5:19 Ghost Rider

    Gaurav GuptaGaurav Gupta3 ore fa
  • Well curry has alot more of these one in a million moments. So that's invalid

    TMP KevoTMP Kevo3 ore fa
  • 7:05 scooter guy mouth 🤣

  • 1:48 Now that's an Avengers level move

    Abhijit JGAbhijit JG3 ore fa
  • The reason why your here Thank me later😉 4:28

    Trash shitTrash shit3 ore fa
  • why the shit music?

    Amazing UsernameAmazing Username3 ore fa
  • 0.07 Midorima Shintaro

    Prabu LGNTINPrabu LGNTIN3 ore fa
  • 4:45 the deer is the absolute best... his dance after scoring EPIC!!!

    D RathD Rath3 ore fa
  • 4:26 😍

    Just BreatheJust Breathe3 ore fa
  • Guys.... let's admit it, we all came here bcoz of thumbnail... 4:20 here u go👍

    Dhairya RathoreDhairya Rathore3 ore fa
  • Someone please tell me who that tennis player was that did the split on the return

    Alex VFEGAlex VFEG3 ore fa
  • 4:31 ride or die remember. 😉😉😉😉

    Akash HansdaAkash Hansda3 ore fa
  • Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance on the loose revving up dat bike

    Le-Nna SammullerLe-Nna Sammuller3 ore fa
  • I clicked for the thumbnail.

    kinte1870kinte18704 ore fa
  • And in the rabbit hole again

    SanuSanu4 ore fa
  • 5:10 😂😂😂

    RODDY RIAS Game ChannelRODDY RIAS Game Channel4 ore fa
  • Thumbnail time?

  • 5:06 Bike became a bull

    174 B Srijan Sukumar174 B Srijan Sukumar4 ore fa
  • This might be the best and the most entertaining video I have ever seen on ITworlds

    174 B Srijan Sukumar174 B Srijan Sukumar4 ore fa
  • What did thumbnail do?

    Lisandro LoreaLisandro Lorea4 ore fa
  • Snookers going to have a whole new audience... what did the commentator say!

    LionTheHeartLionTheHeart4 ore fa
  • Infront of cricket this sports are childish. 🤣🤣🤣😎😎 Expect football only

    NIVuX IVNIVuX IV4 ore fa
  • Thumbnail on point

    Taavish JhaTaavish Jha4 ore fa
  • Curry from half-court is not 1 in a million

    Evan VoluntadEvan Voluntad4 ore fa
  • Many comes here for the....ASS....Men will be men....😉😉😉😉

    Shawn MendesShawn Mendes4 ore fa
  • Satisfied. No clickbait.

    you boyyou boy4 ore fa
  • Making a full court shot is not 1 in a million

    Duece -_-Duece -_-4 ore fa
  • We are here for 4:23 say ty guys

    AdrianAdrian4 ore fa
  • Lets be honest we all came here cuz of the Thumbnail

    Hardi OlenHardi Olen5 ore fa
  • 4;25 🥂

    Vidit KumarVidit Kumar5 ore fa
  • Bold of you to consider pool a sport

    Big DaddyBig Daddy5 ore fa
  • Steph Curry making a half court shot is not a in a million moment it’s not even a 1 out of hundred moment. Steph Curry makes half court shots with a regularity like no other!

    William WoodWilliam Wood5 ore fa
  • 4:20 here culture men

    zaito kunzaito kun5 ore fa
  • She must have potted more than one ball unless they were all foul points.

    michael laverymichael lavery5 ore fa
  • Check out Dusan Kecman, his shoot Is same as curry's just in the OT for the Aba LEAGUE championship

    лука божовићлука божовић5 ore fa
  • I will dogy style with thumnail

    Groin Criminal 69Groin Criminal 695 ore fa
  • 5:05

    Cousin’s GamingCousin’s Gaming6 ore fa
  • guys lets clap for the goal keeper that was asensational save

    peterwallace peterpeterwallace peter6 ore fa
  • We all know why we clicked this video

    Spongee BobbySpongee Bobby6 ore fa
  • Dislike for the thumbnail

    Mayank DagarMayank Dagar6 ore fa

    Skuriken PaperSkuriken Paper6 ore fa
  • And the reindeer scores!!!! The crowd goes wild and so does he! LOL

    James SweetJames Sweet6 ore fa
  • 4:30 just WTF... Amazing to not crash that

    GaryKariGaryKari6 ore fa
  • That woman playing pool was using a "screw shot" at 4:25. How many other guys have their minds in the gutter too?

    Technical CorporalTechnical Corporal6 ore fa
  • Sorry, but Nagee Harris did the running back jump WAY better than Ezekiel Elliot.

    Roger WRoger W6 ore fa
  • Why u came here 4:24

    SanoopSanoop7 ore fa
  • 04:22 For all men not 100% here for sport

    Snakeops [ESO]Snakeops [ESO]7 ore fa
  • Rugby is shitty game

    Pagani ZondaPagani Zonda7 ore fa
  • 3:27 when you like surfing then racing😅

    imran delaimran dela7 ore fa
  • That elk totally celebrated after making a goal lol.

    JabberCTJabberCT7 ore fa
  • 4:21 4 thumbnail

    raduradu7 ore fa
  • ⁱᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡⁱᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉ.....

    PrincePrince7 ore fa
  • ⁱᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡⁱᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉ.....

    PrincePrince7 ore fa
  • Saw what I came here to see, so probably not gonna finish the whole video 😂😂

    Tushar Singh ChaudharyTushar Singh Chaudhary7 ore fa
  • The music sucks

    Daniel JohnstonDaniel Johnston7 ore fa