Customer Caught in 4K

26 apr 2021
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  • Notification Squad ✌ I just notice her Tshirt born to be a hustler :)

    4baadimh014baadimh019 giorni fa
    • Hahahah i noticed it too👀😂🙋🏽‍♀️

      Sweet sranang Lobi oneSweet sranang Lobi oneGiorno fa
    • @John Smith u have any proof 😑

      Toboe KeyToboe KeyGiorno fa
    • Why did you replay ?...

      No ONENo ONE2 giorni fa
    • Where are you located? In what street in Chicago! I wanna go visit you broo!!

      Rick LRick L2 giorni fa
    • So true, what a better world if people just ask, big up you're making the world a better place a. Everyone is a piece in this puzzle we call life. I don't know about other people. But I don't like losing puzzle pieces. Big 🙏🏻

      Ray RayRay Ray3 giorni fa
  • Where tf y’all at where that REGULAR SIZE CANDY IS 50cent!?!? 👀 I would rack up!!! 😅

    1model1model4 ore fa
  • Man where is the place

    Peppy The Miniature SchnauzerPeppy The Miniature Schnauzer4 ore fa
  • You got full sized paydays 2for $1???? Gimme the whole wrack

    Big BopsBig Bops5 ore fa
  • Fine example of the blm movement

    Brownass2Brownass25 ore fa
  • Imagine going through ITworlds and you see yourself in one of these

    VibesVibes6 ore fa
  • She’s disgusting 🤮

    Tom CooperTom Cooper7 ore fa

    Joe Basement Woodworking & DIYJoe Basement Woodworking & DIY8 ore fa
  • Ay she owned up to it fast af

    Drunken Bird CosplayDrunken Bird Cosplay10 ore fa
  • But I thought black lives matter though?

    916SAC916SAC10 ore fa
  • This guys approach makes so much more sense than gas station encounters. Thats the difference between a good person and an asshole

    StatiC XtractStatiC Xtract11 ore fa
  • Dudes like I’m not a she I’m a he a born hustla even the guy filming clearly say Look at this guy the turn around hustla move in 2 secs she didn’t know I was going to catch her 🎬

  • I truly wish more people were like you.

    John TaylorJohn Taylor11 ore fa
  • MANDY LongMANDY Long12 ore fa
  • Fukkin junkees man

    Tyler StoneTyler Stone12 ore fa
  • Me watching on a 1440p phone

    ArtemisArtemis13 ore fa
  • Sleep, hustle, repeat to steal some 2 for 1 Welch’s gummies 🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

    Osiris X TVOsiris X TV13 ore fa
  • 2 for a $1, where I am, one candy bar like that would be at least 2.19

    MLGB0YzMLGB0Yz14 ore fa
  • Yes u can ask always I will always give if u ask

    Sm3A GoL3Sm3A GoL314 ore fa
  • I love you!

    BelaBela15 ore fa
  • Are you proud?

    dnbm3dnbm316 ore fa
  • Yo what hood u in?

    YungNandoYungNando16 ore fa
  • How are these people always so chill when they get caught?? They are staring at him like "Yeah I was going to pay for it already" Like really??🤨 How often do they do this that their facial expression gives nothing away??

    Spartan QueenSpartan Queen16 ore fa
  • Am supprised the blm havent raid the store becuse of this. Becuse black People cant dom anything wrong they can just DO what hey want and call people racist.

    daniel gunnardaniel gunnar17 ore fa
  • 2 for a dollar damn this man got good deals and those some good stuff

    __18 ore fa
  • I felt more embarrassed watching this video.

    Danny MartinsDanny Martins19 ore fa
  • ตลกแดก

    Bap80'sBap80's20 ore fa
  • Jesus Christ, where does this guy live to find this straight out of breaking bad'.

    Daniel NguyenDaniel Nguyen20 ore fa
  • "You can ask." Like.. Why did this legit pull on my heart strings?

    Bradley GreeneBradley Greene20 ore fa
  • Feel bad you have to deal with people like this day in and day out. Not for me

    Eventdash01Eventdash0120 ore fa
  • 2 for a dollar they lucky as helllllll ain't no 2 for ah dolla over here where I'm from mf's taxin

    LeoOneHunnidddLeoOneHunniddd20 ore fa
  • You know they steal for sport.

    cristianodjcristianodj20 ore fa
  • That’s what coke does to you buddy

    Hunter GoodhartHunter Goodhart21 ora fa
  • She is tweaking on something watch her mouth

    L A T E R A L U SL A T E R A L U S21 ora fa
  • Where you keep the salts?

    N MerrillN Merrill21 ora fa
  • She kinda was honest tho 💯💯

    Mr.idgaf_ The oneMr.idgaf_ The one21 ora fa
  • 50 cents?!?!? Bruh my gas station be charging 1.50 for a snickers

    TrulydsyrXOTrulydsyrXO21 ora fa
  • Español

    ANDRES 2KANDRES 2K22 ore fa
  • Now each time 😆 she does a twist you know shes stealing something. 😂

    Danny FelipeDanny Felipe23 ore fa
  • more like 360p

    Just FlossaJust Flossa23 ore fa
  • At first he said this guy then towards end he said she didn't know I was gonna confront her

    Hello I'm GrootHello I'm Groot23 ore fa
  • Stealing the candy cause according to the blm she needs to feed her family 🤣🤣🤣🤣 so its ooook to steal .

    Nature lover FischerNature lover Fischer23 ore fa
  • This is a store in desert hot springs California I think it looks like a store that was called the Hindu

    Ryan_gamingRyan_gamingGiorno fa
  • Who the fuck slips the candy in right at the counter, how you are supposed to do it is right as you turn to another isle you have a little bit of cover and you put it in then

    Donald DDonald DGiorno fa
  • 0:23 2 for a 1? You’d be making bank I’d be getting all the candy’s

    Lucid SerenityLucid SerenityGiorno fa
  • That tongue moving around crazy some real crackhead s***

    Gangster MoGangster MoGiorno fa
  • Do you know what 4 k means

    X PerezX PerezGiorno fa
  • Shesh

    Christine CorreaChristine CorreaGiorno fa
  • I know damn well that wasnt 4k 😂

    Jeannette SheetsJeannette SheetsGiorno fa
  • $.50. What a scum bag.

    Gitfiddle 7766Gitfiddle 7766Giorno fa
  • she so dirty ew

    Stephan GStephan GGiorno fa
  • Typical

  • Damn son you super nice 🙏🏼.. I charge em double when I catch em stealing that Way they learn the lesson 🤞🏽

    arabianlegendarabianlegendGiorno fa
  • Nah bud got caught on 2k

    FunnifoolFunnifoolGiorno fa
  • If you can't afford 50 cent, why are you buying a one dollar soda?

    Sean DurkeeSean DurkeeGiorno fa
  • This is probably the only liquor store where if you can't afford what you need all you have to do is ask. Much Love ✌🏽

    Dissect CorpseDissect CorpseGiorno fa
  • Why he don't get white people on his camera?

    Robert LapreadRobert LapreadGiorno fa
  • Your not the gas station guy

    James cJames cGiorno fa
  • That's why I hate those stores that are in poor economy neighborhoods I wish they were banned them out of the neighborhoods cuz who always the ones that own the store just pay attention

    Shantel JonesShantel JonesGiorno fa
  • I wouldn't call this 4k but okay

    FLusifyFLusifyGiorno fa
  • I would've charged them a dollar anyway.

    BlackShogunBlackShogunGiorno fa
  • Welcome to the Kwik mart. You want cookie. Want a cookie cookie 99 cents plus tax

    Tommy BrownTommy BrownGiorno fa
  • Type2 waiting to happen.

    Jon HaslamJon HaslamGiorno fa
  • My friend's mom let's her drink the water as they pay for it and or before and I'm like over here waiting until we get to the stop light 11 miles from that grocery store before even LOOKING at that drink-

    BunnieBunnieGiorno fa
  • Waste of life...

    Stephen BrewerStephen BrewerGiorno fa
  • If you can't afford, then don't go to the store. 🤨

    Umar MujaahidUmar MujaahidGiorno fa
  • Caught in 240P

    TimeSauceTimeSauceGiorno fa
  • may God bless that man

    Khadine L -PersadKhadine L -PersadGiorno fa
  • 4k more like 144p

    ImaSquareBTWImaSquareBTWGiorno fa
  • My man....goodlook....keeps the wolves at bay.

    Timothy KellyTimothy KellyGiorno fa
  • Sus 😂

    Tm cab 3018Tm cab 3018Giorno fa
  • She looks so gay and annoying

    sugisugiGiorno fa
  • He close his face with the Cola 🤣😅

    Immanuel TriyanImmanuel TriyanGiorno fa
  • 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    g wyattg wyattGiorno fa
  • 2 for a dollar sheesh good deals

    Isaac SchierIsaac SchierGiorno fa
  • She’s definitely looking like she’s homeless.

    SoSS5DrewSoSS5DrewGiorno fa
  • That was a she ?

    Mr EmblemMr EmblemGiorno fa
  • Oh my god look at that crack face

    danieluk22danieluk22Giorno fa
  • If she can't afford them u don't need to post a footage of someone who can't afford them, and they don't know u are getting famous bc of the u sickk

    Omar Omar FanariOmar Omar FanariGiorno fa
  • Nice acting bro

    Omar Omar FanariOmar Omar FanariGiorno fa
  • Those are 2 for dollar? Dude I need to come to ur store that's a stealll

    Noxa On 60fpsNoxa On 60fpsGiorno fa
  • "if you can't pay 50 cents ", don't buy

  • She got that meth mouth tongue swirling around

    Mike KielMike KielGiorno fa
  • Is This market in drugland?

    Edilon FranciscoEdilon FranciscoGiorno fa
  • #caughtin4k

    EmaloEmaloGiorno fa
  • 2 for a dollar! Dang that’s a deal , I wish we would have prices like that here where I leave 👍🏼

    Decembererykah23Decembererykah23Giorno fa
  • as usual again a nigga

    Prakash RawatPrakash RawatGiorno fa
  • When I was younger I drank a drink in a supermarket without paying. I'd been seen by one of the cashiers and she took me to the security guard and told him to get the manager. Instead the SG took 2£ out his pocket and told me to go pay for it. On the way out he said just ask me next time. The cashier wasn't happy! A few days later I gave the SG the money back. I'll always remember him.

    Danny CrowDanny CrowGiorno fa
  • She wwas gonna pay she was like yeah its in my pocket 😂

    syclone factssyclone factsGiorno fa
  • Hahahahahahah Hahahahhahahahahahah

    Ice WaterIce WaterGiorno fa
  • Gross

    Albert MolinaAlbert MolinaGiorno fa
  • Your realy a good person

    Francis Roden ArsenoFrancis Roden ArsenoGiorno fa
  • FYI She's a HER!

    ChefKevinShowChefKevinShowGiorno fa
  • this is not 4k my guy

    Anthony.Anthony.Giorno fa
  • Invisible cam

    Kokosriegel 99Kokosriegel 99Giorno fa
  • "You said look at this guy She " right after lol you cold

    Sriracha SauceSriracha SauceGiorno fa
  • She's an addict, needs the sugar..probably has undiagnosed diabetes, this dude is in the hood and knows it, cuts her some slack... nice job brother, I doubt she's had many breaks in her life. Good karma your way.🇨🇦👍

    Mistar MackenzieMistar MackenzieGiorno fa
  • Lmao

  • She needed that was nice thanks for looking out for her. Love you all

  • Even do she stole the candy she didn't argue with him nor lie when he asked about the candy smoove and fluid. Lol

    Wesley SimonWesley SimonGiorno fa