Vehicle Sensing in the Streets

15 set 2020
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Did you know Car Traffic Sensors Exist?! Well then step on them!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

  • Fun fact: Mehdi showed me those exact sensors when I visited last month! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

    Hacksmith IndustriesHacksmith Industries7 mesi fa
    • @FBI Wait what? GooglieDarkly eyes? I had NO IDEA

      Isaac PosseltIsaac Posselt2 mesi fa
    • Do you have the sheeple document? Or forum?!!

      Isaac PosseltIsaac Posselt2 mesi fa
    • @tom cool Yeahhhh pretty devo that he thought my comment was directed at him though :-/

      Kirk ClaybrookKirk Claybrook4 mesi fa
    • @Kirk Claybrook holy effing shit, he actually replied to you

      tom cooltom cool4 mesi fa
    • @David's Tech mhm

      EffyplaysEffyplays4 mesi fa
  • why track a car when they can (and as we now know, do) track your cellphone 24/7?.

    Davey JonesDavey Jones3 ore fa
  • sp... did you get the vax?

    Davey JonesDavey Jones4 ore fa
  • 4:20 "Damn it, now I have to do it myself!"

    exchrolsexchrolsGiorno fa

    Official T101Official T101Giorno fa
  • I got stuck at a light on my motorcycle because of one of these stupid things. Although I thought I read on the DMV website riders could go through a red light after a certain amount of time. Good luck explaining that to a cop though.

    Spam CanSpam Can3 giorni fa
  • Lol, my 27 year-old roommate legit had no idea how traffic lights worked until about a month ago when I told her. She thought someone sat in an office somewhere watching through a camera and deciding when to change the lights.

    SlovenMalaphorSlovenMalaphor5 giorni fa
    • Shoot, I'm going to have to delete this comment before I share it with her...

      SlovenMalaphorSlovenMalaphor5 giorni fa
  • I like in the uk what they should do is use spikes for when people cross the spikes go up that way less people get killed as cars drivers speeding up or just dont stop at zebor crossing the spikes would be a grate way of stopping these ass hole aspeally in GLASGOW SCOTLAND stop or your tires get holes in them that would make them think twice

    shane travisshane travis5 giorni fa
  • You can just barely hear an emergency siren while he is outside taping live wires under cars.

    MrSparkle404MrSparkle4046 giorni fa
  • This video helped me finally find a good use for those 40v lithium power tool batteries I have kicking around. Four of them should make an acceptable power source for a portable oscilloscope, or any device that rectifies 120v AC. No more inverter noise, and just about as much trouble to lug around. I've been sitting on them for years and it never crossed my mind. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Chris StormChris Storm6 giorni fa
  • 2:26 This gets me every time!! XD

    Richard EspinozaRichard Espinoza7 giorni fa
  • Mehdi how do you make yourself see yourself like how did you get the mother and your crazy side to appear at the same time

    Tusk Act FourTusk Act Four9 giorni fa
  • 3:41 "Speak for yourself" He took that joke to the next level XDD

    DestinyIsSusDestinyIsSus9 giorni fa
  • 4:07 I can't forget this one 🤣

    MTS CreatorMTS Creator9 giorni fa
  • For siren enthusiasts 10:23 you can hear them windown

    The Lamp CollectionsThe Lamp Collections10 giorni fa
    • 😂😂😂

      MTS CreatorMTS Creator9 giorni fa

    Xetrier WayXetrier Way10 giorni fa
  • Me living in a 3rd word country without asphalt: i like your funny words magic man

    Peter RJPeter RJ10 giorni fa
  • We have these on almost every intersection in the Netherlands, only that they are rectangles not circles. Even some bicycle traffic lights have them :)

    bahorizedbahorized11 giorni fa
  • Sırf bu adam için ingilizce öğreneceğim.

    Kovboy AdamKovboy Adam12 giorni fa
  • Triple Role wow

    Pro Roblox Gamer AKA boateo6Pro Roblox Gamer AKA boateo612 giorni fa
  • If you guys see at 1:04 you can clearly see blue shirt in the red shirt

    NO.1 GAMING YTNO.1 GAMING YT12 giorni fa
    • 🤣🤣

      MTS CreatorMTS Creator9 giorni fa
  • 5:48 me, whenever I try to learn about... well, anything really

    Jonas ParksJonas Parks12 giorni fa
    • 😂😂

      MTS CreatorMTS Creator9 giorni fa
  • 3:49 - it made me frightened [*]

    Neko chanNeko chan13 giorni fa
    • 😂😂

      MTS CreatorMTS Creator9 giorni fa
  • Imagine just driving down the street and on the sidewalk you see a guy holding a camera/phone like he is vlogging, but as you get closer you realize hes got his turned and he's talking. you follow his gaze to see...nothing, so you just keep driving. 20 minutes later you come home from your trip, you see the same guy, walking the same way, only this time hes wearing a red shirt and hes looking to the right, all the while seemingly talking to himself. lmfao

    MrBobinaterMrBobinater13 giorni fa
  • “Your piles are wearing off” lmao I laughed

    BG TechBG Tech13 giorni fa
  • Mehdi make a metal detector and explain the variants. could you use an arduino to make a homemade metal detector?

    Miguel Angel Vicens OviedoMiguel Angel Vicens Oviedo14 giorni fa
  • hey it can cheak your heart beat witout going to hospital mehdi

    SL COD BOBSL COD BOB14 giorni fa
  • 2:27 the moment I realized this man is not only an electrician or a successful ITworldsr he’s a comedic genius.

    Stinko De mayoStinko De mayo14 giorni fa
  • I want to see the behind the scenes of the first minutes🤣

    JulianJulian16 giorni fa
  • cant you use a inverter dc 170v output before the ac gen circuit to the power supplies 170v dc input capacitors then it becomes a portable scope lol but then again u get noise ?

    Daniel HorneDaniel Horne16 giorni fa
  • I loved the intro

    flipper cake8543flipper cake854317 giorni fa
  • 1:10 S m o o t h

    Khubaib KamranKhubaib Kamran18 giorni fa
  • You make me laugh so

    CryptoCoveCryptoCove20 giorni fa
  • Hey Mehdi, what's the unit of measurement for resistance? 6:29

    Gustavo MacielGustavo Maciel21 giorno fa
  • “Where are my pills!” My favorite joke

    RileRile21 giorno fa
  • This is pure joy and comedy i just can't describe how good this guy is,he deserves much more wiews and subs,imagine him as actor.

    VugyplierVugyplier21 giorno fa
  • Omg I'm driving a Mopad and these sensors do not detect me all the time. So i always drive a bit forward to let the cars stand on top of them but when they don't we are just standing there for minutes waiting on a 3th car because the drivers never understand me. It's frustrating

    andré van der lugtandré van der lugt22 giorni fa
  • 4:07 This got me laughin so hard lmao

    MrWaffleMrWaffle22 giorni fa
  • i dont know from where ur getting this funny joke but keep it up

    Ronin87 Ronin8704Ronin87 Ronin870424 giorni fa
  • Hate those sensors. Motorcycle owner.

    Circus YahooCircus Yahoo26 giorni fa
  • nogga bought a tesla by shocking himself to death. appreciated

    DivyanshDivyansh27 giorni fa
  • so if only on car has to turn and the light is waiting for three cars the the will wait forever, so smart, is it?

    Canem CaveCanem Cave29 giorni fa
  • imagine seeing a man putting on a red shirt ,then taking it off while filming

    Fresh. McFresh. McMese fa
  • The fact that I am in the biggest city on Latin America, with one of the worse traffic on the world, and Those detectors seem like a feather dream than a jet pack is actually sad.

    daniel santosdaniel santosMese fa
  • 2:26 is the reason why i am here for maybe 2000th time

    Sagar ChakrabortySagar ChakrabortyMese fa
  • I'm concerned for mehdi's mental health-

    JackJackMese fa
  • Mehdi's pills are screws

    Dena v.aDena v.aMese fa
  • Did you actually get hit by a car

    callum elmescallum elmesMese fa
  • make more videos with your twins.........hahaha...

    Hafiz blurHafiz blurMese fa
  • Your crazy side should wear the blue shirt.

    Matt MillerMatt MillerMese fa
  • i plugged my scope into a 12 volt Power supplly i think i broke 3 of the 4 channels i have, is there usually fuses that i can replace?

    glutenfree atlasglutenfree atlasMese fa
  • Is it true that pedestrian lights have a secret code?

    Rayman PreetRayman PreetMese fa
  • Make a detector of pills,so you always know where are you pills

    pancito aquinopancito aquinoMese fa
  • why didnt you just take the portable scope?

    IsaacIsaacMese fa
  • I genuinely have never been so interested in learning about this stuff, he makes it funny and intriguing and should be a role model for teachers, etc. (Not for the safety tho)

    Hayden HuntHayden HuntMese fa
  • Maybe don’t do all the skits next time?

    Joe H.SJoe H.SMese fa
  • only in usa

    GatsonasGatsonasMese fa
  • Did he get the new power supply yet?

    shiningstaershiningstaerMese fa
  • 1:04 🤣

    Dark ChannelDark ChannelMese fa
  • MEHDI: "Something really heavy like a car would be needed to trigger the sensor" Also Mehdi to himself: "Your momma would trigger the sensor" 🤣🤣 Rofl🤣🤣🤣

    Shahzaib ZafarShahzaib ZafarMese fa
  • imagine the people in those houses seeing him arguing to no one while taking video and occasionally switching to a different character to argue back

    SpydersByteSpydersByteMese fa
  • opening a power supply and poking around and touching the capacitors.....

    Grumpy Wolf GamingGrumpy Wolf GamingMese fa
  • The wrong identity evaporated....

    asheraelasheraelMese fa
  • "there must at least be three cars" or one car that backs up to trip the first sensor too, i don't think it turns off once it's tripped

    asheraelasheraelMese fa
    • @Game and Code sure there is. It's perfectly reasonable for the front one to activate the back one, then when the back one is tripped it trips the light. but it's traffic lights, no need to be a jerk about it and call me names for pointing out a way they can operate.

      asheraelasherael28 giorni fa
    • @asherael ok theres no way thats true

      Game and CodeGame and Code28 giorni fa
    • @Game and Code where i live, the first one activates the second one. If you stop at the first one, and back up to the second one, boom, the light changes....jackass

      asheraelasherael29 giorni fa
    • it does, otherwise it would just trigger when you drove over it smartass

      Game and CodeGame and Code29 giorni fa
  • the lady that looked at mehdi at 0:23

    Julius Rendelle E. BabistaJulius Rendelle E. BabistaMese fa
  • "you know there comes a time in every man's life when says, fuck it let's put everything back together." hahahaha

    Enes öksüzEnes öksüzMese fa
  • Ask Keysight to make scope battery operated

    John Rey CastroJohn Rey CastroMese fa
  • Would be able to power your scope off of some 9 volt batteries directly in the plug or does it need alternating current?

    DaKrazyKDaKrazyKMese fa
  • i'm really sorry but i have to say it.... Professor Egghead

    AscendedSIONAscendedSIONMese fa
  • Mehdi's Skits with his personalities get me every time XD

    Maiky BravoMaiky BravoMese fa
  • 4:13 That editing xd

    Diverse was not takenDiverse was not takenMese fa
  • The hallucination advises him to take his pills. 😂😂😂

    HaasiAustriaHaasiAustriaMese fa
  • Medhi: I'm not like other youtubers I get Sponcered by keysight tech

    Jsmooth3 DagoatJsmooth3 DagoatMese fa
  • Aww. When i saw the ifixit kit i expected EXPLOSIONS

    nem tudomnem tudomMese fa

    Ajani's Left EyeAjani's Left EyeMese fa
  • Where is your hantek battery scope though?

    Train Lovers34Train Lovers34Mese fa
  • The issue with these is they really do not work for Motorcycles in my experience. You end up waiting for an eternity.

    larsusnaturalarsusnaturaMese fa
  • 3:37 😄😄 Why go through all that trouble? Most cars made in the past 3 or 4 years are connected cars.

    50 Shades of Beige50 Shades of BeigeMese fa
  • 2:28 KILLED ME

    momoster69momoster69Mese fa
  • pro tip. if you have a bike or scooter. put a magnet on the bottom. sometimes these sensors don't detect bikes

  • I thought he got outsmarted by a scope that he uses to put smart other things

    Fish PiratesFish PiratesMese fa
  • Please teach us to make a mouse make high cps pls plz plz plz plz. DF. DF OOOOOO

    Gomy_ we#plyGomy_ we#plyMese fa
  • You're saying there's a Mehdi-verse?

    Cristobal GarridoCristobal GarridoMese fa
  • I didn't know mehdi had a twin! Is he a genius with electricity too or does he do something else? Why doesn't he make videos?

    Andrew SAndrew SMese fa
  • nice bro

    yet another useryet another user2 mesi fa
  • Toronto has those, except they're freaking lines. LOL. Far less effective.

    rootbrianrootbrian2 mesi fa
  • 6:30 True Story

    GregoryGregory2 mesi fa
  • You should have tried with the handheld scope! Maybe it could work, since it's battery operated

    Lone WandererLone Wanderer2 mesi fa
  • aight, time to make a plastic car

    Max MMax M2 mesi fa
  • electroboom: lets make an infinite electric car by tracking and charging where the cars go also electroboom: THEY'RE TRACKING US

    Max MMax M2 mesi fa
  • god I love electroboom

    Terran CopelandTerran Copeland2 mesi fa
  • Why is there 2 mehdis

    Kings MomKings Mom2 mesi fa
  • So if only one car stops at a turning intersection will it never go green for it unless another car stops on the sensor behind it?

    9V-SKK9V-SKK2 mesi fa
  • 2:28 why da hell in the mirror u look like Mark Ruffalo ahaahah

    Daniel GonçalvesDaniel Gonçalves2 mesi fa
  • My car is bigger than my sensors

    Venky ParasharVenky Parashar2 mesi fa
  • خیلی باحالی اجازه دارم یه چندتا از کلیپهات رو باذکر منبع تو پیجم بزارم؟

    Saman MotamediSaman Motamedi2 mesi fa
  • best drama show i ever seen

    dark angeldark angel2 mesi fa
  • in calgary alberta im pretty sure theyre mocking us or got hacked or something lol. they make everyone wait 1-3mins every time at some of them even like 20 people. always.. for no one....... until someone actually wants through the green they were giving to no one. then it stops them and we can go... before they can get through without waiting.

    Chance ButlerChance Butler2 mesi fa
  • Interesting info!

    Jackal1412Jackal14122 mesi fa

    Beys LaunchBeys Launch2 mesi fa