Hope cannot accept the truth | Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

17 feb 2021
178 070 visualizzazioni

Hope (Kira Balinger) gets emotional after hearing the truth from Jake (Grae Fernandez).
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Episode 133 Cast:
Jodi Sta. Maria (Marissa Pineda-Zulyani) / Iza Calzado (Ellice Ceñidoza-Villarosa) / Sam Milby (Gabriel Villarosa) / Rita Avila (Belen Ceñidoza) / Grae Fernandez (Jake Zulyani) / Kira Balinger (Hope Villarosa) / Maricel Soriano (Luciana “Lucing” Pineda) / Joseph Marco (Avel Mansueto) / Jef Gaitan (Cristina Villarosa) / Jenny Jamora (Helena Villarosa-Asistio) / Brenda Mage (Restituto “Tutti” Villas) / Cheska Iñigo (Carmelita Villarosa) / Desiree del Valle (Sonya Villarosa-Escobar) / Simon Ibarra (Caesar Augusto)
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  • kira is young anne curtis

    vhea lyzz Alipiovhea lyzz Alipio11 giorni fa
  • wow ang galing nila bgong loveteam lng cla pero luma line up cla sa mga batikang love team.dto ako ssuporta kira and grae...

    Liezel ManuelLiezel Manuel13 giorni fa
  • Puro away gantihan. Ang palabas na toh

    Cynthia Nieves PerezCynthia Nieves Perez14 giorni fa
  • This scene brought me to tears grabeh!!

    Carla TeradoCarla Terado14 giorni fa
  • best scene ever! i love them ❤️😍😘

    Niecelle PaloNiecelle Palo14 giorni fa
  • They’re good ,considering they are young And ilang months palang sila. At their age hindi sila pabebe umarte compared sa mga love team ngayon nung ganyang edad pabebe umarte. Sana Wag sila bigyan next project ng Pabebe petty roles just for the sake of love teams

    alonzo ganalonzo gan14 giorni fa

    Red ElvinaRed Elvina15 giorni fa
  • So sad, lahat ng minamahal ni Marissa ay selfish or mas pinipili ang ibang tao kesa sa kanya pagkatapos lahat ng sakripisyo binibigay nya..una si elise na selfish, tapos nanay nya na mas pinili si elise noon, tapos ngayon si jake na mas pinili ang babae

    nins torresnins torres15 giorni fa
  • Mahusay

    Golden ItlogGolden Itlog15 giorni fa
  • Taksil kang lalaki ka...

    Xandss FauXandss Fau15 giorni fa
    • His not taksil .Jake wanted to tell the truth lang

      ysabella garciaysabella garcia14 giorni fa
  • Kirae lang sapat na to the moon and back 💛💛💛💛 cheers 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸

    Sandara SaridulSandara Saridul15 giorni fa
  • KiRae the best actress and actor of their gen 💛💛💛💛💛

    SerendipitySerendipity15 giorni fa
  • Ang galing nyo jake at hope👏👏👏💛💛💛( kirae)

    Glady Glee GarciaGlady Glee Garcia15 giorni fa
  • Her acting is so overeating

    bailani dawadibailani dawadi15 giorni fa
    • Owsss

      Glady Glee GarciaGlady Glee Garcia15 giorni fa
  • I love you both kira and grae 💛

    Noemi EleordaNoemi Eleorda16 giorni fa
  • Natural ang chemistry 💛

    clmmichclmmich16 giorni fa
  • Galing umacting ng dalawang to 👏 plus yung Chemistry 😍

    S SaridaS Sarida16 giorni fa
  • Galing ng kirae💛💛more project to come🙏🙏

    Marilou VentenillaMarilou Ventenilla16 giorni fa
  • They are both victims ..

    Rhem KSARhem KSA16 giorni fa
  • Jake spoiled all Marissa's plane 😡😡😡😡😡but am waiting on 22nd for the wedding and final episode

    Tharntype bl series fanTharntype bl series fan16 giorni fa
  • Parang sya ang next Anne Curtis.

    CherryCherry16 giorni fa
  • Walang utang na loob hope🤪 patay kna sana kong d dahil ky jake

    sugarette ortsacsugarette ortsac16 giorni fa
  • Proud fan here 💛

    Rona MaeRona Mae16 giorni fa
  • Ang galing galing niyo KiRae 💛💛💛

    Rona MaeRona Mae16 giorni fa
  • Kudos sayo kira.

    Regina GaspeRegina Gaspe16 giorni fa

    Don PaLDon PaL16 giorni fa
  • Parang si na jun at Maggie

    Reilly ColomerReilly Colomer16 giorni fa
  • Galing ni kira and grae also

    Reilly ColomerReilly Colomer16 giorni fa
  • The next Lizquen

    Reilly ColomerReilly Colomer16 giorni fa
  • By chance lang Pala na magka match sila

    Reilly ColomerReilly Colomer16 giorni fa
  • NapakaCorny namang palabas to.. juskolord..

    AgentAgent16 giorni fa
    • Reklamo ka pero nanunuod nman.

      ysabella garciaysabella garcia16 giorni fa
  • Puro kayo ellice. Paano nmn mga kasalanan ni marissa? Ganun lng un bura agad ?

    rose rosarose rosa16 giorni fa
  • Ang galing ni Jake at Hope umakting

    TEL 514TEL 51416 giorni fa
  • Ang Ganda grabe😭

    mikmik look awaymikmik look away16 giorni fa
  • 👏👏👏👏👏superb...

    Janice TeroJanice Tero16 giorni fa
  • Galing nilang dalawa

    Gemma BaluyutGemma Baluyut16 giorni fa
  • Habang tumatagal pumapangit!padami ng padami ang mga kontrabida!what the heck😤😤

    Glenn BuenaventuraGlenn Buenaventura16 giorni fa
  • Chacka na ang show

    Fantastic LadyFantastic Lady16 giorni fa
    • Ikaw lng na chakahan🥒

      ysabella garciaysabella garcia16 giorni fa
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    JD BimmerJD Bimmer16 giorni fa
  • super galing nyong dalawa may future

    ej avierej avier16 giorni fa
  • Bella and Edward 😍😍 ang galing 👏 🙌 😍next big love team of abs cbn😍wishing more projects for these two beautiful actor. watching from hk u always made my day hope and jake❤

    jane centinojane centino16 giorni fa
    • Bgay sa kanila twilight filipino version. Ganda at gwapo

      ysabella garciaysabella garcia16 giorni fa
  • Matanda na ako para umiyak ng ganito. Bakit ako kinikilig sa dalawa, lalo na pinapatugtog yung theme song nila.. They are perfect match. New loveeam.

    Ms. Libra YanesaMs. Libra Yanesa16 giorni fa
  • Only natural for Hope to get emotional but her rational nature will soon take over. Since both want their family to reunite, they will do whatever is necessary to make it happens. Let's wish them well for a happy truce. Being a good Christain family, they will look upon Jacob's death as their Lord having a good reason to take him back.

    Pin PongPin Pong16 giorni fa

    Brent SantosBrent Santos16 giorni fa
  • i lovee you both jake and hope!! ♡♡

    Nathalie HaminNathalie Hamin16 giorni fa

    McqueenMcqueen16 giorni fa
    • Gusto ko yung acting nya na pa sweet.

      ysabella garciaysabella garcia16 giorni fa
  • That's a lie ,, Jake...marissa put that in your head...it' s just an accusation...Ellice is innocent...

    Violy TiongsonVioly Tiongson16 giorni fa
    • @Janine Sambile yes 👍

    • @Pin Pong when it comes to Ellice "no one is guilty" but when it comes to Marissa "she is guilty" 💯🙄 LAKAS😂

      Janine SambileJanine Sambile16 giorni fa
    • @Violy Tiongson after that she said I want them dead cesar ask are you sure? She said yes. Ellice word is a bullet Cesar fire the gun. Even we see Cesar use ellice word..still coast death😂 ellice order pizza and realize she changes mine.the problem the pizza already made. Our it’s like the person in the plane they joke bomb It’s a joke but the person face jail time. Even is a joke it coast panic while ellice coast death.

    • @Pin Pong ...i've been waiting for you to have a say to SLVPOSH...

      Violy TiongsonVioly Tiongson16 giorni fa
    • @Janine Sambile ...Ellice was so angry that time ...because marissa and gabriel were leaving together...that was the time she said " i want marissa out of my life "...to cesar....and that very moment, red was an inch to kill marissa ordered by cesar...it's just a bad coincidence...it's so hard for marissa's team to understand that because simply they don't understand and don't want to understand the story...

      Violy TiongsonVioly Tiongson16 giorni fa
  • God they have God giving talent

    Marivic CapadociaMarivic Capadocia16 giorni fa
  • Galing ni Kira. "Best Actress". Grae "Best Actor".

    Bisayang CanadianBisayang Canadian16 giorni fa
  • Marissa should have confronted Ellice about Jacob when she returned. And, you would think that after Jake saved Hope’s life, Hope should at least appreciate that Jake is actually telling her the truth now. 🙄🙄🙄 My eyes hurt from rolling this week! 🤣😂🤣

    LGMLGM16 giorni fa
    • @White Wolf exactly that’s the reason she cannot just say ellice do it. She need evidence that’s the one I don’t understand the writer so hard to Marisa🤣 17 years no justice for Jacob . Ellice just week with deed sale already exposed . 🤣😂 and I cannot move on for jelo. He’s the best one yet and die just like nothing.🤣🤣🤣

    • She needs evidence before publicly calling her out. That would be defamation or false accusation if not substantiated with evidence. Even if Marissa confronts her, Ellice will be in defensive mode and won't explain things. They've been on war this so long because they were not truthful to each other and lacks communication. A mere confrontation won't be different.

      White WolfWhite Wolf16 giorni fa
    • @LGM it’s like dog 🤣😂

    • @LYN DAILY REVIEWS cat fight!! Meow!!!!!😆😂😂😂

      LGMLGM16 giorni fa
    • If u watch ellice is very aggressive if Marisa near. She looks like scared of something. How did you gonna confronted someone like that?😂🤣

  • Out of topic Pero bagay Kay grae vampire ang lakas ng dating

    Irene Panganiban MorotaIrene Panganiban Morota16 giorni fa
    • Twilight feels!! Edward & Bella

      Rona MaeRona Mae16 giorni fa
    • Yes

      Mary-ann BulangkegMary-ann Bulangkeg16 giorni fa
  • Tama yan jake sabihin mo kay hope para magalit siya sa Mana niya :-)

    Marcko GwapitoMarcko Gwapito16 giorni fa
  • ang galing nyo kira & grae,,, nakaka proud kayo,,, hope na may next project na kayo after ng ASIAA.. Kirae.. 💛💛💛

    Liezl MacatangayLiezl Macatangay16 giorni fa
  • Parehong magaling umarte omg!! Kudos to these two actors..

    Myra San DiegoMyra San Diego16 giorni fa
  • Did you know the word grattitude.

    Norhata DisomimbaNorhata Disomimba16 giorni fa
  • Jake u r a promising best actor keep it up .u and hope u both hit a real acting good job for this director . Maybe another tele?

    JW DuqueJW Duque16 giorni fa
  • 👋👋galing galing !!!❤️

    raco nozraco noz16 giorni fa
  • Ang galing ng 2 to!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏hat's off!!!

    Jean AndayaJean Andaya16 giorni fa
  • I don't like Hope's character here, quite a childish attitide and self centered.

    Mary Jane P. PascuaMary Jane P. Pascua16 giorni fa
    • Hahhaa apple never grow banana 🍌 🤣✌️

  • I like the twist of the story. Like the kids Hope and Jake are going to bring the lost peace 💪😂

    Sadik JumaSadik Juma16 giorni fa
  • Hope is another lame actress grrrrr

    Aoki VlogsAoki Vlogs16 giorni fa
    • Says the person who can act well? Lol

      White WolfWhite Wolf16 giorni fa
    • Oh, stop it ... she’s great.

      SLVPOSHSLVPOSH16 giorni fa
    • Versatile.. she can act what the director wanted her to portray

      ysabella garciaysabella garcia16 giorni fa
  • The chemistry super💞 more project to this beautiful team

    DIANEDIANE16 giorni fa
  • Galing

    OFW sa ParisOFW sa Paris16 giorni fa
  • Galing hope jake

    Aida LadangAida Ladang16 giorni fa
  • Ayan....kailangan lumabas na ang katutuhanan.

    Materesa VelosMateresa Velos16 giorni fa
  • Kira is the best acting

    Babylyn NangkiBabylyn Nangki16 giorni fa
    • Yes!!! Super agree!!!!

      Chix NandezChix Nandez13 giorni fa
  • What happens next?

    Akinola AdejokeAkinola Adejoke16 giorni fa
  • dat gurl is gettin better and better

    Topak InTopak In16 giorni fa
  • Medyo may hawig si Kira Balinger/Hope kay McKenna Grace.

    Abdul AzizAbdul Aziz16 giorni fa
  • Bella and edward sila like twilight

    Simple JaneSimple Jane16 giorni fa
    • same thought here

      Kristoffer LumbaKristoffer Lumba16 giorni fa
  • Exciting na to may alam na si hope tungkol sa ginawa ng nanay nya faktay ka ellise lalabas ung tinatago mo nyan.. anyway ang gagaling nila tlga very beautiful servies

    JAPAN OFWJAPAN OFW16 giorni fa
  • patapos na ba? tagal nman

    AyEwanAyEwan16 giorni fa
  • Ang galing galing nilang dalawa! Sobra!

    Abdul AzizAbdul Aziz16 giorni fa
  • Ang akin lng noh, ANG KINIS NILANG DALAWA!! how po glass skin 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    diana bananadiana banana16 giorni fa
    • ‘Korean BB Glow’ yan..

      AgentAgent16 giorni fa
  • ❤🙏👏

    Niña TerecNiña Terec16 giorni fa
  • Thank you

    sumaya alhashelsumaya alhashel16 giorni fa
  • Napakahusay ng kirae 👋👋👋

    Sophia PeronoSophia Perono16 giorni fa
  • Ellice's happiness is short lived because her plan to bring down Marissa by using Jake has actually backfired. Just like how Marissa's plan to get Cenidoza through the NDA has backfired. Now I'm waiting for the rest to know about Jacob. Will Hope confront Ellice once they reunite? Or will she expose Ellice? I'm so excited to watch!

    filemklasikfilemklasik16 giorni fa
    • @Miss Asian Peach I'm just so tired of Marvel comments. Seriously I'm more interested in the two best friends storyline than any love interest

      filemklasikfilemklasik16 giorni fa
    • @filemklasik Lol what, I didn't say anything wrong. Just relax and enjoy the drama 😂😂😂

      Miss Asian PeachMiss Asian Peach16 giorni fa
    • @Miss Asian Peach 🤦‍♀️

      filemklasikfilemklasik16 giorni fa
    • @filemklasik Well that depends on how long the producer wants the show to go on. We as viewers are only anticipating what would happen next. I don't intend to have a rush ending either but just the right amount of time. As long as there are abit more than enough of marvel scenes incoming then it's fine with me 😂😆

      Miss Asian PeachMiss Asian Peach16 giorni fa
    • @Miss Asian Peach hopefully early..I can't stand the dragging

      filemklasikfilemklasik16 giorni fa
  • .lah magkapatid kau in true life..galing best actress

    Carenina VillaCarenina Villa16 giorni fa
    • @Carenina Villa oh kalu ro real life sbi mo ksi sa comment mo “real life” 🤣

      Shawol ArmyPandaShawol ArmyPanda16 giorni fa
    • .si Jake xia si Jacob

      Carenina VillaCarenina Villa16 giorni fa
    • @Shawol ArmyPanda nope

      Princess Lalisa ManobanPrincess Lalisa Manoban16 giorni fa
    • What do u mean magkapatid sila in true life

      Shawol ArmyPandaShawol ArmyPanda16 giorni fa
  • KiRae sobrang Galing nila .love them💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

    Elma TorrexsElma Torrexs17 giorni fa

    The YanarahThe Yanarah17 giorni fa
  • Bat ang ganda ni hope sa damit niya.tapos pag hindi artista mukhang e1 kona lang

    indah IBindah IB17 giorni fa
    • She's really pretty

      Glady Glee GarciaGlady Glee Garcia17 giorni fa
  • Hays nkakaiyak at nkakakilig nman.. lakas mka throwback yung first time mo magka jowa. Hahaha

    ysabella garciaysabella garcia17 giorni fa
  • Add these two sa "The Squad Plus" pero wag lang i-sabay sa Sethdrea baka magkapalitan ng loveteam, manumbalik yung nakaraan...🙊😅

    AnonameusedAnonameused17 giorni fa
    • @Mhing AP Well, in terms of acting no doubt about it mas magaling talaga ang Kirae pero pagdating naman sa Fan base ang lakas ng gold squad (Kycine & Sethdrea) so anong pipiliin mo tagahanga o talent? Para sa akin fans kasi tayong manonood ang nagpapaingay at nagdadala sa kanila sa toktok at aanhin mo yung talento kung kakaunti lang ang tumatangkilik. Para sa akin (sino ba naman ako) dapat talaga ilagay sa squad plus para dagdag exposure at makikita mo talaga sa vlog yung kulit at kung ano sila without the script at director's command (Yung totoong-totoong sila).

      AnonameusedAnonameused16 giorni fa
    • @Anonamused, no need to add them sa gold squad. Iba ang calibre ng KiRae.. and they can stand on their own..

      Mhing APMhing AP16 giorni fa
    • Sa height palang wala ng chemistry. Haha. Bgay ang kirae

      ysabella garciaysabella garcia17 giorni fa
  • Now that Hope knows that her mother was an accomplice of her brother’s death, will she still look at Ellice the same way? Ooo EXCITING MUCH!

    Alliyah SophiaAlliyah Sophia17 giorni fa
    • @Alliyah Sophia will get a huge bucket of popcorn share na tayo lang hehehe

      Alice WillamAlice Willam16 giorni fa
    • @Alliyah Sophia FYI lang po mag kaiba ung wished at ginawa lol..

      Jr bhelleJr bhelle16 giorni fa
    • @Violy Tiongson But Ellice wished for Marissa’s death and they do say be careful for what you wish for. And Ellice knew the truth the whole time but decided to keep quiet. Knowing the truth and not saying anything is worst then doing the actual crime.

      Alliyah SophiaAlliyah Sophia16 giorni fa
    • All along , it's only cesar wants marissa killed not ellice...cesar hates marissa so much because marissa threatened cesar that she will do something not good to his family and marissa is his rival...no one can testify that Ellice is a criminal...no one...

      Violy TiongsonVioly Tiongson16 giorni fa
    • Jake also disclosed his mom using him to plot against Hope's mom & Hope was equally angry about it. Since both want their family to reunite, they will do whatever is neccesary for it to happen. Let's not be the devil in disguise ourselves and point fingers. It was Caesar's intention to kill Marissa even to this day. Whatever Belen is conspiring with Caesar, it was out of their fear that Marissa would destroy their plans to take over Cenidoza P themselves. Both are crazy maniacs. They will get their just punishment.

      Pin PongPin Pong16 giorni fa
  • Aspiring blogger PO ako Sana isubs niyo PO ako💥💖

    John denver BaligodJohn denver Baligod17 giorni fa
  • Ano ba yan jake pinangunahan mo si marissa

    princess Gelineprincess Geline17 giorni fa
  • Ang gulo gulo ng dalawa na ito

    Annie BurogAnnie Burog17 giorni fa
    • Hindi magulo kasi hindi sila magkapatid

      ysabella garciaysabella garcia17 giorni fa
  • Paghilum, Hope!

    TIRSO AcebuTIRSO Acebu17 giorni fa
    • Ikaw hilom!! Haha

      Glady Glee GarciaGlady Glee Garcia17 giorni fa
  • Clap clap clap for Grae and Kira 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Ilahmae CunananIlahmae Cunanan17 giorni fa
  • Malapit na matapos yung sa Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin.

    Lyra CarterLyra Carter17 giorni fa
    • @Princess Lalisa Manoban soon. Sa storya makikita mo na pawakas na. Walang date eh

      Lyra CarterLyra Carter16 giorni fa
    • @Lyra Carter kailan daw?.

      Princess Lalisa ManobanPrincess Lalisa Manoban16 giorni fa
    • @Princess Lalisa Manoban soon. Watch Brenda Mae's vlog si tutti yan. Tpos na daw sla magshooting and nag thanksgiving na sla

      Lyra CarterLyra Carter16 giorni fa
    • Kailan sia matatapos?.

      Princess Lalisa ManobanPrincess Lalisa Manoban16 giorni fa
  • Slay

    AnggeAngge17 giorni fa
  • Ang galing Ni Kira, may pag ka unique Yung acting nya Hindi pilit sobrang natural 😘

    Mr. ValdezMr. Valdez17 giorni fa
  • ito cnasabi ko na ma galit karin kay jake at ma intidihan mo mum mo kung bakit ganoon nalang ka nya pilit pina la layo ky jake dati hope ay dahil alam nya na ka sabwat c jake marisa pero offcourse ok na kayo ngayon

    Ina MooreIna Moore17 giorni fa
    • @Ann Marie Lunday yup me too

      Ina MooreIna Moore16 giorni fa
    • @Ina Moore basta Happy ako na Jake is no longer a prisoner. And Hope Can speak her mind as Well. I mean this People are not toddlers anymore, These Young adults can make decisions of their own. To know what is right and what is wrong. Whatever happens I have strong hopes for Agatha. 🤞🏼🤞🏼

      Ann Marie LundayAnn Marie Lunday16 giorni fa
    • @Ann Marie Lunday uu kaya nga hehe gilgil ako hahaha pero di bali na basta la laban din c ellice para maka bawi naman haha

      Ina MooreIna Moore16 giorni fa
    • @Ina Moore 🤣😂 oo, tinuruan pa siya pano, nagi-nuide siya. Support to the max. Nung buntis sila. Work si Marissa pag uwi ng bahay asikasuhin siya. Kung anong meron sknya meron din siya. Di niya Alam pinag nanakawan na pla siya. At siya pala dahilan kung bakit siya nakunan nuon. Lahat ginawa ni Marissa para sa sarili niya hindi para kay Ellice. Dahil kung para kay Ellice ehdi sana. Masaya lahat. 🤣😂😂

      Ann Marie LundayAnn Marie Lunday16 giorni fa
    • @Ann Marie Lunday madaya c marisa onang meeting nila ellice ay binabara lang pag ma ma gandang luob ni ellice at pa smile smile pa tong c marisa kung kayat na di alam ni ellice gagawin nya at di rin nya alam na nag higanti na pala tong c marisa

      Ina MooreIna Moore16 giorni fa
  • Ang galing niyu umakting ...Kaya idol ko kiyung dalawa ...go go Lang talaga love it

  • They r good in doing their character

    Verna SalazarVerna Salazar17 giorni fa
  • solo teleserye/movie for kira at grae please 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Yumi YuYumi Yu17 giorni fa
    • Jake u r a promising best actor keep it up a big salute for jake and hope good job for this director big salute.

      JW DuqueJW Duque16 giorni fa
  • galing nina Kira at Grae!! Grabeh...they really are the next big thing!!! Clap clap clap!!!

    RebelHeartRebelHeart17 giorni fa
  • Oh ihhhh Ng actions ni hope 🙄🙄🙄🙄🤨

    Nora LiposenNora Liposen17 giorni fa
    • Yan tlga character nya murag pabebe.. inreal hindi nman sya ganun!!!

      Glady Glee GarciaGlady Glee Garcia17 giorni fa
  • ???

    cora zoncora zon17 giorni fa