Widowed Husband Gets The Cutest Surprise | The Dodo Soulmates

21 feb 2021
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It's the little things in life ❤️
Special thanks to Natalie for sharing Bear's story with us, you can check her out on TikTok: thedo.do/natadventure.
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For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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  • That pup decided to live up to the name they gave her

    Jose MartinezJose Martinez57 minuti fa
  • Beautiful story! ❤️🙏🏻

    Alice EAlice EOra fa
  • Beautiful! So glad for all of you😊

    Kelly McgrewKelly Mcgrew2 ore fa
  • This is similar to my story. My Granny passed away last year a couple weeks after my birthday. She was my mom’s best friend and she was like a second mother for me. She was the happiest and funniest person and I loved her more than anyone in the whole world, including my parents. My mom has been depressed since, but we got a little rescue dog who is a Chinese Crested and Chihuahua mix and dogs really do make a big difference in life. They are truly magical and make me happier than anything in the world. She is the funniest and craziest dog I’ve ever seen in my life and brings joy to our family every day. I have 2 other, older dogs as well who are so sweet(both rescue). And they’ve been my best friends for my whole life. These stories really make me happy and sometimes cry. I love dogs more than anything.

    Alexander O.Alexander O.2 ore fa
  • this dog was meant go come into their lives...it was fate! Thank you for taking her in and saving her, but i think she save you all!

    doodle dandydoodle dandy2 ore fa
  • ❤❤❤❤ A gift from your angel above

    Madison's Fun TimesMadison's Fun Times3 ore fa
  • One of the most precious dogs I’ve ever seen. God the look in the thumbnail 😙

    SurrealmsSurrealms3 ore fa
  • Because dogs are just plain awesome...

    Erik R. RileyErik R. Riley3 ore fa
  • What a beautiful gift that was sent to you.

    Penny LanePenny Lane4 ore fa
  • I feel like sometimes when we are at a dark and stressed state, animals will show up in the right moment to make us happy again. A few months ago I had an emotional breakdown at my therapist, not my first one but definitely a tough one. A lot of problems had piled up on me for months and years and it was just too much for me in that moment. When I walked out of the building, I suddenly saw a cat. No collar, greyish-brown fur, bright green and yellow eyes. It came right up to me and wanted some pets. I love dogs and cats so I immediately sat down and pet that cat who started purring loudly. Within seconds I felt better and started smiling. This little cat helped me forget about all of my problems for a short moment. Sadly, I had to go home and couldn't take the cat with me, but it was an area with lots of homes so I was certain that it must've lived in that area. Since then, my life has improved and some of the problems where solved. I've never seen that cat again but I still remember it and am grateful for our encounter that helped me find some strength and happiness again when I was at my weakest and lowest point.

    J GJ G6 ore fa
    • well said !

      jim redskyejim redskye5 ore fa
  • That right there, is a *B E A N*

  • thats a st bernard? i thought he was correct with newfie

    mickey leboeufmickey leboeuf7 ore fa
  • “They put this little dog in my hand and i was like okkkkkk”

    Grace hardyGrace hardy7 ore fa
  • Bear is a miracle for the family. She makes them laugh, she gives them life and happiness. And for Bear, she can't be more happier be loved and cared.

    Wawa WillegersWawa Willegers8 ore fa
  • My wonderful dog Charlie helped me when my wife died unexpectedly two years ago after 40 years together. Dogs are Gods best creation!

    John DavisJohn Davis9 ore fa
  • Super cuteeee!! ❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍

    Team Van ZylTeam Van Zyl9 ore fa
  • See what Love and Compassion can do??? It can always make all of the world Right!!!! The family, and the dog connected a bridge built from 💘

    Pamela OlsonPamela Olson9 ore fa
  • 2:41 When she asked Bear if she was afraid of the stairs and she barked "yes" and laid down! Oh my ❤ strings such a cutie. 🐕

    V EllingtonV Ellington10 ore fa
  • I cried after watching this having tears of joy because the same happened to me

    Zapton 303Zapton 30310 ore fa
  • I just lost my Doberman to a heart attack He was my best friend Dogs make our lives worth living

    R KeslerR Kesler11 ore fa
  • Thank for rescuing her I truly believe that she was sent from heaven to you

    Riley WardRiley Ward11 ore fa
  • Beautiful.

    GeekGamerGuy81GeekGamerGuy8112 ore fa
  • I love it when animals come into people's lives during times of hardship. Brings a tear to the eye.

    Bravery Does StuffBravery Does Stuff13 ore fa
  • The Disney version of John Wick

    Jamie_ D0GJamie_ D0G15 ore fa
  • Beautiful!

    W MW M15 ore fa
  • Made me cry she was sent for your Dad

    Steven RoebuckSteven Roebuck16 ore fa
  • Great story!

    Susan GuccioneSusan Guccione17 ore fa
  • 🙏💚

    Stefan FriskStefan Frisk21 ora fa
  • This is a great story. Wanted to cry. I got my little rescue dog that lights up my life. But this little dog rescued a whole family. Thanks for sharing.

    Alan MaddenAlan Madden21 ora fa
  • Congratulations!!!

    Lucélia RossiLucélia Rossi22 ore fa
  • Omg the guy who got bear looked like the grandma from up!

    Macie AllenMacie Allen22 ore fa
  • Beautiful story.

    Thomas FennerThomas Fenner22 ore fa
  • Damn, those ninjas are cutting extra onions today...

    Sara T.Sara T.Giorno fa
  • These are some slick transitions.

    PhoenixPhoenixGiorno fa
  • GREAT STORY ! ! !

    Mary AguilarMary AguilarGiorno fa
  • She was definitely heaven sent to you. And she is beautiful.🤩💓

    Eileen PizarroEileen PizarroGiorno fa
  • 🥲

    Emily McCauleyEmily McCauleyGiorno fa
  • Animals arrive In our lives at perfect moment, I believe they are little angels sent to us

    Mary HubbardMary HubbardGiorno fa
  • So cute.

    lemard mayslemard maysGiorno fa
  • Thats sweet but a lap dog might hsve been best lol

    Missy BMissy BGiorno fa
  • Excuse me but where did you find my dog? (Not really it just acts EXACTLY LIKE HER)

  • Bear is so lovely and she was definitely sent with a mission. What a wonderful story.

    Elizabeth LarsonElizabeth LarsonGiorno fa
  • If this doesn't prove there's more out there, I don't know what does. This baby was sent to this man. No doubt whatsoever. Awesome story. Thank you so much for sharing. Bear is just about too cute. 🐾😇 The face he nade at 1:38 did it. I teared up.

    Elizabeth SealsElizabeth SealsGiorno fa
  • Awwww can't see properly for tears. So lovely 😍🥰💖

    Glyn ParkerGlyn ParkerGiorno fa
  • Dogs and cats know when you are upset, sad, down, and will come to you and try to cheer you up. Sorry about your wife, but happy you have your GSD.

    Robin EllisonRobin EllisonGiorno fa
  • I want another dog now but my mom says no

    _Star•Bunny__Star•Bunny_Giorno fa
  • Dogs make the best of people and we all know it.

    Magoo Northern LightMagoo Northern LightGiorno fa
  • Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so cute

    redredpanda 2redredpanda 2Giorno fa
  • ahh... vice versa for me. my family took away my two pups after both my parents passed away. eventho i understand their intention since i was so young, still it left a big trauma for me until now. they used to took away all my blues and keep me busy. it just feels so empty now, i want them back

    gicchi14gicchi14Giorno fa
  • Love and care for each other ,you'll never find a better friend 💕

    Paul WalkerPaul WalkerGiorno fa
  • It hard warming to see the reaction of the grandfather 👍

    DriesDriesGiorno fa
  • Both of our children had moved out of the home and we had to euthanize our beautiful lab of 11 years who had a painful cancer. I was really having tough time. A few months later while was working a a very rural medical clinic and puppy wandered in. Now this clinic is out of the town by several city blocks and this pup was 6 weeks at most and the vet thought probably 4 because the teeth were just through.Someone dumped this puppy. Sheba came home with me. That beautiful little dog grew up to look like a black lab, retrieve like a lab, and endeared everyone who met her in our neighborhood. We had her for 11 years until she passed from a natural death.

    cindy ROSEcindy ROSEGiorno fa
  • Great story, love it!!☺❤

    Sharon CheckelSharon CheckelGiorno fa
  • This is why I loved saving dogs. 😭

    ThePinkBinksThePinkBinksGiorno fa
  • I'm still gitty over the fact that she isn't a fan of stairs XD that was just too darn cute 😍 Bear is a precious little big thing 💖

    Spamachu ChanSpamachu ChanGiorno fa
  • Beautiful what can happen when two lost souls come together

    pokeball3799pokeball3799Giorno fa
  • I love animals❤️ theyre so innocent and they will ALWAYS love you no matter what ! Im 22 and never owned a pet but one day when me n my family move out of this apartment and somewhere we can own pets we are definitely getting a dog! Love these little guys ! Warms my heart up ❤️🙏

    Vlad DiazVlad DiazGiorno fa
  • For those who disliked this video has no soul an official low life

    Marco SantiagoMarco SantiagoGiorno fa
  • Trop mignon 😘😘❤❤❤🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

    Anne Marie GraffAnne Marie GraffGiorno fa
  • Dass mir der Hund das Liebste sei, sagst du, oh Mensch, sei Sünde? Der Hund bleibt mir im Sturme treu, der Mensch nicht mal im Winde.

    M:TronautM:TronautGiorno fa
  • LOVE!

    Pamela KeanePamela KeaneGiorno fa
  • This makes me smile

    Eli KEli KGiorno fa
  • These videos always puts a smile on my face and lets me know there's still good in the world.

    Kendrick CunninghamKendrick CunninghamGiorno fa
  • Love this so much ♡ I have a 9 month old newfie great Pyrenees mix They have so much love ❤ 💕 Best wishes to this family Learning to live after major losses is never easy and takes time

    Colleen SColleen SGiorno fa
  • I'm not crying, your crying 😢

    Stormchild 17Stormchild 17Giorno fa
  • This is so beautiful. Animals can help heal us in ways we could never imagine. The love is genuine and pure. No conditions, no judgement. Awesome! 💝

    CJ RegisterCJ RegisterGiorno fa
  • The wife who unexpectedly died send in an unexpected dog of Joy 💜

    Jewel SengJewel SengGiorno fa
  • That’s his wife in a dog

    mia borkmia borkGiorno fa
  • “shes a gentle giant” thats what i tell people that get scared of my great dane. im like “ hes more scared of stairs than humans you can pet him”

    The- AztexThe- AztexGiorno fa
  • I swear i heard the dog say " ya sure"

    Nishna KetineniNishna KetineniGiorno fa
  • Beautiful ☺☺☺☺☺

    Taara SharmaTaara SharmaGiorno fa
  • So they lost their dog and then another one randomly shows up and acts like it's meant to be there....? Am I the only one having that thought 🤔

    Sarah Jenna-JayneSarah Jenna-JayneGiorno fa
  • That was the sweetest video I saw!! BEAR IS BEAUTIFUL!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY !!

    JewelsJewelsGiorno fa
  • Dogs are the most special things we could get from god

    Page CchtPage CchtGiorno fa
  • I've just watched this video twice to see if I missed the part, but they never tried to find her original owner. She could have escaped (not all strays are abandoned) and they've just taken her out of the area and gave her to the dad. You at least try and trace the actual owner.

    Becky HartleyBecky HartleyGiorno fa
  • I want to meet the people who disliked this video.

    Mr. JMr. JGiorno fa
  • ❤️

    RafaRafaGiorno fa
  • How cute! It’s just soo cute how bear just let you guys pick her up!

    Anya KondedAnya KondedGiorno fa
  • I thank God everyday for people like you. I thank you for your kindness. Bless you.

    LuckyTahlula65LuckyTahlula652 giorni fa
  • Two beings brought to one another is great

    Ronnielee MichaelRonnielee Michael2 giorni fa
  • What a great story! Thank you for sharing this!

    Lollipop ThiefLollipop Thief2 giorni fa
  • Aawawawawawawawawaawawawaawawawwa :((

    -cute-cloud-kittyz --cute-cloud-kittyz -2 giorni fa
  • That was way too short of a story! I want to know more!!!! SO beautiful though. I am glad he found her

    Keri NKeri N2 giorni fa
  • With tears streaming. Thank you for posting. God is good.😇🥰😘

    DianaDiana2 giorni fa
  • My dog named bear ... But he ran away

    Madison DuvallMadison Duvall2 giorni fa
  • Only Democrats would dislike this video.

    Im Watching YouIm Watching You2 giorni fa
  • Everybody who’s got time, space and love, needs to make there lives happy with the love of a dog, (preferably to rescue one) ❤️✨✨

    Marie FMarie F2 giorni fa
  • So happy he saw it as a good thing! They will be so good for each other! Thanx for posting this! 😄😄😄

    Michelle EggersMichelle Eggers2 giorni fa
  • I like happy endings. The dog was a blessing.

    Cheryl WatkinsCheryl Watkins2 giorni fa
  • Heartwarming.

    Michelle BilodeauMichelle Bilodeau2 giorni fa
  • Seeing a boomer that is happy makes me Happy

    Sheri StangerSheri Stanger2 giorni fa
  • It is so much fun to see puppies rescue humans who really need them...

    Cherel BrennerCherel Brenner2 giorni fa
  • A man is a widower, not a widow; widow is a woman whose husband died.

    KritikittiKritikitti2 giorni fa
  • GOING to be a st bernard? are dogs race fluid now?

    jante engesethjante engeseth2 giorni fa
  • As much as we rescue them, they rescue us.

    Angel MaldonadoAngel Maldonado2 giorni fa
  • Very touching story. 😊❤🐶

    KimKim2 giorni fa
  • Stay Awesome Fur parents! Thank you for sharing & caring animal Love!

  • “New Finland”😂

    sleepover4roversleepover4rover2 giorni fa
  • Awwww🥰

    Dee Dees BoosDee Dees Boos2 giorni fa
  • Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment..

    5 Minute Craft Ex5 Minute Craft Ex2 giorni fa