Long Haired German Shepherd Makeover | Beautiful Dog

2 mag 2021
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Maya is a gorgeous 7 year old German Shepherd. She is very well behaved for grooming, but she thinks the brush should be executed.
Maya does not receive cologne as requested by her owners.
Mellow Bear CBD treats: www.mellowbear.ca/
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  • You make her natural and beautiful, both of you are adorable. Cheers 🥂

    Deviprasad GarnayakDeviprasad GarnayakMinuto fa
  • How come she sounds like a female daily dose of internet

    Morris MinorMorris Minor5 minuti fa
  • So beautiful 💖

    Dee MarieDee Marie16 minuti fa
  • CBD? To a Dog? Only in America 😂

    MrPasqual1MrPasqual137 minuti fa
  • WILSON!?

    FlyingdodFlyingdod57 minuti fa
  • She is so adorable and lovable dog I really love her attitude

    Anuradha KunduAnuradha KunduOra fa
  • Ever do any cavaliers?

    WillowWeedWillowWeedOra fa
  • “I tidy up her Grinch feet” 😆

    Donnie PoffDonnie PoffOra fa
  • Osm

    varun kumarvarun kumar2 ore fa
  • so skinny when wet! :-)

    doug rosendoug rosen2 ore fa
  • 4:35 *Ryan George voice* Ooh, a very polite pupper!

    Actually A CatActually A Cat2 ore fa
  • My GSD (Micah) sheds 3 dogs worth of hair a month. Vacuuming once a week it sometimes not enough.

    Cha LeowinCha Leowin3 ore fa
  • Everyday I wait to hear that "Grinch Feet"

    IzzyIzzy5 ore fa
  • I thought the before was perfectly fine.. glad you included the after because wow, great improvement

    Frosted ButtsFrosted Butts5 ore fa
  • She's gorgeous 😍🐶

    DSDDSD6 ore fa
  • This is a big baby 🥺

    Julie O'connellJulie O'connell7 ore fa
  • I am addicted to these videos

    hi welcome to chillishi welcome to chillis7 ore fa
  • There are only two breeds of dog: german shepherds and the rest.

    Bees Are On The What Now?Bees Are On The What Now?7 ore fa
  • Short haired German shepherds are a lot better

    GeorgeGeorge8 ore fa
  • I think that German Shepard is an „Altdeutscher Schäferhund“ which means Old German Shepard. The hair is longer and fluffier.

    MüllermanMüllerman8 ore fa
  • Shes a good girl.

    Beaky TurfBeaky Turf9 ore fa
  • wow..CBD dog treats??? is that a thing now?

    1MinuteFlipDoc1MinuteFlipDoc10 ore fa
  • As someone who has a regular Black and Tan GSD, I couldn’t imagine the maintenance needed with this breed. I have to clean my entire house once a week just to stay on top of all the dog hair

    Vile Nation GamingVile Nation Gaming10 ore fa
  • I dog sat a couple dogs and been around a lot of types of dogs and german Shepard’s are my favorite.

    ChristinaChristina11 ore fa
  • She's so cute and fluffy.. I like fluffy doggos

    Subhajit BoseSubhajit Bose11 ore fa
  • Lots of lovers of long-hair German shepherds showing up here. I'm not in the position to have a dog but love 'em and that's why I'm here. So, this question may sound stupid: Is there any difference between short-haired and long-haired German shepherds other than the length of their hair?

    BigPlanDanBigPlanDan12 ore fa
  • damn bruh, the dog got the fresh cut and the crisp line up. you did her right no cap

    robTFifteenrobTFifteen12 ore fa
  • Bruh that line professional tap dancer Is true

    Snow LeopardsSnow Leopards12 ore fa
  • I can’t stand your voice tbh why do you talk like that?

    Abbigale BlakeAbbigale Blake14 ore fa
  • lmao getting high at the end of a grooming must be nice

    B RB R14 ore fa
  • this is _your_ daily dose of internet dog washing

    Dan HayDan Hay14 ore fa
  • We inharred a police dog that was to intense and they failed him he never hurt me but you could not turn you back on him. We live next to the railroad tracks we ha a bum that wanted sugar well king about tore the door down the bum could run pretty fast never had another one stop he must told them not to stop here

    Rose 13 Bud 13Rose 13 Bud 1315 ore fa
  • She is very precious

    M WM W15 ore fa
  • Jeesh you're incredible

    Frbrbr GrblgrrFrbrbr Grblgrr16 ore fa
  • They the most Beautiful dog I had one long time ago Brings back a lot of good memories🇬🇧

    tony pucciotony puccio16 ore fa
  • German Shepherds are my favorite. Can’t resist those ears!

    Donna DraneDonna Drane16 ore fa
  • River dance 😁

    Sheila DMJSheila DMJ17 ore fa
  • Deformed dog.... the tailbone area is fucked up.

    Shilra ViuxuzShilra Viuxuz17 ore fa
  • I had a German Shepherd growing up and she was the best doggo i have ever met :)

    LinoLino17 ore fa
  • U need to work on using that curve scissors. Scissors r a precision tool, thats why u use it manually, if u know what u mean.

    Shunyam EhsaasShunyam Ehsaas17 ore fa
    • They are new to me so definitely learning as I go

      Girl With The DogsGirl With The Dogs17 ore fa
  • Beautiful dog! 🐶 💜 ☺️ so good

    Kristi WardKristi Ward17 ore fa
  • Tap dancing 😆 so cute she is the best adorable 🐶 ! So pretty ♥️ ! Also all dogs are the best though 😂

    Kristi WardKristi Ward17 ore fa
  • "They were both used in World War I and World War II as war dogs" Too bad the germans fucked up using them. Ironic.

    ManedWolfMonarchManedWolfMonarch18 ore fa
  • I have no idea why, but here lately... I've been enjoying these grooming videos..... They're so relaxing 😅

    Killua ZoldyckKillua Zoldyck18 ore fa
  • Magnificent dog

    Stephen STEPHENStephen STEPHEN18 ore fa
  • what do you charge for a groom like this?

    Franklin PierceFranklin Pierce18 ore fa
  • Wow, and I thought people make-overs were satisfying!

    xine91468xine9146819 ore fa
  • Whenever I groomed my German Shepherd he used to go out and roll in the first pile of horse manure he could find.

    ron matthewsron matthews20 ore fa
  • My lab Shepard mix is the biggest coward but when something goes down he’d turn into a lion to protect me. I wish I had looked up the freaking fur factor though and he HATES brushing 🤷‍♀️ I try to brush him regularly but he hates it.

    Spiritual EmpressSpiritual Empress20 ore fa
  • She is a beautiful baby ❤❤❤❤❤

    smontalvo210smontalvo21020 ore fa
  • ♥️ Every dog’s face when getting a bath ♥️😂

    FuzzyjembudFuzzyjembud20 ore fa
  • Aaaargh!! She's so pretty!! 😍

    Mr Orc ShamanMr Orc Shaman20 ore fa
  • That is not a dog. That is a sheep.

    phil48lwphil48lw21 ora fa
  • My German Shepard died recently, this video reminded me of him. :)

    NullzlinNullzlin22 ore fa
  • It looked really good

    Taijon WilliamsTaijon Williams22 ore fa
  • What a gorgeous cutie!

    Drifting FoxDrifting Fox23 ore fa
  • grinch feet!!! :)

    Rick and MortyRick and Morty23 ore fa
  • What a professional.

    Gypsy MaloneGypsy Malone23 ore fa
  • Wow u re such a pro👍

    inderpreet singh Ahujainderpreet singh Ahuja23 ore fa
  • She is amzing and very beutifull !!! Love your videos and looking for your next one !!!

    kostas agrafiotiskostas agrafiotis23 ore fa
  • With her Tap dancing and my dogs singing they can be on America’s got talent XD

  • I can only imagine the old people I can’t believe you gave my dog a treat with the devils lettuce in it😂

    999 Shit999 ShitGiorno fa
  • Really CBD treats? F͏*c͏k͏i͏n͏g͏ i͏d͏i͏o͏t͏.

    TheWhisperingPenisTheWhisperingPenisGiorno fa
  • Pls do a mini Yorkshire or Yorkshire

    Sarah CrootSarah CrootGiorno fa
  • The 16 years i got to spend with my german shepherd were the greatest years of my life Its been 6 years since he passed away and i still dont have another dog yet lol if you get a German shepherd treasure the time you have with them cause when theyre gone itll be one of the most devastating things youll ever go through

    MonkeyDLuffyMonkeyDLuffyGiorno fa
  • She is beautiful 😊 But the easy to train part, argh. Depends on the human, I see so many german sheperds at the shelters because people think they are easier to train, they are in general smart dogs and can learn fast but they dont magically learn how to walk perfectly if you dont do anything. Just to those people who see this and belive in magic 😅

    Isabell GIsabell GGiorno fa
  • but but I love my pups grinch hands.

    scott overholtscott overholtGiorno fa
  • CBD Treats...why??? WHY???? P.S.: I Live in Germany and Maya Looks really Like a Queen for an breed like the "Altdeutscher Schäferhund"! 💖

    X XX XGiorno fa
  • that's a werewolf.

    Hilda Ogden.Hilda Ogden.Giorno fa
  • I love your videos so much!

    lizzie9989lizzie9989Giorno fa
  • Give my dog some cbd and I’ll take some thc

    Matt LukasikMatt LukasikGiorno fa
  • I pay 160$ at Petsmart and they wont do the hair overhangs on my shepard/pyrenees

    JASONS Under The ScopeJASONS Under The ScopeGiorno fa
  • I have a German of myself and everything you said about a German Shepherd is very true if he sees of the strange thats next to me he will start Barking so yeah

    Sonia NunezSonia NunezGiorno fa
  • I showed my mom this video, and she said Maya reminded her of a dog she used to have as a kid named Pancho. He was a long haired German shepherd too, and she said he often had dreadlocks behind his ears. Although she thinks he might've been a collie mix, because his fur wasn't as fuzzy as Maya's is.

    The Violet LionThe Violet LionGiorno fa
  • I don't understand how people can inhale all the tiny hair while grooming pets. It's very bad for nose and lungs

    C YC YGiorno fa
  • Ginger Rogers got nothin on her.

    MegaRudeBoy69MegaRudeBoy69Giorno fa
  • 1:38 "Anyone who owns a German Shepherd, you will know what I mean when I say: when I got my German Shepherd she already came trained" May the universe bless you for these words

    E ME MGiorno fa
  • 😍makes me miss my clara

    Ari AAri AGiorno fa
  • My dog need grooming ! But he hate bathing !

    samsamGiorno fa
  • Damn i just saw the Display Pic of "Girl with the dogs", and for a second i thought that it was Karen Gillan....😬😬😬

    navin babjinavin babjiGiorno fa
  • So it's just a ad

    vikingnor hvikingnor hGiorno fa
  • Oh my! That Beyonce fan blow moment was something to see indeed ☺️ haha. Sush a beautiful dog! I favour big fluffy dogs. Goldens are my fav.

    Sasha AimeySasha AimeyGiorno fa
  • What a stunner 😍

    Aidia YAidia YGiorno fa
  • I am so into your videos. The squeaky clean line is something I say outloud everytime I clean my doggo or my house lol

    Anthony BrownAnthony BrownGiorno fa
  • You can tell by the before and after with her ears, when she's groomed proper, they perked up nicely.

    MrAngenosMrAngenosGiorno fa
  • She is gorgeous

    uma joshiuma joshiGiorno fa
  • She is very beautiful. ❤️

    Learning to YouTubeLearning to YouTubeGiorno fa
  • She said "no feets!"

    Fossil DrawsFossil DrawsGiorno fa
  • Your deadpan comedy is beautiful...best channel ever!

    joshua nicelyjoshua nicelyGiorno fa
  • I loved the tap dancer part! She is amazing!

    Anya KondedAnya KondedGiorno fa
  • German shepherds also make great family dogs ☺️. Ours loves kids and whines whenever she sees a kid walk by because she wants to go say hello.

    InsaneInsomniac1InsaneInsomniac1Giorno fa
  • Maya is beautiful (before and may I say moreso after) and so is this channel.

    1000lbgrizzly1000lbgrizzlyGiorno fa
  • And here I thought @AQUAHOLIC would be my oddest ITworlds subscription coming out of quarantine.

    EricEricGiorno fa

    twobitbandittwobitbanditGiorno fa
  • I've never owned a dog, and I watch your videos daily, lol

    MadsupervilianMadsupervilianGiorno fa
  • itworlds.info/round/Y5ueh7RvebKpn3w/video

  • Our Maggie was a Rough Collie/GSD mix (and probably plenty of other stuff in there, too). She learned to tolerate brushing, and in the spring, when her coat really started to shed, birds would fly down onto the porch and take her shed fur to build nests.

    Clint PageClint PageGiorno fa
  • BOOP!!

    S KS KGiorno fa
  • "she came already trained" literally the opposite of our german shepherd

    RenRenGiorno fa