Katy Perry - Firework (Live from Celebrating America Inauguration Special)

20 gen 2021
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  • The whole world was American on this day ❤🤍💙 thankyou brothers and sisters amongst the world.

    Bethy FelderBethy Felder9 minuti fa
  • perfect

    Reality JoppertReality Joppert19 minuti fa
  • She good

    Alijah StaffordAlijah StaffordOra fa
  • I would love to hear Margie Mays sing this song

    Kathryn CollinsKathryn Collins2 ore fa
  • Ciaoooo chi è itaaa????????

    l3o_depa 08 bigl3o_depa 08 big2 ore fa
  • Queen ❤

    Kathleen MottaKathleen Motta3 ore fa
  • God bless Kathy this was awesome

    deadliliesdeadlilies3 ore fa
  • يا جعله صواريخ نازله على امريكا

    BabyJee9BabyJee93 ore fa
  • Katy Perry i love You

    Daniele paloDaniele palo3 ore fa

    Lukáš MetelkaLukáš Metelka4 ore fa

    Diego DecoDiego Deco4 ore fa
  • i'm still here and i don't want to go

    Costantino CicalaCostantino Cicala5 ore fa
  • GREAT KATY PERRY keep it way you worked a lot , i admit you , you are my Motivation to keep ahead , Thanks 😇😎👍

    Martha Isabel Pita pitaMartha Isabel Pita pita5 ore fa
  • I really liked how you sang you are idol

    José LuisJosé Luis6 ore fa
  • To anyone said She can’t live singer

    sakdipat saraipansakdipat saraipan8 ore fa
  • her best performance in years. well done.

    Miguel Angel FernándezMiguel Angel Fernández9 ore fa
  • woah ...what an ending....

    Nidha NoushadNidha Noushad9 ore fa
  • Check out YOUR new youtube video from god d a m n e d Sony and Amazon!

    Scott BurkScott Burk10 ore fa
  • Enak, Yo dadi Terkenal koyo Ketty Perry

    Sunarno pdm TvSunarno pdm Tv10 ore fa
  • Me arrepiei todo

    InsaneGamingIG BRInsaneGamingIG BR10 ore fa
  • Jo bdon

    Umutcan CivelekUmutcan Civelek11 ore fa
  • Cringe.

    Angry CharruaAngry Charrua11 ore fa
  • Her strong voice is so emotional! I'm moving.

    emmaemma12 ore fa
  • itworlds.info/round/gWqcc7ORg86NqnQ/video

    N. FN. F15 ore fa
  • its February ...anyone still cannot get over this?

    Princess 1DPrincess 1D15 ore fa
  • I always be a Katycat!!!

    Gericson Cortez UrrutiaGericson Cortez Urrutia16 ore fa
  • Horrible. Her voice is so awful

    Vitor GabrielVitor Gabriel17 ore fa
  • That must be bad for the environment 😕

    cj 93004cj 9300418 ore fa
  • Brings tears of joy every time I watch this.....which is often.

    Janet GagnonJanet Gagnon20 ore fa
  • I don't feel any changes in her voice.... Go katty I love youu 💕🔥

    James Gabrielle F. AñonuevoJames Gabrielle F. Añonuevo20 ore fa
  • worshiping the phallus of osiris.... and people do not realize?

    jorge benavides rojasjorge benavides rojas21 ora fa
  • So beautiful

    Chaeng LaurentChaeng Laurent22 ore fa
  • God bless America. Diversity is a act but obedience is a must.

    Josh MarshallJosh Marshall22 ore fa
  • Wonderful, bravo

    Juan Cortes AgudeloJuan Cortes Agudelo23 ore fa
  • Woow

    RiezeamoreRiezeamoreGiorno fa
  • I love this song 🎶 😳😳😘🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Cintia YorleniCintia YorleniGiorno fa
  • Amooo

    Guillermo OrdoñezGuillermo OrdoñezGiorno fa
  • Watching them up smile up there on a stage while everyone else is suffering just made me feel like I'm apart of the hunger games XD

    Rachael LewisRachael LewisGiorno fa
  • Watching over a million dollars in fireworks go off while we sit here waiting for our stimulus. Meanwhile, every country out there is getting their stimulus on time, monthly.

    Rachael LewisRachael LewisGiorno fa
  • Poor katy perry. she was so nervous :( She's the best

    Rachael LewisRachael LewisGiorno fa
  • WHAT A SHOW😍🎆🎇

    Kadir CoşkunKadir CoşkunGiorno fa
  • Wow wow wow wow wow wow! I love it sis pretty oooo I had to feel 2021 jow Biden wow I love it it mami crie 😢🤗🤗🎆✨🎇🎆✨🎇🎆✨🎇😅😅🥰🥰🥰😘😎😎🎸😢😢😢

    Veronica VillegasVeronica VillegasGiorno fa
  • I Love the song soo much Katy Perry is the best singer 🤩

    Roblox girlRoblox girlGiorno fa
  • B Mr. mmbliqqi

    Carlos YoungCarlos YoungGiorno fa
  • There is little left for 40,00 Of subscribers

    Rita De VeneziaRita De VeneziaGiorno fa
  • te amo

    Mayra Medina del AngelMayra Medina del AngelGiorno fa
  • I wish this version was available on spotify. I love it

    River BiltonRiver BiltonGiorno fa
  • Honestly how hard would it be to stand with your back to a firework display like that 😂 i dont think i could 😂

    emma Memma MGiorno fa
  • i really love all katy perry

    Ana CarrilloAna CarrilloGiorno fa
  • love u katy!!!!

    Mil AngelesMil AngelesGiorno fa
  • nice video

    kenh tong hopkenh tong hopGiorno fa
  • You can Sign climate act but dont have problem with the pollution of the firework. Hypocrisy top level. #katyperry #joebiden # Kamalaharris

    Tushar AwasthiTushar AwasthiGiorno fa

    Andres LopezAndres LopezGiorno fa
  • Katy Never changed her Voice 🥰🥰🥰 I feel the Year 2010 Cameback

  • wake up these types of music j ust to brainwash you

    ayman el yaminiayman el yaminiGiorno fa
  • wake up these types of music j ust to brainwash you . those are all working for the elites

    ayman el yaminiayman el yaminiGiorno fa
  • 2010 Feels 🥰🥰🥰🥰 I Love Katy so much

  • She is the best person in the world

    Carol LCarol LGiorno fa
  • Iconic!

    Sonia HoSonia HoGiorno fa
  • Viva american sul

    maria isabel ferreira de souzamaria isabel ferreira de souzaGiorno fa
  • Brs marquem presença no comentario

    maria isabel ferreira de souzamaria isabel ferreira de souzaGiorno fa
  • I’m the only one that is crying ? I’m so happt for USA

    ClaudiaClaudiaGiorno fa
  • I love this arrangement so much. Is it available for purchase?

    Stephen HerronStephen HerronGiorno fa
  • Eminim

    D.nagwa mansourD.nagwa mansourGiorno fa
  • Esto es tan hermoso

    Listny SussListny SussGiorno fa
  • This is one of her best songs I love so much ❤❤❤

    Faith GraceFaith GraceGiorno fa
  • Wow....so cool Great 👍👍👍👍

    Pinus NironPinus NironGiorno fa
  • Very nicely prepared and prese.tations but the brains are lacking....need more substance in their leadership

    charz pakcharz pakGiorno fa
  • Firework, para mi nunca pasará el tiempo, con cada escuchada me gusta aún más, mi canción favorita de toda mi vida 🥺🤗

    Eduar mondragonEduar mondragonGiorno fa
  • But there is mask tho lol

    lolis o.ololis o.oGiorno fa
  • I love this This makes me so proud that I live in the U.S

    Evangeline GillEvangeline GillGiorno fa
  • Coma lechuga los dos

    Zaira JuliethZaira Julieth2 giorni fa
  • 💕💕💕💕

    Mae SangalangMae Sangalang2 giorni fa
  • Hello Katy Perry 🤗

    Motorola G5Motorola G52 giorni fa
  • ela foi o momento!

  • Prediction the reason they said no to Donald Trump cuz you wanted this for him when he leaves the White House it's cuz they we're saving it for Joe Biden

    Nefretari ChanNefretari Chan2 giorni fa
  • I guess I'm lucky because I was born in July and July is based on this song the Fourth of July so yeah

    Cora CastevensCora Castevens2 giorni fa
  • ALL for us to see

    Billy Jack RosalesBilly Jack Rosales2 giorni fa
  • Yup yup

    Billy Jack RosalesBilly Jack Rosales2 giorni fa
  • This is definitely the best version of Firework

  • Wait is this me or has Katty’s voice changed

    Abdullah NadeemAbdullah Nadeem2 giorni fa
    • Oh and also look at how the president enjoyed looking at the fireworks 🎇

      Abdullah NadeemAbdullah Nadeem2 giorni fa
  • BTW America rejoined the Paris Pact

    Nishant ChoudharyNishant Choudhary2 giorni fa
  • I can see this video a thousand times and I will continue to be excited as the first time, thanks Katy, your songs have saved me many times.

    Adriana Pérez SánchezAdriana Pérez Sánchez2 giorni fa
  • i love the the song

    naz chaudhrynaz chaudhry2 giorni fa
  • Can anyone help me ,when I play mv songs like dark horse or slow down then it shows me THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE but y it showing me 😔😭

    Rupali SinghRupali Singh2 giorni fa
  • I love love love love love love músic

    Jose silva e silva SilvaJose silva e silva Silva2 giorni fa
  • I felt the EMOTIONS,so touching, I was truly happy for America, it felt like a HAPPY ending😊

    Aduke ZainAduke Zain2 giorni fa
  • Wow...... That's amazing firework 😆😆😆

    Rully FansyuriRully Fansyuri2 giorni fa
  • Katie’s team: Stop holding the note at the end we’re running out of fireworks.

    Grande BoyGrande Boy2 giorni fa

      NLR TeamBankNLR TeamBank4 ore fa
    • 💀😂

      God's Chozen1God's Chozen1Giorno fa
  • Katy Perry: I seem to be getting some weird popping feedback in my monitors.

    Grande BoyGrande Boy2 giorni fa
  • some of the kids on american idol could've sang better than that.... js that was trash

    john kinesjohn kines2 giorni fa
  • Coup de cœur 😍❤ 😍 ❤ 😍❤ 😍 ❤ 😍❤

    Meguy FirolyMeguy Firoly2 giorni fa
  • Where is the lyric person?

    Ningduanguangliu R. panmeiNingduanguangliu R. panmei2 giorni fa
  • Tu as vraiment changé tu est magnifique bisous tu est une très belle femme 🚺 en Amérique tu dépasse les autres artistes tu êtes vraiment un professionnel dans le monde de la musique 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶

    Meguy FirolyMeguy Firoly2 giorni fa

    NVXD YTNVXD YT2 giorni fa
  • Л

    Фреди ЭлвисФреди Элвис2 giorni fa
  • You are great and you are gonna stay great tho even better

    Kas artKas art2 giorni fa
  • Why is everyone so patriotic all of a sudden?!? What haooend to the American Animosity?!?!🤔🤭 Yall fake as Hell...🤣🤣

    sharpaycutie2sharpaycutie22 giorni fa
  • she still got it

    Neve NichollsNeve Nicholls2 giorni fa
  • You will not pay any thing I need the time

    Ali HarfoushAli Harfoush2 giorni fa