Kings Of Convenience - Rocky Trail

30 apr 2021
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Rocky Trail
One more time
Let’s say you give me one more time
One last chance to speak again
Let’s start from what we left unsaid
and here we go
Brave enough to go climbing a wall
so high that no sunlight is seen through winter
Brave enough to go traveling around the world
without money to eat or sleep for
Seeing what you can do with your hands and feet
I feel there is no question about it:
Almost anything you can imagine
Almost any goal
You will get there
I wish you had been more of a talker
Not the kind that is just flapping his lips
And not the kind that looks away
But learns through his eyes when somebody is watching
Maybe you could have told me
There was a world on your shoulders that needed lifting
Maybe I could have helped you with that
The weight is not easy I know
But you never know.
I thought your shoes were good
I thought they would take you to the end of any road
I thought your back was strong
I should have carried you to the top of the rocky I trail
I should have carried you to the top of the rocky trail
How am I to know about your problems and your load
I am blind to what you show
I am waiting to be told
I never ask
How am I to know about your problems and your load
I am blind to what you show
I am waiting to be told
I never ask
#KingsOfConvenience #peaceorlove #rockytrail

  • Thank you so much for your creativity! Every time listening to your music makes me so calm and that I belong... Beautiful lyrics, nice melody and just great nostalgic atmosphere, but at the same time super warm! Please come to Russia, I really want to listen to you live! ^^

    Liza AfffyLiza Afffy4 minuti fa
  • Los amoooooooo y siempre los voy amar, crean perfección 💖🔥🇬🇹🇬🇹✌🏽

    Astrid Siquiná CastilloAstrid Siquiná Castillo6 minuti fa
  • No words at all to describe how happy I'm with this amazing return. When everything seemed to be changed so drastically in the past few years, you guys came back. Cheers from Brazil! That's a true bossa nova style!

    Leonardo Almeida de CamposLeonardo Almeida de Campos7 minuti fa
  • Woooow gracias ITworlds por sugerir

    Mariel Mendez ScherzerMariel Mendez Scherzer9 minuti fa
  • I was missing your songs guys!

    Denaba Tolkien CostaDenaba Tolkien Costa17 minuti fa
  • Even my son is born, that's how long I've waited

    brabra44 minuti fa
  • Gila keren banget, baru tau dou ini gua 2021

    Rifki Eka MaulanaRifki Eka Maulana58 minuti fa
  • If Rhye and Tom Misch made music together this would be it

    Christian SpanggaardChristian SpanggaardOra fa
  • Esa intro es un revival hermoso!!! non sapete quanto vi aspetavo!!!

    NadjaNadjaOra fa
  • I wish it were safe to fly overseas just to sea one of your shows

    Immanuel EvangelistaImmanuel EvangelistaOra fa
  • I also wanna take a moment to those who have fallen who were dear fans of KOC. May they be hearing this wherever they are to let them the know the world can still be okay

    Immanuel EvangelistaImmanuel EvangelistaOra fa
  • the opening kinda sounds like The Sims song

    sugarflosspetuniasugarflosspetuniaOra fa
  • Cute and cozy!

    Chitchanok WanroekChitchanok WanroekOra fa

    Ryanti MotiRyanti MotiOra fa
  • Glad that you guys are back!

    Bianda LudwiantoBianda LudwiantoOra fa
  • Almost a decade later I feel like things are gonna be okay again..

    Immanuel EvangelistaImmanuel EvangelistaOra fa
  • Thank you 💚😭

    Maria Ximena DavilaMaria Ximena Davila2 ore fa
  • I miss your music so much!

    coffee2tembikaicoffee2tembikai2 ore fa
  • I love this vibeeeee!

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  • Man I wish I lived in that house... and I'm so glad they are back!!

    lazyreuvinlazyreuvin2 ore fa
  • Great music

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  • deepLove°!

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  • 🤩🤩🤩

    Aliena RembornAliena Remborn3 ore fa

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  • Well this is nice

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  • Welcome back 👍👍👍 Long time no see 😀😀

    Ichal SkylandiaIchal Skylandia4 ore fa
  • I saw this place in a design magazine from Spain!

    Prol0lProl0l5 ore fa
  • Waiting for the full album!

    Abhilash ChoudhuryAbhilash Choudhury5 ore fa
  • Just like the good old days...

    Primo RizkyPrimo Rizky6 ore fa
  • Beautiful! They're back with their gorgeous patterns :) #KOC2021

    luisafonsoandreluisafonsoandre6 ore fa
  • I think the world has been waiting for this song for the last 10 years.

    Ana Rita AlvesAna Rita Alves6 ore fa
  • All my love goes to Kings of Convenience

    leskvin80leskvin806 ore fa
  • 大好き

    音楽音楽7 ore fa
  • We've been waiting for you 12 years to release a new album and finally a single!

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  • Kings are back.

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  • I want to live in the house in the MV and listen to kings of convenience's music forever.

    이이재이이재7 ore fa
  • I'm always have a crush with erlend since I was a kid and now I'm still in love omg 💞

    Leslie DramageLeslie Dramage8 ore fa
  • Info happy for this CB you make me fell like I'm returning home

    Leslie DramageLeslie Dramage8 ore fa
  • 👍🏻

  • Finally

    Taalpatar ShepaiTaalpatar Shepai8 ore fa
  • OMFG!!!! It's happening!!!!! aaaaaaaaaah!!!!

    Mario A. BelmontMario A. Belmont9 ore fa
  • Mil gracias.Los amo Saludos de México

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  • aku sayang we sama kalian dua

    Meyer DanielMeyer Daniel10 ore fa
  • Como é bom!

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  • I have a dream ! Your 🎼 music 🎼💕🌈🌌

    Martine GauthiezMartine Gauthiez11 ore fa
  • this video was shot at Urban Outfitters

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  • Wow this feels like 2011..

    Cosmic DustCosmic Dust11 ore fa
  • i luv u

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  • Cayman Islands just randomly played in my head after waking up today. Played the song here in YT and was surprised that a new song recommendation is next. Welcome back guys.

    Lou LoopLou Loop12 ore fa
  • Perfection

    Melody MoonMelody Moon13 ore fa
  • Omg I wanna live there with ma cat (don’t have a cat yet)

    SuperSmile7777777SuperSmile777777715 ore fa
  • Beautiful track

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  • sl glad u guys made another album, everyone needs it

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  • Welcome back king, love from bandung.

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  • Não consigo colocar em palavras minha alegria de ouvir esse grupo maravilhoso juntos novamente. Tks

    gliniaglinia16 ore fa
  • After all this time they returned at the right time, when most people need a little break to relax

    kapal airkapal air16 ore fa
  • Pure happiness straight out of Bergen 💙 ☀️

    Milan GovedaricaMilan Govedarica17 ore fa

    Melanie RondánMelanie Rondán17 ore fa
  • What a great song! Thanks for bringing it to us.

    Fernando FmerencioFernando Fmerencio18 ore fa
  • Bossa nova em inglês.

    Gesney Neves JuniorGesney Neves Junior18 ore fa
  • Maybe the 30th time i heard this sound only today, spent 90 minutes listening to this beautiful sound, but worth it!!!

    CrisRoadsCrisRoads18 ore fa
  • Fair enough if they werent ripping of these guys all along Also

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  • I can't see the washing up getting done at this rate.

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  • That house is in Madrid. Love the song. We need them.

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  • I can't imagine the song without this video. They compliment each other so well.

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  • Nothing says Vegan and Ikea like this video

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  • Holy shit, the kings are back.

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  • can’t wait for some U.S shows in the future ❤️ been waiting so long to see you guys in person ❤️

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  • Bien por este nuevo trabajo! , sorpresivo el disco arriba de la cocina de Los Chalchaleros .

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  • Hmm, I wonder if they sound li... oh, hello again! :)

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  • I miss you, guys

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  • Thanks so much for riot on an empty street, guys. Good to have you back!!

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  • I’m shook. I’m in full gratitude wowwwwwwwwww

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  • I'm so happy! Thank u guys!

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  • Oh my god they're back!!!!!!

    Joseph HussingJoseph Hussing21 ora fa
  • Thank you that you are true to yourself through all these years.

    Gleb KamenetskyGleb Kamenetsky22 ore fa
  • Me gusta mucho esta música. El video es muy bueno....sin pretencion , luminoso , limpio.....sólo talento. 🇨🇱👏👏👏👏

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  • This is like Sufjan Stevens with samba vibes

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  • radical chic con piante ikea ne abbiamo?

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  • One of the best come backs ever in the history of music.

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  • Lovely! Almost sounds like it should be in Portuguese

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  • wah mantap

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  • what a vibe

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  • Simon & Garfunkel of 21th century .

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  • The boys are back in town

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  • What a big surprise¡

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  • this video is happiness itself

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  • That feeling of before a song's even over yet and you already know you're going to be hitting repeat...

    Marty CoffeyMarty CoffeyGiorno fa
  • I'm crying when I listening to their song, their voices again.

    misni parjiatimisni parjiatiGiorno fa
  • What a way to be back ❤️❤️

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  • Ahh. That was like a slow-soaking rain on a parched field.

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  • 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊💖

    Giuly beltranGiuly beltranGiorno fa
  • The Return of the Kings.

    Pang CalvinPang CalvinGiorno fa
  • All this hipster bullshit doesn't fit at all to the music and all the extraordinary memories that go along with it. Guess I'm gonna just wait for the album and then listen to it without any video watching

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  • That string as a guitar strap is stronger than the proper guitar strap that I have 😅

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  • Oh boy, how can someone clicks dislike on this vídeo??? Peace or Love bro, why so many hate in life :(

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