Cat screams for help from a rooftop of a burnt building! It ends in a love story ❤️❤️❤️

14 feb 2021
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I am so happy I was called to rescue Bubbles... she is such a special cat! Her story just gets better and better as you watch, and the ending is just so perfect for this holiday thanks to our friends at L.A. Animal Rescue ❤️❤️❤️
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  • I've never seen a cat tolerate so much..... the cage, dog, bath and then the hair dryer? That's one chill cat.

    CrispyCrispy4 ore fa
  • probably shouldn't set your pricey Gucci purse down in front of the camera -used to love hope for paws but they only have to give 5% of donations to towards animals and can keep the rest.

    jaspermattyjaspermatty10 ore fa
  • Awww so glad she a found a fabulous home.

    Z SongZ Song11 ore fa
  • I was sad watched a teally sad video but you cheered me up

    fun with Haileyfun with Hailey15 ore fa
  • Can't believe how good she was in bath.

    myunk nownlandmyunk nownland22 ore fa
  • Send those Bitcoin profits to Hope for Paws! Makes sense.

    grE68grE6823 ore fa
  • what a find, the perfect kitty with love for all

    Robert StewartRobert StewartGiorno fa
  • Thank you so much for saving all of these animals

    Jacqueline GillitzerJacqueline GillitzerGiorno fa
  • SHES SO FAT NOW😍 that’s such a healthy cat

    Rachael RubyheartRachael RubyheartGiorno fa
  • Beautiful cat!!! So glad to know it was saved!! A big meow the cat needed to be heard in order to be saved now she is!! Thanks

    Andrea De SalvoAndrea De Salvo2 giorni fa
  • Bubbles knew she was in good hands when Eldad showed up!

    Da BlondeDa Blonde2 giorni fa
  • Kitty says no, I want more petting first before I go in there, Eldad!

    Da BlondeDa Blonde2 giorni fa
  • Such a beautiful kitty! And such a risky rescue!

    Da BlondeDa Blonde2 giorni fa
  • Subscribed and turned on the notification bell !!

    Nidhisri MNidhisri M3 giorni fa
  • A sweet little calico! Great rescue! 😊🙃

    Leslie MeeksLeslie Meeks3 giorni fa
  • easiest rescue ever!! she came to you for help!

    twiggyjalitwiggyjali3 giorni fa
  • 😢💔

    Mia CreiMia Crei3 giorni fa
  • If I found a cat like this, I'd hold on to it.

    TrixiLovesYouTrixiLovesYou3 giorni fa
  • that’s a calico cat!

    Rashneet 77Rashneet 773 giorni fa
  • THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart I just love 🐈 🐈‍⬛🐾 cats so glad bubbles has a home and a loving family GODBLESS bubbles have a 🐈‍⬛🐾🐈🐾WOUNDERFUL life now happy safe loved much love from ,,uk ,,🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🙏🏽🌈❤️🐾🙏🏽🌈❤️🐾🙏🏽🌈❤️🐾🙏🏽🌈❤️🐾🙏🏽🌈❤️🐾🙏🏽🌈❤️🐾🙏🏽🌈❤️

    Maria NortonMaria Norton3 giorni fa
  • How did she get up there in the first place. Poor baby... some mutant dumped her for what ever lame reason. Such a lovely sweet cat. Thank god there are people like you out there and vets that are willing to help out. Most vets here hit you with full charges.. That alone can kill rescues.

    shanya jacobsshanya jacobs3 giorni fa
  • Another amazing story! She was so skinny and now look at her! Healthy and beautiful! What a little sweetheart!

    J CaliJ Cali3 giorni fa
  • So glad to see you back, Eldad! She put on too much weight in her new home; I wish people didn't overfeed - it's not healthy. Lovely kitty.....but how in the world did she get on top of a roof????

    Kristine MunhollandKristine Munholland4 giorni fa
  • She is the coolest cat indeed! I'm thinking someone put her up on that roof.

    Uli ChapaUli Chapa4 giorni fa
  • How sweet. Thank you for saving het.

    Ellen WheatEllen Wheat4 giorni fa
  • A bubbly bath for bubbles the cat!

    Ninja ReanneNinja Reanne4 giorni fa
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    Brown ClaudeBrown Claude4 giorni fa
  • I want help

    sandeep ghaisandeep ghai4 giorni fa
  • When he scooped her into the cage, she was like: What?! Oh, ok, alright. This is normal. This is fine.

    Mikka LiestMikka Liest4 giorni fa
  • Bubbles is AMAZING!

    Animals FirstAnimals First5 giorni fa
  • oh wow she's beautiful... a calico so sweet and friendly... God bless you for getting her, you guys are awesome

    Abigayle J. KnightleyAbigayle J. Knightley5 giorni fa
  • My family just took in a rescued cat from a family friend. He’s a lovely ginger tabby and one of the sweetest kitties I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting! He’s about eight months old at the time of me writing this comment.

    Arcti Star FoxArcti Star Fox5 giorni fa
  • What a beautiful kitty

    Patricia WilliamsnPatricia Williamsn5 giorni fa
  • dogs are so dumb.

    em1o smurfem1o smurf5 giorni fa
  • love this !!

    Liz WLiz W5 giorni fa
  • He must have a big home for all the kitties it might be called the kitty home

    sleepyheadsleepyhead5 giorni fa
  • You find cats all over the world you probably have a lot that you kept

    sleepyheadsleepyhead5 giorni fa
  • Awwwwww

    sleepyheadsleepyhead5 giorni fa
  • That was a dangerous maneuver.....thank you for risking your own safety to save these precious animals!

    JaniceJanice5 giorni fa
  • What a great cat.what a great man

    Wendy BeerWendy Beer5 giorni fa
  • Watching her made my heart ache for my calico I had, before she died. She was the best and it's no surprise that she got a home. Poor baby was stuck and hungry and got up, but couldn't figure out how to get down.

    JackalopeJackalope5 giorni fa
  • What a sweet cat, she’s so friendly and good with dogs too. Bubbles, what a great name! Thank you Eldad.

    Cyndi FooreCyndi Foore6 giorni fa
  • I love cats. So thankful you could rescue this one and get her a perfect home. Who knows how she got up there on that roof or how long she had been there. Poor baby girl.

    Kamoonra The Wolf GodKamoonra The Wolf God6 giorni fa
  • Pls guys come to india pls

    Rox gamerRox gamer6 giorni fa
  • Sad part is how she is already obese for a cat.

    karrezzakarrezza6 giorni fa
  • I ment Gigi

    Sara HinkleSara Hinkle6 giorni fa
  • Gig you have 5M

    Sara HinkleSara Hinkle6 giorni fa
  • As I was watching that video my cat walked into the room wanted to know where all the meowing was coming from.

    nmontesinos67nmontesinos676 giorni fa
  • Bubbles is precious

    JaniceJanice6 giorni fa
  • Thank you for helping animals like Bubbles. And I donated as well. Putting my money where my thanks is too. 💜💜

    HilaryHilary6 giorni fa
  • With how vocal she was, I couldn't help but think Bubbles was telling you all about how she ended up on that roof. She's such a friendly, chatty catty. 😉😄💞🐾

    Donna S.Donna S.6 giorni fa
  • You guys know that someone is making under the name 'Paws 4 hope' fake animal rescues and torturing animals in ITworlds, right? I think the name is too similar. Please help to get them banned 😰

    Tiara LunaTiara Luna6 giorni fa
  • Calico' s are very talkative, I have one and she makes conversations with me the whole day and night

    anoniem moetanoniem moet6 giorni fa
  • she was really hungry and willing to be rescued, yes someone is missing her..

    truth seekertruth seeker6 giorni fa
  • Does anyone know what the best treatment for ear mites in cats is? I usually use the drops on the back of the neck which treats for fleas as well. But for some reason it makes me nervous. Isn't it quite toxic? I'd be very grateful for any advice! Thanks.

    Lacy MacDougallLacy MacDougall6 giorni fa
  • Thank you for all you do! Your video gives me such hope in humanity in a time when so little can be seen!

    Linda educarLinda educar7 giorni fa
  • Poor girl was so hungry.

    J. JacksonJ. Jackson7 giorni fa
  • Great rescue ! Thanks for caring ! Bubbles WILL find that forever home !! God bless !!

    Maurice TuckerMaurice Tucker7 giorni fa
  • Such a sweet princess I’m in love

    My ThoughtsMy Thoughts7 giorni fa
  • Owner is already overfeeding the cat, shes too fat

    Zerina UdvincicZerina Udvincic7 giorni fa
  • heart warming rescue! But climbing ladders to the top of fire ravaged strange buildings in the dark, all alone is not a formula for longevity.

    Enrique LeonEnrique Leon7 giorni fa
  • Cat greeted Eldad at the top of the ladder like: *DUDE, I’VE WAITED MY WHOLE NINE LIVES FOR YOU TO COME RESCUE ME* 😸

    missemmit90missemmit907 giorni fa
  • Fabulous. 🥰 Thanks for all you do. Blessings

    Leelee LeeleeLeelee Leelee7 giorni fa
  • Ein kluges Kätzchen! Sie fühlt, dass Rettung naht ! ☺

    Renate SchiemannRenate Schiemann7 giorni fa
  • What a super sweet kitty. Looks like her forever home is awesome 👏

    CFC thegreatesttherecanbeCFC thegreatesttherecanbe7 giorni fa
  • I like cats, so I left a like

    Megu CatMegu Cat7 giorni fa
  • You are very good person 😃😁

    GachaMeow KikaGachaMeow Kika7 giorni fa
  • Thank you for another video that makes my world better.

    Catherine ReedCatherine Reed7 giorni fa
  • I just want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do, you are incredibly special people, god bless you all xxxx

    Jemma FarrarJemma Farrar7 giorni fa
  • lovely!

    karen joneskaren jones7 giorni fa
  • She's adorable.

    Laura FLaura F7 giorni fa
  • Kitty says " I am the one who called you so you could save me".

    Believe in YourselfBelieve in Yourself7 giorni fa
  • Thank you.

    WatcherWatcher7 giorni fa
  • What a pretty kitty awww!

    CarterPlaysCarterPlays7 giorni fa
  • How the hell did it allow you to bath it ? My cat would have scratched, fought and bit me at the first drop of water.

    KeithH02KeithH027 giorni fa
  • Thanks for rescuing her, she's so lovely

    Caroline TarpeyCaroline Tarpey7 giorni fa
  • Excellent channel & fantastic work guys ! Loreta amazes me, she is braver than I would be, extending her hand to growling snarling dogs ! I'd be scared of being bitten. Eldad is punching FAR above his weight dating Loreta. Shes gorgeous ! I can't imagine anyone who wouldnt be punching above their weight with Loreta. Apart from me of course. (Only joking).

    KeithH02KeithH027 giorni fa
  • Look at how fat she got lol nice

    treksta2009 petersontreksta2009 peterson8 giorni fa
  • Lovely Cat.x the Dog had to be careful with the cats nails when they were playing also lovely Dogs.x

    Romaine KerstingRomaine Kersting8 giorni fa
  • Glad this baby is safe and ok

    Sharon BrownSharon Brown8 giorni fa
  • Good job 💖💖💖

    Free SpiritFree Spirit8 giorni fa
  • Bubbles got chonked out, though.

    AlexagrigorieffAlexagrigorieff8 giorni fa
  • I don't understand the system in the US. In Germany, there are almost no free-roaming dogs - and if you discover one that you can't easily catch yourself, you call the police and/or the fire department. And with the cat in this video here, you would definitely call the fire department and not clamber around on a dilapidated building yourself. The animals then go to the shelter - where they are NOT euthanized! I appreciate the work of HfP and have the utmost respect for it. I just find it a pity that something like this is necessary at all.

    Chewie1802Chewie18028 giorni fa
    • See the thing is, here in the US, we use to call the police/fire department to help a kitty or cat out of trees, the roofs, etc. Some time later, we were taught not to call the police/fire department for that kind of stuff because it was a "waste of time" and not a real emergency. They think if cats can climb up they can certainty climb down to where they came from...

      Free SpiritFree Spirit8 giorni fa
  • You're a brave man, you should've called someone to help you. I don't like heights either.

    Rose SewardRose Seward8 giorni fa
  • Is it just me or did bubbles gain a little weight when she found a forever home. Lol she is loved.

    Afton KirklinAfton Kirklin8 giorni fa
  • that cat is more cool than the one I have.. And he has never even been on the street.. Im pretty sure HE would kill the person that tried to bath him...

    jydeindenjydeinden8 giorni fa
  • Lindo

    Denise JeronimoDenise Jeronimo8 giorni fa
  • My cat LOVED this video! Bubbles must be saying something good!

    Amy BAmy B8 giorni fa
  • 01:10 Hey! 01:11 What!!! 01:12 What are you doing here? 01:13 I'm lost :'(

    Jorge TorizJorge Toriz8 giorni fa
  • Your awesome!!!😻 Thank you for rescuing Bubbles❤️

    Wanda ChristianWanda Christian8 giorni fa
  • You know what, my Mina (also a rescue and after my Jacky has crossed the Rainbow Bridge😞😭 4 month ago) is also a calico, or "lucky cat"/Glückskatze (that's how we call them here) and she behaves exactly the same. A looooooooving, lovely, sweet and gentle little girl.

    Darksoul_JonesDarksoul_Jones8 giorni fa
  • Amazing that she tolerated the bath and blow dryer so calmly. I know there are some cats that would rip you apart for that LOL

    Teresa HaugenTeresa Haugen8 giorni fa
  • Maybe you should keep one of those backpack carriers for rescues like this...

    KateKate8 giorni fa
  • love it

    Mad FernMad Fern8 giorni fa
  • Thanks for rescuing bubbles she is a wonderful cat. Thanks for finding her a home 😘

    Elsje MassynElsje Massyn8 giorni fa
  • The cat sounds impatient rather then scared because that's how cat's roll.

    Mimzy JinxMimzy Jinx8 giorni fa
  • The owner just left this lovable Kitty...tsk tsk tsk

    Marge LimMarge Lim8 giorni fa
    • @Marge Lim - Or lost it.

      Agnes WigglesteinAgnes Wigglestein8 giorni fa
  • She looks like over weight 😍.. She gains a lot since rescued.. 😘

    Rosanna GalicioRosanna Galicio8 giorni fa
  • The way she was kneading after being closed in the trap, even. She was obviously scared going down the ladder, making scared meows, but she has so much trust and love in her. I love her so much.

    TserTser8 giorni fa
  • Your content is very good, but you can refer to my videos to learn more ideas

    MY AnimalsMY Animals9 giorni fa