Shawn Mendes - Wonder (Live From The AMA’s / 2020)

23 nov 2020
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I wonder
if I’m being real do I speak my truth or do I filter to how I feel
I wonder
Wouldn’t it be nice to live inside a world that isn’t black and white
I wonder
What it’s like to be my friends
Hope that they don’t think I forget about them
I wonder
I wonder

Right before I close my eyes
The only thing that’s on my mind
Been dreaming that you feel it too
I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
I wonder what it’s like
I wonder what it’s like to be loved

I wonder
Why I’m so afraid of saying something wrong and never said I was a saint
I wonder when I cry into my hands I’m conditioned to feel like it makes me less of a man
And I wonder if some day you’ll be by my side and tell me that the world will end up alright
I wonder
I wonder

Right before I close my eyes
The only thing that’s on my mind
Been dreaming that you feel it too
I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
I wonder what it’s like
I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you

I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
I wonder what it’s like to be loved

Right before I close my eyes
The only thing that’s on my mind
Been dreaming that you feel it too
I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you

  • He says “dreaming that you fake it too...”. I am not really sure of this

    We are MusicWe are Music13 ore fa
  • Damn this kid is good.

    Mike170874Mike170874Giorno fa
  • See how the croud is so quite because of Covid-19 💀

    Vichithrath ChhayVichithrath Chhay2 giorni fa
  • Esamausei

    Raquel FlauzinaRaquel Flauzina3 giorni fa
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    Fran SoaresFran Soares6 giorni fa
  • Love Shawn 😍

    maasm DGmaasm DG7 giorni fa
  • I absolutely love this new shawn but I also want the old shawn to come back 🖤

    Sai RanjanaSai Ranjana7 giorni fa
  • Amazingg songgg check this link w9th this songggg!!!

    God save the QueenGod save the Queen13 giorni fa
  • I love youuuu shawn💖💖💖💖💖

    Fernanda RibeiroFernanda Ribeiro16 giorni fa
  • his voice has just gotten sooo much better than it was last year and OMG he is the best singer to me now

    Graygoose CrazyGraygoose Crazy16 giorni fa
  • i love shawn mendes and this song

    dayday18 giorni fa
  • He inspires me to get boots and write songs 😭😭😭 idk why I feel like I’m gonna get married with the chorus part I’m just gonna get married with the whole song I just feel that idk why 😭😭

    Roblox FannRoblox Fann19 giorni fa
  • 8D version thnks for watching 😁

    P I TP I T22 giorni fa
  • SOTY

    folklore aotyfolklore aoty24 giorni fa
  • I love your song keep it up

    Angela BaylanAngela Baylan27 giorni fa
  • I love this

    LordLord27 giorni fa
  • Quando o ao vivo é melhor que o de estúdio o artista é bom mesmo!

    Thayse Souza De AzevedoThayse Souza De Azevedo28 giorni fa
  • He looks so happy💜😭 this song is soo amazing 🤩😭💜

    Isabela BertschIsabela Bertsch28 giorni fa
  • Uma das melhores perfeições do Shawn é que ele sente a música e a transmite para nós, adoro suas apresentações ao vivo! Eu amo o Shawn ❤ Salveee BRASIL 💛 One of Shawn's best perfections is that he feels the music and transmits it to us, I love his live performances! I love Shawn ❤

    Marcele SccpMarcele Sccp28 giorni fa
  • This song is a masterpiece, i'm always so lost for words. so emotional x

    eve walker sherriffeve walker sherriffMese fa
  • Maravilloso!!!!!!❤️

    AbiAbiMese fa
  • I just love you Shawn and Camila 😭😍❤♥💕

    Kezziah LibarraKezziah LibarraMese fa
  • What a performance

    Daniel CreedDaniel CreedMese fa
  • 2027

    Daniel LarsonDaniel LarsonMese fa
  • A q hora sale la nueva cancion?

    Omar FloresOmar FloresMese fa
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  • 하.. 이발할 생각은 없는걸까..:

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  • Love ur vocal ability huge fan

    Archana ArchanaArchana ArchanaMese fa
  • I fweakin love him😫💛

    Ayeisha MosesAyeisha MosesMese fa
  • that fake house set looks cozy as hell- i want to live there in real life

    Daniela OrtizDaniela OrtizMese fa
  • DAMN

    quỳnh anhquỳnh anhMese fa
  • Perfect !! Que energia !

    Priscila Romera XavierPriscila Romera XavierMese fa

    Natasha DeJesusNatasha DeJesusMese fa
  • Remember when he was in Magcon...

    AmeaMartinezAmeaMartinezMese fa
  • hermosa cancion la escucho todos los dias las dos :3 beautiful song I listen to it every day the two :3

    Brinny EspinalBrinny EspinalMese fa
  • The song is okay

    Gamer Of The Unknown RealmGamer Of The Unknown RealmMese fa
  • canta tan hermosoo !!!

    MBelen CuencaMBelen CuencaMese fa
  • Oh Goodness...... my goodness... oh dear.... I can’t handle this!!

    Lydia CLydia CMese fa
  • He looks like an angel

    Estee H.Estee H.Mese fa
  • Shawn Mendes Music Evolution from 2014 to 2020 ! 😇 Love the guy ! ❤️

    Jonathan LasryJonathan LasryMese fa
  • Me, A chess player : I've blundered

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  • 💙💙💙

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  • dijo Luna que Amazing

    Lithe FFLithe FFMese fa
  • Omfg I thing I can say I love you mad funny mett justin but lives close is weird you my best buddys doudle but ur hair so cute

    Mansfield BakerMansfield BakerMese fa
  • I love you so much Shawn

    Silvia ReginaSilvia ReginaMese fa
  • I Love this song

    claudia macielclaudia macielMese fa

    Leticia LopesLeticia LopesMese fa

    Leticia LopesLeticia LopesMese fa
  • He is a legend his level is not normal anymore

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  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💗💗💗💗💗💗

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  • Love songs.......♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    jeet rapootjeet rapootMese fa
  • When he smiles the whole Antarctica melts...

    LaurennnLaurennnMese fa
  • Harry and Shawn has to duet together

    Elif ÖZCANElif ÖZCANMese fa
  • Nice Love song

    tik tok livetik tok liveMese fa
  • I love Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabelo ♥

    Barbora GistingerovaBarbora GistingerovaMese fa
  • 2:03 casi se cae jajajaja

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  • វុធ បញ្ញារីវុធ បញ្ញារីMese fa
  • Love you so much ❤️❤️😘😘

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  • Absolutely LOVE this!!!!! ❤🇦🇺

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  • Love this song

    Anik AgustiariAnik AgustiariMese fa
  • Beautiful!!!!

    Jéssica JuaçabaJéssica JuaçabaMese fa
  • Amo esta canción, y amé el performance, Shawn es el mejor e hizo un gran trabajo,estoy muy orgullosa de él ❤️🥺🥰🤧

    Nicol RamirezNicol RamirezMese fa
  • you're the only shawn, you deserve everything good in the world.

    romina sauerromina sauerMese fa
  • Shawn is amazing! His documentary was so beautiful, gave me even more of a realization to who he really is. I'm wondering though, was it weird to perform in front of no one in a huge place? lol

    LexiLexiMese fa
  • yo me pregunto si existe otra persona más perfecta

    anneliese mendozaanneliese mendozaMese fa
  • Wow! That was stunning! Looking forward to the album 🙂

    Sonia DSonia DMese fa
  • Amo-te muito gata ❤️❤️

    Ivo SantosIvo SantosMese fa
  • he is incredible!

    Laura NelsonLaura NelsonMese fa
  • Perfect Shawn ! Always so much inspiration ! I love it !!!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩

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  • La mejor voz del mundo 🌠🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

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  • As a Christian this fits in playlist

    Julia WilbardJulia WilbardMese fa
  • The most entertaining performance I ever seen.

    vantevanteMese fa
  • Missing to be a fan but now I am coming back hehe❣ I love this music😍 Keep it up👏💪

    Mylene D. RamisMylene D. RamisMese fa
  • Shawn u r so handsome ur fan from india

    Ritika RitiRitika RitiMese fa
  • I just want to see Shawn And Cone to perform together 🥺

    Ruth PerezRuth PerezMese fa
  • so no one is talking about how this is so similar to his first performance of stitches with a similar room?

    Sofia RamosSofia RamosMese fa
  • The new door isn’t born but it is made by fixing pieces. And wonder has beautiful pieces ,and Shawn is the one who is fixing this pieces to make a new door for himself to lead a new world 😊

    Awesome beautiesAwesome beautiesMese fa
  • Those who haven't seen Wonder on netflix should definitely check it out! It's wonderful! 💙💙

    Blue FeelsBlue FeelsMese fa
  • i wonder if he knows that he has a great hair.

    Lorena ChamorroLorena ChamorroMese fa
    • I wonder what it feels like. 🤔

      RJ YeezyRJ YeezyMese fa
  • Mi hija te ama ❤

    Juan teodor Cabrera TincoJuan teodor Cabrera TincoMese fa
  • Shawn se la rifa

    hugo otegahugo otegaMese fa
  • Wowwwww

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  • Wonder is perfect ❤❤❤❤

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  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Taciana MendesTaciana MendesMese fa
  • Hola...muy bueno..letra muy buena..

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  • Este hombre ya no puede ser más perfecto 😍😍

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  • 💥💘🌹😽👏👏

    Lourdes CostaLimaLourdes CostaLimaMese fa
  • this gives me conan gray vibes and i love it

    Draco MalfoyDraco MalfoyMese fa
  • Shawn is an awesome guy and an amazing singer/performer.

    Igor SenaIgor SenaMese fa
  • good job shawn mendes

    miya deenmiya deenMese fa
  • I wonder how Shawn Mendes is that perfect

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  • im in love with this performance

    juli de la fuentejuli de la fuenteMese fa
  • Really love this performance, he really increased his singing in live performances

    Majix rlcMajix rlcMese fa
    • Yeah!!

      just a random girl loljust a random girl lolMese fa
  • no offense but shawn is half shit, i don't care if they throw me hate throw me the shit they want.

    • the why are u watching his performances

      folklore aotyfolklore aotyMese fa
  • Now this is f*cking amazing i love it keep it coming flower your looking great love you always!!!!XOXOXO

    Bella DonnaBella DonnaMese fa
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Who else loves this shirt😍

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  • love you❤

    Altanzul GanboldAltanzul GanboldMese fa
  • Thanks for healing us shawn 💚

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  • It’s super cool!!!!!🤘🏽♥️

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