Incredible action from Jerez Test Day 2 | HIGHLIGHTS

18 nov 2020
118 969 visualizzazioni

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  • No Ducati ??

    PLTPLTGiorno fa
  • Garrett Gerloff will be a force in 2021!

    Steve NunezSteve NunezGiorno fa
  • Put Rea on moped and he'll still win

    Michael NealMichael NealGiorno fa
  • Honda CBR 1000RRR is looking solid!

    Rodro ZilRodro ZilGiorno fa
  • Sounds and looks like the H2, so nice.

    Elliot ShawElliot ShawGiorno fa
    • @Jaco Prinsloo ... 😂 will probably be just as expensive too. Can't believe the price of 1000s now.

      Elliot ShawElliot Shaw23 ore fa
    • Probably because it is an H2. Cheaters!!!

      Jaco PrinslooJaco PrinslooGiorno fa
  • Go Mahias !!!!✊

    Jean-François DI RIENZOJean-François DI RIENZO2 giorni fa
  • So, who will be #2 next year? 😀

    YabbyYabby2 giorni fa
  • Luca salvadori is wow

    Racing LoversRacing Lovers2 giorni fa
  • Where was Ducati?

    Alan JonesAlan Jones2 giorni fa

    Ushi Juni TaisenUshi Juni Taisen3 giorni fa
  • Come on Honda

    Koko LeeKoko Lee3 giorni fa
  • Kawasaki h2r?

    VITTO GMGVITTO GMG3 giorni fa
  • HRC will have some extra money that they saved from paying Marquez this year. But Johnny Rea still gonna give them a fat toffee.

    JohnSnowJohnSnow3 giorni fa
  • Come On Marc Marquez

    Ryantono QodafiRyantono Qodafi3 giorni fa
  • KAWAZAKI NEW LCD PANEL AND LOOK. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    STONESTONE3 giorni fa
  • Awaiting the tech specs of the Kawasaki to Rev up to 16500 and dorna say “don’t worry about it guys”

    MrAckers75MrAckers753 giorni fa
  • New Zx 10 R Like H2 Versi KIT .

    Apa Saja ChannelApa Saja Channel3 giorni fa
  • Rea is already unstoppable. With this..its a wrap

    Bos GaurusBos Gaurus3 giorni fa
  • Hope this year we can watch the full race from this official channel, it makes no sense to watch only the pre- race and then go to tv...

    Adrián ElgartiAdrián Elgarti3 giorni fa
  • new Kawasaki, Transpormer

    Bellow dsisokBellow dsisok4 giorni fa
  • 0:35 so now they are doing spreaders and highchairs during races? Interesting.

    HoldyHoldy4 giorni fa
  • Ducati not testing?

    Sheffield Dave and Fred The Sinnis TerrainSheffield Dave and Fred The Sinnis Terrain4 giorni fa
  • Rea sei un grande👍

    Roberto RaveraRoberto Ravera4 giorni fa
  • Great update, thank you!

    prozezaprozeza4 giorni fa
  • kawasaki real bike you can buy. why moto gp so vamos ?

    M SabriM Sabri4 giorni fa
  • Kawasaki when join in moto GP😀

    Rino Pratama PutraRino Pratama Putra4 giorni fa
    • Never, Moto gp waste of time, Production wsbk is far better

      Dimitrious IoannouDimitrious Ioannou3 giorni fa
    • WSBK is better ;-)

      TotalMotorsportsTotalMotorsports4 giorni fa
  • Congratulations on 7th WSBK title Rea..😁

    Nor Hafizan Mohd NorNor Hafizan Mohd Nor4 giorni fa
  • Rea champions 2021 wsbk

    Egha Tallo94Egha Tallo945 giorni fa
  • Res needs to go to Motogp

    jesus christjesus christ5 giorni fa
  • Rea still in kawasaki ???

    ChameleonChameleon5 giorni fa
    • ABSOLUTELY. 👍🏼

      Ricardo JulietRicardo Juliet5 giorni fa
  • Ugly front fairing kawa...ugly as hell.

    Awesome ErrAwesome Err5 giorni fa
  • GG31!!!

    CalCats262CalCats2625 giorni fa
  • Crazy that were already onto 2021 testing!

    D.B.D.B.5 giorni fa
  • Love the new front on the ninja

    PeppyZebPeppyZeb5 giorni fa
  • What the hell have they done to that fireblade. Taken away the road appeal and it still isn't setting the track on fire

    PeppyZebPeppyZeb5 giorni fa
  • Somebody should go and look up the word Incredible, before you use it in your titles .

    ninja2kernowninja2kernow5 giorni fa
  • 1:58 Improved turn in, engine braking, rear grip and power delivery are some of the requests.... so basically everything lol.

    Jack dNJack dN5 giorni fa
    • @dixon paul It is quite strange how the Hondas did so well compares to wsbk. I think a lot might be to do with wsbk regulations making it more difficult to develop the bike and requires more time. But I don't really know what I'm saying I'm not am expert lol

      FarissFariss23 ore fa
    • BSB Honda team are actually top notch in their performing.. wsbk just lacks in bringing up that bike..just take a look at irwin brothers, freakin dominating bsb championship. Wsbk's HRC team has so much to learn and adapt from british superbike league

      dixon pauldixon paulGiorno fa
    • @PeppyZeb I think it's done pretty well in its first year. Last year Honda were consistent back markers now there top ten with a podium at Aragon (think there was another podium too)

      FarissFariss5 giorni fa
    • What a disappointment that new fireblade turned out to be

      PeppyZebPeppyZeb5 giorni fa
  • Jonathan rey should try his luck on a motogp bike

    Lone WolfLone Wolf5 giorni fa
    • Too old now, and no comparative rides available.

      Jack dNJack dN5 giorni fa
  • Do something honda🙏🏼

    Iqbal RomadhoniIqbal Romadhoni5 giorni fa
    • Aah Fireblade. Once the most friendly and easiest superbike to ride. Then Honda goes and asks HRC to make a new Fireblade and in true HRC tradition HRC promptly makes it the most difficult bike to ride, ever.

      Jack dNJack dN5 giorni fa
  • Way better than MotoGP

    Front Row ReviewsFront Row Reviews5 giorni fa
  • Irwin brothers should try wsbk.

    cedee huecascedee huecas5 giorni fa
    • Knocking riders off the track and whatnot won't go down well in SBK.

      Jack dNJack dN5 giorni fa
  • Can we please petition to have the headlight stickers removed? It totally destroys the aesthetics of a race bike.

    Ryan CramerRyan Cramer5 giorni fa
    • I don't mind it honestly. I used to hate it but got used to it. All the modern bikes (including the new Kawasaki) have the headlights almost hidden anyway. In the end, it's just a sticker.

      TotalMotorsportsTotalMotorsports4 giorni fa
    • Ya tis stupid, really.

      Jack dNJack dN5 giorni fa
  • New Kawa looks bad ass! It looks like the champion bike

    Dreamcatcher_11_Dreamcatcher_11_5 giorni fa
  • I see Rea winning 7

    Joshua PillayJoshua Pillay5 giorni fa
  • ''Incredible action'' ?? Watching new bikes doing timed practice laps? So how would you describe a race? Give us a clue because your titling is all drama queen nonsense.

    SSSS5 giorni fa
  • Zx10rr.... Looks good in black, looks hideous in any other color.

    Red EclairRed Eclair5 giorni fa
    • @DON JOHNSON black looks great,but,green is the colour of choice for me and most. besides i love the hulk...dont you? lol

      Ashley DanielsAshley Daniels3 giorni fa
    • Kawasaki green all day

  • Quick reminder : 2/3 Riders from 2016 Leopard Racing Moto3 have become World Champions of 2020. Congrats Andrea Loca and Joan!

    Giyar HandaruGiyar Handaru5 giorni fa
  • Kawasaki is never returning to MotoGP, folks. 🧐

    Tyrone TaylorTyrone Taylor5 giorni fa
    • @T4 PLAY that's what I said

      Isaac calebIsaac caleb3 giorni fa
    • @Isaac caleb nah.. what I'm talking is Kawasaki motorcycle

      T4 PLAYT4 PLAY3 giorni fa
    • @T4 PLAY bruh, Kawasaki is a big ass company, in terms of the motorbike industry yep, they don't have the funds to participate in motogp

      Isaac calebIsaac caleb3 giorni fa
    • they are running out of money

      T4 PLAYT4 PLAY5 giorni fa
    • Why would they when they are the top manufacture in SBK.

      Jack dNJack dN5 giorni fa
  • Kawasaki need to go back to MotoGP.

    James BowmanJames Bowman5 giorni fa
    • @Purrcat Ya they wont, they get all the glory in SBK...

      Jack dNJack dN5 giorni fa
    • 7 years from 2003 till 2008 and achieved little to nothing barely scored podiums no wins and cost them a fortune to make up the numbers.In superbikes they have a chance to shine its up to Ducati,Yamaha and Honda to be more committed to the sport to beat them.

      PurrcatPurrcat5 giorni fa
  • Fantastic Bro, #nadeemvlogs

    Nadeem VlogsNadeem Vlogs6 giorni fa
  • The cause of sbk have attention is because sbk are US product while gp are not..

    Syarif HidayatSyarif Hidayat6 giorni fa
  • where are the ducatis?

    Andre FrigiAndre Frigi6 giorni fa

    Arby BArby B6 giorni fa
  • why is the design like that?

    Alfi FajrianAlfi Fajrian6 giorni fa
    • Just win, baby.

      Ricardo JulietRicardo Juliet5 giorni fa
    • @Ricardo Juliet its now shaped to produce more disgust when people look at it.

      Awesome ErrAwesome Err5 giorni fa
    • The fairing inlet is now shaped to produce more downforce.

      Ricardo JulietRicardo Juliet5 giorni fa
  • Did Ducati test somewhere else?

    SCoT7SCoT76 giorni fa
    • They skipped the test

      Jickles JinglesJickles Jingles5 giorni fa
  • 🖒

    thoufeeq ahamedthoufeeq ahamed6 giorni fa
  • ZX10R + H2

    Angry GeniusAngry Genius6 giorni fa
  • 0:21

    Viktor SashkovViktor Sashkov6 giorni fa
  • Toprak is coming next season for championship💯💯

    UserrUserr6 giorni fa
    • @Jickles Jingles You're a little right.But he had accident in the Catalonia and he didnt get any points.I cant know maybe he had his problems in the motorcycle.

      UserrUserr5 giorni fa
    • We'll see... he's very talented. But in the past season he had mental issues/problems with his attitude. That's why he broke in mid season

      Jickles JinglesJickles Jingles5 giorni fa
    • @Svenskaz34 why not?He is very talented rider.He can be a champion despite all the troubles.I wish it.

      UserrUserr6 giorni fa
    • No because of Erdoğan

      Svenskaz34Svenskaz346 giorni fa
  • 0:30

    Vladimir DivovVladimir Divov6 giorni fa
  • Yamahmud 💨💨

    Ricky CraftRicky Craft6 giorni fa
  • Arrow exhaust is very useless here HAHAHHA

    Gugun BanjarnahorGugun Banjarnahor6 giorni fa
  • Rea💚Rea🏆🇬🇪✊

    shota lomidzeshota lomidze6 giorni fa
  • Ahhh this is what we want

    Aiman CingCingAiman CingCing6 giorni fa
  • Where's Ducati and BMW ?

    saswat mishrasaswat mishra6 giorni fa
    • Lol, see how many fall for that one

      Alan JonesAlan Jones2 giorni fa
    • @Meliora what??? No

      Jickles JinglesJickles Jingles5 giorni fa
    • @Meliora no

      Loris SelviansyahLoris Selviansyah5 giorni fa
    • They chose to skip this test, but may have a go elsewhere.

      Ricardo JulietRicardo Juliet6 giorni fa
  • 0:47 What’s a hybrid Yamaha? 🤨

    Wu AndrewWu Andrew6 giorni fa
    • No need for politeness as my comment was intentional. In a sub-thread about the Yamaha SBK "hybrid" test mule it's not off-base to point out the factory's headaches in finding development paths in other series. Issues like that can be cross-cutting within a company, affecting multiple programs.

      Ricardo JulietRicardo JulietGiorno fa
    • @Ricardo Juliet well... how do I say that politely... That's not motoGP we're talking about here!

      Jickles JinglesJickles JinglesGiorno fa
    • Yamaha MotoGP is like the man with two watches, he never really knows the time. With two specs of bike, bLU cRU never know which is better.

      Ricardo JulietRicardo Juliet5 giorni fa
    • @Ricardo Juliet Tis the new Yamaha way: old bike works more betterer than new bike M1

      Jack dNJack dN5 giorni fa
    • @Jickles Jingles ah ok, could have been the mentioned issue. Yamaha is working on exact this constellation. Has in my eyes advantages and disadvantages. Only some hybrid between 20/21 is not worth to mention.

      Henry KoplienHenry Koplien5 giorni fa
  • Wow I'm very excited to 2021 race greetings from the Philippines

    Ronald VallespinRonald Vallespin6 giorni fa