All Champions League Finals & Goals (2005-2020)

23 gen 2021
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0:00 Milan vs Liverpool - 2005
1:54 Barcelona vs Arsenal - 2006
2:38 Liverpool vs Milan - 2007
3:35 Chelsea vs Manchester United - 2008
4:16 Barcelona vs Manchester United - 2009
4:57 Bayern Munich vs Inter - 2010
5:49 Barcelona vs Manchester United - 2011
7:05 Chelsea vs Bayern Munich - 2012
8:34 Bayern Munich vs Dortmund - 2013
10:05 Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid - 2014
12:25 Barcelona vs Juventus - 2015
13:36 Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid - 2016
14:48 Juventus vs Real Madrid - 2017
16:36 Real Madrid vs Liverpool - 2018
18:05 Liverpool vs Tottenham - 2019
19:13 Paris vs Bayern Munich - 2020
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  • 11:12 젖닌이라는 단어 탄생순간

    스스51 minuto fa
  • Ronald is kangaroo isn’t he?

    元不死鳥現オクラホマ州知事元不死鳥現オクラホマ州知事Ora fa
  • 何よりサポーターの熱気がやばい

    元不死鳥現オクラホマ州知事元不死鳥現オクラホマ州知事Ora fa
  • superb


  • And people have started to make mockery of real and barca,just wait a few years

    tech maniatech mania2 ore fa
  • As a Chelsea fan the 2008 final really hurt to watch 😔

    John NorreysJohn Norreys3 ore fa
  • when a.c. Milán was a Big team

    Iván SánchezIván Sánchez3 ore fa
  • Ucl king cristiano ronaldo 💖

    C.RONALDO 7C.RONALDO 74 ore fa
  • How did Chelsea pull it off in the Allianz Arena? It's beyond me

    Shiny CranieShiny Cranie4 ore fa
  • Who watch it on March 2021 xD

    BedirhanBedirhan4 ore fa
  • I'm really sorry for Dolph ziggler

    Diglett TexanoDiglett Texano6 ore fa
  • Atletico heartbreak. Watched the 2016 Final in some random bar in london. After the match on my way home I saw many Spaniards just standing somwhere on the street and crying. It was so heartbreaking, but it was also the night when I became an Atletico fan my self.

    JohnyBe CoolJohnyBe Cool11 ore fa
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    Daddy IwanDaddy Iwan12 ore fa
  • 16:09 crazy

    Fajri ZamzamiFajri Zamzami13 ore fa
  • Wht the hell

    niang hainiang hai15 ore fa
  • A torcida do atlético de Madrid ama Sérgio Ramos em 😂😂😂

  • Kkkk, Alcido my name

    Alcido RobertoAlcido Roberto20 ore fa
  • Origiiiiii

    Kingsford BoakyeKingsford Boakye21 ora fa
  • khabib watched this, thats how he knew the past 15 ucl winners in that video lmao

    zanoobzanoob23 ore fa
  • 17:32 most boring UCL final ever, I remember watching it and falling asleep before the half time.

    Raúl RERaúl RE23 ore fa
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  • In that penalty for Borussia Dortmund, should also have been the second yellow card for Dante btw

    Cristiano FumagalliCristiano FumagalliGiorno fa
  • Those mistakes by Karius are unforgivable

    Nicholas MabolawaNicholas MabolawaGiorno fa
  • I'd rather call Sir Guardiola than fergie

    Ayu GalesAyu GalesGiorno fa
  • 2013 , 2020 #MiaSanMia❤🇩🇪

    shujae ALDosari 9shujae ALDosari 9Giorno fa
  • 15:29 SIIIIII

    Z3ficcialZ3ficcialGiorno fa
  • I wonder why Milan is lifting the trophy, when Kuyt made it 1-1. Because all the goals are here, right ...

    VelocipedenVelocipedenGiorno fa
    • @NekiTamoL1K I know. The timestamps are way off.

      VelocipedenVelocipedenGiorno fa
    • Lol they showed both of Milan's goals, tf are you looking at... They didn't show Alonso's goal from 2005 though

      NekiTamoL1KNekiTamoL1KGiorno fa
  • Damn, it be sick if we got some retro fifa or pes of these iconic years. 08 would be sick, 12 oof

    Mister WiakersMister WiakersGiorno fa
  • 92:48 what a moment, three years in a row ❤️😭 #HalaMadrid

    Dahyu AffandiDahyu AffandiGiorno fa
  • O my god 2015 barcelona and peps Barcelona 😍😍😍we remember

    Gill OpGill OpGiorno fa
  • Messi and the Barcelona are best thing that happened to football

    Gill OpGill OpGiorno fa
  • Remember peps Barcelona

    Gill OpGill OpGiorno fa
  • Barcelona messi is the greatest footballer of all time

    Gill OpGill OpGiorno fa
  • Mais contra o Corinthians perdeu 2012

  • Como casi siempre argentinos en las finales

    Maria Luisa TejadaMaria Luisa TejadaGiorno fa
  • Munich 2012 man 💙

    H BH BGiorno fa
  • Who is the great ronaldo goal

    EHC_GIAN 31EHC_GIAN 31Giorno fa
  • Coudnt u put like titles so people know the years???

    KVBVLKVBVLGiorno fa
  • Not all goals are here!

    AspenexAspenexGiorno fa
  • 10:46 " gol gol gol gol gol ugh gol gol gol gol gol ugh gol gol gol gol gol " LMAO

    SolSolGiorno fa
  • 2000 GALATASARAY & ARSENAL final penalty popescu

    Roblox- ErdemRoblox- ErdemGiorno fa
  • Karius noob

    Benzsudsab IndyBenzsudsab IndyGiorno fa
  • Que cringe los comentaristas de la final del 2014

    ArtaudPlaysArtaudPlaysGiorno fa
  • Madrid & barca 4 final 4 champions. Awesome

    AdN bdrAdN bdrGiorno fa
  • 6:11

    Roswitha HülingRoswitha HülingGiorno fa
  • I feel good

    Dublin stack valDublin stack val2 giorni fa
  • so many english teams in the final

    Victor FletcherVictor Fletcher2 giorni fa
  • I'm looking for any goal from Cassino in the video. He has been criticising CR7 lately for no reasons

    King HarcourtKing Harcourt2 giorni fa
  • I just wanna say thank you so much to that one who had brought the trophy ceremony back to the field since 2017!!!

    JaMeS 19JaMeS 192 giorni fa
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    박희령박희령2 giorni fa
  • Real Madrid is the undisputed king of UCL

    Gendarmerie Los BlancosGendarmerie Los Blancos2 giorni fa
  • 6:10 ouch!

    Prakhar SoodPrakhar Sood2 giorni fa
  • That 2009 Barça team 🥵🥵🥵

    Jarnoo VMJarnoo VM2 giorni fa
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  • goal

    涵紫涵紫2 giorni fa
  • The 2019 final was pretty boring ngl

    Malek02Malek022 giorni fa
  • Final track id?

    Arpa ColingroundArpa Colinground2 giorni fa
  • someone fix these time stamps, they’re all messed up dammit

    FBIFBI2 giorni fa
  • Raneial

    Kaungkhant WaiooKaungkhant Waioo2 giorni fa
  • Bayern 2010 - 2013 is the most emotional. From zero to hero. Robben has made payback from his failure back then

    Afif Deyan M WAfif Deyan M W2 giorni fa
  • Real madrid is the best league hahaha i am bacelona fan too yeah😀😀😀

    Kaungkhant WaiooKaungkhant Waioo2 giorni fa
  • I remember watching the 2005 final 25 times

    David Weisleder ShacaloDavid Weisleder Shacalo2 giorni fa
  • Génial

    POLO G&KPOLO G&K2 giorni fa
  • 16:10 I love Liverpool, is he really a keeper?

    MB !!MB !!2 giorni fa
  • Shevchenko most pathetic penalty ever

    Marty GMarty G2 giorni fa
  • Still, ever and before. Doesn't matter. Real Madrid is the biggest football club in the whole world. No argue abaou that issue!

    Selçuk ÖzSelçuk Öz2 giorni fa
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    Affan SiddiquiAffan Siddiqui2 giorni fa
  • Real the kings of Europe

    Lumko NtshikilaLumko Ntshikila2 giorni fa
  • 10:00 these guys are obviously real madrid fans

    coolmcoolsoncoolmcoolson2 giorni fa
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  • 2020 final worst by far

    Paris TsilisParis Tsilis2 giorni fa
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    swoboda aliceswoboda alice2 giorni fa
  • Poor Juventus and poor Atletico both could've had 2 in a couple yrs

    ImPact VerdeImPact Verde2 giorni fa
  • Great video ❤️

    Ibrahim ZulfiquarIbrahim Zulfiquar2 giorni fa
  • Italian commentators have always been the best!

    Alexander Väcklén Andersson DReAlexander Väcklén Andersson DRe2 giorni fa
  • The 2015 msn🤩

    BenBen2 giorni fa
  • I support real madrid , but still , that Dortmund 2013 squad was heartbreaking to see them loose the final

    Soccer VidsSoccer Vids2 giorni fa
  • 2005 İstanbul is the best 🇹🇷

    DenizT.DenizT.2 giorni fa
  • skipped xabi alonso penalty that made it 3-3

    Mateo AlmeidaMateo Almeida2 giorni fa
  • Wow

    Muteeb AlalawiMuteeb Alalawi2 giorni fa
  • Where is the Alonso goal in the first one.... ?

    Thomas JohansenThomas Johansen2 giorni fa
  • Liverpool European Royalty....are u watching Manchester City Haha

    Gary John NuznyiGary John Nuznyi2 giorni fa
  • Vai Corinthians eu sou de Brasil🇧🇷⚫⚪ e sou Corinthiano⚫⚪🦅

    Biel DLBiel DL2 giorni fa
    • Eca 🤢🤢

      SolitárioSolitário2 giorni fa
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    Matt WaldmanMatt Waldman3 giorni fa
  • Messi never deserved the 2006 UCL tbh

    Pallanti AkbPallanti Akb3 giorni fa
  • Man City UCL Champions 2021

    deletedelete3 giorni fa
  • İstanbul Atatürk Olympic stadium

    Gustavo Gaviria riveroGustavo Gaviria rivero3 giorni fa
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    swoboda aliceswoboda alice3 giorni fa
  • Where is Xabi GOAL 2005 FOR Penalty

    Emir Khalifa OfficialEmir Khalifa Official3 giorni fa

    foot ballfoot ball3 giorni fa
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    Kristin MajkozakKristin Majkozak3 giorni fa
  • PSG

    Timothy Strings'92Timothy Strings'923 giorni fa
  • Without cr7 real madrid are never going to win ucl again

    Bipin AleBipin Ale3 giorni fa
  • 6:47 when your mom refuses to buy you chocolate

    Makabongwe7 MngomezuluMakabongwe7 Mngomezulu3 giorni fa
  • Mehn, I love football

    touboulayefa obudatouboulayefa obuda3 giorni fa
  • 18:36 this was the day I decided to HATE Liverpool for life

    kanna srikarkanna srikar3 giorni fa
  • Wow didn't realise the video end at 2021

    Gyro ZeppeliGyro Zeppeli3 giorni fa
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  • When you realised how beautiful was the past😓

    Pengen VerifikasiPengen Verifikasi3 giorni fa