Derrick Rose Teaches Ja Morant A Lesson Using Vintage MVP Mode&Ja Ejected As Furious!

3 mag 2021
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GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
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  • Hes playing more mature and wiser now like in every stage of life there's this chaotic fun part then we learn from all of those.

    OgKushGabsterOgKushGabster44 minuti fa
  • Look at rose man 🌹

    Johnn YJohnn Y54 minuti fa
  • Hopefully his knee won't explode again

    Rodney PalmerRodney Palmer56 minuti fa
  • Que los knicks ganen el campeonato y rose mvp 🍾

    Jose David ChavezJose David Chavez2 ore fa

    Black NastyBlack Nasty2 ore fa
  • These zone defenses are trash.

    JoshuaJoshua4 ore fa
  • D Rose is riDiculous!

    Dill WeedDill Weed5 ore fa
  • bruh when we gonna get some good new stars?

    YajirobiYajirobi5 ore fa
  • rose was a beast and a legend in his young prime but he was too fragile like grant hill and some other greats who constantly stayed injured. he still fun to watch though. respect

    Tirrell25Tirrell255 ore fa
  • Yo rose killing

    Kash Da GSDKash Da GSD5 ore fa
  • Memphis d rose back in NY ...KNICKS R COMING THIS SEASON

    ThePhilmoreslim 1ThePhilmoreslim 15 ore fa
  • I hope he goes back to Chicago

    Chikito BorrokoChikito Borroko6 ore fa
  • I want to see another mvp like season again from just no dunks just him playing at his best

    Smokey PoopSmokey Poop6 ore fa
  • Will always be my favorite point guard

    JustAGuyonYoutubeJustAGuyonYoutube6 ore fa
  • Ja u a kid still need to grow up.

    Tenzin JangchupTenzin Jangchup6 ore fa
  • lotta steps under the rim

    Paul M. HarrschPaul M. Harrsch7 ore fa
  • Watching D Rose feels like he's back from retirement at the age of 50 and still balling good with his amazing moves, just less explosive.

    Ali ÇAli Ç7 ore fa
  • The New York City Assassin classic moves..

    Derrick HizonDerrick Hizon7 ore fa
  • D Rose iz Back 🔥

    Charles Carin ReviewsCharles Carin Reviews8 ore fa
  • nah rose cant even get by someone rn dribble moves barely fakes someone out and relies on picks to beat his man

    RickRick8 ore fa
  • There will be no ring for lebron curry durant if rose is healthy

    HappylangHappylang8 ore fa
  • Ja is so wack jajaja 😂

    PragmaticProminencePragmaticProminence11 ore fa
  • Rose was COOKING!!!!

    Exavier SteeleExavier Steele11 ore fa
  • His change of speed...! Blessed by the best! Love seeing this.

    Amiss PainAmiss Pain11 ore fa
  • I dont care what no one says. This is PRIME DROSE and Derrick rose himself dont even realize it. He's just as athletic as hes always been just more cautious. He way smarter at basketball than hes ever been and shoots better than he ever has thanks to experience. Derrick only needs to watch the lion kinG "remember who you are" scene. Drose is literally the definition of a sleeping Giant.

    TrackHawk1TrackHawk112 ore fa
  • Just imagine D-Rose was healthy throughout his career, he would have given LeBron James a run for his money, and I would have loved every bit of it

    Esther OkureEsther Okure14 ore fa
  • That between the legs at 1:03 was dirty bra

    Moon Girl DegenerateMoon Girl Degenerate15 ore fa
  • I want rose's shoes! 😭

    Ted RyanTed Ryan15 ore fa
  • Lol old washed up literally 3x slower than in his prime D-Rose schoolin' them. And all the media making such stars of all them players just to squeeze some more momey of them.

    ManfredRSManfredRS15 ore fa
  • I love to to see D Rose doin his thing out there. He’s worked HARD to come back from those injuries and has proven he is a true baller.

    Tyler STyler S16 ore fa
  • Mtown was his home for a year.......901 -10AKEY👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    John PerryJohn Perry18 ore fa
  • Light Work!

    Arron WilliamsArron Williams18 ore fa
  • Can we please with the vintage

    QuanlitoQuanlito19 ore fa
  • Morant needs to calm his arrogant self.

    Ro WilliamsRo Williams19 ore fa
  • whenever he does good, he gets traded. teams nev3r puts respect on d-rose name.

    cool boycool boy20 ore fa
  • GOAT Of NBA Parodies ! GOAT Of NBA Parodies ! best nba highlights updata ( For entertainment purposes only) DISCLAIMER - All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended, all videos are edited to follow the "Free Use" guideline of ITworlds.

  • Clyde Frazier needs more credit the rhyming descriptors were smooth and fluid.

    J DavisJ Davis23 ore fa
  • Made it look so easy

    Poncho ZPoncho ZGiorno fa
  • Biggest what if in nba history alongside penny and grant hill. He would have been in the GOAT discussion, so unfortunate. That mvp season gave us bulls fans so much hope that we could just build around him and keep winning rings.

    Ivan GutierrezIvan GutierrezGiorno fa
  • Drose, Tracey McGrady, grant hill, and penny Hardaway were to gifted for their own good because if it wasn't for injuries they all could have been the greatest to ever do it in their positions.

    Carlos SolomonCarlos SolomonGiorno fa
  • Drose is the inspiration that we all need in life Dude never gives up If it wasn't for injuries after injuries drose could have been the greatest point guard ever

    Carlos SolomonCarlos SolomonGiorno fa
  • D Rose!!!

    Yong MorrisYong MorrisGiorno fa
  • Im tired of seeing "imagine if drose didnt get injured" comments. Cmon people grow up! Stop living in the past. Only matters here is he is till balling and trying to win every single game, appreciate his effort this season thats all.

    Be BetterBe BetterGiorno fa
  • If LeBron James woulda communicate with Derrick Rose The Cavaliers would be back to back NBA Champions.

    Calvin BealerCalvin BealerGiorno fa
  • I love the vocab of that Knicks reporter

    Ryan BartonRyan BartonGiorno fa
  • Know he used extra ice after this game lol

    Meekah SheMeekah SheGiorno fa
  • MVP DROSE >>>>>>>>>>>>> Kyrie, Curry & Westbrook 🌹🌹🌹

    Papi PipzPapi PipzGiorno fa
  • It can’t be just me....he’s looking more explosive of late. I’m so happy for him and the Knicks.

    Han SoloHan SoloGiorno fa
  • Hes a future hall of famer

    MrCarlMrCarlGiorno fa
  • U can tell by da way he play he just wanna boom somebody

    Rashad HowzeRashad HowzeGiorno fa
  • He’s blessed with this comeback 🙏❤️👑 Ball out king

    James O'ConnorJames O'ConnorGiorno fa
  • Still nasty

    t b2t b2Giorno fa
  • DRose and Taj Gibson still contributing

    llmic23llmic23Giorno fa
  • Derrick rose is definitely one who doesnt need a ring to be a goat, the fans want to see him happy when he does get a ring.

    EL Ranchero420EL Ranchero420Giorno fa
  • Most loved star 🌟 ❤️ 🌹

    Nemanja RadovanovicNemanja RadovanovicGiorno fa
  • I've seen and liked alot of players but Drose my favorite all time

    YSN drippyYSN drippyGiorno fa
  • Youngest MVP ever. Period

    naman palodnaman palodGiorno fa
  • Nobody can guard this man

    dequanl carterdequanl carterGiorno fa
  • Rose was one of my favorite players to watch as he was rising up. But damn he was so injury prone. Boy can ball.

    Jiraiya SamaJiraiya SamaGiorno fa
  • I like seen rose back healthy

    tony Andradetony AndradeGiorno fa
  • Did the reporter said d rose is 6'3 ayooo chill

    your loyal Exyour loyal ExGiorno fa
  • Boa noite FIRST vai amém BOM 💪🏿👌🏿👏🏿

    Peterson OliveiraPeterson OliveiraGiorno fa
  • Cmonnnn he is D 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    Marco Van BastenMarco Van BastenGiorno fa
  • Don't know if it's just me but watching the videos you post they are very blurry a lot. Is there anything I can do on my end to fix it? I like your clips.

    hey Jessehey JesseGiorno fa
  • Mvp come back sooner.

    Mussy the pork eater.Mussy the pork eater.Giorno fa
  • Good defense

    以理以理Giorno fa
  • He is fast again ! 😌

    terence79ulriksonterence79ulriksonGiorno fa
  • HA!! Ja Morant got taken to school! Ja's good and I like him and he's a spectacular player. But one thing he has to realize is that in the NBA, EVERYBODY'S GOOD!

    DJ TenDJ TenGiorno fa
  • Rose, still has it! 😎

    I'm BlessedI'm BlessedGiorno fa
  • When you knock rose down you have to pick him back up have some respect

    Tony AvantTony AvantGiorno fa
  • Rose playing like that old dude that comes to the court and gives you buckets

    altaariqaltaariq2 giorni fa
  • Chicago knicks

    Phil JasperPhil Jasper2 giorni fa
  • Ja got his clock turnt

    Tyler HiddemaTyler Hiddema2 giorni fa
  • Vintage? Turns back the clock? This man is doing it right now tho... Keep sleeping on D Ro and tell me how that works out for you

    Tyler HiddemaTyler Hiddema2 giorni fa
  • Yo wtf D Rose coming back?

    ShahNevaFoldShahNevaFold2 giorni fa
  • Ya lucky my boy never bounced back to 100% he defiantly would of been a top 5PG.

    R.I.M 24R.I.M 242 giorni fa
  • I don't think many of us grasp the magnitude of the lead talking point, "What if...." when it comes to D Rose. Like....bruh....this man was the HANDS DOWN MVP 10 years ago.....WITH a LeBron James, Paul George, Chris Paul, etc., in the league at the time. Many youngins just don't realize how EXPLOSIVE, QUICK, FAST and CLUTCH Derrick Rose was, before the ACL tears. Ballers like him and Brandon Roy (Portland Trailblazers) were killing some of today's superstars on the stat sheets, and were on SportsCenter Top 10 every week. There's a reason why NBA figures speak of his greatness ain't gas. He might still be a top 10 player if not for those injuries.

    Nott A. RapperNott A. Rapper2 giorni fa
  • look at d rose man

    Aldrin DejecacionAldrin Dejecacion2 giorni fa
  • Redemption Rose is that deal 💯💯💯💯💯💪💪💪💪💪

    Bryan HudsonBryan Hudson2 giorni fa
  • Glad the ref called that offensive foul. Too many times the offensive player can just lean/throw themselves into the defender for free throws.

    superbiaantsuperbiaant2 giorni fa
  • Rose broke their minds!

    al moral mor2 giorni fa
  • My favorie part is when derrick rose taught Ja morant a lesson :)

    Dirty af1 CleanthemDirty af1 Cleanthem2 giorni fa
  • He been the best finishers next to Irving

    Trill boy BrandonTrill boy Brandon2 giorni fa
  • Rose is just nasty with the dribble & finesse

    Travis AddisonTravis Addison2 giorni fa
  • Captain hook putting in work

    Steven JacobsSteven Jacobs2 giorni fa
  • D Rose one of my favorite players of all time!

    Jamaal HortonJamaal Horton2 giorni fa
  • MVP D. ROSE deserve a championship ring Hopefully this year

    Bowin ManjaresBowin Manjares2 giorni fa
  • Told y'all rose still MVP!! Most valuable person to lead a team to victory. Derrick rose is back 100%

    DAWG AintwyfromDAWG Aintwyfrom2 giorni fa
  • D rose so poise and calm style of play. I like it

    MasterKhaisMasterKhais2 giorni fa
  • these young bloods were lucky they dont have to suffer a prime DROSE.

    Kier MostolesKier Mostoles2 giorni fa
  • how did he teach ja a lesson?

    james adisajames adisa2 giorni fa
  • MVP indeed

    Peter LoPeter Lo2 giorni fa
  • Man he still very quick at his first step

    KyoKyo2 giorni fa
  • TLDW

    Jason AllenJason Allen2 giorni fa
  • Good . Now imagine a 32 yo ja morant having the injuries drose had , against a 21 yo drose. In that case the problem is that ja wouldve retired already. Drose was a different breed tho, dude is as athletic as other pg's at 32 after everything he's been through. Most would have retired 3 times LOL

    pal panpal pan2 giorni fa
  • Ja Morant is nothing, compare to a veteran Rose.

    Ace Of HeartAce Of Heart2 giorni fa
  • Dude can still ball hard

    Bryan BarthlowBryan Barthlow2 giorni fa
  • wow. that's like 2k dribble moves

    Ricardo AtilanoJrRicardo AtilanoJr2 giorni fa
  • Nice to hear commentary that’s as entertaining as the footage.

    Lee GivhanLee Givhan2 giorni fa
  • That left hand floater tho!

    Mark HiewMark Hiew2 giorni fa