31 Kills on 35,000 Arena Points...

28 set 2020
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    Th0masHDTh0masHD2 mesi fa
    • itworlds.info/round/fJ-Znsl8r8Ztpmc/video

      Bahar AlkanBahar Alkan27 giorni fa
    • You are very clean

      Stavros games 09Stavros games 09Mese fa
    • @Fannie Papatoli denmark and im from denmark to he is the best danish fortnite player

      YT# TGNYT# TGNMese fa
    • Where are you from

      Fannie PapatoliFannie PapatoliMese fa
    • no

      Marco OrlandiniMarco OrlandiniMese fa
  • It's amazing friend, I can't believe it

    Its_ CamiloIts_ Camilo11 giorni fa
  • Can you show a settings video?

    Louise DannerLouise Danner18 giorni fa
  • Bro he’s the alpha male of champs what can I say?

    Hades is weirdHades is weird25 giorni fa
  • I’m a french people and the video is so good 😍

    FiRe_ 0meGaFiRe_ 0meGa28 giorni fa
  • Kills his one of his trio members doesnt even care lol. Great Video.

    Lorenzo BlackstonLorenzo BlackstonMese fa
  • God to bless everybody watch Congregation Christan on the Brazil or the country where you live please watch this video,.

    Edesio Neto ResendeEdesio Neto ResendeMese fa
  • Nice cheat dude

    Святослав БондарСвятослав БондарMese fa
  • Look like samuraj😏

    Святослав БондарСвятослав БондарMese fa
  • Charge shotgun clickbate

    Oliwia NowakOliwia NowakMese fa
  • im better 23 kills

    springbunnyspringbunnyMese fa
  • Anyone saying this guy is hacking or cheating DO YOU HAVE 35 000 ARENA points ? If you have then talk BTW MY GUY IA INSANEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    XH ShaheerXH ShaheerMese fa
  • Te rulea king

    Luciana VillarrealLuciana VillarrealMese fa
  • Duroooo

    Luciana VillarrealLuciana VillarrealMese fa
  • Softaim 🤢

    amine.fuxs. youamine.fuxs. youMese fa
  • So Bad Lobbys easy Lobby

    Sabrina WinkelsSabrina WinkelsMese fa
  • You are noob and they are noob

    Niccolo' ErcolanoNiccolo' ErcolanoMese fa
  • They are noob , it's easy

    Niccolo' ErcolanoNiccolo' ErcolanoMese fa
  • One word :BEAST!!

    Shaza GamarShaza GamarMese fa
  • Ewron jest lepszy i Jacob

    Filipkoo JasińskiFilipkoo JasińskiMese fa
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    נהוראי סלימי המלךנהוראי סלימי המלךMese fa
  • Боже бот рошли 1 на 1

    Морской ежикМорской ежикMese fa
  • 6:58 WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!

    Matteo RiccadonnaMatteo RiccadonnaMese fa
    • che voi se sei scarso non è colpa mia🤡

      TunaFish YT_TunaFish YT_Mese fa
  • 🤯😱

    Michał MadziaMichał MadziaMese fa
  • you are a best

    Jair Lorenzo Agraz SánchezJair Lorenzo Agraz SánchezMese fa
  • Do you can make a montage ❤️

    Benxycs YTBenxycs YTMese fa
  • You match pro😂😎

    Sbuccy75 WGFXxxSbuccy75 WGFXxxMese fa
  • What?35000 points!!!

    Vera KazakVera KazakMese fa
  • ur so good\

    4EVER LaZeR4EVER LaZeRMese fa
  • 2:08 Aim? WTF

    Best JesserBest JesserMese fa
  • what is your sensitivity

    Hola Que haceHola Que haceMese fa
  • Yo normally when I watch high kill games I'm thinking " why's this guy versing a bunch of bots" but tbh half the people in this game would've killed me

    james schluterjames schluterMese fa
  • To comp

    SpasyfnSpasyfnMese fa
  • Verdens bedste sniper

    WayzWayzMese fa
  • First kill was flikk

    Andreas Holst FischerAndreas Holst FischerMese fa
  • You dont need a lot of edits like mongrall or mrsavage

    ShiftShiftMese fa
  • y r u so smooth af

    PandaFNPandaFNMese fa
  • I like the part were he almost died

    CooperKindaSusCooperKindaSusMese fa
  • me chillin with 0 kills lol

    HeXaHeXaMese fa
  • Bot loby

    The2210974The2210974Mese fa
  • Do he stream?

    luke bockelmannluke bockelmannMese fa
  • yo bro try 1vs1 with mongraal plz

    ΨAsap PilotΨΨAsap PilotΨMese fa
  • Wtf 31 kill omg😲😲😲

    LCD_ RigasLCD_ RigasMese fa
  • God video

    Louie Carlos LindbergLouie Carlos LindbergMese fa
  • Mongrall i got 16 kills in pub match Thomashd i got 31

    Galaxy Tr1xGalaxy Tr1xMese fa
  • Ich kann deutsch

    S Moin MaisterS Moin MaisterMese fa
  • 790

    S Moin MaisterS Moin MaisterMese fa
  • sj

    alikaan salanalikaan salanMese fa
  • Best sniper the world

    W1 ndW1 ndMese fa
  • LMAOO flikk at the begining lol

    Diego FarfánDiego FarfánMese fa
  • 700+ point in one game!!! I g’ets 700 point in 5-10 games You’re so good

    Karl Bryde RydalKarl Bryde RydalMese fa
  • Gg bro you are insane

    Yanik 1904Yanik 1904Mese fa
  • Your sou good !!!

    Paulo AlvaradoPaulo AlvaradoMese fa
  • The fact that all his head shots hit for headshot damage

    SeirdaSeirdaMese fa
  • I just started ITworlds so can u pls shoutout me out

    YoZerxxYoZerxx2 mesi fa
  • How do he Got so many kills on 20 Ping! Me that have 3 Ping and still camping til i get top 25...

    Max Deleuran BerglundMax Deleuran Berglund2 mesi fa
  • sike he good

    Conor McCarthyConor McCarthy2 mesi fa
  • he is so bad

    Conor McCarthyConor McCarthy2 mesi fa
  • Hej det er mig miste dig

    Zander Kühne Andersen 2BZander Kühne Andersen 2B2 mesi fa
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    ASTROASTRO2 mesi fa
  • Bugha Can,t do that when you play it looks so easy

    RepolskiRepolski2 mesi fa
  • Shit du er god

    RepolskiRepolski2 mesi fa
  • Nice 👍🏿

    2026 jay in the league # 132026 jay in the league # 132 mesi fa
    • Love from north Houston

      2026 jay in the league # 132026 jay in the league # 132 mesi fa
  • you are a god

    John ImJohn Im2 mesi fa
  • Tu sais que ton aim assiste est cramer

    DeaskyDeasky2 mesi fa
  • Thomas is now using the skin i used to use 1 year ago,and i still using it lol

    ZxmiZxmi2 mesi fa
  • Your so good I look up to u

    Tej RTej R2 mesi fa
  • 6:34 et 3:05

    AemAem2 mesi fa
  • Ok nice kills but this Was One of the the easiest lobbys ive ever seen in arena with 35K Points bruh

    schurkensohnschurkensohn2 mesi fa
  • Just amazing

    SosoftnSosoftn2 mesi fa
  • Im on the vid you killed me

    FoxAbderaFoxAbdera2 mesi fa
  • You are the best in the world

    SB_D 4 h L 0 zSB_D 4 h L 0 z2 mesi fa
  • This game is more impressive than most pro's highlight's...

    El TiploufEl Tiplouf2 mesi fa
  • Should've gotten four more kills and I would've been satisfied. Updated title: 35 kills on 35K points

  • Th0masHD: 31 kills on 35,000 points Me: camping to get 25th placement to come division 7

    ExpenrrExpenrr2 mesi fa
    • Lol same

      YT# TGNYT# TGNMese fa
  • Ønsker jeg var lige så god. Sindsyg video

    Anton Peterslund ChristensenAnton Peterslund Christensen2 mesi fa

    deal with kostdealdeal with kostdeal2 mesi fa
  • Now aqua break the world record 😭

    Bachir El marrakiBachir El marraki2 mesi fa
  • 🐐🔥

    BiuzyFNBiuzyFN2 mesi fa
  • Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” “Good luck”

    Objectif 200 abos avant Novembre?!!!Objectif 200 abos avant Novembre?!!!2 mesi fa
  • Everyone’s dog in here I have 10000 points and everyone I’m against plays better then this

    FrostyFrosty2 mesi fa
    • @Frosty yeah except the guy at like 1:48 he was really good

      RevailzRevailz2 mesi fa
    • Ik man but this kids weren’t biting shots

      FrostyFrosty2 mesi fa
    • Idk man pros make sweaty kids look like bots but yeah it was probably a bad lobby since he dropped 30k

      RevailzRevailz2 mesi fa
  • Du sgu en ægte epo Ged på steroider og coke!. Du må meget gerne streame lidt mere!

    Rainboww420Rainboww4202 mesi fa
  • hej min danske ven

    Victor ReenbergVictor Reenberg2 mesi fa
  • This is the first video that I've watched and insta subscribed and damn man you're skills are awesome. 🐐.

    Saurabh SharmaSaurabh Sharma2 mesi fa
  • *Res?*

    Kazz2kKazz2k2 mesi fa
  • Underrated goat

    Mask AhmedMask Ahmed2 mesi fa
  • The dislikes are from people he killed

    FireMikeFireMike2 mesi fa
  • wtf was that mid air quick scope

    nxmxnnxmxn2 mesi fa
  • How can this kid not be in organization

    Chuhriy DaniilChuhriy Daniil2 mesi fa
  • lets go my skin on top baby

    PupiaFNPupiaFN2 mesi fa
  • to everyone I just hope your parents live until their 100 years old with good health :) PD: don't read my name"

    Dont look at my channelDont look at my channel2 mesi fa
  • What colerblind do you use

    Sezy LolSezy Lol2 mesi fa
  • 3:36 how many times is this guy gonna switch to his pump

    PauwlPauwl2 mesi fa
    • He was choking the edit

      Bachir El marrakiBachir El marraki2 mesi fa
  • You have hack on sniper?

    Dobrican AndreiDobrican Andrei2 mesi fa
  • Isn't this like a record

    TyfooTyfoo2 mesi fa
  • Du simpelthen konge Th0mi

    1d1 Em1r1d1 Em1r2 mesi fa
  • World record

    João VitorJoão Vitor2 mesi fa
  • Best fortnite player?

    Lane1kLane1k2 mesi fa
  • Title should be: How to get 1k points in 1 game

    Smart PersonSmart Person2 mesi fa
  • why does his pump sound different?

    Smart PersonSmart Person2 mesi fa
    • He is playing with bass boosted sounds

      BrounbjergHDBrounbjergHD2 mesi fa